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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 244


Around the time Hiiro finished the dinner party, a little after that, one man was meditating cross-legged in a sitting posture at the terrace of 【Victorias】 Royal castle.

And that man was Judom Lancaster. The substitute King of 【Victorias】

He gathered trustworthy people among the citizens and settled the people confused by the rumours spreading around..

Back then the country was in full chaos, even the aristocrats and soldiers were in an outrage and the country was almost at the brink of its collapse, but steadily, the current situation is being mended little by little.

These were the result of Judom and his trusted followers deeds. However, he couldn't remove all the anxieties of the people.

Bad things overlapped with one another, such as their trusted King going mad, the disappearance of the summoned heroes, their proclaimed saviors. The anxiety piled up and remained upon the shadow of the people's mind.

Whether another race would attack them, Judom didn't know. In fact, there was an ongoing rumour that the 『Gabranth』 and 『Evila』 had united as allies.

Some of the royalties under Judom believed that such rumour was definitely true. But it is because of this rumour that further stirred up the anxiety of the people.

Judom did not believe that Eveam would strike 【Victorias】 for revenge. And as for the Beast King, he is basically a man who fights fair and square, so he won't necessarily make a move unless you first hit him.

Of course, he couldn't let his guard down. He couldn't sincerely call this a safe haven yet. But just for a little while, his intuition was telling him that those two race won't attack their country for a long while.

But in terms of politics, it only gives birth to unnecessary revolt for the aristocrats. Some even suggested outrageous things such as raiding them while they had the chance.

Attack before they were attacked. This principle was no different from Rudolph who had fallen and gone mad. What they should do now was strike the turmoil of this country, and establish a country that would not shake from such anxieties.

When he said this to the nobles, only a few were convinced. Well, they might be actually scared. Scared for the fact, that the 『Gabranth』 and 『Evila』 would fight back for the inhuman things they had done to their kind.

That's why they are afraid of retaliation. That's why they suggested to kill them first before they get killed.

(What a miserable sight really...)

Judom closed his eyes, ashamed that he himself did not know how rotten this country was. And to think he was following orders from, he was more frightened by the stupidity of his close friend King Rudolph.

In the past, he was a gentle boy who couldn't even kill an insect. And he didn't change at all once he became the king, that's why the people believed and supported him as the king.

Then when did the change occur?

Judom drew up Rudolph's past in his head like a memory map. And then he found something...... it was the time when came back after participating in a war.

He could still remember Rudolph returning with an appearance bathed in fresh blood. His expression that time were of despair and frustration. A first for Judom to witness.

(As I thought, he's probably still thinking about you...)

Judom and Rudolph had another best friend. That friend was the wisest among the three and they knew each other from an early age. She was a very stubborn woman.

Her name was Alice. She was an energetic and sociable woman who had a strong sense of justice, and a smile that had the same glee as that of a sunflower. As they grew up, she joined the army due to her profound sense of justice.

When Rudolph became the king, she climbed up to the top of the army ranks as one of first female commander in history. And it wasn't due to her connection that she was granted such responsibility, it was purely due to her ability alone.

She who had enough power to blow away an average adventurer with a single blow passionately protected the country, Rudolph and the citizens.

However, Alice never came back after Rudolph returned with a blood-stained appearance. She had died from the war. According to Rudolph, Alice saved a child being kept as a hostage by the enemy, alone. Although she managed to do it, however in exchange, she was held captive by the enemy, and at that time, Rudolph witnessed it........ An appearance impossible to be defined by mere words.

(If I based it from that time... he started to develop a fierce hatred towards the enemy)

Judom understood the cause of that change back then. Because Rudolph loved Alice. Although their social standpoints were way different, Rudolph thought of her from the bottom of his heart.

Even though his fiance was already prearranged, he would utmost fulfil his duty as the king if she was living happily with her life.

However, Rudolph changed after he witnessed Alice being deprived of her, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that his mind broke from that experience.

Although it wasn't visible on the surface, but Judom was sure that his heart had remained frozen since that time. Even if was married to a beautiful wife, had kids, and his country prospered, Rudolph might have never felt true happiness.

(But still, Rudolph, you are the king of this country)

It was obvious that Alice was the cause of Rudolph's change. Makes Judom want to scold and beat the crap out of that foolish man.

