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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 242


Hiiro was in the garden right now. Around him were the figures of Muir, Mimiru and Kukulia.

He was looking forward to Raive's dinner preparation as the day grew dark. And then, all so suddenly, he was invited by Mimiru to come at the garden.

’’Since Hiiro-sama came with the trouble to come here, everyone let us have a meal together with Hiiro-sama!’’

And that's how he ended up in here. Not that he was complaining. As long as he gets to eat a satisfying meal, location-wise wasn't a problem to him.

The dismantling work of the 《Tree of Beginning》 was temporarily halted too, and was scheduled to continue tomorrow in the morning.

Because of that, Arnold and Bard who had finished wrapping up their work came to the garden as well. And also,


’’I told you not to hug me Cat girl!’’

Crouch who had been sleeping at the pavement of the training quarters woke a minute ago and rushed towards the garden the moment she smelled Hiiro's scent.

’’C-crouch-san! That's being rude to our guest! You are troubling Hiiro-sama!’’

Although Mimiru was desperately warning Crouch about it,

’’No way meow! I missed hugging him because I slept through the day meow! So let me be! I'm charging meow!’’

’’I cannot accept that reason, now let go!’’

However, Crouch firmly clung to him and shook her head in refusal to Mimiru....... Can't be helped then.

’’....ah! What is that over there?’’

’’Nyahaha! I may have been fooled by that before, but that won't work with the me right now meow!’’

Tsk... why do you have to be so smart. Well, it would be a problem though if one of the 《Gabranth Three》 was fooled by the same hand so many times.

(Ah, I give up. Either way that guy is going to get tired of sooner anyway...)

Her atmosphere was very similar to Mikazuki. Sooner or later she would find something interesting and run off towards it.

’’Uuu... I'm jealous...’’

’’E-even I want to do it too..’’

Muir and Mimiru gazed at Crouch with envious eyes, but someone small came behind Crouch.

And that someone grabbed Crouch's collar.

’’Eh? Ah? W-who's there meow!?’’

Crouch was puzzled by the one who pulled her away from Hiiro. When she turned her sights behind her,

’’Meow!? Putis!?’’

In her presence was a lovely bear, also known as one of the 《Gabranth Three》

’’Kuro... you still have work to do.’’

’’No way!?’’

’’I am not. This is for the portion you've slept the entire day.’’

’’Meow! Hirooooooooooooooooooo!’’

(TL Note: Putis is apparently calling Crouch by his former appearance, the black adult one which derives the name Kuro, which also means Black.)

What a miserable sight....... She was forcibly dragged by Putis as they exited the garden. However, before Putis went out, Muir and Mimiru gave her a thumbs-up sign both at same time.

Then, unexpectedly, one attendant came with a big table, and what followed after were people carrying large platter of foods. The fragrance of the garden was filled with appetizing smells of the dishes being carried towards them.

Although this was the compensation for treating Raive's wound, just giving the dishes served a single glance was enough for Hiiro to almost lose his sense of restraint.

’’Mm... seems delicious.’’

Camus seemed to have been captivated by the dishes laid out as he drooled over them. Tenn as well was going ’’Uhiii!’’ while joyfully jumping on Hiiro's shoulder. Maybe it's best if he push this monkey away?

Apparently, Arnold also seems to have helped a little with dishes as he started boasting about it.

(Speaking of the old man, I guess it has been long time since the last time I tasted his cooking)

Back when he was traveling with Arnold, despite his constant proclamation of being ’’a self-proclaimed chef’’, his dishes were really truly satisfying indeed.

’’Hoh, now this is a magnificent feast.’’

’’Fufu, indeed.’’

Late on their arrival, next that entered was Leowald and Blantha together. Then, behind them was someone familiar. He had seen this person before. After them, another one came but made a rather rude entry.

’’Oi Red Rode! I challenge you to a duel!’’

Hiiro was dumbfounded as to why would this person say that with this festivity right now.

