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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 240


Chapter 240 - The Dagger that killed Aragorn

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Corrections applied:

Gri - Green

Grin'oju - Greenage

^Thanks for the suggested names. However, the suffering ends today. Hiiro gave it a nickname anyway.

With that said. enjoy Chapter 240.

’’Uu~ even though I have gone great lengths to find such a fantastic home, mu~’’

Despite Greenage grumbling, Tenn inquired further about the said matter.

’’Does that mean the tree is dead?’’


Greenage cast her eyes downward. Having her own place disappear was quite depressing for her. That tree must be of great importance to her.

However, not only was Greenage the one affected by it, the beast men who heard about it also felt great sorrow.

’’I knew it...《Aragorn》 is really dead...’’



Kukulia and Mimiru felt the same way to Leowald's grievous mutter. However, Muir who was nearby became taken aback as if an idea hit her and looked up at Hiiro.



’’ see...can know...’’

’’It's impossible.’’


She hardened from his unexpected words, but Hiiro knew what she wanted to ask.

’’You wanted me to revive this tree right?’’


’’H-Hiiro! Is that true!’’

It was Leowald who snapped at it. Although he doesn't understand what all of them felt, Hiiro decided to speak honestly.

’’My magic is certainly versatile. However, even my magic has something it can't do.’’

’’And that is?’’

’’The power to manipulate a person's life.’’


’’Well, there are other things I could do though. I just don't know if it'll work’’

’’Then! You can revive 《Aragorn》 !?’’

’’Don't misunderstand me Chibi, what I'm trying to say is that those who died, can't be revived.’’


’’I don't have the power to revive something that is dead. I can't even write a character on them.’’


’’Well, if it was damaged only, I could probably restore it back to its natural form.’’

’’So it is impossible to restore it?’’

’’If we find a part of it that's still alive, I can. But this guy is too late.’’

As if darkness had descended on them, every beast men present were dispirited by their faint hope.

Hiiro had actually tried reviving something from the dead. He was unable to write any characters related to revival or resurrection even if he tried imagining what kind of effect he was trying to conjure.

On the contrary, the moment he tried doing it, he was assailed by an afflicting pain for trying such magic.

Even if he had leveled up, whether he raised his potential or pouring a sufficient amount of mana, a similar reaction occurred, he was afflicted by pain again.

If the tree was suffering from severe damage however, if there was still life on its roots, he may be able to heal it back to its former state, but reviving something completely from the dead was not possible.

(I can't even write any character related to life...)

Nevertheless, Hiiro decided it was good if he can't. If life could be revived easily by magic, then it only degrades the true value of life itself.

’’In any case, something that's dead is impossible for me. Give up on that idea.’’

Due to Hiiro's cold words, he felt a sharp glance on him and saw Bard looking at him with such look.

’’Hiiro, you might not understand what we feel, but this tree is...’’

’’Yeah yeah, I know the gist of what you're going to say.’’

’’Wha!? You!’’

’’Do you think it's for the best to continuing regretting about it than reflecting on it and trying to move on?’’


’’How important this tree is to you guys, I don't know anything about that. However, you can't do anything to something that has happened already.’’

’’B-but the people aren't so easy to forget something about what's important to them!’’

’’I agree with that. That's why I don't think mourning for it is bad.’’


’’What I'm trying to say is that it's alright to keep that sadness in your heart. I can see that that tree is very important to you guys. However, it will only hurt you if you keep it as it is.’’

He shrugged shoulders when he the saw the large tree squashing the numerous small trees beneath it.

’’Even the Beast King thought of it, he said that he would carry the tree out of the way right?’’

Leowald responded with a nod when he shifted his attention to him.

’’It's as Hiiro says. 《Aragorn》 is certainly our pride whether it died or not. That's why for this reason that I cannot leave it as it is. As a proud Gabranth, I would hold a proper burial and express my gratitude to it!’’

Everyone raised their voice in response to Leowald's words. As expected, despite their loud roars, it was quite heart warming. What a noisy race they are.

At Leowald's command, several people retrieved the small wooden trees crushed by the large tree.

’’By the way, Leaf.’’

’’Leaf~? My name is Green you know~?’’

Her expression had somehow improved from before although there were still traces of exhaustion visible on her face.

’’Why did you not stop the attacks of the assailants if you value this tree so much?’’

It's the same as Tenn and Silva. If the 『Spirit』 desires so, they can manifest their powers physically in accordance to their intentions.

’’Ah, about that, she can't, Hiiro.’’

It was Tenn who answered him.

’’What do you mean by that?’’

’’You see...’’

Green to begin with wasn't a 『High-Ranking Spirit』 like Silva and Tenn. Although they can speak in human languages, they don't have the disposition to attack, much less, touch a human.

Moreover, since she was sharing her powers with 《Aragorn》 without a contract, most of her attention was on tree, so it was impossible for her to resist the enemy's attacks.

According to Tenn, the knife Taishi stabbed on the tree was quite blighted making Greenage less weaker.


’’Yup~ it's the knife that otherworldly person stabbed on my home~. The vitality of the tree lost all at once~’’

’’......Blue Ribbons, do you know something about this?’’

He thought Mimiru might be more detailed about this matter.

’’Ah, yes. That knife was recovered by Otou-sama, and it should be with Yukihito-san at this moment.’’

’’Yukihito? Who was he again?

’’Yukihito is our top researcher in this country. He's also Rarashik's brother.’’

At Kukulia's helpful information, Hiiro remembered now who he was. As far as the duel was concerned, he was the guy who Hiiro found interesting in the way he fought. A bespectacled rabbit-man wearing a white lab coat.

Perhaps they entrusted the knife to Yukihito to find out what kind of principle had extinguished the life of the big tree.

