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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 249


Everyone present who heard that, all felt a mild headache in their heads. They lost track of reality when Ornoth began to speak in a very strange manner.

However, Hiiro is helpless about this matter. Appearance wise, he seemed a bit of a slackless guy, so he couldn't believe that such words would find their way to the mouth of such a man.

Moreover, the person himself was serious about it which made Hiiro knit his eyebrows in confusion.

’’......can you please repeat it again?’’

For the time being, he wanted to confirm it again.

’’Mu? You didn't hear it right? Let me repeat. You have to let yourself go loosely like this, then go around and round! And finally you go oof.’’

Apparently, he didn't hear it by mistake.

(....if only I could read that scroll, but no matter how I tried, the content still looked like moon runes to me.)

Amongst the scrolls inside the 《Grand Fortuna Library》, he saw one regarding the 《Crimson Aura》. And of course, it was all thanks to Ornoth's help. However, neither of them couldn't understand the contents of it, much less, anyone else.

That's why Hiiro is enduring Ornoth's way of teaching him through his own take on it.

At first Hiiro thought this was just a joke, but something tells him it was worth listening to Ornoth's manner of describing it.

’’Mu? What's wrong? You have a face as if you heard something unbelievable?

’’.......haa, I won't beat around the bush, to be frank..........I didn't understand a single thing you had said’’

’’Hah? Why so? I thought I made the explanation easy to understand...’’

This person seriously lacks common sense.

’’No, I do get the concept behind it. I just don't know how to practice it even if you told me to do so.’’

’’I see. So that's the problem, huh?’’

’’Rather, aren't you the one in charge of training the Evila soldiers? Haven't you noticed the strange looks the soldiers give you?’’

’’ that you mention it, whenever I teach them, they had this mystified looked as if they were brooding about something’’

......seriously, this thick-headed guy

Hiiro gave his condolence towards the soldiers of Evila. Ornoth's manner of teaching, just like awhile ago, was a mystery. Since the soldiers had their own standpoints, they couldn't ask back many times against Ornoth. That's why the only thing they could do was to desperately interpret those words by themselves.

’’Anyway, can you speak more logically?’’

’’M-mu... logical, huh?’’

Apparently, Ornoth's mastery in teaching seems to be a close to rock bottom. Although teaching by instinct is also important at times, it's not suitable to teach it if one couldn't grasp the theory behind it as it would be hard to convey the message to the other party, much like right now.

’’Haa, then what does that 'go loosely like this' mean? How do you do it? Can you perhaps show it to me instead?’’

As he requested, Ornoth shut eyes, and suddenly the excessive mana inside him dissipated away from his body. Then, he began to mix his mana and life force together inside his abdomen, and distributed it towards his blood vessels.

Hiiro was using 『Visual | 視』 character to see how the process works inside Ornoth's body.

(I see, go loosely meant like that. And go around and round means the mixing of those two I guess. And finally the oof is...)

When Ornoth opened his eyes, red aura gushed out of his body as if his blood spouted out from within.

(So that's oof, huh? I know why it was really hard to explain it with mere words alone...)

That's what he arrived at after clarifying Ornoth's words. He could probably get the sense of it. But it was also true that practicing it is difficult with mere words alone.

’’I don't feel any heat coming from it though, is this perhaps 『Stillness | 静』?’’

’’Correct. It's the defensive stance of 《Crimson Aura・Stillness》’’

’’....I wonder how strong this can hold?’’

Hiiro recognized that the power surging from Ornoth was incomparable to what he normally senses in him. It was almost equal to his 《Peerless Mode | Tenka Musou Mode》

This is the evidence of a practitioner of this magic. That's why Hiiro is really interested how strong it is.

’’Fumu, if you want to know, then hit me with all you got.’’

’’O-o-ornoth-san! You shouldn't! It's dangerous!’’

Muir quickly warned him as Mimiru agreed with her by nodding her head many times. But Ornoth only responded with a grin and,

’’Say, Hiiro, they say it's dangerous to continue, what do you think? Want to stop?’’

It seems Ornoth actually went on provoking Hiiro. He has confidence in his

《Crimson Aura》

If that's the case, then it was perfect, Hiiro held his fist back to make sure it hits Ornoth.

’’I'm inside a room so it's hard for me to run away, that's why bring it on. Don't hold back against me.’’

