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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 25


Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 25: Tasty Honey Sweets

Hiiro went back to the village, and ordered for the making of 《Honey Candy》 with the 《Honey Syrup》. That was just how tasty he found the honey.

Arnold and Muir both went somewhere, so Hiiro was alone and planned to have a nice day relaxing. He went to the flower garden near the village and took out a book.

By the way, this was something borrowed from Max's house. Of course, with permission.

《The Adventures of Tyn Cal Weikl》.

Such was written on the cover. Somehow, he could read the language of this world, as it got translated when it entered his head. According to the guild, the language of this world was called 《Ranalyth》, and was quite different from Japanese.

But Hiiro could read the words as if they were written in Japanese. This was most likely an ability he got upon transferring worlds. His mind was able to instantly translate the words he read. However because of this, in order to write the language, he would need formal training.

To tell the truth, the four heroes have had practice writing this world's language. But Hiiro had already learned it. He could already write on the level of an average person of this world.

He had always had a good memory, especially in relation to things he was interested in. And Books were one of his passions. Though not perfect, Hiiro was able to remember most of everything he wanted to, so he was able to quickly memorize the letters of this world.

’’This is....the story of a hero, right?’’ (Hiiro)

Anyway, looking at the cover of the book, there was a picture of a young youth with a sword.

(So books like this get written in this world as well. Let's see, the author is... Marquis Blue Note)

It was not a name he had heard of.

Hiiro turned the page and continued reading. He found that the story had an honestly common setting. The countries each claiming respective authority, and insisting that they are the top of the world. At first, it starts as a discussion, and then escalates to war.

The countries fight each other, and people feel the consequences and become impoverished. The world becomes painful. Meanwhile, a young boy unhappy with the situation of the world, and friends who have the same thoughts go to stop the war.

(That's a nice sense of justice, however the world is tough enough to survive through a little war)

As for the person who is called the hero, he is praised, but then killed later.

(... What? They kill off the main character?)

Furthermore, he was killed by the king of the country which called for the hero. In the end, the hero was executed with the crime of killing the daughter of the king. Of course, the hero was completely innocent. However, as the countries were rescued from war, the king envied the fame of the hero who became the symbol of peace and murdered him.

Then, confusion broke out as to who killed the hero, and from that, a new war started, going back the state the world was in before.

(The hero worked so hard, and died a miserable death. He wasn't even rewarded)

But the adventure hadn't ended yet.

(What do you mean by not ended!)

There still things he needed to do. So, he was still left with this mission when he died. Thus, he revived and came back to the world.

The hero searched, for a method to return the world to a peaceful state. On his journey, he came across a certain magic. Its power was absolute and could control the world as one desired.

However, his body was lost in the process, and he became just an existence, and could not use the magic. Thus, he decided to wait. Someday, a person will find the hero, and at that time, the hero will revive again, and bring back the peace. First, though, the whole country will be crushed.

(Oy, this Hero gives up quickly.)

I will eliminate all the countries with the bad ideas. Then, the world will be peaceful. A world I would be able to adventure freely in.

So, the hero continues to wait. Waiting, waiting.

Believing that the hope of light will come someday, he continues to wait.

The Man's name was Tyn Cal Weikl. A man heralded as a Hero.

(This man is definitely broken. But the ones who did it were the country and the world)

Hiiro slammed the book shut.

’’And such is the end of a Hero. I definitely don't want to become one.’’

The book didn't grant the Hero a happy ending. Though real life can take any sort of turn, a story is just a story. Fiction is just a fabrication.

Even the hero who made peace has many enemies. If you have war, there are people who benefit. Here, there are even some people who wish to fight. And in the midst of it, a young hero attempted to push his selfish ideals of justice onto everyone else.

’’Freedom is the best. Don't force yourself to work. Just going with the flow is best.’’

While murmuring this, Hiiro closed his eyes.






’’There is the 《Fried Syrup》, 《Honey Tart》, and the 《Threesome》, and also the 《Honey Sap》!’’

Max had arranged the 《Honey Candy》 on the desk and was pointing to different ones to teach Hiiro how to make them. There were even ones that he have never seen before. Muir is ecstatically looking at all of them.

As expected of a little girl. Arnold gulps as he stares at the honey candies, which are shining like jewels.

’’Amu’’ (TL: Sound of putting food in mouth)

’’Why are you already eating!?’’

