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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 246


Chapter 246 - Fall of Victorias

I made it in time!

Last chapter for this week.

Just recap on some characters.

Vale - the commanding officer tasked to train the heroes.

Marice - Wife of Rudolph. Also the Queen of Victorias.

Lilith - the princess who summoned Hiiro and the other heroes into this world. Apparently in love with Taishi.

Kainabi - the water user subordinate of Avoros

Taishi - one of the summoned heroes. Disappointingly weak.

And with that finsihed. Enjoy Chapter 246.

It sounded like a large explosion. First Princess Lilith of 【Victorias】 who was awoken by it cautiously headed towards the door.

Lilith opened the door slightly and tried to peer through from the outside, and then she saw someone running.

It was one of her caretakers, and apparently something urgent was happening based on her frenzy appearance.

When Lilith asked about the reason for her hurry, she replied that some suspicious intruders had entered the imperial castle and Judom was fighting to fend them off away. And the caretaker was instructed to escape with Lilith to a safe place.

And when she inquired about her mother's situation, the housemaid informed her that commander Vale had headed towards Queen Marice's location to protect her.

However, their relief was only for a brief moment. When they turned around and saw the approaching darkness, Lilith and the housemaid became frightened.

As that darkness was hit by the faint glow of the moon from an open window, they saw people wearing black clothes. It appears that there were two of them as the one in the front was holding another person.


Yes, that other person being carried was no other than her mother, Marice. Her limp body was leaning at the person's left shoulder. And then she noticed the blood stained sword held in that person's right hand.

(Don't tell me mother was...)

’’Please be relieved. Your Queen is still alive.’’

The person at the rear answered Lilith's doubt with his voice, no, an unmistakable deep voice. It contained the gentle kindness similar to the same voice who Lilith was longing for. But at the same time, it brought confusion to her as to why would he be here.

’’It seems I found the princess.’’

The person who was carrying Marice dropped her down the floor rather rudely. And in that moment, a wind passed through her cheeks.


Someone warm adhered close to her front. And before she knew it, the housemaid was slashed by a sword.


’’Shut up. Just die already. ’’

Ensuring the maid was dead, the assailant pierced the sword out of her body.


Lilith fell on her waist, helpless towards the scene in front of her.

’’Oy! Don't kill anyone all of a sudden!’’

The voice that Lilith knows well turned to the other party who killed the housemaid.

’’Hah? It seems you imbecile haven't learned your own place, huh?’’

’’But ...’’

’’Shut the f*k up, I just killed only the unnecessary ones. Now then..’’


As Liliyn saw the blood-stained sword, she felt nauseous and covered her mouth with both of her hands.

’’Tsk, so troublesome. Oi imbecile, quickly bring this girl along with us.’’

The person who had a sword quickly carried Marice again, and left somewhere off.

Lilith couldn't calmly look at situation in front of her, after being subjected to a nightmarish experience, she couldn't give an ounce of care for her mother, Marice.

The remaining black robed person approached Lilith then,


Being called by her name, she unconsciously began to start crying in tears. When that person quietly took of his hood, the person that appeared was exactly the person she was longing for and tried to call his name in a hurry.


’’I'm sorry Lilith... I'm really sorry.’’

Lilith couldn't hide her confusion when she saw Taish's expression filled with sorrow and regret.

’’ ...really...going...on?

At the crying Lilith's question, Taishi only responded with a bitter expression.

’’A-and...those clothes...why are you...wearing them...’’

Even she was not stupid enough not to notice Taishi's bitter expression and the clothes he was wearing. It was the same clothes the other person wore, who also killed her housemaid. Though she still couldn't connect how those two points were related...

’’This...this is wrong...even I don't want this...but...but’’

Lilith who saw Taishi's mortified expression, was now convinced that he was allied with those people that raided the castle despite whatever reason he may have.


’’Lilith...Please come with me.’’


’’ Lord wishes to see you.’’

’’Lo...ord? W-what are you talking about?’’

The Lord Taishi was talking about should be King Rudolph, Lilith's father. So she thought that her father had come back, but based from Taishi's attitude it doesn't seem to be the case.

’’I'm sorry... but I have no choice...’’

Taishi took out a bottle from his bosom, and opened the lid of it. A sweet smell drifted towards Lilith, tickling her senses by that fragrance.


