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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 269


One week has passed after Liliyn had run away from the conference room of the Demon Lord's castle with teary eyes. As for Hiiro, he had been at the 【Beast Kingdom - Pasion】 within that week.

’’What did you say? You're leaving?’’

At the 《Throne Room》, where Hiiro's party were lined up before the Beast King, Leowald, and the Queen, Blantha, Hiiro had reported a certain matter.

The fact about their departure from this place eventually. According to Hiiro, he was able to fully enjoy at his stay in the country, but there was no more need to stay because he had roughly gotten all the information he wanted.

However, Leowald didn't seem pleased to hear his departure report and asked Hiiro to reconsider.

’’Yeah, I was able fulfill my objective this time around.’’

’’ about you stay here for a little longer?’’

’’That's right Hiiro-san, Mimiru was very pleased with your stay in here. Moreover, although I haven't said this anyone, Kuklia seems more graceful than before.’’

’’Oh! As expected of the man I admitted! So you've finally got the better of Kuklia! I guess she wanted to be seen more often by the man she fell in love with! Gahaha!’’

’’I agree, she seems more womanly than usual.’’

As those two were selfishly proceeding such talks,

’’W-what in the world are you talking about!’’

The sudden appearance of a blushing Kuklia appeared on the spot. And then she went in front of the two as she passed Hiiro from his side.

’’P-Papa and Mama, please don't proceed such embarrassing talks! I-i-i-i-i-i-it's not like I'm in love or anything!’’

’’Why are you panicking so much.’’

’’I agree, it's a bit improper.’’

Although they were both correcting her conduct, they were obviously grinning. It's quite easy to tell that they were amused by their daughter's reaction.


Kuklia groaned like a beast and directed her suppressed anger towards Barid standing on the side.

’’Barid! Aren't you the close aide of the King? Why haven't you rebuked the remarks of him!’’


He didn't expect for him to involved in such matters as he darted his eyes about in confusion. And then Kuklia's gaze slowly faced Hiiro.



’’ isn't true!’’

’’...what are you talking about?’’

’’L-like I said!’’

Kuklia moved her body in order to face Hiiro directly.

’’W-what Mama and Papa said a while ago, it isn't true!’’

To deny her parent's statement to the point of blushing from embarrassment, Hiiro judged that it would be unpleasant if this misunderstanding continued.

’’Don't worry.’’


’’Whether you were mischievous or not, it's just something trivial to me.’’


Her cheeks that had been dyed red had returned to its original color while her eyes were slightly looking down in disappointment.


Behind them, Leowald and Blantha placed a hand to their temple as they each held their impression about the scene they started.

Hiiro however, though he was aware that he may have said it improperly, he couldn't understand why did they all gave such a reaction to his. He only said what was honestly on his mind.

’’Come on now Hiiro, at least, just a bit, try to understand a woman's heart’’

Tenn who was at Hiiro's shoulder shook his head to the side as he murmured 'good grief'

’’A woman's heart? Of course I won't be able to understand, I'm a man after all.’’

’’....haa, although that may be true, but still, good grief.’’

Hiiro felt irritated as Tenn threw out a terribly long sigh.

’’Why don't you tell it to me clearly if you have something to say?’’

’’If I could say it, I wouldn't be having a hard time like this.’’

’’Then, be silent. Besides, look at Nitouryuu. That guy will also never understand it you know. Because that guy is a man.’’

At Hiiro's urgence, Camus who came near Hiiro cutely inclined his neck.

’’Un...I'm a guy. Always together...with Hiiro.’’

Camus proudly said so. And then Hiiro was 'See that?'. In face of those two, Tenn could only make a heavy sigh.

’’A-anyway, like I asked before, are you really planning to go already?’’


’’Mu, I see. If possible, I would have love to have a rematch with you in your spare time.’’

Hiiro wanted pardon himself from that. He fought before because he had a reason to do so. However, he would like to refuse if the fight was simply to pass time.

He wasn't a battle frenzy maniac, and even if it's just a simple fight, fighting against the Beast King is quite troublesome. So in face of someone who speaks of such desires as if it was natural, no thank you.

’’Besides, weren't you challenged by Lenon quite a lot?’’

Lenon was the second prince of the country. His motivation to fight resembled Leowald's. As expected of the parent and child. He was a person that once you've fought and beat him, he would persistently ask for a rematch as many times as he want. But Hiiro did not have the time to do such things. So, no.

Every time Lenon asked for a match, the first prince Leglos would scold his brother for his rudeness. Hiiro felt a bit of sympathy towards the elder brother. Lenon was simply too persistent.

’’Then how about an exhibition match that would serve as a motivation for the soldiers of this nation?’’

’’I refuse.’’

’’Gahaha! I thought so!’’

He seemed to have expected that his offer was going to be refused. Besides him, a calm voice murmured 'Dear, really now.’’

’’But well, since you have that magic capable of traveling here instantly, I believe this separation wouldn't be the last. If you miss Mimiru and Kuklia, feel free to come by and visit them again.’’

’’W-wait, why am I include !?’’

Though Kuklia was getting worked up in refusing her father's statement,

’’Ah, before you leave, do tell Mimiru and the others of your departure.’’

