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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 252


’’Wait, what? You're returning already?’’

Hiiro was speechless when Ornoth notified of his abrupt return. He wiped out the enemies in order to resume the training on 《Grand Red Aura》 which had been interrupted by the invasion just recently.

But despite all of this, Ornoth had told him that he needed to return to 【Xaous】. He said he needed to settle some private matters on the other side.

Well, Hiiro was fortunate enough to be even trained by Ornoth even if it's just the basics, so he really didn't have the right to detain him really. Ornoth has work and others things he wants to do.

’’I'm sorry about this Hiiro. Since this side was attacked, we need to be wary of any attacks over there too. Besides, I need to deliver the gathered information this time to Her Majesty.’’

’’...haa, well you already taught the basics anyway, so I'll endure for now with this.’’

’’You don't have to be disappointed. I taught you what's necessary. Now, you only need to train on it repeatedly.’’

’’Thanks, want to me to send you over there as thanks?’’

’’Mu? Oh right, please do. Also if possible I want you to send my men along with me to the other side.’’

’’Sure, I don't mind it.’’

’’Thanks, it would be helpful.’’

After that, Hiiro sent them to 『Xaous』 using 『Transfer |転送』 character, once Ornoth briefed his subordinates that they would be sent together with him to save time. And Hiiro was left alone.

’’Hiiro...what will you do now?’’

Since Camus had asked what they would do now, he decided to train on the 《Grand Red Aura》 for the time being. Since he somehow got the gist of the technique, he wanted to use most of the day to train on getting used to it.

’’Let me By the way, where is that animal?’’

He only noticed it now that there wasn't anyone on his shoulders, Tenn's who was usually present wasn't there right now. After proudly finishing his explanation on 《Flash Fireworks》, he came back to his usual spot.

However, before he even noticed, even before the time he talked to Ornoth, Tenn was already gone. When he asked Camus if he knew something about it, he only gave a slight nod.

’’Yes....he went with Muir.’’

’’Chibi? Why again...’’

’’They wanted to he met Hiiro.’’

As Camus had said, it seems Muir and Mimiru was curious as to how he and Tenn encountered each other.

So while Tenn was at Muir's place, he could use his spare time to train on 《Grand Red Aura》 at the spare room he was lended to.

’’I see, how about you?’’

’’Um....only want to be with Hiiro.’’

His loyal heart really never cease to impress him,

(Although I don't mind him coming with me, I'm just doing this because I'm free you know...)

But Camus who had his usual expressionless visage stared at Hiiro without batting an eye. It was obvious from his eyes how serious he was with his words.

『Hiiro is my benefactor. So......I dedicate this life to serving you』

When he was reminded of his oath back then, he couldn't ask back if wanted to do something else. This is what Camus wants, so he had nothing to say against it

However, as if Hiiro had hit on an idea, he moved back his glance to Camus.

’’...I see, then want to help me with something?’’


Camus inclined his neck as he asked back.

’’There is something I would like to try.’’

They returned to the room where he trained with Ornoth a little while ago.

Muir and Mimiru were sowing the crops at the garden of the 《King's Tree》. And Tenn was helping the two as he enjoyed his first experience in agriculture.

Many crops cultivated in here can be eaten, and they are usually distributed to the people once harvested. The person in charge with this kind of work was Arnold's sister, Raive which eventually grew popular as more demands came in.

And since Mimiru was fond of the garden, she invited the two, Muir and Tenn, to help with the work in the garden.

’’Everyone, I brought some tea!’’

Raive was taking a rest from work. So she prepared the snacks while Mimiru and the others continued her work.

Since the weather was very pleasant, they decided to eat at the garden. Tenn made a delighted expression as he ate the portion for him.

Since no one had opened a topic to talk about, Raive then smiled and asked the two,

’’Nee, you both like Hiiro, right?’’

’’ ’’ Bu!? ’’ ’’

Muir and Mimiru almost vomited their tea as they coughed a couple of times.

’’W-w-w-w-what are you asking all of a sudden!’’

’’I agree! You surprised us Raive-san!’’

As their faces turned flushed red, Raive couldn't help laugh in amusement.

’’Ahahaha! Your expression says it all you two! Ahahaha! Hm? Oh, it seems you noticed as well, huh?’’

Raive noticed Tenn making the same face as her and judged he might have noticed as well.

’’Of course~ isn't Hiiro the only one who hadn't noticed?’’

’’Very true, that person is one difficult guy.’’

’’I agree, to begin with, why are the little missies yearning for that unsociable guy? No matter how you see it, he's one troublesome human.’’

In face of Tenn's strange question, the two of them looked down with their flushed faces. And then, when the two of them began to fidget with their hands,

’’ ’’ That's because... ’’ ’’

The way they spoke in harmony was like they were two close sisters. Tenn and Raive who saw that mutually shrugged their shoulders as they made a wry smile.

’’Then, let's start with Muir, why?’’

’’Hau! M-me first!? Err....umm... well you see...auu’’

It took a considerable amount of time from them to hear the details. Apparently Muir met Hiiro while he was traveling on his way to Gabranth, her yearning developed as she and Arnold began to join Hiiro in his travels.

’’Well...Hiiro-san is really kind.... h-he's so cool too... and above all, he cares deeply for his comrades..’’

Every time Muir speaks, steam began to overflow from her. She would faint if they further asked more from her.

’’I see~ how about Mimiru?’’

’’Uuu... I...’’

Although she was hesitant to speak, she took a deep breath and began her own side.

’’Mimiru...was saved by Hiiro-sama before. But at that time, I barely know of him that much. H-however, when I saw his true appearance back then, it felt like my heart had been stolen by him.’’

’’Fumu~ love at first sight then?’’

’’Not exactly, it's fate.’’

’’...err, no matter how you see that's love at first sight...’’

’’It's fate.’’

’’L-like I said...’’

’’It's fate.’’

’’...I see, then I'm sure Mimiru and Hiiro are bound by the red string of fate!’’

Tenn had already given up correcting her, so he continued with the flow.

’’Besides, even Muir-chan also believes in it. Fate.’’

’’Ah, yes.’’

’’Both of us are tied with an inseparable connection with Hiiro-sama. At the very least, we believe so.’’

’’ ’’ Nee~?’’ ’’

Mimiru and Muir exchanged glances as they happily grabbed each other's hand in agreement.

’’Haa... I rest my case with this. Seriously, how many more women is that guy going to be satisfied with?’’

Muir and Mimiru twitched as their mood changed when they heard Tenn's mutter. And when they faced Tenn at same time with a smile,

’’ ’’Tenn-san, we would like to hear the details regarding that matter, yes?’’ ’’


Tenn could somehow feel a sense of intimidation even though they were smiling which made him gulped in nervousness and said,

’’.....I-I understand....I'’’

Afterwards, Tenn had thought. That force at that time was stronger than the 『Spirit King』's.


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