Lilith couldn't resist the sudden drowsiness that took over her as her consciousness quickly fell into the darkness. Taishi looked at her current appearance as if he was tormented by despair.

’’I can't disobey him....I can't go against him....because such failure..........he won't let it pass!’’

Taishi slowly lifted and carried Lilith as he began to walk away. He looked at his reflection on one of the mirrors and saw a wry smile plastered on his face.

’’...what is with that face...haha’’

While self-ridiculing himself, he moved away with heavy steps.

Avoros who was watching the starry sky from one of terraces, opened his mouth when he felt the approaching sign of someone.



’’Did the operation succeed?’’

’’Yes. Without any hiccups. Information came that Lilith and the Queen was captured.’’

’’Splendid. It was surprising that the 《Impact King》 did not fight back and went running away.’’

After Avoros declared war with Judom, he ran away from that place at full speed. Back when he encountered him in the past, the same person bit his provocation and fought back furiously.

’’That little lad seems to have grown up.’’

He made a reminiscing smile as he recalled the young Judom back then.

’’What do you want me to do with him, my lord?’’

’’Let me see. That guy is a Rank SSS adventurer. Former position though. However, I could guarantee that his strength is true. Fighting him one-on-one is definitely dangerous.’’

’’Is that how you see this man?’’

’’Hm? Ah, that's right, I forgot you don't know the power he possess. He is a man who knows all kinds of way to make a shockwave. Whether it's magical warfare, or melee fighting, it is dangerous to challenge him alone.’’

’’For you to say this much of him...’’

’’What are you being shocked about. Did you not even understand a little of what I said? Weren't you the one who had scattered the attack of the 《Impact King》 ? And you didn't even talked to him. Although, because of that, he noticed it was your doing and dealt with your following attacks.’’

Kainabi bit his teeth in frustration while Avoros was making a bitter smile.

’’For the time being, I sent the dead to chase after him, but apparently he was able to overcome them what should I do’’

When he tilted his head on one side and brooded over the matter, his eyebrows twitched as if an idea hit Avoros. He looked at the cityscape spreaded under his eyes.

’’........I see, so he plans to become an enemy of this nation then.’’

The expression he showed was somewhat distinctive which contained a thread of loneliness unlike a while ago.

’’My Lord?’’

’’'s nothing. An interesting thought just occured to me.’’


Avoros looked up at the starry sky again. And as if he was talking to someone, he muttered,

’’I got a country now...kuku’’

The news about 【Victorias】 having fallen in the hands of Avoros reached 【Beast Kingdom - Pasion】

And naturally, it has entered Hiiro's ears as well. Initially, what he only knew about the that country were that fact that their king, Rudolph had gone mad, and that a substitute king, Judom replaced the former king.

Especially the news about Rudolph going mad, Hiiro was really astonished about it. Although it was also said that was transformed into a monster as a subordinate of Avoros.

(What a sarcastic way of living, that king's life that is)

It seems he loathed the 『Evila』 so much that he would do anything to destroy them. But as result of his blind fury, he was betrayed by the same 『Evila』 he despised of, and became a pathetic monster that couldn't speak properly.

Hiiro was not able to know what his long-cherished desire was. He did not know whether it was really all about making the world peaceful or wanted to make use of her daughter's death as a reason to incite a war.

Instead, he had his life twisted by someone through the circumstances around and pushed him far to the point his humanity died with him.

(For a human king to lose his humanity by becoming a mere about an epic fail in life)

Although he thought that Rudolph would someday eventually die due to his deeds, Hiiro did not thought he would die by becoming a monster.

(And all of this was manipulated by that Template Maou brat)

Hiiro anticipated that that person would surely make his move somewhere, he didn't expect though that he would take over the 【Humas Nation】

Hiiro heard that report as he faced Leowald at the 《Throne Room》. Moreover, he also learned that 《Matar Deus》 was the one maneuvering behind the scenes.

’’Hiiro, what do you think about their movement?’’

’’He said about world conquest, right?’’

’’....well, though I also know that...’’

As if he was amazed by his words, Leowald sighed and did not bother to push on with his question. Because Avoros himself declared his intentions in their presence after all.

’’Anyway, we better start gathering information about this event. Even if their ultimate goal is to conquer the world, the process involved will surely come to our way soon. ’’

’’It is as Hiiro says, both beastmen and demons should cooperate to gather more information and prepare counter measures against them’’


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