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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 235


Chapter 235 - Connection of Hiiro and Zangeki

Due to the abrupt change in subject, Hiiro could only show a dumbfounded expression in face of it. However, Cruzer's eyes were definitely not joking. There might be a meaning to this if he showed him his katana.

He brought out the sheathed《Zangeki》tied around his waist and passed it to Cruzer. Thereupon, a shadow appeared on Hiiro's shoulders.

’’You there! I won't forgive you if you do something weird to 《Zangeki-chan》!’’ (Tenn)

It was Tenn. Since he had fused with 《Zangeki》, he might be worried something bad might happen to the katana.

’’....this is surprising. Are you perhaps a 『Spirit』?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Hee~ for seeing through my identity with just one look, not bad! Hm? Wait a minute, are you telling me this guy is...’’ (Tenn)

Tenn quietly stares at Cruzer with dubious eyes. Did he notice something...? He was grumbling some words which made Hiiro anxious about his strange behavior.

(Though I wish he would stop grumbling while on someone's shoulders.. haa)

In any case, he would have to hear from Tenn later. Hiiro once again returned his gaze to Cruzer.

’’!? T-this is............I see.’’ (Cruzer)

Ignoring Ten's mumblings, Cruzer held the katana and look at it with appraising eyes. His gestures were as if Cruzer was having a conversation with the katana.

’’It is as you can see. That guy can talk to swords as if it was natural to him.’’ (Liliyn)

It was Liliyn who answered his doubts.

Cruzer inspected the newly born 《Zangeki》in various different angles. At first, he had a shocked expression, then as he continued, he nodded many times.

’’......fufu’’ (Cruzer)

’’What's so funny?’’ (Hiiro)

All of a sudden, Cruzer laughed. Hiiro who felt bothered by it, asked him, however Cruzer shook the concern away and slipped the katana back to its sheath.

’’Apparently, this child seems to have grown to something I cannot call my own anymore.’’ (Cruzer)

’’....?’’ (Hiiro)

’’This child said that you are his current master and Tenn is his contractor.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Ah, he said my name...’’ (Tenn)

It seems Cruzer understood Tenn's name from the katana without him saying it. So the story about him being able to talk was true after all? Amazing.

’’At any rate, what happened to this child is really unexpected. For the sword to grow into a『Spirit Blade』... no, this is already in the realms of evolution.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Aw, that's sweet lad.’’ (Tenn)

Tenn puffed up his chest with pride as he said that.

’’What's more this molding...... it's very beautiful. Zafu seems to have improved his own skills.’’ (Cruzer)

’’I see. So what did you talk about with my katana?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Since it had been a long time since we last saw each other, I had fun talking to it with a lot of things.’’ (Cruzer)

’’And those were?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Most of it is me being scolded by this child about Winkaa. I shouldn't have done such a terrible thing on her or so it said.’’ (Cruzer)

Everyone silently looked at Cruzer who had a wry smile on his face.

’’....I certainly didn't imagine it would become like this.’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer murmured while staring at the katana.

’’《Zangeki》 told me a lot of things. What kind of person is his master? Is he really worth trusting? And also his proactive support on Liliyn-san's dream.’’ (Cruzer)

’’That's natural! Hiiro is my subordinate after all!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Keep your jokes in your dreams.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Mu! You still don't understand the position you are in, huh?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Spare me that. I don't want to become a servant of a little girl like that perverted butler over there.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't call me a little girl!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Nofofofofo! You should be honored to be a servant of a little girl! Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

It was obvious chaos was about to ensue but,

’’...fufu.’’ (Cruzer)

Hiiro and Liliyn glares at Cruzer who gave off a faint laugh.

’’ ’’What's so funny?’’ ’’ (Hiiro &Liliyn)

Both of them spoke in sync as they threatened Cruzer, but the latter only took a natural attitude and shrugged it off away.

’’It's nothing. I now understand why Liliyn was able to pursue her dream again.’’ (Cruzer)

He directed a gentle smile without any malice to Liliyn which made her cross her arm in displeasure.

