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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 266


Chapter 266 - The Two Grave Posts

Technically speaking, it's still Saturday.

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So here is the last chapter of Arc 5.

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In any case, I promise to update you guys about it and keep this project alive.

With that finally said, here's the last chapter of Arc 5. Enjoy!

To begin with, Liliyn was confused by a certain doubt of hers. Why does the 《 Core of the Founding Demon Lord》 still continue to exist in this world? And also, of all places, why was it hidden inside the 【Shanjuumon Cave】?

Adams, the Founder Demon Lord, once known for her almighty power, realised her time was almost up and entrusted the country to someone she deemed trustworthy and went on a wandering trip. According to her, she wanted to find a place suitable for her death.

Of course, everyone opposed this. She who always does the impossible, a dauntless and bold woman and yet possesses the astounding beauty that could garner everyone's attention. Such a woman was the founder of 【Xaous】 and the one who led the whole race of Evila.

There were many people who wanted to fulfil their lives in this country until their last breath. Yes, many were grateful to her for establishing such a nation.

However, most of the people knew she wouldn't yield in opposition to what she had decided already. Their persuasion was meaningless at all. And in front of her people, she smiled back and left the country like a wind.

There was a woman named Sharuu who had looking at such scene. She was the woman whom Adams had entrusted the country and the genuine daughter of Adams.

Sharuu Li Reysis Red Rose.

And her daughter she had given birth to in this world was Liliyn Li Reysis Red Rose.

From her mother Sharuu, she was told what kind of person was Adams. And that her magic was the same as Adams.

No one has the same unique magic in this world. In other words, somewhere along Adams travel she had entered death's door. Liliyn also recognized this fact.

However, the fact that the 《Core》 which was said to be Adams second heart, was kept inside 【Shanjuumon Cave】, a location within the vicinity of 【Xaous】. In other words, there was a high possibility that at least someone had witnessed Adams death.

And now, while talking with Cruzer as the main focus, she was concerned why the 《Core of the Founding Demon Lord》 was kept there and so tried to verify the truth through Demon Lord Eveam.

’’To be honest....I'm also not well-informed about this matter.’’

Eveam made an apologetic look as she cast her eyes downward.

’’You don't know? Even though you inherited the title of the Demon Lord?’’

’’What I was informed about was that the 《Core of the Founding Demon Lord》 was kept inside 【Shanjuumon Cave】. And that it was an unattainable treasure that no one had ever achieved in their lifetime.... how about Marione?’’

’’Mu? You're asking what I know about this matter? Let's see, I know that only me and Aquinas from the 《Cruel》 knows that the 《Core》 is hidden over there. And the one who taught me of this information was your mother, Vincent-sama, Your Majesty.’’

’’My dear mother? I see...’’

It seems she was surprised a little at the unexpected words of Marione.

’’However, I was not told whom kept in such a place and for what purpose.’’

At the moment Liliyn thought she wouldn't find any more information from them,

’’If it's only the people inside this room, maybe it is fine to tell you about it.’’

Suddenly Aquinas opened his mouth, but everyone was so shocked by the meaning of his words.

’’A-Aquinas...knows the reason?’’

He nods at the small question of Eveam.

’’As a matter of fact, yes.’’

As a matter of fact...? Liliyn stared at him with a suspicious look. And she was speechless at the following words he said.

’’Because the one who kept the 《Core》 in that place.....was none other than me.’’

Silence wrapped the whole room as if time had frozen. Only someone's breathing entered the ears of Liliyn. She had to say something, but her mind was a jumbled mess right now.

Of course it would be. Because her elder brother had said something unbelievable....

’’H-how did this happen?’’

It was Eveam who broke the silence. Her formal tone had also changed due to her surprise.

’’T-that's right Aquinas! Why haven't you spoken such things to me! What is the meaning of this!’’

Marione breaks off with an angry voice towards Aquinas. He might be angry for hiding such facts not only to his comrades but to the Demon Lord as well.

’’That's was her wish.’’


At last, Liliyn was able to squeeze out her voice. Aquinas gazed at Liliyn's eyes which the latter noticed a small light at back of his eyes.

’’Yes. You might not know of this but 【Shanjuumon Cave】 was a former mountain before.’’

’’It was mountain? Really?’’

