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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 27


Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 27: A Slice of Their Travels

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 27: A Slice of Their Travels

Hiiro's party set 【Beast Capital Pasion】 as their destination and began their journey. They were not walking.

’’To think there was such a convenient vehicle in this world.’’

Hiiro's party sat on a vehicle... an animal. It had an appearance like that of an Ostrich, but it was several times larger, and it had a small chair strapped to its back.

’’That's right! I really owe Max something now.’’

As they were leaving 【Doggam】, Max appeared with it. Apparently, this bird was an essential item for crossing the vast, rugged terrain of the Beast Continent.

The animal was called a Raidpic, and it was a beast that was able to run while carrying its owner on its back. (TL: Literally written Ride Peak. I'm really questioning this author's naming sense, but that's not something new at this point in time)

Arnold's Raidpic had two seats placed on it, so Muir was riding next to him.

’’At this speed, we'll be able to arrive at our destination several times faster than planned, right?’’

’’Yeah! But this'll take a bit of time to get used to.’’

Just as Muir said, in a world without suspension, the seats put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on a certain part of the body when the birds' body bobbed up and down.

’’Right, right. I thought my ass would split in half! Right, Muir?’’

’’D-don't bring me into this!’’

Yes, her butt did hurt, but Arnold needed to learn some delicacy. By the way, Hiiro had no such problems in that area.

This was because he had written the character 『Soft』 on it, giving it a texture similar to a sofa. Of course, he did not reveal this fact to the others and monopolized it for himself. Otherwise, Arnold would get mad.

At that moment, the Raidpic began decelerating. When the group looked around for the reason, they found that they were surrounded by several frog-shaped monsters.

’’Great! It's been a while since I've been able to fight!’’

Arnold appeared to be ready to jump out of his seat. However, Hiiro felt that getting up, defeating the monsters, and getting back on would be a pain, so he began concentrating magic on his finger.


’’W-what was that!?’’

The cause of Arnold's surprise was a sudden explosion in front of his mount. No one in the group could use fire magic, and he couldn't sense anyone else around them.

But it was clear that some magic was used.

’’Let's go.’’

Hiiro was the only one who stayed calm.

’’You did something, didn't you?’’

’’Who knows?’’

Though Arnold was sure that Hiiro had done something, Hiiro simply ignored him. Though the Raidpic was surprised, it quickly confirmed that the enemies around it were gone, and cautiously proceeded forwards.

(Yeah, 《Word Magic》 is needlessly useful)

The word he used was 『Burst』, and its effect was just as it sounds. Its firepower was considerable, and a single shot was enough to take the lives of several monsters. But as it also effected the caster, it was best to cast from afar.




Holding the book Max gave him in one hand, Hiiro read while enjoying his ride. Contrarily, Arnold felt annoyed while looking at him.

’’... Hey, Muir?’’


’’That guy... About that chair he's using...’’


’’Doesn't it look a bit soft?’’

’’D...does it?’’

Arnold got up and tapped the bottom of his chair to confirm that it was rock hard. However, Hiiro's chair seemed to sink under his weight. The back rest was the same.

(This is strange... My instincts are telling me something's wrong. Is this extremely condescending feeling I'm getting from him my imagination?...)

It wasn't his imagination, but eventually, Arnold sat down without coming to any conclusions.




The day came to a close, and the group set up camp. Though he was already used to it, the youth of the modern era did not particularly enjoy camping outdoors.

He often witnessed unknown animals and insects, and he worried whether or not they carried any pathogens.

But even if he got infected, he would be able to deal with it with his 《Word Magic》, so it wasn't a particularly pressing matter.

(But this sticky feeling I'm getting all over my body is unforgivable.)

As he thought that, he wrote a word on his body. The word was 『Clean』, and with it, the filth and sweat clinging to his body vanished.

(Yes, though I always use it, the feeling is quite refreshing.)

The feeling of having your body instantly cleaned through magic was like putting your full body into a bath.

’’What are you doing?’’

He was found by a troublesome person.


’’It can't be nothing. I saw it! You used magic and then got a refreshed look on your face! Say it! Spill it out!’’

Hiiro sighed at the bothersome display.

’’Also, don't underestimate a Beast Man's nose! The smell of sweat on you has disappeared! What does this mean?’’

Arnold pushed his finger at Hiiro's face, so Hiiro grabbed it.


’’OOWWW! What the hell do you think you're doing!? Are you a devil!?’’

’’Don't point your finger at me, Perverted Demon.’’

’’I got another nickname, how wonderful. You really need to stop bullshitting with me!’’

He began stomping his foot on the floor. While he was doing so, Muir came over.

’’I'm also a little curious. What did you do?’’

Hiiro found himself being stared at by two innocent eyes. Though, he got the slight feeling that they were hiding something.

’’... *sigh* You really are troublesome people.’’

Hiiro sighed deeply and stared at Muir with an expression as if he had given up.

’’Come here for a second.’’


’’Don't worry about it, just get over here.’’


Muir decided to follow Hiiro's words and walked towards him. Then Hiiro took ahold of her hand.

’’AAH! Don't go around touching her hand! Are they that soft and cute? Father won't forgive you!’’

’’Shut it, Criminal Wannabe.’’


As Arnold stared at the scene, he noticed that Muir's body began to glow lightly. And then, just as with Hiiro, her scent disappeared.

’’This somehow feels nice.’’

Muir face is a little flushed, and she looks dizzy. Hiiro had 『Clean』ed her as well. It seems the same feeling came over her as well.

’’O-oi, Muir?’’

Arnold called out, a little worried about her.

’’It's amazing! Uncle, Hiiro's magic made me feel great!’’

’’Eh? Is that so? I see, so as I thought, you used magic to wash yourself. Now then, please do me too.’’

’’Not happening.’’


’’Because the shorty is a woman, for argument's sake.’’

’’A-argument's sake?’’

Hiiro's laconic speech put Muir in shock.

’’The old man is already tainted. Trying to clean you now is a bit...’’

’’Don't look at me with such eyes of pity! And I'm not that dirty!’’

Arnold continued to shout, and Hiiro had had enough. He had anticipated this, so he released the 『Sleep』 he had started writing a while ago at him, and Arnold suddenly collapsed to the ground.

’’Eh? U-um what did you do?’’

’’I put him to sleep. He was being loud. You should go to sleep soon too.’’


While pitying Arnold in her mind, Muir quickly fell asleep while encircled by the comforting feeling of Hiiro's magic.

Hiiro confirmed that Muir had fallen asleep, and he left the campground alone. But, he didn't go too far.

(Now then, I guess I should continue testing out things today. Ah right, I haven't tested 《Parallel Writing》 or synergistic effects yet.)

He concentrated magic onto his finger. At that moment, he saw a light appear some distance away.

’’What is that?’’

He decided to go check it out. He found himself on top of a hill and surrounding him were many small lights dancing around the scenery.

(Fireflies? No, they're too big for that.)

He concentrated his eyes and tried to make out the finer details of the lights. There were small figures inside of them.

(Oi, could those be...)

They were shaped like Humans, but two wings sprouted from their back. They let out a faint trail of light as they flew freely through the sky.



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