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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 254


Chapter 254 - Second Princess Farah

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Another princess.

Is it just me or do I smell a harem of princesses?

Gabranth Princesses, Mimiru and Kukklia King

Evila Royalty, only heir to the Predecessor Demon Lord, Eveam Gran Early Evening

And now, a human princess.

Damn. I don't care what happens anymore.

With that said, here's chapter 254. Enjoy

Around the time Hiiro was being taught by Rarashik on how to control his life force, in the human country, there was one girl who woke up from her deep slumber.

’’It seems our sleeping beauty has finally woke up.’’

The girl was wide-eyed in surprise to the person who just spoke to her. Because that person was someone she hadn't seen before. So it was natural that she would pull her body away from the said person.

’’You don't have to be frightened, young child. I'm just a beggar, no, a gentleman.’’

’’You are not very convincing!’’

The girl inadvertently reacted to the words of the elderly person in her presence. And due to that, she recovered herself, and realized how embarrassing her response was.

’’Young child, it's best not to bring out a loud voice in here.’’

Although the girl wanted to know why, she covered her mouth in response and tried to grasp her current situation. It seemed she was in a shed she's not familiar with, and there were two simple beds on the spot, one of which was where the girl had been sleeping onto awhile ago.

Apparently, they were the only two people in here right now, the young girl and the gentle bald elderly who the girl found worth trusting.

’’At any rate, you really slept a long time, huh? Do you still remember? A full three days had passed since you were saved from the castle you know?’’

At the mention of the elder's words, the girl finally recalled what had happened. And the person who took her out of the castle was...

’’Are you perhaps...Judom's comrade?’’

’’Young child, it's useless to treat that bratty Judom normally. Rather, you should just call him a foolish muscle head.’’

’’F..foolish muscle head.’’

The girl was having a cramp on her cheeks in response to the elder's words. And then the door opened and the person they were talking about entered.

’’Oh, you have woken up!’’

Judom approached her with a big smile on his face. The girl couldn't help but feel a little relieved in face of that expression, it felt like her anxiety and tension had been calmed down.


’’I know you have a lot of questions in mind, but first, drink this.’’

Judom handed a small cup containing the a transparent soup.

’’This is...?’’

’’Just a soup I concocted by mixing medical herbs and fruits. And don't worry, despite having medical herbs in there, it's easy to drink it.’’

The girl timidly nods in response to his remarks and began to confirm its taste. And true to his words, it wasn't really bitter. It was probably thanks to the sweetness of the fruits mixed which made it easier to drink it.

’’Even though you have finally woken up, food is still impossible for you, but that doesn't mean we should let your nutrition deteriorate.’’

Judom brought the chair at the corner of the shed and placed it near the young girl.

’’Now where should I start...hmm, well for now, Farah, I'm really glad you made it this far.’’


Yes, the girl's name was Farah. Farah Van Strauss Arclaim, the second princess of 【Victorias】

She who failed in summoning the heroes from another world fell into a coma and have been deemed bedridden for the rest of her life.

And despite all of this, Judom said he was glad she was alive. To her who was incapable of practising summoning magic that led her into such a pitiful situation.

Farah was still conscious while she had been bedridden for a long time. She could feel her frail body becoming thinner and she felt a sense of weakness inside her body.

Nevertheless, she was honestly happy that she could still wake up. It was very pleasing that there is a person truly glad from her awakening.

’’Farah, first of all, a year has passed since the day you failed in summoning the heroes.’’

’’....I see’’

One year...for a normal person, it was short, but for her, a year was a very long time. Realizing again further of her situation, her expression darkened.

’’Over the past year, the world had changed a lot. You can understand once you feel the atmosphere surrounding the royal castle.’’

Certainly, what he said was true. Although it was an embarrassing moment, Judom broke into her room and carried her limp body away outside.

The people who followed after them were all so pale as if they had been drained of their blood. The atmosphere of the castle also seemed strange, soldiers were collapsed everywhere, bleeding and rotting.

At first, she thought Judom had betrayed the country, but she felt the warmth from the hands holding her limp body, enough for her to think that she was being protected.

Although she doesn't know what had happened, she could guess that a crisis was occurring at the castle, no, the country. After that, she lost consciousness while being carried away.

’’Did the 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』 perhaps attacked our country?’’

’’ could say that, but you can also say it isn't.’’

’’...what do you mean?’’

Judom explained to her about the Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros' hijack on 【Victorias'】 dominion. And also about the alliance of 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』

Farah was listening to all this without blinking even a little bit as if she had hardened in her place.

’’T-the story had become too much for me to catch up and understand.’’

’’Haha, don't worry. It's alright to take it slowly. However, there are still more of this you have to follow.’’


’’...well, it's probably better when your physical condition have gotten better.’’

Although Judom said that while he was standing up,

’’Judom-sama, please...let me hear it. All of them’’

’’'s a far more heavier story that you think they are, you know?

’’I don't mind. I'm Farah Van Strauss Arclaim, the second princess of 【Victorias】. I cannot afford to take my eyes off from a national affair. All the more if it's a serious matter...’’

They were strong eyes. Strong eyes looking towards Judom. Although her cheeks were thin and loose, although there was a little hollow on her eyes, there was an evident light inside it, bright enough that speaks of life.

’’Haha, you are still a princess at heart, stubborn and straightforward as I remember back then.’’

’’...are you perhaps making fun of me?’’

Although Farah said that with a pout,

’’Ahahaha! It's a compliment! If it's the current you, then you can handle any talk I speak!’’

’’Hmph, Judom-sama is so mean.’’

She turned her face away while in her pouted expression.

’’Sorry about that, anyway, prepare your heart as you listen.’’

’’....I understand.’’

Judom summed up the current events from the first princess Lilith's successful summoning of the heroes to the current situation.

Summoning of heroes, alliance conference, war, and various human, how King Rudolph went mad. And then Rudolph becoming an ugly monster which was perhaps under the supervision of Avoros right now.

Farah listened to the story while her eyes were closed. Judom did not exactly know what exactly caused it to happen, but Farah's body was shaking little by little and so were her lips.

After the talk was finished, a considerable amount of sweat was present on Farah's forehead. She had a face that had obviously received the impact of the story.

’’ you want to rest a little?’’

’’No, I'm alright...thank you for telling me all of this.’’

Seeing Fara's stiff expression, Judom gently applied her hands onto hers quietly.

’’ have become strong, Farah. In face of those stories, you held on. I know it's not that easy to organize your heart and mind.


’’You can think of what you can do for the country from here on out. But always remember that you aren't alone. I'm here, and also my companions.’’

Judom expressed a smile to calm Farah, and in response, Farah returned the smile with hers too. Then, she remembered something.

’’Ah, I seem to remember a beautiful woman you have brought along the time you saved me from the castle. ’’

As Farah asked so, Judom could only show a bitter smile in response.

’’Oh, that woman, huh? I was about to tell you about it after you have woken up. Do you know her?’’

’’N-no, I don't remember being acquainted to such a person.’’

’’That woman, although she saved us from the dead, she left with a few words after that.’’

’’A few words?’’

’’Yeah, she said that she'll come back once you wake up. Do you really not know that woman?’’

Farah was staring blankly in puzzlement as she honestly recalled nothing that made her acquainted to such a person. And then suddenly... the door opened, and one woman appeared there.

Judom stood quickly as he was alerted by another presence, but he was dumbfounded when he saw his opponent.

’’I came just as I had told you.’’

The person that entered was the woman who once helped Judom escape from the dead Avoros created to kill him.


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