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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 232


Chapter 232 - Appoinment

After Liliyn and the others gave up chasing Abyss' group from retrieving the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》, they went back to Cruzer's shelter where Shamoe and Mikazuki was waiting for their arrival.

’’Milady, I may have asked this before, but are you really sure that the 《Core》would be left untouched?’’ (Silva)

Although Silva was asking it to Liliyn, it was Cruzer who replied to his question.

’’It's going to be alright, I'm sure of it. You remember what I told you about what I saw there right?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Yes. I do remember.’’ (Silva)

’’If it's those two, they won't be able to do something about it. The power of the 《Core》is that abnormal.’’ (Cruzer)

’’....if you say so.’’ (Silva)

Silva didn't pursue the subject anymore because he noticed that neither Liliyn or Cruzer was worried about it.

’’....well then.’’ (Cruzer)

All of a sudden, Cruzer eyes sharpened as he turned it towards Silva and Liliyn.

’’Let us continue to that topic we were talking about awhile ago.’’ (Cruzer)

Silva nodded to show his recollection of their talk while slightly perplexed by the sudden change of Cruzer's mood.

’’It's about Hiiro-sama, I presume’’ (Silva)

’’The youth you call by the name Hiiro.... Is it really true that he participated and used the sword 《Zangeki》in the previous war?’’ (Cruzer)

’’....that's a definite yes.’’ (Silva)

For a few seconds, Cruzer's expression distorted into a bitter one. His dark expression had a trace of regret and concern.

’’For 《Zangeki》to be used in the war....does Zafu knows about this?’’ (Cruzer)

Zafu was Cruzer's so called apprentice whom he taught about the basics of blacksmithing for about one week. And more importantly, Zafu should know that using Cruzer's creations to hurt other people in this world was something he hated.

That's why, he found it hard to believe that Zafu who knew such ideal of his, would hand over 《Zangeki》to a person who can easily participate in a war.

’’Originally, Hiiro-sama was only an adventurer. Of course, we told Zafu that the sword would be used if they encountered resistance. However, we did not expect that Hiiro-sama would voluntarily join the war, even we who had participated as well, did not understand his reason as of yet.’’ (Silva)

’’I, I'm sorry, please continue.’’ (Cruzer)

Silva then briefly told Cruzer about their travels. The youth named Hiiro was only intending to sightsee the whole world. And he seems to be cooperating with Liliyn's ambition by laying the groundwork for it to be realized.

Though laying the groundwork sounds good, it's actually a movement to reach out to those painfully living in this world and gather them to 【A place where everyone can enjoy】which Liliyn-san intends to build. This was also the reason why Cruzer went along with them.

’’B-but...’’ (Cruzer)

That person doesn't hurt his comrades? Though Silva may have said that, Cruzer couldn't easily assent to it as his expression turned into a gloomy one.

’’Then, how about meeting him personally for once?’’ (Silva)

’’ him personally? Me?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Yes. By meeting him face to face, you will be able to judge if Hiiro-sama is worthy of 《Zangeki》.’’ (Silva)

’’Kukuku, whatever you think about him, I'm sure you will be definitely surprised. If you meet him now your sense of values will surely be blown away by his ambiguity, but is that still fine with you ?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn looked like an excited child, but somewhat nasty. It was as if she was looking at them with mischievous eyes. Is that how unfathomable this man called Hiiro is?

’’....for you to describe a person that far...’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer lightly sighed as he quiety shut his eyes. It seems he needs to think about this with careful consideration.

Silva whispers to Liliyn not loud enough for Cruzer to hear.

’’Is it alright to do this Milady?’’ (Silva)

’’What's wrong about it?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hiiro-sama deemed it bothersome to visit this place. I believe we will receive the same answer from him again if we ask him?’’ (Silva)

’’I know that. Isn't that the reason why we are here in the first place? (Liliyn)

’’Eh?’’ (Silva)

’’That...that guy said that....he would help me in establishing my dream.’’ (Liliyn)

Silva didn't say anything in face of the blushing Liliyn.

’’The persuasion of Cruzer is also related to my dream. S-so, that person will surely agree, no, he will definitely come! I-if he doesn't then I'm going to force him to come here!’’ (Liliyn)

’’...Milady, I think you're getting your priorities backward.’’ (Silva)

’’S-silence! B-besides that guy is....’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn sends a glance towards Cruzer who was still in deep thought.

’’If it's that guy, he will be able to change the present Cruzer.’’ (Liliyn)

’’.... I see, I also agree with that too.’’ (Silva)

Liliyn also closed her eyes as Silva kindly smiled at her. Next to them, Shamoe swept Mikazuki's head as the latter still slept on her lap. The mood between each pair felt like a mother and child, it was an otherworldly scene rarely seen in this gloomy cave.

After a while, Cruzer finally opened his eyes. Everyone noticed the change in him, and paid attention to the answer he had arrived.

