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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 268


In the conference room where an immediate discussion was being held at the request of Demon Lord Eveam, Liliyn and her company talked about the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 and how it had become, but in the middle of that they were talking about Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros, and right now, their current topic was about the imminent attack towards their nation.

However, according to Cruzer, the fact that Avoros couldn't make a move for the meantime due to the side effect of using 《Sacrifice》, everyone felt relieved especially Eveam.

That said, this news was only a temporary stopper as it extends the imminent war ahead. Even if they were graced with the postponement of it, they still need to set countermeasures against Avoros within that time frame.

And yet as if Liliyn lost interest to their current topic, she spoke with a tired face.

’’With this, we have passed on what we know. Silva, Cruzer, let's return to our room.’’

At the moment Liliyn stood up from her seat and tried to leave the place,

’’P-please wait a moment Liliyn-dono!’’

The panicked voice of Eveam called out to Liliyn.


’’Ah, you see, I would like to express our gratitude for providing the information. But, if possible, will.....will you lend us your strength?’’


’’We are very aware that Hiiro and Liliyn-dono's company are esteemed guests of ours. Especially to Hiiro who had done so much that even my heartfelt gratitude isn't enough to repay it back. However right now, increasing our war potential is necessary for us.


’’Of course, I know that I'm asking something outrageous. It's like I'm asking you to lay down your life for the sake of the country. Even if you are an 『Evila』, you haven't even lived in this country and surely you have other things you want to do.’’

’’...and yet you try to restrain us even when knowing this?’’

’’I'm truly sorry! I have decided that I won't shoulder the burden of protecting this country by myself! I know that I'm weak! That's why I'm seeking help from other people! I know it's shameful of me, but this is the extent of what I can do right now!’’

Liliyn stared at Eveam who spoke with a mortified tone.

(This girl... I heard that she was a stubborn idealist, speaking of impossible things with naive ideals.)

But it seems there was slight discrepancy based on the rumor she had heard.

’’ I beg of you! Will you lend your strength for the country! Please!’’

’’.....Your Majesty, don't you think it's too hasty to bow your head so easily?’’

Liliyn tried to see what kind of reaction she would give by giving her a cold look.

’’If you are going to benefit the country and the people even a little, I would lower my head much more! You may even treat my life like a garbage!’’

Even Liliyn unconsciously widened her eyes in face of Eveam's ridiculous speech while still bowing in front of her.

’’...whatever the circumstances may be, that was too exaggerated.’’


’’When you lower your head, at least look at them.’’

’’Eh, a...’’

’’Besides, even though there is someone who adores you, stop treating your life like a trash. I understand that your self-sacrifice comes from your past experiences, but there is a significant meaning why you are living right here and now. If there is something you want to do, cling to it as if you desire it. Remember that young girl.’’

Eveam hardened from unpreparedness at Liliyn's unexpected sermon to her.

’’A-although I've ignored it a lot of times, you said that Her Majesty is a young girl? Then look at yourself! You sound like you were guiding her but you yourself are behaving like one! Aren't you also a 'young girl'! ’’

’’What did you say?’’

In face of Marione's complaint, a vein appeared on Liliyn's forehead.

’’M-marione! That's rude! Liliyn-dono is our guest!’’

’’I beg to disagree Your Majesty! Even though they are the companions of that youngster, there are way too impolite! Besides it was Cruzer Jio who offered the information, not this young girl!’’

The veins on Liliyn's forehead stemmed out further as her anger rises. Cruzer seemed to be confused on how to quell this matter. And Silva quietly stared at Liliyn with a cramp on his cheeks.

’’Marione! You are being impolite to Liliyn-dono! It's natural that I should bow here for such a request! I also understand that there is no mistake in the words she said! W-well, I was quite shocked when I was called a 'young girl' by a young girl like Liliyn.’’

’’You hear that! Even Her Majesty think you're a young girl! Rather, isn't better to call you a 'little girl' instead!’’

’’Marione! Calling someone a 'little girl' is way too rude! Although Liliyn-dono's outward appearance is apparently that of a little girl, she's an 『Evila』, so her little girl appearance is not necessarily her true age!’’

’’But you see Your Majesty! Even if she had lived a long life, her appearance is still that of a 'little girl'! In other words, this young girl is without a doubt a 'little girl'! ’’

’’E-even so, even if she's a little girl, you should choose your words more wisely!’’

’’You are mistaken Your Majesty! Only the words on the same level of a little girl would work on a little girl! Because she's definitely a little girl!’’

