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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 231


Chapter 231 - The Core of the Founder Demon Lord

Liliyn POV

’’You have my gratitude, Cruzer-dono.’’ (Silva)

Even though Silva was an all-seeing existence to be feared, he bowed in front of Cruzer in gratitude for helping their escape.

’’Please don't worry. If by any chance Liliyn-san's warning was true, I would have troubled you either way.’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer also similarly bowed with the same degree of gratitude.

’’And apparently, they didn't seem to be looking for me.’’ (Cruzer)

His relief was obvious as his expression loosened. Liliyn didn't probe any further about it.

’’Oi Cruzer, you're well informed about this place right? I have one question about it’’ (Liliyn)

’’'s about their purpose, isn't it?’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer seemed to have anticipated her question.

’’As far as that goes, didn't those people slipped a few words related to their purpose in this place?’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah they did. I thought the reason why they set their foot in this secluded place was to search for Cruzer, but’’ (Liliyn)

Those people seemed to know what they were doing.

’’They don't seem to be. Rather..... They seem to be looking for some treasure sleeping inside this cave.’’ (Liliyn)

’’.........’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer kept silent with his eyes partly closed. He placed a hand on his chins as he pondered about Liliyn's words. Because of such actions, Liliyn noticed him and awaited for his response.

’’....I see, it can't be helped to have such conclusion. No one would visit this place with only sightseeing as their intentions. ’’ (Cruzer)

It apparently seems that Cruzer as well arrived with the same conclusion as them.

’’That's why if you know anything here that could help us, say it now. If what they are looking do exist, then we have to stop them in finding that treasure first.’’ (Liliyn)

’’If you say it like that, I will cooperate. However, I'm not that detailed about this, alright? This is only based on what I've seen, so I have no knowledge regarding as to why or how it got here.’’ (Cruzer)

And so Cruzer spoke about the treasure sleeping inside the 【Shanjuumon Cave】

A long time ago, this cave was just a usual cave. It was said to be a hiding place of a Demon Lord. This person had placed a mysterious force that prevents intruders from invading it using an unknown high-level magic.

TL Note: (Please note that this Demon Lord is not Eveam. I know who it is, but consider this one as some other Demon Lord in the past.)

In other words, an optical illusion magic that changes interior of the cave every time an intruder enters.

’’Impossible! I was fooled by a magic that I was specialised in!’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn's unique magic was called 《Fantasia Magic》, a magic that spites illusions towards selected enemies while the caster is unaffected by it.

Of course, she knew that there were other people out there who uses a similar magic, however even if they could use it, at the very least, it shouldn't have worked on her. Liliyn's sixth sense would have instantly told her and see through the illusions.

So Liliyn couldn't entirely believe this baseless rumors that she was deceived by such magic. But she still couldn't escape the illusion even if she was trying to breakthrough the magic. If she used her magic, her sixth sense should have already told her where that treasure was located.

Liliyn did not expect that there was a magic existing beyond her unique magic. This was making her conflicted.

’’I understand how unbelievable this seems, Liliyn-san. I do believe that your 《Fantasia Magic》is the only one that exists in this world. And it's very strong so to speak.’’ (Cruzer)

She pouted as if to say ’’That's natural. It's my unique magic.’’

’’However, if you know what kind of treasure is sleeping in this cave, I'm sure you will also agree with me.’’ (Cruzer)

’’...........what do you mean?’’ (Liliyn)

Cruzer paused for a bit, and began to speak in a deep quiet voice.

’’The treasure that lies inside the 《Shanjuumon Cave》 is........................ the 《The Core of the Founder Demon Lord》’’

(Eh? Did I hear that correctly..? He..he said the core of the Founder.... Demon Lord?)

Liliyn instinctively asked Cruzer again to confirm if she heard those words correctly.

’’Like I said a while ago, the treasure that lies in this place is the core of the person who founded 【Xaous】kingdom.... Demon Lord Adams.’’ (Cruzer)

Liliyn grinded her teeth unintentionally. Her arms trembled as she made a fist.

’’You understand right? No, you may have already arrived at what I'm trying to point out. Because Adams specialises in a unique magic as well..... I'm pretty sure you are aware of that, am I right Liliyn-san?’’ (Cruzer)

’’..........’’ (Liliyn)

(TL Note: The author used 彼女 | Kanojo. This means Adams is a woman.)

(Of course I know.... Because that Adams is.....)

’’She was renowned to be the strongest Demon Lord who reigned over anyone. Her magic too made her known as the 《Queen of Dreams》because that magic was............... 《Fantasia Magic》. Yes, she was the 『Succubus-kin』 whom Liliyn-san inherited her unique magic.’’ (Cruzer)

(TL Note: 夢魔族 means Dream-Demon Kin. So it can either be an Incubus or Succubus.)