’’I see. Now then, what are you going to do now Leaf? For a 『Spirit』 without contract, you can't stay long in here or else you'll die you know?’’

’’You're right~ I should probably return to the forest~’’

She's probably talking about the 【Spirit Forest】. Tenn who heard that said,

’’I see. Tell Pops my regards, 'kay?’’

’’Un~, sure~’’

The body of Greenage gradually became transparent after those words. After a few seconds, her figure was long gone.

She must have returned to the 【Spirit Forest】 already

Arnold was helping in the dismantling of 《Aragorn》. Camus as well, with permission from Hiiro, tagged along to help him.

Hiiro however was called by Leowald to come to the 《Throne Room》 to which he obediently followed as he had business with Leowald as well.

There was Queen Blantha's appearance at the said place. She expressed her gratitude for treating Raive. Leowald who was surprised to hear about this also bowed to Hiiro in gratitude.

It seems Raive was well trusted by these people.

However. because Hiiro was more curious about Leowald's business to him, he asked about it.

’’Well about that, that guy will come soon...’’

At the moment those words were spoken, someone came inside.

’’Oh! Nice timing Yukihito!’’

As what Kukulia said, a bespectacled white rabbit-man wearing a white lab coat entered, who was also Rarashik's brother.

Apparently, the topic might be related to him. Hiiro who kept silent while thinking about it was then greeted.

’’Nyohohoho! So this is the famous Hero of the 『Evila』. Greetings my friend!’’

Hiiro twitched the moment he was called. For some reason, this high-pitched guy resembled a certain perverted butler he knew of.

’’You see I've been interested to your power for a long time, to restore Mimiru's voice that I have painstakingly tried to research about it day and night only to fail in every attempt...... I've been wanting to meet you! Nyohohoho!’’

Ah, his intuition was right. This guy is metamorphosed version of that butler. Those eyes behind those glasses was shining the exact way that perverted butler recklessly shows.

’’Yukihito, you are being rude to the guest.’’

’’Ah, I apologize Blantha-sama, I'm sorry for my behavior!’’

He swung his body towards Hiiro and smoothly bowed to him.

’’Did you bring that thing, Yukihito?’’

’’Yes, here.’’

Yukihito pulled out something wrapped in red drapes from his right hand. He approached Leowald and turned the cloth over exposing the contents inside.

An ordinary knife was seen on it. Leowald took it and showed it to Hiiro.

’’You see, this is the thing I would like to ask your help of. Yukihito.’’

’’Gladly. This knife may look ordinary from the outside, but this is in fact the same knife that deprived the life of 《The Tree of Beginning - Aragorn》’’

Hiiro stared at the knife closely. Part of the handle wasn't decorated that much. There was only a small quartz-like bead fitted in the lower part of the handle.

’’No matter how Yukihito examined it, he couldn't find the curse that took the life of 《Aragorn》’’

Certainly, what he says was true. Looking at the knife closely, it doesn't seem to be cursed no matter what angle you see it.

If so, then there was something special in this simple knife.

’’That said, we do know the materials used to make this knife.’’

’’And these materials are?’’

’’Have you heard about the 《Tyrant of the Sea》 , the Monarch Kraken?’’

’’Yeah, you're talking about the rank SSS monster that lives at the bottom of the 《Belial Sea》 right?’’

Hiiro only knew of this because he had read it in one of the articles he had. Without it, he might have not known about this monster's existence.

’’Correct. And one of the traits of it has on its body is the 《Daftgil》’’

’’First time I heard it.’’

’’Well, that's understandable. Only those who have faced with it are the ones only knowledgeable about this. Anyway, it is said that this 《Daftgil》 was created through the solidification of it's blood making it able to pass through magic with ease.’’

Well. innate magic was essentially from the blood system of one's body. So that would mean,

’’Are you suggesting this knife is made of this 《Daftgil》 you speak of?’’


’’I see. For that knife to be made up of that, it is quite surprising.’’

’’I agree, however, this also means someone had subjugated that 《Tryant》 at the bottom of the sea.’’

Certainly, that was quite an unexpected information. Under normal circumstances, one would flee in face of a Rank SSS monster.

Moreover. The battle area was under the sea. Movement is limited and so are the magic usable under it. It is without a doubt that someone stronger than that monster fought with it.

Avoros' subordinates were definitely behind this.

’’Well, there is also a possibility it was taunted towards the land.’’

But Hiiro doesn't want to bet on that. After all, these were the Predecessor Demon Lord's subordinates after all. Like how Silva evaluated that 『Spirit』 among their ranks, all of them are close to being an anomaly class.

Leowald then released a heavy sigh,

’’Anyway, whoever knocked down that Monarch Kraken isn't our main priority right now. It's the material used in that knife.’’

’’What about that crystal gem?’’

’’Nyohohoho! We actually don't know!’’

’’You...don't know?’’

’’I can say for sure that it's a magic bead, however I couldn't clarify it more than that.’’

Yukihito spoke with an apologetic tone.

’’This is why I have called you here today.’’

’’... betting that I may find something else, huh?’’

’’Gahaha! You read my mind!’’

Is it really alright to laugh at a time like this Beast King?

’’...well, I may not anything more than you guys know, but I may find something once I examine it carefully.’’

’’Oh! As expected of the man I admitted! Look Blantha! I told you right? Hiiro will do something about this!’’

’’It seems so. However dear, he hasn't properly made his response yet to your request.’’

It's as Blantha has said. Certainly among the characters using his 《Word Magic》, 『Clarify | 解明』, 『Expose | 解説』 or any characters related to investigation could examine the mysterious knife.

At the expense, however, that it is not for free. As for Hiiro, though he is really curious about the knife, he thought about using this opportunity for that matter.

’’Hey Beast King, in exchange for examining the knife, I have a favor to ask. Deal?’’


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