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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 250


Looking down from the terrace of the 《King's Tree》, there were strange figures about the size of a human being, wandering around the city.

The way they moved was similar to that of zombie in horror movies.

(What in the world is that?)

From his position, he couldn't clearly distinguish it because of the distance. However, as Arnold had said, these existences might be dangerous.

While observing the said existences, one of it caught one of the civilians. Moreover, the way it captured civilian was very uncanny. Because small-like tentacles grew from its body and coiled around the civilian's body.

And what's surprising is that the bound captives are pushed inside its body.

’’That's apparently a doll made of water.’’

Tenn who was at Hiiro's shoulder revealed the nature of that existence.

’’A doll?’’

’’And perhaps the practitioner is manipulating it somewhere nearby.’’

According to Tenn, this spell was a variant from water magic, and these eerie existences currently attacking are water dolls created by the said practitioner of it.

’’But with this numbers, I don't think they were commanded with a complex instruction.’’

’’But they are attacking the citizens you know? Isn't that proof they can distinguish their friends and foes alike?’’

’’Probably, I bet they were ordered to attack any person nearby.’’

’’... certainly water dolls aren't considered a 'person'. And they haven't touched the buildings since they arrived too.’’

That is to say that what Tenn said had a high chance it's likely true.

’’Hiiro....what should we do?’’

Camus inquired his orders from his sides. Arnold and Ornoth had promptly moved to rescue the civilians. And from his vantage point, most of the military personnel were also mobilized, doing the same thing, fighting these dolls.

Among them was Muir. She was wielding the chakrams on both of her hands like the one when she fought with Eunice, but apparently such physical attacks were ineffective against the water bodies of such opponent.

’’Even if I don't do anything, those guys are there to stop it. And besides, the Beast King is also there.’’

He saw the Beast King instructing the soldiers from his position.

’’Then...we just watch?’’

’’If you want to fight against them, you can do so. I won't stop you.’’

’’What...will Hiiro do then?’’

’’Wait and see. I have no obligation to help them for free. And like I said a while ago, even if I don't help, those guys will do something about it.’’

Although the enemies were a lot, appearance-wise, they weren't that skillful. Their movements were just trying to push the bound civilians into their bodies and let them die from suffocation which was easy to intercept due to their slow movements.

Looking at one of the scene where they forcibly pulled one of civilians out of its body, there doesn't seem to have any hidden trap laying ahead, so Hiiro judged that the beast men could handle this matter alone.

’’Che, Hiiro is such a kill-joy’’

’’Whatever. I just find it tiresome.’’

’’Eeh, and here I thought we could try the power of the newborn Zangeki-chan~’’

Since Tenn's integration with 《Zangeki》, Hiiro hadn't tested it in a trial run. But that's because he couldn't find the opportunity to test it, although he heard some enlightening information from Tenn, Hiiro hadn't tried using it......yet.

’’Mu...this situation is certainly convenient to test it and also..’’

’’They interrupted......Hiiro's lessons.’’

It was exactly as Camus had said, when the enemy attacked, they took valuable hours of Hiiro that could have been used to train with Ornoth which caused him further annoyance as he remembered regarding that matter.

’’.......yeah, a little angry because of it.’’

’’Oh! Then you'll do it?’’

Tenn got thrilled as his sparkled with excitement.

’’Yup. Let's end this quickly so that I can continue my practice on 《Grand Red Aura》’’


Jumping joyfully, Tenn immediately moved to the end of one branch and began to cry in a loud voice.

Leowald and the other beast men fighting, glanced to Tenn's direction as they heard his cry.

’’That idiot, why did he have to do that?’’

However, it seems it had also stopped the movements of the water dolls because of it. Hiiro then realized that cry was maybe for restricting their movements.

’’Hiiro! Come over here quickly!’’

Even if he was waving at him to come over there, it's kind of difficult you know? Because all eyes were focused on that place.

He thought he could do it quietly, but what's done is done, so Hiiro went to Tenn's location with heavy steps.

’’Wait for me Nitouryuu.’’

’’Un...I'll be waiting.’’

He faced Camus before proceeding towards Tenn.

Muir and Arnold reacted to the sudden voice that resounded their surroundings. When they shifted their sights towards the 《King's Tree》, they saw the 『Spirit』 contracted to Hiiro, Tenn.

That height was enough to overlook the entire city. And then they saw Hiiro coming towards Tenn while scratching his head.

’’O-ojisan, is that?’’

’’Yeah, really, what the heck is that guy planning to do?’’

Hiiro had always done extraordinary things, but from where he sees it, that guy doesn't seem to be that motivated at all. There wasn't any reason for him to make his move either, but right now, he was reluctantly doing one.

That said, despite this kind of attention centered on him, surely that guy will accomplish something astonishing again without fail, even if he was hesitant about it, so Arnold and Muir looked forward to what he would do again.

Then, Tenn jumped on the katana Hiiro unsheathed at his waist and thrust it towards the sky.

Suddenly, an intense light emanated from the katana.

’’Do it exactly as I told you Hiiro.’’

’’I know, just focus on doing your part right. I've practised this many times before I came here. Surely you know of that?’’


Suddenly, Tenn's body glowed brightly who was at the tip of his katana. But from those seeing below, they may think that the sword was emitting the light itself.

Tenn then faced the view of the entire city. When he finished watching the whole city, he nodded and snickered in the end.

’’Okee~ the enemy is~ the country!’’


Soon after, Tenn jumped up to the sky from his position. The light wrapping Tenn became brighter. Just like a small sun rising towards the sky.

Then, Hiiro made a posture with his katana as if he was throwing a javelin. His eyes were locked-on on Tenn who was at the sky. They were eyes aiming to shoot a target.


And as everyone saw Hiiro's figure, he threw 《Zangeki》 towards Tenn.

Then, before Tenn could dodge, it pierced his body. It looked like a perfect kill if it was the usual weapon. However, the next moment,


Suddenly, Tenn's body swelled up, even engulfing the pierced katana, then a big explosion occurred.

’’Attack them all.............《Flash Fireworks》’’

(TL Note: New Skill! 《Senkou Hanabi - 閃光花火》)

Countless light bullets rained down the entire city. It's as if a meteor shower manifested. Muir and the other citizens who saw that scene desperately tried to escape, but it rained down at a tremendous speed and crashed one after another without mercy...... the numerous water dolls present.

The water dolls penetrated by the light were instantly dispersed into smoke. Those who were caught inside the dolls were also penetrated by the light but was left unhurt which left them all astray.

And the numerous water dolls present in the city vanished so easily.

While everyone was still dumbfounded by the situation, Hiiro nodded in satisfaction in face of the spectacle before him. Then Tenn who they thought had died, fell from the sky while spinning like a small object.

He made a V-sign with a bright smile on his face when he splendidly landed besides Hiiro.

’’See that? I'm the strongest!’’

’’Are you kidding me? It was my power that annihilated them all.’’

’’Oh... both of you were great.’’

Seeing Camus clapping with his hands, Hiiro just shrugged his shoulders.

’’Well in the end, it was a brilliant debut.’’

’’Ukii! This much is too easy for 《Zangeki-chan》 and myself!’’

Tenn looked delighted again, but almost everyone at the bottom were staring at them with eyes asking for an explanation, so Hiiro was troubled what to do.


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