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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 267


Chapter 267 - Countdown to the Start of War

Everyone who heard the truth from Aquinas report had their breaths taken away. Moreover, the fact that Aquinas had been acquainted with the Founder Demon Lord, even to the point he witnessed her last moments, everyone was so speechless that they could only do nothing but stare at him.

Aquinas had his usual expressionless look....but it was only Liliyn who noticed a faint flickering flame of regret in his red eyes. And as to what that regret was....Liliyn somehow understood and felt irritated by it.

Perhaps, he regrets not being able to protect the 【Shanjuumon Cave】 she had left behind. Because he was too overwhelmed by the powerful illusions of Adams' 《Core》 and as a result, he was unable to protect his promise to her.

And that promise was to protect the hidden treasure inside 【Shanjuumon Cave】. The 《Core》 wasn't for the sake of someone alive in this world, but was only an embodiment protecting the place where the precious memories of Adams and her friend was filled.

’’....Aquinas, why have you kept silent on this matter until now?’’

Eveam spoke with a slightly criticizing tone.

’’....I just thought that having more people of the 《Core》's existence, more people will try to obtain it.’’

’’I would never do such things!’’



’’Besides... she's not a person who would purposely want others to know of her own sufferings.’’

It seems Aquinas was someone worth of respect as well. He thought that the personal matter of Adams killing her own friend wasn't something others should just casually know about.

(He is still so loyal to a fault as usual)

Liliyn stared at Aquinas with a rather unpleasant mood while she clicked her tongue. Eveam also realized his intentions and paused a bit.

If such a situation did not occur, then Liliyn thought Aquinas wouldn't have revealed this kind of topic.

’’That's why...’’

At that time, it was obvious that Aquinas' anger was leaking out from him. Even Eveam and Marione held their breath in face of that atmosphere.

’’That's why I always make a clear distinction. What I should say or do in order to protect that place.’’

Of course, the anger was directed to Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros who destroyed 【Shanjuumon Cave】. And Liliyn knows....that he was also such a man.

(Even though he looks like a cool person from the surface, his harshness hasn't changed as usual)

His strength was the real deal, and many people were in awe of him for being the 『Strongest Evila』. Of course, included in that awe were a mix of envy, admiration and fear as well.

’’Thank you for speaking honestly, Aquinas.’’

At mention of Eveam's unexpected words, Aquinas who was a little surprised, murmured the name of the young princess.

’’However, I want you to put your faith in me a little more.’’


’’Don't hide it to yourself.’’


’’I know it's hard to reveal such painful things from the past. But let me help and carry that burden. Because...... I'm everyone's Demon Lord!’’

Even if she was the Demon Lord, there wasn't really an obligation to reveal such topic. That's natural. Because this was an unspeakable past of someone. Especially if it was a precious wish entrusted to him.

Even more if the said person was suffering from being unable to fulfill his promise. And yet, she speaks that everyone should share those burdens to her.

To talk about such painful things, saying that she would carry their burden as the Demon Lord of her race. How foolish.

(Really, what a naive girl)

Liliyn watched Eveam who was looking at Aquinas without batting an eyelid. She's still an inexperienced leader too young to stand as the Demon Lord.

It was natural that she should promise things within her own capability. Doing not would be synonymous to saying such irresponsible words with the title entrusted to her as the leader of this nation.

In her current state, it was impossible to carry all the burdens of the  『Evila』 . When Liliyn thought that her empty words were foolish, she made a sigh, and then,

’’But even I say such things, I'm still a baby far from being compared to Aquinas and Marione.’’

The words Eveam spoke had a mortified tone.

’’That's why I won't carry your burdens alone. Let me carry it together with you. To the extent that I can carry. Or so Hiiro had told me.’’

(W-what did she say!?)

Liliyn reacted when she heard the influence of Hiiro from Eveam.

’’Weak as I may be, please let me carry as much as I can. Although it's true that I want to shoulder everyone's burden, but the current me needs someone else to carry along such burdens.’’

Aquinas softly placed his hands on her shoulders with an apologetic look.


’’, Her Majesty...... You've grown up.’’

’’I still have a long way to go.’’

Although it was hard to recognize from Aquinas and Marione's expressions, but it certainly felt that they were full of smiles. They were probably happy that Eveam didn't casually spoke such irresponsible words.