Hiiro didn't want to use his magic. Honestly, if he used 《Word Magic》, he would be able to damage his opponent without difficulty. 『Penetrate | 貫通』 is one that could work, and 『Nullification | 無効化』 would be sure skill.

However, that betrays with his objective. Hiiro wanted to confirm the full strength of Ornoth's defense. Hiiro was perhaps among the ones with a very high level in this world, his physical stats is now probably reaching the likes of Leowald's caliber.

(If that's the cause, I'll give you my best punch..)

Magic began to concentrate on his fist. Then he bended his knees and kicked the floor instantly. He approached Ornoth's chest in just a few steps.

Ornoth only stood there with an immovable posture. Hiiro then released his clenched fist towards Ornoth's stomach with all his strength.

Everyone who witnessed it understood that extraordinary power was surging from Hiiro's fist. Perhaps it has the power capable of killing any Rank S monster in one blow.


A loud roar was made as the two collided. However,

’’ do you understand with this?’’

Ornoth calmly said those words.

('s too hard!?)

However, it's hardness wasn't just like an iron.

(It's as if I'm punching a massive tire)

Hiiro withdrew his fist and watched the 《Red Energy | Shaki》 covering Ornoth's body. The way his punch felt was that of striking a tremendously thick and tough rubber.

It was as if the shock from his fist was absorbed upon impact. However, Ornoth's stance seems to have become a bit disarrayed.

Ornoth only fell on his back a little and did not got blown away.

’’Hiiro, I know what you are thinking right now.’’


’’Because I had the same face when I did it with my mentor back then to teach me about 《Crimson Aura》. You're shocked that I wasn't blown away right? And you still couldn't believe that I was not damaged a little by it’’


He unconsciously clicked his tongue. His mood became sour when Ornoth guessed it right. Especially, his current situation.

’’You don't have to be pessimistic about this.’’


’’You understand from that impact right? Because it can also deal with magic.’’

When Hiiro knew Ornoth could use the 《Crimson Aura》, he requested to be taught about it. Because he wanted to confirm the magic tolerance through practice.

And as demonstrated, 《Red Energy | Shaki》 was really a convenient defensive option.

’’This state raises the tolerance against physical and magic attack to its utmost limit. However, even if it could cut the power of the physical and magical attacks by half, this state also has a backslash.’’

Indeed, while on this state, even if the opponent uses magic or attack with a sword, it would be almost impossible to penetrate because it could nullify the damage. However, when faced with a force that the surpasses the current defensive power, one could likely received a direct hit.

Still, for such a defensive ability, this more than a wonderful blessing to Hiiro. Moreover, they still haven't gotten to the 『Motion | 動』part, the real deal of the skill.

’’By the way, I won't be demonstrating 『Motion | 動』. There is a big possibility this room might burn down to ashes.’’

Although it was disappointing for the its demonstration, for Hiiro however, knowing about 『Stillness | 静』 was enough for him. Besides, he was sure, 『Motion | 動』 would be another dreadful skill to see.

He already saw a bit of it from Ornoth's duel before.

’’Now then, it's your turn to try it Hiiro.’’

At the mention of those words, Hiiro had considerably gotten excited to try it. His heart was still pounding from excitement. His face was probably making that of an agitated young boy. But he couldn't help it, because he can't help suppress this excitement inside of him.

(First is the 'go loosely' part..)

He pulled out the excessive power from his body. But then...


Because Mimiru had suddenly called for him, he faced her first.

’’What's the matter?’’

’’ see...if it's’’

Mimiru makes fleeting glances towards Hiiro while her cheeks were dyed red. And it seems Muir was also acting the same way, is there something wrong?

’’Hiiro...put some clothes on’’

’’He's right! Just looking at your naked body is already ruining my day!’’

Camus brought some clothes to him while Tenn who was at Camus shoulder was shaking his head murmuring 'good grief/yare-yare'

Hiiro then connected the reason why the two girls were blushing and decided to put some clothes on. Ornoth allowed it because he no longer needed to be massaged anymore.

’’Alright, time to try it!’’

While preparing a thorough stance and expressing enthusiasm with his words, he suddenly realized that the 《King's Tree | Ouki》 seems to be in an uproar.

And the cause of that, Arnold, suddenly barged inside and shouted something to everyone present in the room.

’’Oi! We are under attack!’’

It was a sudden ambush report.


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