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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 233


Chapter 233 - Gathering of Hiiro's Party

Hiiro POV

’’Care to explain what that monkey is for?’’ (Liliyn)

Hiiro's group was invited to the 【Spirit Forest】in which inside it, they gained valuable experiences and thus returned safely into of the rooms in the castle of 【Xaous】. Likewise, Liliyn's group who had similarly gone to meet an acquaintance came back at the same time as them.

Thus, after seeing a small animal inside the room, Liliyn naturally asked about it.

’’Yo! Best regards here!’’ (Tenn)

’’It talked!?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn, Shamoe and Mikazuki made their own surprised faces while Silva quietly stared at the small monkey no Hiiro's contracted 『Spirit』.

As expected an explanation was needed in face of this, so he let Nikki do the explanation. Midway though, Camus supplemented her explanations a lot of times, and in the end, they were able to explain the details entailing it.

’’While you guys missed to say about me being a 『Contracted Spirit』...umu, not bad my subordinates! Kuhahaha!’’ (Tenn)

It appears that this guy enjoyed their reactions.

’’Still, among the animals you could choose from, why select a dwarf-like monkey? It's such a waste. Wasn't there any fellows over there that seemed stronger?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Mu! What are you implying! For your information, I'm a high ranking 『Spirit』 you know! And speaking of dwarves, you are not one to tal............... eh?’’ (Tenn)

It was not a stretch that Tenn became speechless. Because a dark aura was drifting behind Liliyn, and it was obvious those were murderous intents of hers.

’’Did you say something monkey? Or do you prefer me peeling your skin and have you bath under the sunlight like a dried fish? What do you think?’’ (Liliyn)

’’N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no, it must have been your imagination! Ukiii!’’ (Tenn)

Tenn's small body shivered as he hid behind Hiiro and clung to him.

’’O-oi Hiiro! What's with that girl over there!’’ (Tenn)

He whispered to Hiiro as Tenn had a disgusted expression.

’’Like I said before, she's not your ordinary girl.’’ (Hiiro)

’’You never told me that! What's with that girl, her aura is so similar to Grandpa Hoozuki!? She's suuuper scary!? Ukii!!’’ (Tenn)

Hiiro who was reading a book with his one hand, shrugged his shoulders as if to say ’’Don't ask me. I don't know.’’

’’A-NY-WAY! She's the type I'm not good at! Those eyes are dead serious...if I relax my guard for just a bit, I....I would become a dried fish!’’ (Tenn)

But in face of that, Hiiro had an expression that was saying ’’Stop clinging to me and your clamors are irritating.’’ Shamoe and Mikazuki however had a different impression on it as they embraced Tenn while murmuring ’’So adorable!’’

’’Uwa~ I didn't know I was this popular, kuhaha~’’ (Tenn)

Tenn seemed to have welcomed the sudden gesture. Though Tenn was not that conscious about being hugged by Shamoe's plump chest, one one pervert reacted to such a scene.

’’Nuooooooo! How envious to be hugged like that!!!!’’ (Hentai)

That guy shouted as his eyes was beaming with excitement and pleasure. Dangerous.

’’T-Tenn-dono! Even if it's Tenn-dono, there's a limit to everything!’’ (Silva)

’’Shut up and die Hentai.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro who couldn't read his book properly said that with a disgusted face.

’’Oh? Oh! Isn't that Silva! Oha~’’ (Tenn)

Tenn waves at Silva as if they were like an acquaintance.

’’You, you know this guy?’’ (Hiiro)

It seemed to have gotten Hiiro's attention. Tenn hops down from the bed as he escaped from the arms of Shamoe and sits besides Hiiro.

’’Well yeah. Although it was a long time ago since then.’’ (Tenn)

Liliyn seems to have gotten onto the flow as well as she turned her gaze to Silva. And Silva, the person in question, only shrugged his shoulders as if to say ’’good grief’’

’’Let me see. I first met Tenn-dono when I was still inside the 【Spirit Forest】’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah, we did meet at that time although your appearance doesn't seem to have changed a bit. I guess your white hair is different from that time?’’ (Tenn)

’’Nofofofofo! I was still young back then!’’ (Silva)

’’Anyway, I'm glad you are still in one piece.’’ (Tenn)

’’Indeed. And you seem to be in good health too.’’ (Silva)

’’Ukiki! Ah, Grandpa wishes to see you once again, do you still have no intention of coming back?’’ (Tenn)

’’..........unfortunately, no.’’ (Silva)

It was understandable that something was up as Silva replied to Tenn's question without breaking his usual smile. Though to be frank, Hiiro was curious about it, but he held back and did not pry the said matter.

That said, Tenn who also quietly saw his expression, returned a bright expression to him.

’’...Is that so! Well isn't that fine! Grandpa seems to be alive and kicking, so I'm sure... you have a lot of chances to meet with him again.’’ (Tenn)

’’....thank you.’’ (Silva)

Why was he saying thanks in response? Is it because Tenn did not divulge his past? Either case, it's not helping in restoring the mood, so how......

