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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 247


Yuhito, the renowned genius of 【Beast Kingdom - Pasion】 was headed towards his laboratory, when he suddenly felt someone's presence inside when he was about to enter the room.

When he slowly opened the door to peer through inside, he leaked an amazed voice.

’’My oh my, today we have quite an unusual guest’’

The person inside had long ears just like what Yuhito has. And besides their similarly worn-out white coats, the person was very much alike with Yuhito.

However, that was natural. Because Rarashik, the one in front of him was his blood-related younger sister.

’’Hmph, I didn't actually want to come in this place again.’’

Her current appearance was just like that of a grumbling child. She then threw the plier-like tool on her hand towards the table.

’’Aah! Please handle my tools carefully!’’

In a hurry, Yuhito went to fetch the thrown tool at the table to check if there was any damage, and made a relieved sigh after.

’’You still prioritize anything related to research as usual.’’

’’Nyohoho! You shouldn't say that Rara! This tool we have here is an innovative work of science!’’

Looking closely at the tool on his hand, there were several switches, and when Yuhito pressed one of it, the tool twitched mechanically, and like a puzzle cube, it transformed into a minus screw driver.


’’Nyohohoho! It can also change into something else if I push this!’’

At the click of another button, it transformed into a hammer this time.

’’See? See!? This is very handy! Let's play with it Rara!’’

’’As if I'll do that!’’


Rarashiki who was lent with the tool again, threw it out to the toolbox located at the corner of the room.

’’Uuu...why are you so cruel to my stuffs...’’

Yuhito began to lament the thrown tool while shedding tears from under his glasses, but in face of that, Rarashik only stared at him coldly.

In addition to being addicted to research, Yuhito cherished the things related just like a family to him. But it was because of this particular reason that began to irk her whenever he boasts to her the things he made which eventually became an annoyance to Rarashik.

’’Anyway, leaving that aside...’’

’’Leaving it aside!? How heartless of you to say such things Rara! These precious tools are like my children!’’

’’Fine, fine, I understand. As an apology, let me treat you to some ale I have.’’

’’I'm not interested in any alcohol!’’

In face of a furious Yuhito, Rarashiki could only sigh and scratch her head in irritation.

’’Fine. I'm sorry about it. By the way, how is the analysis of the knife sample progressing?’’

’’Uu, you're not sorry at all, meanie. Anyway, knife sample was it? You mean that thing?’’

Yuhito pointed at the object wrapped in red cloth at the shelves.

’’I see, so that's the one.’’

Rarashik grabbed the object and took the knife out of its wrapping to check the actual contents.

’’Hiiro examined this right?’’

’’Nyohoho! Yes, he did! And it was really an astonishing sight! Nyohohoho!’’

’’Well, that guy is more like a cheat really. Anyway, what did you guys find?’’

’’Houh~ are you perhaps curious about the results?’’

’’Well yeah, I'm a researcher at heart too. Even I'm curious to what this is, despite not finding anything strange about this knife Leo-sama requested.’’

She laid the top part of the knife on her shoulders as she carefully inspected the shiny orb on the handle.

’’The blade is made from 《Daftgil》 of a Monarch Kraken. It has a property of being able to bypass any layered types of magic. However, I couldn't find any theory regarding this that could connect to the death of 《Aragorn》’’

’’Nyohoho! I agree, that's also the conclusion I have arrived as well. But that's normal, because the blade itself wasn't really the cause of the event~’’


Yuhito grabbed the knife from Rarashik who had been caught off guard by his words.

’’This is not an ordinary crystal.’’

’’You mean the gem?’’

She looked at the beautiful gem fitted on the handle of the knife.

’’ it really wasn't just an ordinary gem, huh?’’

’’Nyohoho! That seems to be the case! Mr. Red Robe called this gem 《Gemini》. It seems there is another one of this somewhere.’’

’’...what do you mean?’’

’’According to Mr. Red Robe, this gem exists with another pair. The first one acts like a transmitter.’’


’’And the other one acts like a receiver...... surely you get it with this?’’

Yuhito raised his index finger as if to test Rarashik about it which the latter believed and brooded for awhile,

’’I see! A transmitter...and then a receiver.. Now it makes sense! In other words, this knife took all of 《Aragorn》's mana. Using the gem acting like a transmitter on the knife, it sent the deprived mana to the other gem.’’

’’Nyohoho! As expected of my younger sister! That's exactly correct!’’

With the properties of the 《Daftgil》, the knife was able to bypass any kind of defensive magic. Once it was stabbed on 《Aragorn》, the gem on the knife robbed the mana within. And through that gem, the deprived contents were passed on to the paired gem.

Because of this, 《Aragorn》 was depleted of all its mana. However, this shouldn't pose any problems. After a while, it's magic would eventually return back.

However, 《Gemini》 had another effect. It could transform life force into mana. By being stabbed with the knife, 《Aragorn》 that was deprived of its entire mana, had it's life force converted into mana, literally depleting all of 《Aragorn》

’’So that's how they did it... life force is converted into magic...certainly, such magic tools do exists... I didn't expect to be used it like this though...’’

’’Such tools do exist, but not commercially available. Maybe the Predecessor Demon Lord personally provided this kind of thing.’’

’’Probably so. I have never seen this gem in all of my life. But this one is most likely...’’

When Rarashik showed a troubled expression with regards to the gem,

’’Nyohoho! As expected of Rara. You really did notice about it. It's as you realized, this gem is now....useless.’’

Indeed. As Yuhito had said, 《Gemini》 had already become a mere gem. Perhaps it could only be used once and after that it would become an ordinary crystal gem.

’’That's why we couldn't find anything about it...if we examined it a bit earlier we could have gotten some results, but because we were too late, it became an ordinary gem when we examined it.’’

’’It feels like a hit to our researcher's pride, doesn't it? Nyohohoho!’’

Of course, what he meant was about Hiiro. For the two renowned geniuses of the beast race, they felt relieved that Hiiro was able to resolve the issue at hand, but at the same time, both of them had this feeling that they couldn't accept how the results turned out.

’’...damn, so this knife is just really an ordinary knife, huh?’’

’’Let's be optimistic, at least we got ourselves some 《Daftgil》to analyse!’’

’’Yeah you're right, though I'm grateful this issue was resolved... we still lost something big’’

Rarashik made a dark expression mixed with regret, but

’’ don't have to blame yourself about that.’’


Yuhito expressed a gentle smile towards her.

’’Although it's unfortunate that the tree died, but do know that we are still alive.’’


’’My next research is about returning the favor to 《Aragorn》. I'll make sure this new research succeed!’’

Apparently, the way Yuhito expressed his words was similar to how he treated 《Aragorn》 as a family, and since the said family was killed by 《Matar Deus》, he was going to strike back at them.

’’Nahaha, it was foolish of them to make you this angry.’’

’’Nyohoho! I want to dissect the Predecessor Demon Lord! Nyohoho!’’

After that, the two talked about about their future...... when Rarashik heard what was needed to be heard, she then started to return to her home.

Although Yuhito tried to invite her to some tea, she coldly rejected his invitation, making Yuhito dismayed.

And as for what had transpired in here, no one knew except those two.


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