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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 239


Chapter 239 - The Spirit Dwelling in the Tree

Round 3.

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Enjoy Chapter 239.

Apparently,《Aragorn》 broke away from its trunk and had fallen over the people's residence.

Kukulia and Mimiru were pale in worry thinking of the people involved in the accident, fortunately, their worries were quelled when they received no reports of death among their citizens.

Numerous reports also stated that some people think this was a sign of bad omen to their country.

Though the tree had withered, the crash site wasn't something they couldn't ignore. It was still dangerous to leave it as it is.

Bard was also in the site, instructing his men to see if there are still civilians trapped by the incident. Since they couldn't leave 《Aragorn》 as it is, they tried to move it in some way.

However, the branch was considerably heavy making the task too difficult to accomplish. Beast King Leowald came also when he heard about the uproar.

Leowald made a sour face as he grasped the situation. After a while, he made light nod and made his decision.

’’Yosh. I guess it's up to me to carry that tree away!’’

’’Is Leowald-sama alright with it?’’

Bard was wide-eyed in astonishment. That was natural. 《Aragorn》 was the symbol of their country and the pride of beast men living in it.

Even if it withered due to the thief's hand, destroying the tree itself felt intimidating for the beast men.

’’It can't be helped anymore. To our regrets, 《Aragorn》 is...’’

Leowald did not continue but it was obvious based on his mortified expression. Even the soldiers felt this way, hoping that the tree is not dead yet.

One could understand based on their expressions how important 《Aragorn》 was for the people in this country.

’’Say Hiiro, I'm going to go out for a bit, ok?’’

Tenn seemed to have manifested on his shoulders and wished to get closer to 《Aragorn》


’’I don't know if it was my imagination, I think something is in there.’’

’’Something is in it? What do you mean?’’

Tenn jumped off his shoulders and ran towards 《Aragorn》.

’’Mu? What's with this ape?’’

Naturally, since it was their first time seeing Tenn, Leowald became suspicious of it, and Bard who was beside him,

’’Ah, Aren't you ape who's with Hiiro!’’

’’Mu? Hiiro? Hiiro is here?’’

Apparently, Leowald wasn't notified yet of Hiiro's arrival. Tenn ignores their conversation and begins to advance close to the tree. He looked around restlessly and then touched a part of the tree.

The moment Tenn touched it, something manifested on the roots of 《Aragorn》,


A pillar of light shot above after.


’’What are you doing ape!?’’

Leowald was surprised while Bard was shouting at Tenn who was the trigger of that weird phenomenon. The light began to focus to one place.

The light gathered in the vicinity of the center that opened and a figure of something came out.

’’I knew it was you... Gri’’

(TL note: グリ - Guri - Gri. At first I was about to name it green. But it lacks a single character, so instead, it became Gri or Gry. Seriously, this naming sense.)

Hiiro came behind Tenn who suddenly talked about some name he had not heard of.

’’What is that guy?’’

The one that had been called by Tenn, Gri looked like something from a game. It has big leaf on its head and its body is almost the same size as Tenn.

(TL Note: CELEBI!? )

Its clothes were also made of leaves like a nostalgic fantasy character. However, its expression looked haggard and exhausted.

In addition, it had droopy eyes as it slumped on the tree.

’’Hiiro? Why are you here?’’

Though Leowald asked him,

’’I will talk about that later. I want to understand this situation first.’’


Leowald recognized the priority of it and kept himself silent.

’’This guy is the 『Spirit』 residing in this tree.’’

Tenn jumped on his shoulder back as he explained the details about this 『Spirit』

’’Though we call her by the nickname Gri...’’

’’Nyu~, Grinoju. Zzz’’

(TL note: グリンオージュ - Grinoju, if you have a better name for it, tell me.)

Grinoju turned at him with sleepy eyes as it said those words.

’’Gri, you once said you were going to live in some tree right?’’

’’Un~ that's right~’’

’’So that tree was this one, huh?’’

’’Yup~ very cozy~’’

According to Grinoju, she had been eyeing on 《Aragorn》 for a long time and made it her favorite home to stay.

However, this was different to the contract Hiiro and Tenn had. Simply put, the 『Spirit』 chose to descend into this realm and live inside it without permission.

Of course, there was a risk involving that kind of actions, having not enough of mana will surely mean their death, but Grinoju still continued her plans and lived inside 《Aragorn》 until now.

But due to the traitor who withered 《Aragorn》, Grinoju suffered considerable damage from it and was only able to move thanks to Tenn's assistance.

’’Then that means 《Aragorn》is a 《Spirit Tree》?’’

Tenn softly shook his head in response to Leowald's question.

’’This guy in first place just decided to settle down in this tree, no formal contract has been established, so this cannot be considered a 《Spirit Tree》’’

’’Yup~ Gri hasn't contracted with anyone yet~’’

’’Anyway, since you came out of the tree safe, does that mean the tree is still alive?’’

Then, Grinoju showed an expression that was obviously a look of sadness. She started sniffing like a spoiled child and then,


Everyone felt speechless when the 『Spirit』 suddenly burst out in tears.

’’I hate that person who did this~!’’

’’That person?’’

Though Tenn asked back,

’’A human~! Moreover, a person from another world~!’’

Hiiro was shocked by those words the most. He then recalled what Avoros said in the duel incident about having abducted the hero.

And then, the assassins who assaulted this place wore black clothing, very similar to what Avoros's subordinate wears. In other words...

(Don't tell me that guy joined them...?)

Aoyama Taishi and Chika Suzumiya were the only two people missing about the four. In short, either of the two, but Hiiro could guess Taishi was the one who brought forth this current situation.

(What the heck is that guy thinking?)

Or maybe there was a reason for this. That guy is an obstinate guy who spreads his worldly justice of saving people even if they are beast-men. If that's the case, he was being forced to do something?

And guessing it based on Avoros's character then,

( more person. He's using a hostage to manipulate him.)

It seemed to be the closest guess he could make. That stubborn justice guy won't just work for that Demon Lord.

Especially after that war. That guy must have recognized that his values were too naive. Surely, that guy won't do something stupid after realizing his mistakes.

The possibility he arrived was that there is a risk regarding the life of the other missing person, Chika. In the case of him, he would definitely save Chika's life no matter what the cost.

Only Chika was the only one supporting him right now. Losing her would be very painful for Taishi.

Hiiro did not know if there were any romantic feelings involved, but if what he thought of is right, then that guy will only move with that reason in mind.

(I see, so that guy is being forced to do something in contrary to his ideals. That's rough...)

Hiiro sympathized with him a little because he really was a little pitiful. Even if another otherworldly person experienced that, they would also surely do the same.

(It's good that those two were separated from them...)

Those two were Shuri and Shinobu.

(In the end, whatever those guys will do...well, who cares? Not my problem)

How will those four move based on this? And what will happen to them? Hiiro didn't bother to think about it anymore.


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