There was prickling noise as Liliyn's crimson hair began to shake like a flame. Seeing that the situation was getting bad, Silva spoke,

’’M-milady! I believe Marione-dono was mistaken with his remarks! He said that Milady isn't just an ordinary 'little girl'! It's a Super 'little girl'! No, it's not an exaggeration to say that you're a Miracle 'little girl' gyohon!’’

A right uppercut suddenly hit Silva's jaw. His head pierced the ceiling as it is...... as a passage of time passed.

’’Little girl this! Little girl that!.....’’

’’I-is ....everything alright, Liliyn-dono?’’

Although Eveam called out to Liliyn, she was frightened by her strange mood.

’’Fufu, fufufufufufu....’’

Liliyn headed towards Marione with large footsteps. And when she stopped a little distance from him, she quickly raised her slightly trembling face with much vigour.

’’Is this the face of a little girl, hm~!’’

In face of that expression, everyone quietly suppressed a giggle. Although she was angry, her face was flushed and her eyes were teary.

However, the astonished Eveam who saw such appearance, spoke an unexpected word.

’’.....kawaii’’ (TL: Cute)

Eveam unconsciously muttered such a word in face of the little girl's desperate attempts to rebuke Marione's words. But this only stimulated Liliyn's anger again.



Although Cruzer who had been silent until now called out to the groaning-like beast, Liliyn, she suddenly,

’’I-I hate you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall!’’

Liliyn ran towards the door and came to a halt, then she pointed a finger to Eveam.

’’I won't forget thisssssssssssssss!’’

She went out of the room after saying that much.

After the crying Liliyn left, those who were left behind did not move as if time had frozen. The gap from Liliyn's change may have shocked them this much.

In such a circumstance, everyone's eyes shifted towards Aquinas who was laughing with 'kukuku' sound.

’’W-what's wrong Aquinas?’’

When Eveam asked, Aquinas returned a smile and,

’’I just thought that aspect of her hasn't changed one bit.’’

Looking at Aquinas' nostalgic look towards the door where Liliyn went out, Eveam tilted her head.

’’Nofofofo! I was able to witness such an adorable Milady after a long time! Today is quite a nice day! Nofofofofo!’’

’’S-silva-dono! Since when were you here!?

Eveam was surprised because Silva was supposed to be dangling at the ceiling moments before, but now he was alive and well.

’’D-don't you have any injury?’’

’’Nofofofo! There is no such thing! That's because I'm a butler! Nofofofofo!’’

Eveam was relieved because he certainly didn't have when she looked at him.

’’...haa, it seems I have offended Liliyn-dono, I should apologize later.’’

’’ Nofofofofo! Please do not worry about it. I will tell Milady later about it, and if you absolutely want to say something to her, please do bring a good ale for us to drink. If possible, wine would be better. Because her mood recovers at once if she drinks such parcel.’’

’’I-is that so, I understand!’’

’’Actually, rather than being worried for Milady, I think we should do something about Marione-dono's condition.’’


At Silva's suggestion, Eveam realized that Marione had been quiet for quite awhile and looked towards the said person... there she saw the pale face of his former moustache baron general.


Standing up straight with hollow eyes, greasy sweat oozes from his forehead. And then,

’’Please stoooooooooooooooop!’’

Marione struck his head against the wall.


Eveam instinctively raised her voice when she witnessed Marione's eccentric behavior.

’’I don't want that! I don't want my treasured beard to be shaved! Please stoooooooooooooooop! Uwa! That was close! Too close! When you whirl a sword in such a direction......... moreover on my right side! I beg of you! Please stoooooooooooop!’’

’’..Marione....ouch, that's gotta hurt...’’

’’He seems to be in trance of that guy's magic.’’

It was Aquinas who responded with a meaningful answer.

’’That guy? You mean Liliyn-dono's magic?’’

’’Yeah, that guy can put her opponent into delusion by instilling illusions in their mind. Perhaps Marione is being subjected to a nightmare where his beloved beard is being cut.’’

’’I-it resembles the magic of the Founder Demon Lord we were talking about awhile ago....’’

’’.....well, yeah.’’

Aquinas responded with a slight delay after Eveam's words. Eveam did not seem to wonder why Aquinas replied in such a way.

’’W-will he return back to normal?’’

’’...well, he wouldn't die from this, I'm sure if we leave him alone for a while he'll come back soon.’’

’’....t-this country's proudest 《Rank 2 of Cruel Brigade》 was easily led by the nose.....Liliyn-dono is amazing.’’

’’Well, she had lived longer than Marione, so it's natural.’’

’’Mu? I-I should properly apologize to her later.’’

Watching the miserable appearance of Marione, Eveam warned herself not to anger Liliyn anymore, and told Silva that she would prepare the finest wine for her.


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