Hiiro starts to eat, and soon after, Arnold joins in. He realizes that his retorts will bear no fruit, so he starts eating as not to lose to Hiiro.

The 《Fried Syrup》 was something like honey fried in oil. It had a fierce, new texture, creating a new effect.

The 《Honey Tart》 was just a tart covered in honey. It seemed to be Miur's favorite.

The 《Threesome》 was something similar to a pizza, with 3 different types of honey, the 《Blue Honey》, the 《Red Honey》, and the 《White Honey》, and then topped in different fruits. This appeared to be Arnold's favorite.

The 《Honey Sap》 was a nice finisher. It was made up of a white ball of rice cake, with the honey inside. When it was bitten into, it revealed its true taste. It combined the light taste of cake with the thick flavors of the honey mixed with jam within. This was Hiiro's favorite.

When the three companions were full, Max asked them what they were going to do from now on.

’’Well, our purpose here is done. We also got the honey.’’

Hiiro opens up the bag, showing the bottle of honey inside.

’’So, you're leaving soon?’’ (Max)

’’Yeah.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Oh, where are you going?’’ (Max)

’’The City of Pasion’’ (Hiiro)

’’【Beast Capital Pasion】, hmm.... that's very far.’’ (Max)

Right, the capital was quite far off. It would take around a week by foot.

’’Well, there's no rush to get there.’’ (Arnold)

’’Oh, really? Then today we'll party 'til we drop!’’ (Max)


Arnold and Max bumped shoulders in high spirits, while Muir stared at them, not sure what to do.

(City of Pasion, huh. I would like to see that.)

Hiiro looked at the sky through the window.






【Beast Capital Pasion】. This is where the king of the『Gabrenth』lives. It was made around a big tree and is surrounded by a vast forest forest. Or rather, you could say that it is the forest.

All the houses and buildings are made of trees. It's truly a Kingdom in harmony with nature.

Meanwhile, a young man was standing on a big branch looking up the tree. Then, there was a voice from below.

’’Hey, don't climb so far ahead!’’

’’Come down quickly!’’

Two men clad in armor shout towards the young man.

’’Shoot, they found me, dood.’’

Reluctantly, the young man jumps off of the branch he was on, surprising the men.

’’He jumped off!’’

’’I-is he alright?’’

They are worrying for nothing. The young man lands stunningly on a branch... or not.


The branch broke and the young man crashes into the thicket. The two men hurry towards him.

’’Oy, are you okay!?’’

While rubbing his head, the young man smiled.

’’M-my apologies, dood. But I'm fine.’’

’’G-good. That's good. Now don't be climbing up that high again, you hear?’’

One of the men offers his hand. The young man gladly takes it and gets up.

’’Sorry, I just wanted to see the tree that is held so dearly by this country, dood.’’

He looks at the large tree from underneath.

’’Right. The first King Jingwald saw this tree, and made it the center of his country. It's sometimes called the《Tree of Beginnings》.’’

’’Yeah, this is the first time I've visited the《Tree of Beginnings, Aragorn》, dood.’’

’’Now that I think about it, you're an unfamiliar face. Where are you from?’’

’’Really, really~ far east from here, dood.’’

’’East... so【Kalent】?’’

’’Even farther, dood.’’

’’What was there beyond that? Ah, are you from a newly established village or something?’’

’’Well, something like that.’’

The youngster shows off his two white canines as he laughs aloud.

’’But kid, how did you climb all the way up there?’’

The man stares up at the towering tree as he speaks.

’’How? I jumped, dood.’’

’’Jump... Well I can see from your ears that you're of the『Were Rabbit』 tribe. I guess I can be satisfied with that explanation.’’

On top of the youngster's hair, which was as green as the leaves of the trees, was a set of long ears that twitched back and forth.

’’Oy, it's time to change shifts.’’

’’Ah, is it already that time? Kid, don't do anything too dangerous.’’

’’That's for the warning, dood.’’

And after saying that, the two guards left. The youth stares at the giant tree once more.

’’It's quite nice. This city that seems to grow around it.’’

He puts on a brown robe, and starts walking away. As he leaves, he stares at the other tree. The dwelling of the king of the Beasts, the《King Tree》.

’’I guess it's time for me to get to work, dood.’’

And with the sound of the wind, the young man disappears.


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