’’If I remember correctly, you once called Hiiro-san as a non-standard person?’’ (Cruzer)

She said such things behind my back? Not that he disagrees with it, though.

’’And you have a problem about that?’’ (Liliyn)

’’To tell you the truth, my opinion of him right now won't change even if that was true.’’ (Cruzer)

’’........’’ (Liliyn)

’’Your dream, 【A place where everyone can enjoy】, I thought that was just a fleeting dream. That even if I reach my hands out to it, it would vanish so easily, which is why I have declined many of your invitations.’’ (Cruzer)

Everyone listened carefully to Cruzer as he continues his words.

’’The world today had fallen into disorder unlike the distant past. Antagonism occurs because of race difference, and then this antagonism causes them to fight one another, and then they will seek an even greater power in order to win their war. And those who were defeated will connect this sadness to their love ones, which leads them to hatred, and the fight is extended once again. Just knowing my children are involved in these disputes crushes my heart with remorse.’’ (Cruzer)

It was obvious that power is needed to win a fight. And in order to attain that power, strong weapons are needed. It seems he had his share of experience on that.

’’Weapons are not just for decoration. And I understand that very well. I wanted them to use my weapons in order to protect those dear to them. However, I was a fool. Such foolish ideals of mine did not come true. I did not understand why at first. But after my loved ones were killed by the weapons I made, I understood it then. So I decided to disappear. I swore to myself not to make any weapons that would kill another person's life.’’ (Cruzer)

The weapons he made back then might exist still now. And it was surely being used by a lot of people even now. But what Cruzer did was turn his eyes away from reality.

’’'re full of complaints, aren't you?’’ (Hiiro)

Only Hiiro spoke those cold words while everyone kept silent.

’’To begin with, weapons are tools to fight no matter how you treat it. That's the reason why you make one anyway.’’ (Hiiro)

’’....yes.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Whatever ideals you put into such a weapon, it is still up to the person who uses it that decides it's purpose.’’ (Hiiro)

’’'re right.’’ (Cruzer)

’’In the end, you just hate that person who betrays your foolish ideals, don't you?’’ (Hiiro)

’’......’’ (Cruzer)

’’And then you turn your eye away from the reality and keep running away from your past. That goes the same with your daughter.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Your ideals were naive since the beginning. Haven't this guy informed you as well about that?’’ (Hiiro)

As he said so, Hiiro pointed at 《Zangeki》

’’You are a father. Whatever you do, wherever you hide, as long as you are Cruzer Jio, then you are her father. And as a father, don't allow your daughter to live in solitude.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hiiro-san.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Running away isn't that bad. There are important reasons by doing so. But, still running away from your past is a different matter.’’ (Hiiro)

’’!?’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer's was wide-eyed by the impact of his words.

’’What you really have to do isn't to confine yourself in such a place. If you really have such power, then why don't you use that to move forward?’’ (Hiiro)

’’.........fufu’’ (Cruzer)

’’What's so funny?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, sorry, my bad. As I said before, I had no intention of leaving this place no matter how many times you tell me about it. Because I might become an existence that causes a conflict again in this era ....’’ (Cruzer)

Certainly, if his existence was revealed, then it won't be funny if that King Rudolph would scheme a kidnapping against Cruzer's will.


’’Liliyn-san...I lost.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Eh?’’ (Liliyn)

’’....this boy is full of surprises.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Haven't I told you before? This guy will surely overturn your ideals if you meet him.’’ (Liliyn)

Hiiro knit his eyebrows in displeasure as Liliyn pointed a finger to him.

’’Yes, you were exactly right. Who could have expected that he had been in contact with my daughter in the past and made 《Zangeki》 evolve? It was shocking. And to even get lectured by him without any means of refusal... truly shocking.’’

Cruzer fixed his eyes on Hiiro and then smiled.