’’Yeah, I intend to do that.’’

Hiiro didn't want another 'you left again without saying anything from us!' yelling from Arnold.

’’But I have a feeling we'll be seeing again real soon.’’

The mood Leowald changed as his eyes narrowed sharply. Hiiro meant about the organization created by the Predecessor Demon Lord, 《Matar Deus》. Since the last news about them, they haven't anything after, although they were sure some movements was moving behind their backs.

’’ the way, Beast King.’’


’’Please do consider about the 【Paradise】 I offered, alright?’’

’’Gahaha! Oh yeah, let's discuss this matter with everyone! I really want to meet this master of yours who founded this idea.’’

’’You're mistaken. That guy isn't my master. I just only suggested this matter by my own accord.’’

Of course, he meant about Red Loli, Liliyn.

’’ this person wasn't your master, huh?’’

’’You're too persistent. It's just that my purpose aligns with that person's. Simply put, you could say I would like to see her dream come true with my own eyes.’’

’’Hoh, so you have fallen for this person, huh?’’

Leowald's eyes were sparkling with a definite shine, even Kuklia who was looking at him had this discerning disposition in her stare.

’’Don't be foolish. I'm normal.’’

’’Eh? Normal...?’’

As if he didn't understood Hiiro's statement, Leowald inclined his neck in confusion. For Hiiro, Liliyn is a little girl, and he doesn't have inclination or lustful urge for that said person.

’’No way, as if you're normal...if I have to name it, it would be colorless. Yeah, colorless!’’

Though Tenn spoke lightly, Hiiro heard his words completely. He grabbed his neck and threw him behind. However, Tenn rotated his body and made a perfectly timed landing.

’’W-why did you throw me all of a sudden Hiiro!’’

’’Shut up, Yellow Monkey. As if we could understand those 'colorless, colorless' you were talking about.’’

’’Ke! If you're normal, then at least show some in front of a woman! You blasted colorless bastard!’’

’’....hou, apparently instead of Yellow Monkey, you'd like to be grilled Monkey, huh? You blabbermouth Monkey.’’

’’Hmpf! If you can do it, try me you insensible thickheaded man!’’

As the two of them glared each other as if sparks were scattering overhead them, they heard the beating of hands and shifted their attention to it.

’’Alright, stop! If you guys intend to start a battle in here, I would like you to pardon this place seriously.’’

What Leowald said was natural. If the two had a serious bout with each other, the 《Throne Room》 would surely collapse. Those two people had the ability to evoke such effect.

’’...huh, it seems you narrowly escaped your demise, Ape.’’

’’I return those words similarly, you quick tempered impatient human.’’

In face of such childish banter between two like minded people, everyone who was present loosened their cheeks. Although it may look unbelievable, but this was the person who fought and beat the Beast King in a duel and brought victory to the 『Evila』.

Before Hiiro left the room, he told Leowald that he'd bring Liliyn and her company one day to talk in detail regarding the 【Paradise】 he talked about before.

For now, his next destination was the garden. It seems there were a lot of people who was present there.

When he arrived at the place, he saw Mimiru and Muir harvesting the crops while enjoying with bright smiles on their faces. In the vicinity of those two, he also saw Arnold and his elder sister around.

And the moment he approached them....


A familiar voice and footsteps rang in the surrounding ground he stood. As usual, he wrote the character 『Exchange | 交換』 instinctively but realized Barid, his meat shield wasn't present on the spot.

He thought of using Arnold instead, but his distance from him was too far. Due to the lack of preparation, Hiiro was ultimately defeated by the situation.. ...


From behind, he felt a heavy hug, but was somehow able to endure it by putting strength on his feet. And after a lot of trials, Crouch, the Cat girl was able to relish the feeling of a successful hug on the back of Hiiro.

’’Hiirooo~, Hiirooo~ Nyaaaaaa~’’

’’....release me, Cat girl.’’

Though Hiiro complained depressedly,

’’Ny-o way!’’

She responded so. Helpless in his situation, Hiiro leaked a sigh as Muir and the others noticed and came towards him.

’’Really now, Crouch-san! Please separate from Hiiro-sama!’’

The second princess Mimiru sweetly reprimanded Crouch. Muir, by her side also puffed her cheeks.

’’Hehe, go on, continue what you guys are doing, I insist! I don't mind anyone as long as it isn't Muir.....hiiii!?’’

Apparently, there doesn't seem to be a learning function on Arnold.

’’Oji-san? Could you repeat that’’

It's as if a hellfire was breaking out behind him. Arnold who was deathly pale said,

’’C-crouch-sama! Please stop what you are doing! Do that when you are alone with just the two of you together!’’

’’Nya! Is that so-nya? Just two of us you say? Hiiro~ let's go to my room nya! We'll do a lot of fun things over there nya~!’’

Although it was Crouch was expressing such a delighted smile on her face, behind him appeared...



The two angels have transformed into demon mode at last. So Arnold who was oblivious to the dangers of his own foolishness,

’’...haha... I guess this is goodbye...’’

He spoke such words while laughing before his imminent demise.


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