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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 26


Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 26: The Meeting in the Country of Beasts


’’I told you to address me as Father.’’

’’Please forget about that for now and listen to what I have to say!’’

The person having this conversation is a man with a stern lion-like face. This man is in fact the king of 【Beast Kingdom Pasion】, Leowald King. (TL: Yes, his last name is King)

And the person calling Leowald papa is his blood descendant, princess Kuclear.

Though her father sported a majestic mane and an intimidating aura, Kuclear was different. The only thing similar between them was her silky, crimson brown hair, which she kept cut short.

Though her eyes looked a bit sharp, the impression she gave off was one of a young girl loved by all. Perhaps this was due to the influence of her mother Blansa.

She is currently inside of the 《King Tree》, interrogating her father. The contents of their conversation...

’’Hey, why is it that I am prohibited from going out to war?’’

’’I've said it time and again, but you are still much too young. You haven't even managed learning the art of 《Binding》 yet, right?’’

’’... Well... that's true.’’

She breaks off eye contact with her father.

’’Soon, we will be making preparations for war. We will engage in much bloodshed, and death will run rampant in our ranks.’’

’’B-but still I am this country's princess! Do you expect me to stand here while everyone goes off to fight?’’



’’I don't have the slightest feeling that we will face defeat, but just in case, I need to make sure that some royal blood stays behind.’’

’’Does that mean you will be taking all of my brothers with you?’’



Kuclear makes a downtrodden face as she clenches her teeth. She can understand her father's point. If all those of royal blood go into battle and meet their ends, then the country will go through turmoil.

That's why Kuclear is to be left behind while her two brothers go out to war. She can understand that this is for her country's sake, but still she is unsatisfied by it.

’’I-I can't agree with that! We still have Mimir with us! That child can...’’

’’What sort of things are you expecting of a 9 year old?’’

’’Uu... but...’’

Mimir was Kuclear's younger sister. Of course, she was also a carrier of royal blood, but she was much too young to have a country left to her. Also, she had another problem.

’’Though she has my blood, Mimir is facing a difficult problem, isn't she?’’

’’T-that's true, but... That child is very smart. More so than me.’’

Leowald steps out of his role as king for a moment, and places his hand on Kuclear's shoulder.

’’You've already turned 18. You think more of this country than I do.’’


’’Because of that, your brothers and I can go off to fight without worry.’’


’’I have no intentions of dying. I'll slay all of the 『Evila』, and proceed to the 『Humas』. We'll settle our old debts, and take the country.’’

Leowald stares at Kuclear with his piercing eyes.

’’But even I...’’

Kuclear feels the warmth emanating from her shoulder.

’’You are my daughter. The daughter of the 『Beast King』. You may be inexperienced, but I believe you will be a Beast Man that stands above all the others.’’


’’So while we're away, I leave this country to you.’’

Upon saying this, Leowald nods, and leaves the room without waiting for his daughter's reply. Kuclear, left behind, stares at her own hands lamenting her lack of power.

’’If only I had more power... If only I was strong like my brothers...’’

She wanted to fight. She wanted to protect her people, her country and the 『Gabranth』 race. But she realizes she doesn't have such power. Kuclear stares at her father's back, muttering to herself how far away he seemed.






A meeting was being held in the 《King Tree》. Taking his place at the round table, the king Leowald directed his gaze at the people before him.

’’Everyone, the time has come.’’

Upon these words, the eyes of the people listening fill with confidence.

’’For a long time, we have faced unjust treatment. The 『Evila』 do whatever they please on our land, and the 『Humas』 see us as nothing more than slaves. Even now, many of our brethren are suffering.’’

Everyone gives a firm nod.

’’We have finally attained power. We, who have not been granted magic and have lost our racial abilities have gained the strongest art of 《Binding》! Now is the time for us to bare our fangs, and show those who looked down upon us! And we must teach them! The Beast Men are the beings that will stand upon the heavens!’’


Strong voices of agreement fill the area. Leowald smiles upon seeing his subordinate's reliability.

’’First we must make a proclamation of war! We are different than those 『Evila』 who live through betrayal and deceit. We will fairly fight looking our opponents in the eye. And we will win! Such is the pride of the 『Gabranth』 people!’’


’’After we declare war, we must march onto enemy land. Of course, we will encounter 『Evila』 there... Hunt them without remorse.’’

Everyone present gives a ferocious smile. They truly do carry the blood of beasts. Their animal instincts, their desire for battle, was inhuman.

’’Leglos, did you finish writing up the formal proclamation?’’

’’Yes, I have written it exactly as you ordered, father.’’


Leglos was Leowald's eldest son. According to his vassals, he did not fall far behind his father in strength, popularity or intimidating atmosphere.

’’Then after you send it, I will take my unit into 『Evila』 territory.’’

The person saying this was the second son, Lenion. His face looked closer to that of his mothers. He looked quite similar to Kuclear.

’’Understood, but don't let your guard down. Upon receiving our proclamation, they will definitely amass their forces.’’

’’I know. But still I will hunt every last one of them.’’

He was also a Beast Man. His eyes held a deep thirst for blood.

’’Does everyone understand? This is war! Our main goal is to win and return home. This is a fight that we cannot risk losing! Everyone, carry your pride as a Beast Man as you march into battle! We're aiming for eradication!’’


’’We will begin our march one week from now. Fierce battles await us. Everyone march back to your house, and spread the word to you kin!’’

Everyone nods.

’’Then from here on out, we will be increasing our fighting force.’’






Just above the room Leowald was holding his meeting in, a single youngster was kneeling down with an unpleasant expression on his face.

’’Ah, this has become quite serious, dood.’’

(TL: This man or woman ends all of his/her sentences with -su. As such, I am going to follow suit with Nippon Ichi and use dood.)

Is seems he has heard the contents of the meeting. His ears twitch as he begins to think to himself.

’’I never thought that things would proceed this quickly, dood. What should I do?’’

He scratches his face as he ponders the future. His ears twitch once more.

’’... Okay, nothing out of the ordinary here.’’

A Soldier-looking Beast Man approached the area, but found no one there. The youngster had quickly left the area.

And when the coast was clear...

’’That was close, dood. If I get caught, it wouldn't be funny, dood.’’

He says as he quietly returns to the place he was before. He had jumped and grabbed a higher branch on the tree when he sensed the soldier's approach.

This is the 《King Tree》. It has thousands upon thousands of ridiculously thick branches extending in every direction. And carved on the insides of them are various rooms and passageways.

’’For now, I guess I should deliver the message, dood.’’

He looks over the town before the tree with a solemn expression.

’’They made such a peaceful kingdom, yet they go to all the trouble of destroying it, dood.’’

The youngster looks up at the sky.


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