’’Hey Lenon, that's very impolite to our guest!’’

Ah, he remembered now. The one who was scowling at Hiiro was the Second Prince Lenion, and the one who rebuked was the First Prince Leglos.

’’Exactly, stop saying such rude words Brother Leni.’’

Kukulia made a remark mixed with an angry tone of voice. However, even though Lenon was reprimanded by the two, he didn't stop glaring at Hiiro.

’’I don't care! Fight m-!?’’

Before he could finish it, his head was grabbed from behind, when he turned around,

’’There is a place for a fighting. And there is a place for not, Lenion.’’

’’B...ut, Father.’’

As expected of Leowald.

’’No buts young man, right now is the time to enjoy the feast.’’

At her mother's urgence, Lenion clicked his tongue and awkwardly left the place.

’’Seriously... I apologize for Lenion's behalf Hiiro-dono’’

Leglos spoke with such attitude to him. Hiiro understood why Lenon's attitude was like that, he was the winner of the duel after all, the ringleader who crushed their pride. And surely, Leglos must have felt the same way too.

But despite all of that, he was able to lower his head in apology, far opposite from Lenion's rude behaviour.

(Well, he isn't the First Prince for nothing...)

To be honest, Hiiro doesn't hate the comprehensible type like Lenion awhile ago. It's because those type are easy to manipulate. For Hiiro, a person who acts by their emotions were far more easier to deal with.

Leglos then ran after Lenion after his apologetic remark. What a responsible big brother. Goodluck backing up your little brother.

’’Sorry about that Hiiro’’

’’No worries. But if you plan to raise someone like that as the next king, good luck.’’

’’Gahaha! It hurts when you say it like that!’’

’’That's not a laughing matter dear. I deeply apologize for my son's behaviour Hiiro-san. I'll properly make sure he learns from this.’’

Blantha also asks for forgiveness as well but it was really unnecessary, anymore from her would make Hiiro the one who needed to apologize to them.

At that moment, someone made a beating sound with their hands to gain everyone's attention. Raive's voice came after that.

’’Alright! Everyone may I have your attention!’’

The housemaids behind her held one large platter tightly sealed with a metal lid. It was then carefully placed on the main table.

’’This my guests is Raive's Special!’’

At the declaration of her words, Raive lifted the lid. And what was shown there was,


Red, Blue, Green, and White meat buns were piled up. Each were classified from their distinctive colours. At the removal of the lid, a strong smell stimulated Hiiro's senses.

He could not stop the urge from drooling over it. He wanted to taste it so badly.

’’Now, please dig in!’’

Every dishes laid out were all so delicious, but what Hiiro was very anxious about was, as expected, the meat buns. Camus and Tenn also felt the same as they quietly stared at it.

However, he was hesitating which to start with. Most probably each of the coloured buns were respectively different in flavor. Moreover, there was no explanation regarding this, all of beastmen were broadly grinning at him, awaiting for him to taste it.

Perhaps they have tasted this beforehand as they have adamantly suggested him to enjoy it to the fullest.

’’What are you guys going to eat first?’’

’’For me......Blue’’

’’Uhi! I'm going for Green!’’

’’Nitouryuu is Blue. Yellow Monkey is Green. Then I will choose...Red.’’

Each of them grabbed their desired buns, and quietly bit on it.


At that moment, the gravy inside the bun overflowed inside his mouth. And this hot gravy stimulated his delight as he tasted its flavor within. The hotness was troubling, but the rich sensation of the gravy's flavor was quite satisfactory.

Moreover, it has a tingling effect on his tongue, probably the cause was red pepper. To add more to that, the hard but juicy texture of what it seems to be a meatball inside the bun compliments the gravy and spice all together. It was a scrumptious dish.

Although he may not know what kind of meat it was, he could however say that it was really savory. It had the thick flavour worthy as a special dish and when combined with gravy, the stock, it balances out the taste making it a very sensational dish. To the point of making him want more.

