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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 236


Chapter 236 - Solicitation Success

The result of Hiiro's visit was completely a success as derived by Liliyn. She thought it would take a lot more time, but even she didn't expect that at the mention of Cruzer's daughter, would wonderfully make an impact in their solicitation to Cruzer.

’’It was a success milady.’’ (Silva)

Silva whispered those words to her.

’’Umu, who could have thought that I would see the day Cruzer finally breaks from his isolation.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Nofofo, it truly was beyond our expectations, wasn't it?’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah, but we still have a problem..’’ (Liliyn)

Although she was glad that Cruzer would support her dreams once again, she was uneasy about Cruzer going out so easily even if he disguises as much as he can.

There was a high possibility that problems will emerge if someone who knows Cruzer finds out his true identity.

And Cruzer seems to be concerned about this too,

’’I have a small worry about something. Probably an obstacle. Is it alright to speak?’’ (Cruzer)

Of course, that obstacle was also the problem in their past.

’’I may be skilled in disguise, but there is a possibility that my identity would be found out. However, I decided to help Liliyn's dream once again so I cannot stay in this place forever. What do you suppose I should do?’’ (Cruzer)

While everyone was thinking about the solution about this,

’’Isn't that too easy?’’ (Hiiro)

Because Hiiro spoke those words in a mild sense, they who was racking their brains in worry, stiffened in surprise.

Especially Liliyn who hit upon the solution to their problem,

’’That's right! Why didn't I think of that! We have an outrageous irregular magic user in here!’’ (Liliyn)

Even though she was also an irregular magic user, no one tried thrust that fact to her.

’’B-but, wait a minute...Hiiro, are you sure you want to do this?’’ (Liliyn)

’’I don't mind really. I do have a loan to that guy. I'm just returning the favor back.’’ (Hiiro)

It seems the loan was from Winkaa, Cruzer's daughter. She did not know what kind of loan he borrowed from her, but it was surely big as proof of his consent just now.

’’Hmm.. since we are in the demon continent, let's make it an『Evila』’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro turned his gaze to Cruzer while saying so,

’’Eh? Err...what do you mean by...that?’’ (Cruzer)

Of course, other than Cruzer, everyone understood what Hiiro was naturally going to do.

’’Cruzer’’ (Liliyn)

’’Liliyn-san...’’ (Cruzer)

’’Just stay still. Something interesting will happen.’’ (Liliyn)

The corners of her mouth raised like an amused child. However, Cruzer was still uneasy about it and turned his glance to Silva. A face asking for help.

’’Nofofofofo! It's going to be alright!’’ (Silva)

’’E-err, if possible I would like an explanation for this!’’ (Cruzer)

’’Fu, everyone, hold this guy in place!’’ (Liliyn)

When Liliyn points her finger to Cruzer,

’’Eh? What are you trying to do to me!?’’ (Cruzer)

Nikki held his left arm, Mikazuki held his right arm, while Camus bound him with his arms from Cruzer's back.

’’Do it Hiiro!’’ (Liliyn)

’’ don't have to exaggeratedly do this you know. Oh well, here I go.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro aimed the written character 『Transform』 to Cruzer.

’’’’ (Cruzer)

Hiiro ignored Cruzer and shot the character. It hits on Cruzer's forehead.

Then, a warm pale light wraps him. It doesn't take long for the light to gradually dim out, and someone appeared from that place.

’’Umu, you are now a splendid 『Evila』, Cruzer! Kuhaha!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Eh? Eh? Huh?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Please take this Cruzer-dono’’ (Silva)

Silva gave Cruzer a hand mirror who was puzzled by their reactions. For the time being, he took the mirror and timidly confirmed his reflection.

’’’’ (Cruzer)





’’Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!?’’ (Cruzer)

What was reflected on the mirror was his pointed ears, darkish skin, and purple hair. Three-pronged horns were visible on his forehead. He was exactly like a 『Evila』

The existence of his fluffy tail, his smooth yellow hair, and his beast ears all vanished splendidly.

’’Kuhahaha! It suits you, Cruzer!’’ (Liliyn)

’’I agree, from head to toe, you look like a genuine 『Evila』!’’ (Silva)

Liliyn and Silva happily expressed their delight, while Cruzer was still trying to understand what happened.

’’....t-this is....unique magic, right?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Heh, so you noticed already. If you want to hear the full details, ask Hiiro. If he's in the mood to tell you, that is!’’ (Liliyn)

Cruzer followed her words and faced Hiiro.

’’Hm? Don't worry, you won't return to your original form even if the magic is nullified. If you want to change back, tell me and I will release it.’’