’’....I understand. Let me meet this person, no, I would rather like to meet him personally.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Understood. What time would you like to meet him?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Let me see, will tomorrow perhaps suffice?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Fumu... then we will come back here noon of tomorrow.’’ (Liliyn)

Silva nods similarly with them. Shamoe also made the same gesture in return to their finalized appointment.

’’Noted. Then I will be waiting here tomorrow.’’ (Cruzer)

Liliyn stood up as Cruzer said so, and gestured Silva to give Cruzer the sack they brought. It was the luggage Mikazuki brought in her beast-form.

’’Oh my, you didn't have to do this.’’ (Cruzer)

Inside the sack were delicacies brought as a present for Cruzer. Cruzer shyly expresses his delightedness.

Silva carried the still sleeping Mikazuki in his arms as Shamoe followed in tow. Though Liliyn also followed them from behind,

’’Look forward to it Cruzer. Hiiro is not an ordinary person you see every day.’’

And then she went out along with her companions. Cruzer waved in response to her words as he expressed a wry smile.

Meanwhile, Abyss and Iraora came back from the 【Shanjumon Cave】 and reported what happened to the Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros.

He listened to their report with a smile on her face, but midway, his eyebrows moved as if he heard something of concern.

’’....she was also there? 《Red Rose》 herself?’’ (Avoros)

《Red Rose》was a nickname of Liliyn. Abyss affirmed Avoros' question about her.

’’Hee, but why was she there...I thought 《Red Rose》 hated that place because of her. Now why would she go to that place with that in mind. Very suspicious, don't you think?’’ (Avoros)

’’Is there something else inside that place that we don't know?’’ (Iraora)

Though Iraora asked a question,

’’Uuun, the only important thing inside the cave is 《The Core of the Founder Demon Lord》, did I miss anything else? That place is swarmed by high level monsters, surely no one would bother living in such a place...’’ (Avoros)

He was answered back by Avoros' brooding.

’’Now that I remember, I believe she had companions.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hm? Companions? Are you talking about Mr. Red robe?’’ (Avoros)

Abyss shook his head in response to Avoros' question.

’’No, he was a person I have not seen before. Moreover, a beastman.’’ (Abyss)

Due to his words, Avoros raised his head as if something clicked.

’’Hee, a beastman huh? That boy really does have a wide connection of people. Is that the only beastman you saw back then? Although I heard it awhile ago, what does he look like?’’ (Avoros)

’’He had a yellow hair, and wore garments similar to a monk. And he had a sword that gives off a strange atmosphere.’’ (Abyss)

’’...Strange you say?’’ (Avoros)

’’Yes, it felt as cold as ice but it also feels hot as a flame, it was an ominous katana he held.’’ (Abyss)

’’Yellow hair... an ominous looking sword, and a beastman...?’’ (Avoros)

Avoros repeated this grumble as he looked up in the sky, and then suddenly, his eyes widened a little.

(...No, that's impossible. That man is surely living in hell... wait, is it because he's in hell that he's still alive? If he's hiding in 【Shanjumon Cave】, then isn't that the most suitable place to hide...?)

Avoros shook his head as he thought of that.

(But if that's the case, wouldn't he need to go to the surface? Everything makes sense if he's the one 《Red Rose》 is in contact with ...... kukuku, but even if so it's impossible 《Red Rose》. Even if you drag that man, it's impossible to convince someone who once detested living in this forsaken world.)

Avoros himself was one of those people that had been repeatedly rejected so many times when invited that person on his side. No matter how favorable it is to that guy, that person was never swayed by one bit from it.

Avoros knows one of the reasons why he became such an existence, so it was impossible for a man like Cruzer Jio to believe in hope, much less to trust a person.

(Anyway, what could someone like him matter now, he rejected me so I won't bother with him. More importantly...)

Avoros threw away his thoughts about Cruzer and,

’’Abyss, Iraora, I'm sorry troubling you in searching for that. Good work.’’ (Avoros)

’’What about the 《Core》?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora asked him so.

’’It's alright, we won't immediately need it for now. And besides, it's not like that thing is unobtainable, right?’’ (Avoros)

His eyes were glowing as if he had something obviously planned in his mind. In face of that, Iraora slightly trembled while Abyss was calmly standing.

’’Understood. Then we will proceed in collecting it.’’ (Abyss)

’’Eh? O-oi, wait for me Abyss!’’ (Iraora)

’’Un~ Good luck you two~’’ (Avoros)

Abyss turned his back and went out of the room, Iraora who was confused by what happened, hurriedly chased after him. And Avoros who was left alone inside the room, leaked a light sigh.

’’....Not yet. It's not perfect yet.’’ (Avoros)

He looked at the sky without his usual smile as if he was looking at a hateful enemy beyond it. And then he raised his right hand slowly and tried to grasp something.

’’I will not give in to you. I will surely obtain it....definitely...’’ (Avoros)


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