When he looked at Camus, it was very obvious from reaction to it based from his delighted eyes. Although his expression was still expressionless.

’’Hiiro...this is good.’’

’’This one is the best too~!’’

Apparently, Tenn side seems to have been satisfied as well.

As if Raive anticipated their reactions, she finally began to explain the dish.

’’The meat on the red bun is not actually meat. It's 《Deep Red Tofu》 made from 《Deep Red Soybeans》 !’’


But texture-wise, it wasn't, not just that, but the flavor as well was a perfect depiction of a meat. However, according to Raive, by steaming these 《Deep Red Tofu》 and then deep frying it, the process would then able to make the tofu's texture similar to that of a meat as well approaching a similar flavor too. And by wrapping the whole thing in a red wrapper while being steamed again, the red bun would then be completed.

( And because of that《Deep Red Tofu》, it brought out the real deal)

The gravy was confined as it was deep fried in the process, so the moment he bit on it, the savory goodness just willingly gushed forth making it a worthwhile experience.

’’The next one is for the blue bun, the meat inside it came from the 《Blue Pig》’’

It was said that the texture of the meat that came from a 《Blue Pig》 was as soft like a cloud. The meat is crushed, then minced and mixed with the dressing of the bun, giving it a shade of blue. This dressing is then used to wrap up rectangular cubes of the same meat.

It's flavour was similar to red bean jam, a rich bittersweet flavor, recommended for those who prefer challenging flavors.

’’The one used for the green bun is a 《Green King Tomato》’’

It was said that 《Green King Tomato》 was initially a yellow tomato at first. Once it turned emerald green, it is ready for harvest and apparently, at this stage, it is a very helpful antioxidant. However, growth period of this vegetable is very slow, difficult for amateur farmers to cultivate it with ease.

That said, the taste however is really special. It has the sweetness and acidity of what a tomato is. And apparently a famous nutritional vegetable for women.

The tomato is kneaded and mixed inside the contents, cramming it inside with other healthy vegetables. The vegetables chosen were at least 10 or more.

And steaming it all together would make this rare beauty worthy to be a part of special dish.

’’And lastly is the white bun, and the main ingredient used for this one is the phantom fruit also known as the 《Silver Peach》!’’

That fruit was familiar. 《Silver Peach》...... it was known to be fruit that can only be harvested at the top of the mountain at it's winter peak.

This fruit was sold at an unbelievably high price depending on the pureness of its silvery white color. It's size however is relatively similar to a normal peach.

Hiiro unintentionally grabbed a white bun and bit on it. Just from biting it, he could taste and smell the sweetness of the peach. And he could also taste bean jam in it, a best compliment for this sweetened fruit.

(What's more the smell of the peach stimulates my appetite. This delicious!)

The dressing is probably mixed with the skin of the fruit. It really lives up to being a phantom fruit, a hard to get ingredient but a definitely must ingredient to have. The bean jam inside it was also a pleasurable ride to enjoy along with the original flavor of the fruit. This fruit is definitely the fruit among the top of them all.

’’Hahaha, it was delicious, isn't it Hiiro?’’

At Arnold's boasting, Hiiro couldn't doubt about this cooking anymore. 《Four-Coloured-Manjuu》 was definitely a dish worthy to be called special.

However, the compliments doesn't end there, there were other appealing dishes that he hadn't tried out yet. Lot's of it. His cheeks loosened to the sheer amount of pleasure laid out in front of him.

After that, while everyone was eating their meals,


A voice called out to him from behind, and saw Mimiru fidgeting while carrying a shy expression.


’’Y-you see...’’

’’Goodluck Mimiru-chan!’’

At Muir's bright encouragement to Mimiru, the latter answered with a simple 'Yes' and nodded in response. She returned her gaze to Hiiro and squeezed out her courage.

’’H-Hiiro-sama! I would like you to listen my song!’’


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