Silva who knew this quietly watched the conversation of the two people. Liliyn who had a face that won't recognise this rumor, glared at Cruzer.

She stared at him for awhile, until she leaked a exasperated sigh. His eyes wasn't lying.

’’.......does that thing really exists in here?’’ (Liliyn)

She asked with a depressed tone.

’’Yes. That thing exists in here. Although I don't know the reason why it is in here, the effect towards us is already credible proof that's in here......... I'm certainly sure of this.’’ (Cruzer)

’’......I see.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Milady....’’ (Silva)

Silva seemed to have been worried about Liliyn due to her obvious bewilderment about this.

’’You said you were certain about this? Then it means you have confirmed it with your own eyes? (Liliyn)

’’I did. Despite how I look right now, I'm very proficient in searching mysterious things.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Oh, now that you mention it, your family was also like that.’’ (Liliyn)

She shrugged her shoulders as if to say ’’Can't be helped’’. Cruzer's family descendants were appraisal experts, so if Cruzer says he confirmed it, then it is very reliable indeed.

’’Anyway, with this, we have already grasped their intentions. Those guys are surely aiming for the 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》if it really is here.’’ (Liliyn)

’’I agree.’’ (Silva)

’’That Predecessor Demon Lord probably ordered this retrieval. Although I don't know what they will use it for, it's obvious it's going to be something bad. Its importance is also supported by sending a 『Spirit』named Abyss.’’ (Liliyn)

If he sent a 『Spirit』in his place, then he would not have any worry of getting lost because of the clairvoyance of that being.

’’Are we going to chase them out?’’ (Silva)

Liliyn pondered for a little, before she shook her head in face of Silva's question.

’’Let's leave them be.’’ (Liliyn)

’’....are you fine with it?’’ (Silva)

Because of her unexpected reply, Silva exaggeratedly asked in surprise.

’’Yeah, although that Abyss guy was certainly a 『Spirit』, those guys, or at least, those two won't be able to get it, if we are talking about the《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》of course.’’ (Liliyn)

’’You don't seem to be lying...’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer who had been listening to this, lightly made sigh as if to say ’’I give up, you win.’’. Although she said that, she was a little irritated for not being able to return the payback to them.

’’Of course I am. Even I was deceived by it. I would be running over there if I could feel it right now you know?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Oh dear, I knew you were going to say that.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Still Milady, what if those people were able to reach the 《Core》, are you sure they can't obtain it?’’ (Silva)

’’Let me see, if those guys really did reach its location then......’’ (Liliyn)

3rd Person POV

’’Oi Abyss! What is the meaning of this!’’ (Iraora)

The reason why Iraora was shouting is due to him being speechless by the spectacle stretched in front of their eyes. However, Abyss who was besides him, didn't respond and stared at it quietly.

’’What the heck is this! Wha....why are there so many 《Core》in here!’’ (Iraora)

As for their current location, they arrived at a place they were unfamiliar of as numerous bluish black gems greeted them in every direction.

’’How is this supposed to be a cave when it's this utterly wide! What the hell is going in here!?’’ (Iraora)

’’.......’’ (Abyss)

’’Oi Abyss! Open that f*king mouth of yours and do something about this!’’ (Iraora)

Although the situation had become too confusing, Abyss won't answer him even with his frantic shout earlier. It was making Iraora more irritated.

’’Where the hell is the real 《Core of the Founder Demon Lord》! Aren't you a 《Clairvoyant Race》? Then find it already!’’ (Iraora)

However, Abyss still didn't respond as he continued looking at the shining gems around them. And finally....

’’....this is quite astonishing.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah? What the heck are you talking about?’’ (Iraora)

’’This spectacle... should I say as expected of the Founder Demon Lord's power...’’ (Abyss)

Abyss who said such word, then approached and touched one of the gems. He took it with his small hands easily.

’’Oh! Is that the real thing!’’ (Iraora)

’’, you are mistaken.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah? But isn't this the illusion of that guy? If you can touch it like that, isn't that the genuine one?’’ (Iraora)

Abyss dropped the gem and broke like a shattered glass bead when it hit the ground.

’’Once you have mastered magic, it is very difficult to tell it apart from reality. It can dominate one's inner soul and manipulate their feelings. That's magic. For instance, I want to touch the gem, and when I try to touch it, it becomes possible to touch it.’’ (Abyss)

’’....?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora inclines his head as if to show that he's having difficulty understanding Abyss' words. But Abyss ignored him and continued with his explanation.

’’However, if we think about it oppositely...’’