’’E-err, I understand.’’ (Cruzer)

For the time being, Cruzer seemed to be relieved now that he can go outside without any problems.

There was no appearance of Cruzer who was their new companion when Hiiro and the others returned to the castle. As requested by Cruzer, he would like to tidy up his old home, the【Shanjumon Cave】and may take a little while.

Since Liliyn wasn't in a hurry, she prepared for Cruzer's arrival at the castle.

When she told Demon Lord Eveam about Cruzer, Eveam requested Liliyn to guide him to the rooms allotted for Hiiro's companions.

After finishing the final procedures for Cruzer, Liliyn cheerfully returned to her room. Why is she like that, you ask? Simple. They were able to solicit Cruzer in just a day which she deemed the task impossible for her alone.

Alcohol was prepared by Silva. It felt surreal though for a little girl bathing in the ecstasy of alcohol as she gulped one bottle after another. Eventually, she fell asleep after that.

The next day, that little girl pleaded to cure her headache with magic which Hiiro naturally rejected of course, and notified Silva about his departure.

’’Where are you going to?’’ (Silva)

’’Oh, I have some things to do on the 【Beast Kingdom】’’ (Hiiro)

Though Silva was surprised a little, he did not pry any details about it and sent him off quietly. Times like this is where Silva shines as an excellent personnel of Liliyn.

Mikazuki and Nikki went to shopping with Shamoe. Liliyn suffers from the hangover while Silva nurses her. Therefore, only three people, no, two people and one animal could freely move now, Hiiro, Camus, and Tenn.

Besides Tenn, although he told Camus to look after the room, the latter stubbornly wished to accompany him in his travels and Hiiro eventually permitted it.

He then proceeded to go to Demon Lord Eveam, and found out that she was talking with Aquinas at her office.

Hiiro was guided by her maid, knocks on the door, and came in. When they heard her consent, Hiiro, Camus and Tenn entered the room as well.

’’What's the matter Hiiro? If you are here because of the person named Cruzer, I have already looked over the report a little while ago?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam first said those words after not seeing each other for a long time. He noticed her exhaustion fading in and out from her. If he was not mistaken, they seemed to be at the stage of advancing the 《Permanent Alliance》 coalition. Although they had a verbal agreement at the duel event before, they are now dealing the problems in the political side of each country.

Because of that, she spends her days hastily dealing with the problem to the point of sleeping in between her work hours.

Although she wore a thin makeup, it did not completely hide her exhaustion.

So right now is a perfect time to do it. But he wasn't going to try and get involved in the politics of 『Evila』, he was an outsider after all.

He was going to going pretend he didn't see anything and pretend to report something to her.

’’It's not for that reason. I just want to report that we will stay at the 【Beast Kingdom】for a few days there. So we might take a while.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Is that so? But what even if I ask you won't tell me right?’’ (Eveam)

Since she understood Hiiro's character well, she gave up questioning him and shrugged her shoulders.

(Am I really that secretive in their impression?)

Though Hiiro wasn't alright being easily read by someone, there were times it saved him from the extra labor of doing the explanations.

’’Nope, I'm just reporting because I've been indebted to this place. And for my reasons about my departure, it's not really that of a big deal.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro and his companions had rented the large rooms in the Demon Lord's castle and are now living in there. Of course, the biggest reason why he was indebted to this place was because of Musun's tasty dishes, and the baths they had allowed him to do so with abandon.

And since he was going to an allied country of 『Evila』, he might as well tell the reason for his departure.

’’I-is that so?’’ (Eveam)

In face of his honest answer, Eveam blinks many times in surprise. And Aquinas, as usual, doesn't show much reaction to it.

’’This guy and also that animal will be coming too.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hey, Hiiro! Count me as a person, sheesh!’’ (Tenn)

Eveam had a blank look when she saw Tenn jump on his shoulders and suddenly talked to him. It seems he forgot to tell her that this was his contracted 『Spirit』

’’W-w-where did that animal came from?’’ (Eveam)

Even though Eveam asked in surprise about it,

’’.....I see, a 『Spirit』. Hiiro, are you perhaps contracted to it?’’ (Aquinas)

As expected of Aquinas. With just one look, he not only saw it's real identity but even their contract as well.

’’Yeah. This is Tenn the Yellow Monkey.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Wrong! You're the only one who calls me by that name!’’ (Tenn)

’’Fine. Then, Yellow Monkey.’’ (Hiiro)

’’....haa, I give up. Anyway, best regards here Maou-chan and his companion.’’ (Tenn)

Tenn realized that there was no way he can convince Hiiro, so he just dejectedly dropped his shoulders and called out to Eveam.