However, Liliyn was...

(Ku.... so it was Hiiro's influence! Is he an airhead?! No, he's definitely one! Is it because of her breast! Damnit so it was her breasts!!!!)

Liliyn glared at Eveam who had a larger breast compared to her.

’’Nofofo, milady, I have a great inclination on small breasts!’’

Silva made a rather unpleasant remark to her, so for the time being she returned a fist to his face. He lay on the ground with a nosebleed as he gratefully received her response.

Cruzer made a wry smile in face of that smiling Silva, and then coughed once to grab everyone's attention.

’’Everyone, if I may?’’

Liliyn suppressed her irritation as she turned towards Cruzer.

’’Since the Predecessor Demon Lord obtained 《Cursed Sword - Sacrifice》, I believe it is necessary to set up countermeasures for the future to come. Fortunately, it is still impossible for him to make a move, so there is still time.’’

’’Hm? How can you be so sure of it? If one obtained such a weapon, there is a possibility that they would immediately attack right?’’

At the mention of Liliyn's question, Cruzer shook his head to the side.

’’No, there is a reason why he can't make his move.’’

’’And that reason is?’’

’’Yes, currently he is....’’

’’How is the state of His Majesty, No. 05?’’

It was one of Avoros' subordinate named Hiromi who asked. His words were acknowledged and 05 moved to face him.

’’I cannot say anything at the moment.’’

With her hair as white as snow moved, Kiria responded with an expression devoid of emotions. No. 05 was her identification number among the several Kiria's that exists in here. And was the former aide and close friend of Demon Lord Eveam.

Currently, in front of him was a large crystal buried under a wall as it reflected Avoros' naked body floating within it.

There were a regular swelling of bubbles appearing within as if the crystal was filled to the brim with water. With such scene while looking at Avoros' limp body, No. 05 spoke.

’’His Majesty had resolved himself that this could happen.’’

’’Is that sword called 《Sacrifice》 capable of weakening His Majesty to this extent?’’

’’It seems so. In exchange for getting the power capable destroying everything, a considerable life force is demanded.’’

’’So the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 would be left unobtainable if he didn't go so far like this, huh?’’

’’When His Majesty had returned, almost all of his body parts where on the brink of extinction. I was not prepared that this kind of treatment would be of such necessity. His Majesty took quite a dangerous bet.’’

’’I really wish the other people could have done their jobs better, but no one could pull that sword from its place.’’

’’That sword is a part of the 《Devil》, and it only responds to those recognized by the 《Devil》. And as we can see, only His Majesty was recognized by it.’’

No. 05 sent a quiet glance to Avoros.

’’ Kainabi in jail?’’

’’Yes, she needed to be disciplined for a bit.’’

’’I don't understand what she feels about it, but as expected, turning your fangs against your own kin is a little too much.’’

Indeed, the girl named Kainabi, at the moment she witnessed Avoros' tattered body, she interrogated Isuka as to why it had happened.

Although Isuka should have accurately explained, she only responded 'It's none of your business' to her. It was because of that that Kainabi judged it was Isuka's fault why it became so and directed a fist towards her.

Needless to say, there would be big trouble if they fought as they were, so they restrained Kainabi and threw inside the dungeon prison of the castle in order for her, the main culprit, to reflect on her mistakes.

No. 5 then told Kainabi what she heard regarding Avoros' condition, but because she couldn't suppress her anger to Isuka, she chose to cool her head for a while.

And Isuka said that she doesn't have any intention of clearing up the misunderstanding as she went off somewhere to continue the task she was supposed to do.

’’Really, what selfish fellows they are.’’

Hiromi released a deep sigh with amazement mix within. And just like No. 05, he turned his glance quietly towards Avoros' unmoving body.

’’....when will His Majesty wake up?’’

’’I do not know. However, there is one order I received from His Majesty.’’

’’What is it?’’

’’....At the time of his awakening, he would...’’

No. 05's eyes glowed suspiciously, and her thin lips trembled.

’’.....start the war against the world.’’

Hiromi's eyes narrowed in response.

’’I see, then you should prepare for his awakening then.’’

’’Leave it to me.’’

’’Also if possible, assist in His Majesty's awakening so that it would quicken even by a day.’’

’’That was my intention.’’

Hiromi glanced at Avoros one more time before he left the place.


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