Aquinas gave his agreement to Eveam who was inclining her neck in wonder.

’’Yes. It was formerly known as the 【Shanjuumon Mountain】’’

’’In other words, 【Shanjuumon Cave】 was the remains of this mountain?’’

’’Yes, and there was a certain creature in that mountain.’’

’’A living creature..?’’

’’That creature was Adams' first friend.... And also the life she had killed with her own two hands.’’

Everyone hardened in their places. But no one responded and Aquinas continued.

’’It seems unexpected, but his friend's magic went out of control, so Adams had to use her magic to stop her friend.’’

’’When you say magic you mean her 《Fantasy Magic》?’’

At mention of those words, Aquinas nodded a bit and expressed his affirmation.

’’Yes, however, Adams was helpless against her friend's berserk state. Her friend lost its temper and roared as if it feared her. And the rampage seemed to have destroyed the mountain.’’

So the mountain was lost and its remains were formed into a cave. All due to the monster living in that place.

’’No matter what she said, her friend didn't stop. However, their struggle did not last long. Because of the power of her magic, it had burdened not only the spirit of her friend but also physically.....and eventually lost her life.’’

’’That's too sad....’’

It was understandable that Eveam would mutter such words. Unintentionally killing a friend you have just met with your own power, it's natural to feel that way.

The others also frowned in response as they expressed their own takes on this story.

’’After that, she suffered a lot. There was nothing she could do. It seems the creature hadn't told her much of itself or even his homage that it hardly knows. But Adams had fun playing with it as her friend. That's why she blamed herself for killing her friend. And decide to dedicate a grave post to her most important friend.’’

’’A grave post....’’

Eveam muttered such small words as she grimaced unpleasantly.

’’For this reason, since she was aware her time is almost up, she wished to die in the same place as her friend. But before that, she decided to tour the world towards the places her friend wanted to see someday. ’’

Adams burdened herself of inheriting her friend's dream so that she could at least make up from what she did to her friend.

’’It was really a coincidence that I met her there. That day was the time I was guarding the borders. I suddenly wanted to see the ocean and acted on such desire. Then I found Adams.....collapsed on the foreshore of the beach.’’

At first Aquinas didn't recognize it was Adams. It seems that her appearance wasn't that youthful anymore and her body felt lifeless as if her power was cut out from her.

The beautiful crimson hair she possessed was steadily fading in time. However, Aquinas' appearance was a miracle for her.

She requested Aquinas to be taken to a certain place. Of course, Aquinas thought it was better to treat her immediately, but his 《Demon Eyes》 told him that it was too late for her. Still there are many people who will be pleased if she returned to the country.

Adams stubbornly refused even though he said so. She persistently wished to be taken to a place called 【Shanjuumon Cave】. It was her final selfish wish....she said.

Aquinas also had an obligation to her. Liliyn had heard interesting stories regarding her and his brother. She was even the one who trained him in combat.

That's why Aquinas respected such a woman everyone acknowledged. And made his decision. To fulfill what this woman hoped for.

Then the two who came to 【Shanjuumon Cave】 were talking a while at the recesses of the cave. Then, he heard Adam's story about her friend.

He did not know how much time passed after that. Just that Aquinas listened to her story quietly. No, she seemed to be telling such stories to someone not present rather than to Aquinas who was there with her..

It was quite obvious if you asked whom she toured the world for. Aquinas quietly watched the woman who moved her mouth with a hollow expression.

Then, she coughed in pain. And light seemed to have returned to her eyes. Her consciousness returned.

At that time, she requested something from Aquinas.

『I want you to make my grave post in here』

When he heard that she had important attachments to this place, Aquinas couldn't deny her request. And even said, she would definitely protect this place, with a calm and happy expression.

Then, she quietly closed her eyes that had never opened again. While engrossed at the moment of her death, her lifeless body was suddenly wrapped in pale light and floated in the air.

Aquinas was confused to what that blinding light was. And then the light disappeared and Aquinas who saw such a scene was at a loss for words.

An intimate number of light blue balls was spread out before him. He realized later that this was the power of her 《Core》

And why did such a thing happened....

’’She just wanted to protect that place, so that no one could come closer to it. And she entrusted the last of her magic to the 《Core》 so that no one could take it’’

To protect the two sleeping grave posts forever.....


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