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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 265


Liliyn had heard the ideology of this『Cupidos Tribe』. Needless to say, she hardly knew of their existence at all.

However, to hear such warped ideology, it was a first for her.

’’What? God? Hey, who is this you speak of?’’

Liliyn questioned Aquinas after he had explained so far.

’’I'm sure everyone must have heard of this name......《Devil - Netsaffa》’’

TL Note: 魔神・ネツァッファ | Majin - Netsaffa. No idea on this one. Thus, I read it as Netsaffa as it is.

At mention of that word, everyone's expression stiffened.

’’T-then are you saying that this 『Cupidos Tribe』 is trying to revive their God who isn't really a God but the Devil?’’

Aquinas gave his assent to Liliyn's question.

’’Cruzer had mentioned this in his story a while ago right? That what's written in here were about 《Sacrifice》 and the God they worship.’’

Although it was true that Cruzer had spoke of it in his reminiscence of the past, Liliyn couldn't entirely accept the matter at hand.

In the past, there were few symbolic idols that were revered as one's God, and a minority of these races follows such culture, so it wasn't a surprise to have this topic brought up.

But for this race to idolise not a God, but the Devil who had once manifested in this world, then this talk is an entirely different matter.

’’It is definitely true that the name 《Devil - Netsaffa》 is written here in 《Ancient Yueguwan Alphabet》’’

Liliyn looked at Cruzer's face to ascertain his words, but the latter immediately replied with a serious nod to her.

’’《Devil - Netsaffa》 was an existence that tried to destroy 【Edea】 a long time ago. The Founder Demon Lord Adams didn't want the 『Cupidos Tribe』 to revive such an existence. That's why Adams.....decided to bury them all from the history’’

’’....they weren't able to solicit them?’’

Eveam asked with an anxious expression, but Aquinas shook his head sideways in response.

’’......there was madness reflected in their eyes. And I heard that they said something to Adams when they confronted her. That only the 《Devil》 could save and lead them.’’

’’....I see’’

’’They didn't listen at all to any of her advice. But if they were left alone, disasters would strike this world sooner or later. Therefore, Adams made a decision. To destroy such race with her own two hands.’’

’’Certainly, even if you say that such a race have a special ability, it doesn't matter when in front of the Founder Demon Lord. It's not an exaggeration to say that your life would end that moment you see her figure.’’

Although Marione was admiring the said person while his arms were folded, Liliyn lightly clicked her tongue. It was only Silva and Aquinas who noticed the clicking tongue of the ill-humored Liliyn.

Liliyn was unhappy because she was reminded again that the blood of the Founder Demon Lord was flowing in her veins. It's as if she wasn't fond of being compared to her own ancestor.

That said, what Marione thoughtlessly said wasn't entirely false.

(It is true though that a minority race with such an unusual ability isn't enough to be an opponent for the Founder Demon Lord)

Adams power was too deviant to the point that Liliyn couldn't help but admit it. To the extent that the phrase 'being a match for thousands' pales in comparison to her.

And with that, the story regarding the connection of the Founder Demon Lord and 『Cupidos Tribe』 finally ended as everyone unconsciously leaked a sigh.

’’Now then, let us return back to the topic at hand after knowing their connections.’’

It was Cruzer who started the ball rolling again.

’’Now why did the 『Cupidos Tribe』 created 《Sacrifice》, that's because it was a necessary component in reving the 《Devil》’’

’’A necessity?’’

When Marione asked back, Cruzer placed a hand on his chins.

’’Yes. In this article, it was said that 《Sacrifice》 was created from the 《Devil》 since originally 《Sacrifice》 was a part of the 《Devil》’’


’’It was for this very reason why they built an imitation of 《Sacrifice》, so that they can use it as an intermediary in reviving the 《Devil》’’

’’So that's how it was.....the 『Cupidos Tribe』 was trying to recreate 《Sacrifice》 at 【Doa Ruins】’’

Marione makes a few nods in consent to his words.

’’But as a result, the whole race was destroyed by the Founder Demon Lord and were unable to continue the ceremony.’’

’’If that's the case, what were those mummies then, Cruzer-dono?’’

It was Eveam next who asked him a question.

’’ recreate 《Sacrifice》 various requirements were needed. The first one were numerous sacrificial bodies.’’


’’Perhaps they were prepared to carry their fellow brethren killed by the Founder Demon Lord to the ruins. But there were also other 『Evila』 races among the mummies inside the coffins.’’

’’Does that mean...’’

’’Yes, it was probably the offered sacrifice for recreating 《Sacrifice》. Although it seemed that living flesh was the original custom, they have gathered instead many dead bodies in accordance to it.’’

Eveam covered her mouth with her hands as she made a disgusted expression.

’’However, before they could perform the ritual, they were annihilated by the Founder Demon Lord. Thus, the ceremony was halted, and the corpse collected at the ruins were mummified. Originally, the bodies collected would rot and turn into bones, but apparently, it was written in here that the coffins has the power to prevent the bodies inside it from disintegrating, so they mummified it and placed it in the coffin.’’

Cruzer then points a certain part from the book.

’’But why was the halted ritual suddenly had been restored and gave birth to《Sacrifice》?’’