The moment he said that, he reached to another gem only to be in vain. His hands passed through it like touching a reflection of it.

’’It becomes an illusion the moment I convinced myself it was just a fake.’’ (Abyss)

’’........then what does this mean?’’ (Iraora)

’’In other words, this is a space created by the real 《Core》's magic where your inner thoughts are reflected real time.’’ (Abyss)

’’...wait, then isn't the solution easy! Let's just think that the real thing is in here!’’ (Iraora)

Though he thought the solution was that simple after that complicated explanation but,

’’Listen, even if we perceive these gems as the real one, do you think that is the genuine one?’’ (Abyss)

’’...hah?’’ (Iraora)

’’What you will experience is probably an illusion that gives you the real thing that you most desired.’’ (Abyss)

Iraora couldn't understand it still, so he stared blankly in puzzlement.

’’Then let us assume then. Assume that you are under the impression of an illusion that makes you think this is the real thing. Then this moving world that we are now is just an illusion set to makes us think we are in here.’’ (Abyss)

’’I somehow get the idea.’’ (Iraora)

’’In short, with this illusion in place, it is impossible to find the real thing.’’ (Abyss)

’’H-h-hey! Are you saying we're on a stalemate here! What happened to the 『Spirit』can see through this and that! There is a limit on how one can be useless you know!?’’ (Iraora)

’’『Spirit』's are not omnipotent. This is something that cannot be seen even if you have a 《Clairvoyant Vision》. In order to break through this magic, it will require power that defies common sense.’’ (Abyss)

Abyss leaks a sigh of amazement as he looked at the wide space in front of him.

’’If it's the『Fairy Queen』or the『Spirit King』, they might be able to understand this kind of phenomenon. Unfortunately, that level of perception is out of my reach.’’ (Abyss)

’’W-what the f*k...’’ (Iraora)

’’This is obviously beyond my powers. No, it might be because His Majesty predicted this would happen that he sent us towards here.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah? What's your point?’’ (Iraora)

Avoros had something to them before they went to this place.

『About that thing I requested, if you can get it, will you pick it up for me and bring it back?』

That's what he said.

’’In other words, His Majesty may have visited this place once before us. And similarly, he fell in the same situation as us and abandoned it with regrets. And so he thought that if a 『Spirit』like me is dispatched here, then there would be a chance.’’ (Abyss)

’’Then that means, we failed this f*king mission. No, wait a minute. Didn't you have a 《Magic-Nullification》trait? Then why are you affected by this kind of magic?’’ (Iraora)

It was as he said. 『High-Ranking Spirits』are existences who have an ability inside their body called 《Magic-Nullification》.

’’Perhaps this magic has the power to invalidate 《Magic-Nullification》’’ (Abyss)

’’Hey hey, isn't that even possible!’’ (Iraora)

’’Yes they do. That category of magic is called 《Absolute Magic》.’’ (Abyss)

’’What the heck is that?’’ (Iraora)

’’Another name for it is 《Spirit Magic》. Iraora, do you know of the phenomenon called the 《Red Rain》?’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah? You mean that rain that's considered a magic but also can invalidate magic?’’ (Iraora)

’’Well with that recognition, there's no doubt that's the one, but『Spirits』can use magic under that rain. That's because the magic 『Spirits』handle has an effect that invalidate all other interferences. Even if it's 《Magic-Nullification》, it is powerless over 《Absolute Magic》.’’ (Abyss)

’’Then can't you cast your own magic since it can nullify interferences?’’ (Iraora)

Though Abyss could understand where he was going with this, he had a rather complex expression about it. What Iraora meant to say is that if Abyss uses his 《Spirit Magic》then wouldn't they be able to break past the interference.

’’Certainly we have that kind of option.’’ (Abyss)

’’Then why don't you use your magic....’’ (Iraora)

’’However《Absolute Magic》acknowledges superiority and inferiority.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah?’’ (Iraora)

’’If someone strong is capable of causing this phenomenon....’’ (Abyss)

’’......’’ (Iraora)

’’Then the current me is unable to invalidate this kind of magic.’’ (Abyss)

’’....tsk, what a useless guy! Then that means all we did were in vain!?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora clicks his tongue as he put sarcasm in his words towards expressionless Abyss.

’’Not really. We were able to accomplish the mission of confirming our goal so that we can prepare counter-measures in the future. Although it would have been better if we could get the real thing, at least we got information about this.’’ (Abyss)

’’Then what are we going to do now’’ (Iraora)

’’For the meantime, let us report back to His Majesty and wait for further instructions.’’

’’.........tsk, this mission is troublesome, f*k!’’ (Iraora)

The two of them returned their heels back towards the exit as they left the widely broad area before them.


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