’’C-contracted? Hiiro how far are you going to surprise me....haa, might as well not say anything about it. Anyway, I haven't heard the reason for your departure to the beast kingdom?’’ (Eveam)

’’It's about the blacksmith master actually.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, the person called Cruzer then?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yup. I just want to tell them that I met the blacksmith master.’’ (Hiiro)

’’And who is 'them'?’’ (Eveam)

’’My former travel companions.’’ (Hiiro)

’’...I see.’’ (Eveam)

Eveam imagined Arnold and the others who were happily talking with Hiiro since the duel incident.

’’I see, so it's only for that sake you are going over there?’’ (Eveam)

’’ ah, it's also the perfect time to have that Beast King pay his debts to me.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't get yourself into trouble, alright?’’ (Eveam)

Though Eveam changed the tone of her voice,

’’Trouble? I don't care about that. I just do what I want to do.’’ (Hiiro)

Eveam could only sigh in face of Hiiro's ignorance to her warning, even though she knew full well how outrageous he is compared to the norm.

’’Hiiro, do you know that 【Beast Kingdom】 are in the midst of a crisis right now?’’ (Eveam)

’’A crisis you say?’’ (Hiiro)

Based from Eveam, it seems 【Pacion】 was attacked by two black robed people. It was suspected those people were subordinates of Avoros.

’’I see. That Template Maou seems to be moving a lot of things recently.’’ (Hiiro)

’’T-template? A-anyway, because that's the situation on the other side, better be cautious over there.’’ (Eveam)

Certainly, if such is the condition of 【Pasion】 right now, it would surely be tense. A little provocation might cause some big trouble over there.

’’A-although the soldiers over there knows about Hiiro's reputation as a hero, you should still be careful, because the one who attacked 【Pasion】were a beast man ....and a human.’’ (Eveam)

’’A human?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, that's why Hiiro who is also a 【Humas】 shouldn't reveal his true identity over there.’’ (Eveam)

’’I see. Thanks for the information, Maou.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Your welcome. Though there's no reason to get worried about your safety since it's you. Still, be careful out there, Hiiro.’’ (Eveam)

When he returned a slight nod in response and retreated to the door, Eveam leaked a heavy sigh. It didn't sound natural for a woman in her adolescence, but it sounded like a middle-aged guy pounded down by the accumulated stress from work.

Hiiro stopped his steps the moment he finished writing the character and quickly shot it straight to Eveam.

Aquinas who noticed his intention from the beginning, just watched silently without interfering with Hiiro's actions.

’’Eh!? W-what is this?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam who was hit by a mass of magic began to panic. She saw the appearance of Hiiro pointing his fingertip at her presence.

The moment she understood that this was his work, warm light gently wraps her body. Then, a pleasant sensation followed through.

The sensation was similar to the time she drank a warm soup as heat spreads out from the back of her body.

The gentle heat spread throughout her body and she felt a floating sensation as if she was in a dream. A dream in the midst of springtime as a pleasant wind passed through her body.

In the surroundings, animals ran happily in the field, and the sky showed its clarity with no clouds at all.

(What is this's very pleasant..)

The consciousness of Eveam quietly dimmed out while being wrapped by the warm light.

’’You have my gratitude Hiiro’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas said those words as he saw Eveam sleeping on the desk.

’’She had been working for a long time, and won't listen even if you tell her to rest.’’ (Aquinas)

’’Seems likely. Even I noticed the bags under her eyes despite her consistent make-up.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Although we are in a critical stage where various problems might occur here and there, it's much more troublesome if her body breaks down first.’’ (Aquinas)

’’Don't worry about it. I gave that to her as consideration for the information she gave me a while ago.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Fu, then I'll leave it at that.’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas stared at Eveam comfortably sleeping with kind eyes as Hiiro's 『Pleasant Sleep』|『快眠』 was in effect. It felt as if a father was gently looking at his daughter.

’’Aren't you also supporting her? Then you should teach her some discipline about it. Letting her do as she wishes to the point of succumbing to this is a disqualification as an aide of hers you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’It hurts when you say it like that’’ (Aquinas)

Because he had nothing else to say to him, Hiiro tried to get out of the room this time.

’’You have my gratitude Hiiro’’ (Aquinas)

’’...don't say it twice.’’ (Hiiro)

The door closed with a soft click, and it became a room with Aquinas and a girl sleeping inside.

’’Though that guy won't recognize it, he had already become a significant existence for the 『Evila』, that's not right, he's become an irreplaceable existence for this Sleeping Beauty.’’ (Aquinas)

A quiet mumble resounded in the room, but it didn't have a lonely tone of voice, rather it sounded more gentle and warm.


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