’’What's with that creepy smile?’’ (Hiiro)

’’It's nothin.....can I ask a question?’’ (Cruzer)

’’ long as I can answer it.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Thank you.’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer fixed his posture and sat up straight. Instinctively, Hiiro sat cross-legged in return. They faced each other face to face.

’’That child, 《Zangeki》told me that it trusts you completely as it's long-life partner.’’ (Cruzer)

That's natural. 《Tsuranuki》who is now called 《Zangeki》 was Hiiro's first companion in his adventure. Longer than any of his companions right now.

’’However, I don't want my weapons to be used in a war. That's why I have been collecting my children scattered around the world.’’ (Cruzer)

Hiiro had heard this before from Liliyn, so he accepted his words.

’’《Zangeki》as well, is originally my creations. What would you do if I said to stop using that child in the war?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Is that a question?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes.’’ (Cruzer)

Hiiro quietly stares at Cruzer's eyes. It was clear eyes testing his resolve. He understood that he won't accept a half-baked answer.

’’....unfortunately, I can't do as you ask.’’ (Hiiro)

’’May I know the reason why?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Because this guy is already mine.’’ (Hiiro)

’’......’’ (Cruzer)

’’That's why I cannot do as you ask me to do.’’ (Hiiro)

’’......that child as well told me that it would become independent from me. But weapons can easily hurt people. If you make a mistake on its usage, it can easily take a person's life, which leads to a great amount of sorrow and sadness. And eventually causes a war. Still, will you wield that child?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Of course. I will subjugate my enemy because that's my intention. And besides, weapons are not only for hurting people, isn't that right? I told you earlier that the weapon's purpose is entirely based on the prudence of the wielder. And that's to protect the things important to you, you said so as well.’’ (Hiiro)

’’ seems I've lost my rights to claim that child.’’ (Cruzer)

’’At the very least, this guy has been helpful a lot of times, piercing every hindrance in my path.’’ (Hiiro)

’’I see...your path.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Yeah, even I am not fond of cutting people for leisure. However, if it prevents me from reaching my path, then I will have to push through with all my strength.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Even if you are going to kill a person?’’ (Cruzer)

’’I have already prepared for that.’’ (Hiiro)

Cruzer stared at him without batting an eyelid.

’’To protect the path I'm taking, I will swing this guy...《Zangeki》’’

’’You're right! Me and 《Zangeki-chan》 will stay with Hiiro for a looong time.’’ (Tenn)

Tenn shows Cruzer a victory pose. Hiiro doesn't care what he's doing but instead wishes that monkey would come off from his shoulder. Then as if he read his mind, Tenn jumped from his shoulders and,

’’Besides lad,《Zangeki-chan》 isn't sad when Hiiro is fighting you know. That alone I can assure you of my words!’’ (Tenn)


’’Ouch! What was that for!’’ (Tenn)

’’Don't come out all of a sudden you Yellow Monkey.’’ (Hiiro)

(TL Note: Apparently Hiiro calls Tenn with nickname, 黄ザル (Kizaru). Tell me if Yellow Monkey is wrong or not.)

’’What's so wrong about that! I have fused with 《Zangeki-chan》! So isn't his story, my story too!’’ (Tenn)


’’Why did you hit me again!’’ (Tenn)

Tenn takes a distance from Hiiro as he rub his head with teary eyes.

’’Just be quiet. Even without you telling me, I will continue to believe as long as this sword believes me.’’ (Hiiro)

In that moment, Cruzer opened his eyes brightly and entrusted a kind smile to them.

’’I see, it seems 《Zangeki》 has apparently found a good master.’’ (Cruzer)

Then he turned his directions to Liliyn as he quietly lowered his head. At first, Liliyn was bewildered by such action, but immediately relaxes her face when she understood its significance.

’’Liliyn-san, the dream you want accomplish, let this foolish one be a part of it too. No, let me assist in it too.’’ (Cruzer)

’’.....umu. Then I expect you to do your best Cruzer!’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn also smiles in delight as she made a satisfied nod. Silva and Shamoe similarly nodded as if they felt Liliyn's happiness as well.


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