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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 251


Meanwhile, a person was sitting on the ground of a hill not far from 【Beast Kingdom - Pasion】. That person wore a black robe, and a magic formation was etched on the ground he sat on.

The magic formation enclosed the small knife stabbed in the ground with the said person in the middle. One would say some kind of ritual was actually in motion. However, the knife suddenly made a sound and then broke into pieces.

After looking at the remains of the small knife, the person stood up quietly and looked at distant city of 【Pasion】 reflected from the eyes inside the black hood. At that moment, someone approached that person.

’’Stop with that foolish behavior, Kirz-san’’

(TL Note: New name. (Kirutsu | キルツ). I read it as Kirzu or Kirz maybe. Feel free to suggest a better name for it.)

That person also wore black clothing. As for the voice, it had a tone of a woman mixed with amazement and anger.

’’Oh? Seems like I've been found out.’’

The person removed his hood and began to stretch his head from the sides. Appearance-wise, he had a face of a middle aged man who had grown a beard out of laziness. He also wore black sunglasses as he made a friendly smile to the woman.

’’That's not the point here! Why did you attack 【Pasion】 without His Majesty's permission!’’

’’Don't worry about it. What's done is done. Also, I'm kind of hungry. You brought some food?’’

’’Listen to what the other people are telling you about!’’

’’Dahahaha! That's impossible~ I hate long tedious sermons~’’

’’And you call yourself a good adult! Idiot!’’

The man called Kirz disregards his angry partner and turned his eyes to 【Pasion】, no, to one specific person.

’’...hey Ranko-chan’’

’’W-what now? And also I told you not to call me by that name! It's Rankonis. RAN-KO-NIS!’’

(TL Note: New name (Rankonisu - ランコニス) Read it as Rankonis or Lankonice maybe. Feel free to suggest better names for it.)

’’...what's the name of that guy again?’’

’’You're ignoring me again ...haa, anyway, that guy? Who are you referring to?’’

’’Can't you see him? The youngster standing at the summit of 《King's Tree》’’

’’Seriously, I can't see this youngster you know. Do you know how far we are from the city? I don't possess 《Hawk Eyes》 like you do.’’

Then Kirz looked as if he was unprepared for that response,

’’Eh? You don't see him? Hmm, ah! Then didn't he made his debut last time? The youngster who quarrelled with His Majesty.’’

’’...ah, I do remember. So what did he do this time?’’

’’Well, it's not really a big deal. But he somehow managed to send my magic away instantly.’’

’’That's a big deal! Is it really true that that boy manage to deflect Kirz-san's magic away!?’’

’’Seems so. I was only testing that magic, I didn't expect to be countered so easily.’’

The eyes hidden under the black sunglasses shined a little as the corners of Kirz's mouth raised into a smirk.

’’Haa... I give up. So? What do you plan to do if His Majesty finds out about this?’’

’’Eh? You won't tell him about this, right Ranko-chan?’’

’’I won't, of course. Well, I'm willing if you want to, should I tell His Majesty about this right now?’’

’’Dahaha! Please no.’’

’’Seriously. Let's go then. Your business is finished in here right?’’

’’ be honest, I'm not really that interested in the war His Majesty is causing, but I change my mind, there are a lot of interesting people in here.’’

’’Hm? Did you say something?’’

’’It's just your imagination.’’

Kirz began to wear his hood again. He gave 【Pasion】 a last look before he proceeded to follow Rankonis while tidying his robe.

(.....I was led to believe that there weren't anything interesting in here. But, although His Majesty didn't have any expectation to these beast men, I'm glad I came and observed them. Especially that guy who easily negated my magic.....this is going to be an interesting war)

Then, soon after, the beast men soldier rushed to this place, but they were a bit too late as they only found the remains of the magic formation and the shattered knife.

’’Explain what happened Hiroooooooo!’’

Arnold hastily marched towards the 《King's Tree》 where Hiiro was currently located. At his back was Muir and some familiar faces he knew of.