The question of Eveam was a natural follow up. However, when Cruzer heard those words, he made an apologetic look while hanging his head down.

’’.....because of my arrival there.’’

’’....what do you mean?’’

’’First, one of the conditions of recreating 《Sacrifice》 was the many sacrificial bodies, and the mummies in those coffins were enough to fulfill this requirement.’’

Everyone returned a nod of consent to his words.

’’Next, in order to recreate 《Sacrifice》 , you need a vessel to contain it.’’

’’A vessel....?....does that mean one of Cruzer-dono's....sword?’’

’’Exactly, Demon Lord-sama.’’

’’I see. It is indeed true that Cruzer Jio's creations could serve as a perfect vessel for it.’’

Aquinas gave praise to Cruzer's talent but the latter looked sullen. Although he was happy for being praised for his talent, but because of the very same reason, his talent that had brought great complications, he made a rather troubled expression.

’’The sword used was made from a long time ago, but the materials were of high quality and it was comparable to my other children.’’

’’Well, since the weapons Cruzer-dono had made were scattered throughout the world, it wouldn't be surprising that it would fall into the hands of the 『Cupidos Tribe』’’

At the mention of Silva's word, not only Liliyn, but everyone nodded in consent as well.

’’I understand that the sword you made was used as its vessel. But what completed the ritual of recreating 《Sacrifice》?’’

Following after Silva, Liliyn immediately asked her question.

’’The next step was easy. Since the ritual had been almost complete.’’

’’Had you completed it?’’

’’Yes, the next requirement was a person capable of using spirit language and possesses strong magical powers’’

’’You what?’’

’’I only noticed this afterwards. But that room itself was playing the role of a big magical formation.’’

It was difficult to notice if one didn't see it in a bird's eye view, but the coffins were arranged in the manner of forming a magic formation and Cruzer who was standing at the center of that formation had unconsciously completed the setup. The feeling of weakness he felt at that time was due to his magical power being snatched away from him due to that particular magic formation.

And as Cruzer had done. The eerie and repulsive feeling that he felt when he entered the shrine was the consciousness of the 『Kupidos Tribe』 that had led him into saying the name of 《Sacrifice》.

After the mentioning the trigger word to start the ritual, it perceived the trespassers magic power required which Cruzer initially had and consequently resulted in the successful recreation of 《Sacrifice》.

’’Perhaps a strong deep-seated grudge was swirling in that room. Remembering my actions back then, it seems my ability to think had been manipulated by something. Maybe that strong grudge had instilled their desires into my intentions back then and led me to finish the actions they weren't able to when they died.’’

Cruzer sighed with a bitter expression.

’’If I did not know anything... I could have made an excuse and treated it as an accident, but my sword was used there and because I went over there, 《Sacrifice》 was born’’

While everyone was hesitating what to say to him,

’’Stop cowering like a fool, it's disappointing.’’

Liliyn glared at him with those red ruby eyes of her while pouting her mouth.


’’Where's the prodigy in the past that I know! I thought you have decided you wouldn't run away anymore! If that's the case, then confront the issue with confidence! Or are you going back to hiding in regret again!’’

Liliyn pointed her fingers to him in plain sight as she declared such words. The rest of the people except for Silva who was smiling, were at a loss for words.

After little while, the cheeks of Cruzer who was taken aback, relaxed.

’’I really can't beat Liliyn-san after all. Don't worry. I had enough of that warning from Hiiro-san. I won't run away any longer. That's why I'm sharing my knowledge regarding this to everyone.’’

’’Hmph, then there's no problem.’’

’’Nofofo, isn't that relieving Milady.’’

In face of such people, Aquinas seemed to smile a bit, but nobody noticed that smile of his.

And then immediately, he made a serious expression and began to speak.

’’Then let us make use of that knowledge. Cruzer Jio, are you sure that the Predecessor Demon Lord has that 《Sacrifice》?’’

’’Yes, I have confirmed it with my own two eyes. I do not know how he got it from 【Belial Sea】, but since it was originally my creation, I'm definitely sure he had it.’’

’’I see, although this is hard to believe, but are you saying that he used the power of 《Sacrifice》 to obtain the hidden treasure in 【Shanjuumon Cave】 which is the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》?’’

’’Yes, perhaps, in exchange for a portion of the Predecessor Demon Lord's life, he used 《Sacrifice》 to 'destroy' the illusions protecting the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》’’

’’To think a 《Cursed Sword》 could do such a thing.... Then that means, the Predecessor Demon Lord possesses 《Sacrifice》 which is a part of 《Devil - Netsaffa》. This had turned out into the worst possible outcome....’’

The words of Aquinas swayed the head of Eveam and Marione arbitrarily. They seem to realize as well how alarming the problem was.

It was already a serious matter that Avoros had declared war on the world through the demonstration of his power, and now he had obtained a part of the 《Devil》 who was trying to lead the world into ruins. It was something they cannot overlook anymore.

And the effect has already been proven. It was the very fact that he was able to obtain the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》 which no one was able to. Moreover, it was all due to a single attack from a frightening sword he possessed.

While the executives of the Evila's side were anxious about the future to come,

’’I have a question...’’

Liliyn spoke a short question of hers.

’’The 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》.......why was it kept in such a place?’’


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