It was also the same back then when Rudolph makes a mistake and cries over it like a little girl. Alice would always scold him harshly and then comforts him with a gentle smile while saying 'let's think this through together!'

However, that woman was not present anymore in this world. Then, who would take that role? The answer was obvious.

(I will beat the sense out of that guy and drag along with me! It's my right as his best friend!)

He was sure Alice would say the same thing to Rudolph.

While Judom was resting at the terrace under the full moon of the night sky, his instincts triggered as if an electricity ran through his back.

His eyes sharpened, and only moved his mouth while still staring at the night sky.

’’........who are you?’’

Silence had enveloped the place. It was midnight everyone should have been sleeping, and yet, he could feel some presence behind him.

Soon after, laughter echoed, the voice was shaky as that of a child. Judom quietly stood up and turned around.

Judom was wide eyed as the anonymous's appearance of his guest was revealed. Why is there a child at this time of the night?

While Judom was in doubt, the boy who had a beautiful blond hair calmly set up his sights on Judom, eyes that were peering through him.

’’Even though I erased my presence before coming here, as expected of the 《Impact King》’’

The amused expression with a funny smile was that of an innocent child. However, he could feel something irregular about it.

It's as if the contents of the inside is way different than what was on the surface.

’’...I'll ask again, who are you?’’

This cannot be just an ordinary child. No one would come this late at night, moreover a young boy, to meet the substitute king. His senses were telling him to be wary of the child. The mysterious aura on him was dangerous!

’’Now that you mention it. You haven't met me in this form yet, right?’’

At the moment, the boy's thirst of blood gushed forth from his body, and at the same time, his eyes narrowed as if a snake found its prey.

’’This pressure...don't tell me, you?’’

It was an unbelievable notion, that pressure, that ferociousness, he will never forget that person. The person that planted fear on them in the past.

’’....the Demon Lord?’’

’’Ahaha, that's right. You now get it?’’

Judom clenched his fist, and expanded his sense on the surrounding. It's impossible for this Demon Lord, no, Predecessor Demon Lord to come here alone.

(Then assassination...? Was there such person in our ranks?)

He considered the thought of them to overtake the country by killing him. Then, he noticed someone behind the Predecessor Demon Lord.

Moreover, their signs increased fast. Feeling the sense incongruity, the boy gazed behind.

’’Ah, let me introduce them. These here are my subordinates.’’

All of them wore black clothing. Each of them carried an incomparable atmosphere, before he knew it he was drenched in sweat, overwhelmed by the numerous presence before him.

’’ the rumours about you true?’’


’’The information about the 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』's duel have reached in here. And at 『Evila』's victory, they formed an alliance. And in the midst of that, you people have announced your proclamation of war to them.’’

’’The rumours sure travels fast. Well. you wouldn't be hailed as the King if you can't at least do this much. Well done!’’

Judom was being held in derision as the child clapped happily.

’’...what is your purpose in here?’’

’’...let's just say, today is going to be a fine day today.’’

A person near Avoros suddenly threw something towards Judom. As it rolled closer, he was stunned by the identity of it.

It was the severed head of Lord Jance, one of the royal aristocrats of this country.

’’You bastard!?’’

’’Ahaha! Yes, be angry. I only removed the stains of this nation. It's quite depressing right? But, I guess you were not aware of it, huh? These trashes were planning a coup d'etat to you.’’


’’Well, let's leave it at that, although it's kind of fun to add more confusion to the fray but, I did that ahead of time so that I can take advantage of this situation.’’

’’...what are you talking about?’’

Take advantage of this confusion? Those words rang a pang in his heart.

Then, the corners of Avoros' mouth warped just like a crescent moon.

’’Judom Lancaster.... As the King of 《Matar Deus》, I hereby by announce this to you.’’


’’I will take this country for myself.’’

Read this after finishing the chapter.

In this chapter, there was a new character introduced.

Now I want to clear up any misunderstanding regarding this.

Back in chapter 213. There was a character revealed to be Marquis Bluenote who was also called by the name Alicia (Arisha | アリシャ)

In here, a new character was introduced as Alice (Arisu | アリス)

I'm going to be blunt here. It's just a coincidence. Those two are not the same character. If I have a say on this, Alicia has a bigger role in this novel.

And as a side note, Alicia's daughter is not Liliyn, Camus nor Muir. (*smirk*)

With that said, thank you for your time reading this.


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