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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 245


’’The country for yourself? Have you gone senile?’’

Judom glared at Avoros who said those insane intentions which the latter only responded with a laugh.

’’To tell you the truth, we actually plan to take advantage of this situation through the coup d'etat of that trash awhile ago...’’

At the mention of the trash he speaks of, Judom glanced at the thrown severed head of Lord Jance, the first one on the list of the anti-Judom faction.

’’But if the coup d'etat really did happen, I will lose a lot of pieces to use.’’


’’Ahaha, I'm talking about the remaining soldiers of this country, silly. I would be troubled if they died for a pointless reason.’’

At the mention of those words, Judom finally recalled another name of this person.

《Necromancer》... The power to call the dead and freely employ at his control. And another thought suddenly came to him.

(....In order to use the dead, isn't it necessary that the bodies should be dead ?)

As Judom imagined it, wouldn't it be more convenient if he could garner more dead bodies through the coup d'etat.

However, the way he said it sounded like he would be troubled if they died. What is the meaning of this...

(So he can't really raise the dead? Was it all just a rumour? Or was there a condition first before they die?)

Many doubts came into his mind, but he discarded it for now as it was not the time to be thinking of such things.

’’What do you plan to do by taking ownership of this country?’’

’’How embarrassing 《Impact King》, isn't it normal for us kings to have a country we should govern?’’

’’......why this country?’’

’’Kukuku, you really don't know the reason?’’

Avoros attempted to test Judom out, of course he was aware of this. But he didn't answer back and awaited for his answer in silence.

’’It can't be helped. I'll indulge you for a bit. Normally, the best candidate would be the 【Demon Country】, even I had initially planned to take it.’’

That's natural because he was the Predecessor Demon Lord.

’’But it's a little bit difficult.’’


’’Plainly speaking, raiding that place is a bit difficult to do so. A lot of powerful forces are gathered there, so I helplessly gave up on it.’’

Certainly what he said was true. It is the homeland of the 『Evila』 race and with the current alliance they were establishing, it was virtually impossible to conquer 【Xaous】 easily.

’’What about the 【Beast Kingdom】?’’

At that question, Avoros just shrugged his shoulders and laughed scornfully.

’’Ahaha, please stop joking with me. In face of that beastly stench, even I would give up on it.’’

Apparently, the whole point is that he didn't just like that place. And with that also out, it was reasonable that Avoros would select 【Victoruas】 as the last option.

’’With the absence of their king, the soldiers here are restless, and most of the war potentials including the commanding officers died in the war, it would certainly be easier to take this country with such instability.’’

’’Isn't it? I'm planning this to make it my foothold to declare my war towards this world.’’

’’...Two races had allied together, and this country has barely enough strength to fight. The situation is steadily heading towards peace without conflict. But despite all of this, you bastards dare raise another hell again!’’

To be honest, Judom plans to start an alliance with the other two nation once he have rebuilt this country from scratch. True that there are still many uncertainties between the two other races.

However, it would, at the very least, be beneficial to establish an agreement similar to anti-war treaty. So that they could little by little set foot with the alliance between 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』

Although it may take time, Judom aimed a future where they would be able have a real alliance with two races and support one another.

And all of a sudden, this rebellion comes. It's as if he had predicted all of their movements. It was unimaginable for Judom for this person to strike at the country that was still in the middle of recuperating from their losses.

’’Hell, huh? Kukukuku!’’

Avoros lightly warded off Judom's glare and then,

’’You surely don't believe that this age of war is about to end, do you?’’

’’...what about it?’’

’’It's not yet ending. Or rather, I won't let it end yet.’’

’’You bastard, what are you trying to say?’’

’’My wish will only come true in times of war. If a war had ended, then I only need to start another further the chaos.’’


Coming from Judom, a pressure similar to a shockwave headed towards Avoros. But Avoros only narrowed his eyes and held a hand over the shock wave.


The shock wave dispersed as it is. And Avoros continued on with his words.

’’Now let the world domination begins.’’

It was a very dark place...

He was not certain where he was. Even though his consciousness was strangely clearer, only darkness was present around as if he was enveloped by the blackness of it,

Why was he in such a place...when he tried to move to look for light, he couldn't. It seems his freedom was restricted.

However, because of his impatient budging, he discovered a small grain of light.

It looked like a star floating in the dark sky, yet it also gives off an impression of a firefly flying like a faint light in this darkness.

When he focused all of his senses towards it for a long time, the light gradually began to grow.

And it became the dazzling flash that attacked his whole body.


His body felt languid. Above all, his eyes felt heavy. Still, he tried to open his eyes slowly and saw a familiar ceiling, Although his right hand was trembling, he extended it out towards the nostalgic view.

He grasped his hands several times recognising that he could move it.


His constant doubt why he was lying such a place was gradually returning back to him.

He looked at the shabbiness of his thin right hand to estimate how long he had been sleeping in here.

Even if he tried to move his body, it won't do as he wished. It's as if the muscles in his whole body had stiffened..

The only thing he could move was his right hand. However, it also drops on his chest as it reached its limit. Apparently, he didn't die...

While thinking such things, an unpleasant atmosphere covered his surroundings as he moved only his eyes in response. He did not know what it was, but something was amiss.

At that time, the sound of door being opened was heard. Although someone came in, he couldn't ascertain who or what it was with his paralysed-like body of his.

While trying to maintain his consciousness, he stared ahead awaiting for the approaching visitor. And then he noticed the identity of the visitor which made him a little relieved. It was the person his father once introduced to him, Judom Lancaster.

His memory was hazy after that. When he tried to talk to Judom, he was terribly surprised but soon smiled in response. Somehow, that appearance looked similarly like his father.

Even if he was laughing on the outside, there was sadness and loneliness inside it, a complex smile mixed with regrets.

Thinking back, it might have been a smile so that he won't feel uneasy, but after knowing what happened to him, and why Judom jumped into this place.. For the first time, he understood the pain Judom had been going through.

Judom then took his frail body with him outside while protecting himself. When he thought of the half collapsed people as his allies, they fell into in a dangerous situation, and out from somewhere, a beautiful woman appeared and lent her assistance to them. But his consciousness faded at that time

When he woke up again, he was told of what happened after that and the most despairing news of his life.


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