’’Ukiki! Oh yeah, I haven't properly introduced myself! My name is Tenn! Please take care of me from hereafter.’’ (Tenn)


’’Sure, but that depends on how cooperative you will be. Kukuku.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hiiiiii!’’ (Tenn)

Tenn was frightened once again by Liliyn. Apparently it had become a trauma to him. However, Liliyn noticed something else besides Tenn, it was the thing tied on Nikki's hand.

’’Mu? Nikki what's that on your wrist?’’ (Liliyn)

Nikki rolled her sleeves as a ribbon was revealed on her wrists.

’’Magic seems to be present in it...’’ (Liliyn)

Hiiro was impressed by Liliyn's discovery about it. This was the ribbon given to Nikki by the White Snake 『Spirit』 Hime when they were about to leave the 【Spirit Forest】. Hiiro also had a suspicion that this ribbon wasn't an ordinary piece of cloth.

And Liliyn saw through it by insights only. She's amazing.

’’Oh oh? You mean this ribbon? Mufufu.’’ (Nikki)

Nikki happily explained the details about it. And as to why she was happy about it, she heard it from Camus after she fainted.

When Hime was about to take a path that she was about to regret, Nikki did something to help her do something about it. Because of that, Hime felt gratitude towards her and entrusted Nikki one of her ribbon as proof.

According to Nikki, there seems to be a gentle magic flowing inside it. And more than anything, she was very happy because Hime recognized her for who she is.

’’Hou, but to be able to inherit something from a 『Spirit』.... Tsk, I should have went with you guys after all.’’ (Liliyn)

Though Liliyn pouts like a young child, the place they've been to was only possible because the 『Spirits』allowed it so. For a ferocious girl like Liliyn, it's probably impossible for her to enter it just like them.

’’By the way, where did Liliyn-dono's group went to?’’ (Nikki)

As Nikki asked that question, ’’Oh, I remembered that we have something important to discuss’’ , Silva muttered in response.

(After a few minutes)

’’Troublesome’’ (Hiiro)

That was the one-word response of Hiiro to Silva's story.

’’Haa, I knew you were going to say that.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn shook her head from side to side as if she had predicted his reaction.

’’Based from your story, I don't think it's necessary for me to go to 【Shanjumon Cave】’’ (Hiiro)

It seems that there was an old friend living in that place, however, what's the point of him going there to meet this acquaintance of them?

What's more, that person doesn't seem to have intention of leaving his secular way of living, and wants them to meet at his place. Seriously?

’’Just so you know Hiiro, meeting that guy is also for the sake of my ambition.’’ (Liliyn)

’’.......’’ (Hiiro)

’’Y-you said you would my dream. Tha-that's why... you ought to follow what I say!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Ah....Milady ruined it...’’ (Silva)

Why is she blushing while pointing that finger to him?.....And what does he expect me to do by saying that?

See? Even Silva dropped his shoulders for some reason as if he gave up on something.

’’Mi-milady! If you're going to beg about least, at least do that! Show him that irresistible upturned eyes look!’’ (Shamoe)

Doji Maid... is it alright to say that when everyone is present in here?

’’What are you saying! As if I'm going to do something like that! And b-besides, from where did you learn that knowledge from! Did you hear it from someone!?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Err.... I think it was from Silva-sama.’’ (Shamoe)

As Shamoe innocently smiled in response, Silva murmured, ’’Oh Jesus.’’ as he began to pray to the Gods.

’’You! Why are you teaching such stuffs to Shamoeeeeeee!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Gaffun!?’’ (Silva)

A splendid round house kick was delivered directly to Silva's face as he crashed head first on the wall.

’’A-anyway, it's becomes a problem if you don't come!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Even if you say that. Besides if he wants to talk, why not come here?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I told you that he can't do it! The guy has some circumstances!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Is it because he's a beastman? If that's the case, getting permission from Maou would solve the problem.’’ (Hiiro)

’’That's not the reason! There are some people aiming for him, if we bring him in here, a riot might suddenly occur and it will become more troublesome than it is!’’ (Liliyn)

’’............then don't introduce such a guy like that to me.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro thought so instinctively. For someone like him who had a constitution that attracts trouble along the way. It's natural that he would refuse to meet such a bomb-like character. And so,

’’I'll say it once again, I'm not going.’’ (Hiiro)

’’B-but this is for the sake of my dream you know!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Mu...:’’ (Hiiro)

Certainly, Hiiro did vow to support her dream, so he had no intention on refusing her. He wishes to see the realization of her dreams. But Hiiro was hardly convinced that she would get closer to her dream but meeting such a person. That's how he felt on this matter.

’’B-besides, the 《Zangeki》 you hold right now was made by Cruzer!’’ (Liliyn)

’’That's why, even if it's just for once...’’ (Liliyn)

’’Oi’’ (Hiiro)

’’Have a talk’’ (Liliyn)

’’What did you say just now?’’ (Hiiro)

Liliyn was astonished by Hiiro's sudden interest.

’’Eh..ah. At the very least, have a talk with him for once.’’ (Liliyn)

’’No, before that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’The 《Zangeki》 you hold right now was made by Cruzer?’’ (Liliyn)

Apparently what he heard wasn't a mistake, nice job memories. Hiiro looked at the sword leaning against the bed and,

’’You said his name was...Cruzer right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Y-yeah.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Let me confirm something first. Is his name Cruzer Jio?’’ (Hiiro)


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