Naturally, he expected this to happen, but he doesn't have any willingness or obligation to do so.


And because Ornoth was also there, he said,

’’Let's continue our training.’’

He wanted as soon as possible to continue their lessons on 《Grand Red Aura》. Of course, there's also 《Zangeki》 to test as well, but the first one was on Hiiro's top priority list.

However, Ornoth also had an expression as if he wanted an explanation to the spectacle he witnessed a while ago.

But apart from the training he desired of, Hiiro was not in the mood to do anything else, much less, to explain what had just happened, making him stagger from his decisions.

’’H-Hiiro-sama, were you perhaps the one who did that awhile ago?’’

Mimiru asked him with a slightly confused expression, apparently she didn't know it was him who made that spectacle.

’’Yeah. I just wanted to try something out that time.’’

’’E-even so! Hiiro-sama, you just saved the country you know!’’

’’Exactly! Hiiro, thanks to you, we were able to put those things out quickly. At least, let the people express their gratitude to you.’’

’’Hoh, then give me a part of this continent...’’

’’Pardon me for the interruption, but this and that are two different matters to settle. Even if you didn't help Hiiro, I would have managed to do something about them.’’

Since Hiiro had witnessed Leowald's true strength, his words weren't some cheap words to show off. Yes, it could have taken longer, but even without Hiiro's help, those things would have been annihilated by Leowald himself.

As expected of the Beast King, in face of that passionate commitment to his country, Hiiro couldn't say anything about it.

’’Anyway, my answer is still...’’

’’That's right little missies, because I'm a 『Spirit』~’’

’’......a no...’’

’’The attack awhile ago was called 《Flash Fireworks》, you saw it right, how I exploded?’’


’’You see, that's my inherent ability...... oi Hiiro, why are you grabbing my head so roughly, it hurts you know ?’’

Even though he was trying to conceal their abilities, the blabbering mouth of this animal just went on showing off in face of Muir and Mimiru.


’’Isn't it fine? There's no harm telling them about it! And beside I kind of like having this spotlight once in awhile!’’

In face of the whining child-like foolish Tenn, Hiiro could only sigh helplessly and gave his permission to continue explaining it.

Certainly, majority of what happened before was Tenn's ability, not Hiiro's, so there's no problem to telling them about this. And besides, that guy despite his excessive child-mindedness, won't say things that would put them in a disadvantage for the both of them.

Surprisingly, Leowald was having a keen interest on Tenn's exaggerated explanation on it.

Well, that's natural. Because to them, Hiiro had surpassed the level they could reach in their wildest imagination.

Since Tenn had fused with 《Zangeki》, his sword have the power of the 『Spirit』 within.

In other words, 《Magic-Nullification》. Tenn had erased the water dolls' existences.

For someone like Tenn who is very sensitive to hostility, he could easily grasp the enemies at a certain distance.

And then, when 《Zangeki》 pierced Tenn, 《Flash Fireworks》, a firework-like explosion occurred. And the scattered Tenn rained down towards the enemy as light bullets.

Because there was no harm to those who weren't deemed hostile, even if they were hit by the light bullet, they wouldn't affected by it. If they are using magic though, of course, that too would be negated.

Simply put, 《Flash Fireworks》 has the effect of invalidating all magic within a certain range.

While Hiiro sighed once again as he saw Tenn's appearance, suddenly,


A voice he had been long used to carried through the hallway. Approaching him, was a white object, who was no other than the Cat Girl, Crouch.

’’I saw it meooooooooow! As expected, Hiiro is so amazing meooooooow!’’

Since Hiiro felt a bad feeling of getting hugged again, he instinctively wrote the character 『Shift | 交代』

(Forgive me, Bird Man)

Hiiro had made use of the same trick once gain.


In that moment, Hiiro exchanged places with Barid, the leader of the 《Gabranth Three》, and received the same body blow again from Crouch.

’’No way! It's Barid again meow! Whyyyyyy!’’


Everyone who witnessed Barid's helpless appearance had eyes full of pity towards him.


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