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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 243


’’....your song?’’

’’Yes, my song!’’

Hiiro then remembered something at that moment. Now that she mentioned it, he heard that Mimiru was very talented in singing.

She who was the leading songstress of this country fell into despair as she became unable to sing, much less speak due to a foreign illness. However, she made a comeback when Hiiro treated her.

’’So you are going to sing right here?’’

’’D-does it displeases you?’’

She responded with a rather uneasy expression as her eyes became a little teary.

’’No, you said that you want me to hear you sing. Just asking if this place was the appropriate one to do it. Not that I mind listening to your song in here.’’

’’Ehehe, Hiiro-san! Mimiru-chan's song is really good!’’

’’Gahaha! It's as Muir says! My daughter's talent as a singer will surely fit your taste!’’

Although this foolish parent said so, it appears that it wasn't entirely false as most of beastmen soldiers sternly watched Mimiru take the center stage.

Mimiru stands up from the stage and looked at everyone of her audiences.

’’This song is dedicated to Hiiro-sama who had allowed me to sing once again to my fellow beastmen.’’

’’ me?’’

After such speech, Mimiru had her cheeks flushed while carrying a lovely smile on her face. She was a bit nervous with a pair of trembling hands on her chest silently praying for success.

’’Well then, please listen to this song entitled 《May this feeling reach you》’’

At that moment, the atmosphere of Mimiru that everyone was quietly watching changed. Her tension was lost from her expression was replaced with a more mature one as she slowly closed her eyes.

Her lips then quietly began to sing.

The day was wrapped in a very pleasant weather

Just like the dazzling You who had unwavering eyes, only looking straight ahead

You who healed my heart and helped me regain the important things I cherish

I desperately tried to run after You who was far ahead.

Knowing that someday I would be walking side by side with You

So I always pray and think of You

Wishing You safety and happiness in your travels

And hope this feeling may reach You

A clear and beautiful voice singing a gentle melody resonated in the place. Hiiro couldn't help close his eyes and listened to the sound overflowing around. If only he could listen to it forever.

And not only did it carry such pleasantries. It also was brimming with heartfelt emotions. He was overwhelmed the next moment when the woman on the center stage opened her eyes.

Small innumerable particles of light manifested around her surroundings then. It shined and sparkled as if accentuating Mimiru's inspiring song just like a perfect depiction of a shining star.

Anyone who witnessed it were instantly enamored by such a sight. It was when he wondered what those lights were that,

’’I'm surprised. That little miss over there was able to induce the 『Spirits』 like this’’

Tenn murmured in a whisper. In other words, those small ball of lights were actually 『Spirits』. Not a high rank existence like Tenn however, but a shapeless and powerless existence born naturally through this world.

However, it seems Tenn was more surprised for an ordinary beast human, moreover, a little girl capable of influencing the 『Spirits』 through her melodic voice and cause such a phenomenon.

Only those who were liked by the 『Spirits』 or the 『Spirits』 themselves were the only one possible of capably doing this.

(So that's what she meant about being able to see things not visible to the naked eyes)

Hiiro recalled her words when he met her the first time. At that time, Hiiro was strolling inside the 《King's Tree》 with the 『Transparency | 透明』 in effect.

Of course, the beast men passing by did not feel Hiiro's presence. It was only Mimiru who was able to notice his existence back then.

According to her, she could see ghosts and 『Spirits』 for a long time, probably a direct manifestation of Mimiru's mysterious power.

When he looked at the surroundings, the people were glued to Mimiru's figure on the center, watching and staring at her. They weren't distracted by anyone as they continued to be fascinated by Mimiru's song.

And finally, Mimiru quietly closed her mouth. At that point, a surge of applause and cheers were given to her. And particles of light gradually disappeared to the sky as if they were satisfied with this.

Mimiru also had a bright smile on her face as she slowly descended from the stage and went towards Hiiro's seat.

Hiiro did not know if it was due to the tension or her embarrassment, but she's flushed red from head to toe and can't seem to look at him straight to the eyes.

’’W-was your liking, Hiiro-sama?’’

She fidgeted once again, an atmosphere that certainly stirred one's heart to protect such a delicate beauty.

Hiiro responded with a honest reply to her.

’’Yeah, it was really good that you caught me off guard.’’

’’Is that true! Are you really really sure!’’

Hiiro gently flicked her forehead causing her out of her trance.


’’As expected of a diva. You were definitely great out there.’’

As if her brain overheated, her face flushed instantly and,

’’T-t-t-t-t-thank you for your kind compliment!’’

Leaving with only those words, she went towards Muir's place with her hands covering her flushed cheeks. Muir seems to have calmed her down by patting her head.... but

(Wasn't that reaction way too exaggerated?)

For a songstress to react that way from a simple compliment was quite worrying.. But he soon abandoned such thoughts when he saw her calm down.

’’Achaa~ this blockhead still didn't get it from that~’’

Although Tenn's murmur reached Hiiro's ears,

’’Whatever, I just honestly told her my honest opinion, and did you say something Yellow Monkey?’’

He wondered what did the Yellow Monkey said. He wasn't able to hear it.

’’Umu! As expected of my daughter! A world-class leading singer! Gahaha!’’

What world are you speaking of? Hiiro wanted to retort Leowald's word with that, but then Kukulia came towards him.

’’How was my little sister's beautiful voice?’’

’’Hm? Just like what your father said a while ago. She could be a world-class singer in my world.’’

With that charming looks and enchanting voice she possessed, she would surely end up becoming a popular artist.

’’I see, so you mean to say she would become popular in your own world?’’


Hiiro easily affirmed it because there was no need to conceal such personal things.

’’I see. So even in your world she could be popular, huh? Mimiru is really amazing.’’

’’.....what's with that imouto's-talent-complex your expressing?’’

’’A-as if I'm making that kind of face!’’

Even if you turn your head away, it's not very persuasive you know? But Mimiru's song was certainly not ordinary. A trace of innate talent was shown off as well.

It may be natural to feel jealous to such a talent that can garner everyone's attention. Moreover, the little sister that was capable of doing it.... but

He noticed a shadow cast upon her expression, anxious and lost, he decided to say something on a whim.

’’You speak of popularity, but aren't you popular as well among your people?’’


What are you trying to say? , she had such a face that shows that, but Hiiro ignored it and continued on.

’’Just like that Bird Man, you know the names and faces of every citizen.’’

’’T-that's merely because I have a strong memory.’’

’’Moreover, I heard you were walking around the streets almost everyday listening to the citizen's voices.’’


’’No one ordinary can do such a thing. You are exactly the ideal person fit for royalty. Even though you envy your little sister's talent, when you as well possess such an outstanding talent. Really now..’’

Kukulia went silent for a while, then there was faint blush on her cheek as she smiled at him.

’’I think I understand now why Mimiru and Muir thinks about you a lot.’’


Although Hiiro meddled a little, he was grateful it worked favorably as Kukulia's previous mood was now entirely pleasant. With this much festivity going on, a gloomy mood was unfit in such a place.

’’What a natural smooth talker...’’

’’Did you just say something?’’

When he asked back Tenn about his murmur, Tenn could only give him a sigh of amazement.

(What the heck was that for...?)

The dinner party under the starry sky finally closed with Mimiru's song, and those who had work still left the place as it is.

Apparently, among the citizens, there seemed to be some people listening to Mimiru's song under the 《King's Tree》 and also comfortably left home after.

Despite the tragic collapse of  《The Tree of Beginning》 , everyone's mood seemed to have a little joyful than before. Hiiro could somewhat feel it based from their attitudes right now.


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