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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 230


Chapter 230 - Enemy Spirit

[Liliyn's POV]

At the time Cruzer glared Silva for answers, an explosion occurred within the cave. Then, the earth shook as splinters fell from the muddy ceiling of the cave.

’’What's happening?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn glanced at the path leading to the exit of this cave with a suspicious expression and said,

’’Monsters?’’ (Liliyn)

’’No, that's impossible, no monster in this area would do something like destroying their natural habitat. That kind of explosion wasn't caused by monsters.’’ (Cruzer)

The one who answered was Cruzer who was well-informed about the 【Shanjumon Cave】

’’Hou, this has become interesting. So you mean to say that other than us, there were other curious people who have set foot in this cave?’’ (Liliyn)

’’.....I fear that's likely true.’’ (Cruzer)

’’..... if that's the case, the problem is why and for what purpose did they come here. I do have an idea though.... ’’ (Liliyn)

When she turned her eyes towards Cruzer, he refused the accusing gaze.

’’It's not me.’’ (Cruzer)

’’Hou, what's your basis?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Whenever I go out, I always wear a disguise, and even when I return back, I always take more than enough precaution.’’ (Cruzer)

’’I see, if there was someone capable of exceeding your stealth skills, this problem could have been solved already.’’ (Liliyn)

If someone like Hiiro who could multi-use the characters:『Transparency』|『透明』 &『Invisibility』|『隠形』, then Cruzer wouldn't be able to see them, much less, to notice them. Furthermore, if such person was able to do it, then he's not just an ordinary spy.

Although Cruzer also was not an ordinary man, it would still be difficult to track him who specializes in covert.

’’That could be true. However, there might be another reason.’’ (Silva)

’’What?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Based on the sound earlier, these people may be fighting a monster, however, if I was in their position, I would find a gentler method to do it considering our purpose in here. They were not hiding their presence or even taking heed of their actions. These people are not spies in my opinion.’’ (Silva)

In other words, even if someone has come here, their purpose was not Cruzer. Liliyn also agreed to this thought.

’’Besides, even if I was being tailed, I who's always serious in covert operations won't be noticed that easily.’’ (Cruzer)

’’.....come to think of it, you were always like that, huh?’’ (Liliyn)

Cruzer's words were not conceited. Certainly, it's impossible to track him down because he was a person who never failed to take precaution in their travels. As long as it's not on the same level of Hiiro's foul-playing magic.......

’’Then for what purpose....ah, there was one in here.’’ (Liliyn)

’’What do you mean?’’ (Cruzer)

’’I will be able to confirm it if we meet our mysterious intruders.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn's expression curved into a smile that seems to say ’’this is going to be fun’’ and stood up. Along with her, Silva also stood up similarly.

’’Shamoe, and Mi....ah, she's asleep.’’ (Liliyn)

She caught the figure of Mikazuki sleeping on Shamoe's lap.

’’Both of you stay here for a bit.’’ (Liliyn)

’’I-I understand.’’ (Shamoe)

Shamoe responded with a quiet voice, taking into consideration of Mikazuki's sleeping figure.

’’Let's go Silva.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Certaintly Milady.’’ (Silva)

Silva walks in front of Liliyn as if to say ’’I'm Milady's shield anytime.’’

’’What should I do?’’ (Cruzer)

’’Do as you see fit.... but if by any chance the intruders were really aiming at you, hide here with Shamoe and the others.’’ (Liliyn)

’’......if you say so.’’ (Cruzer)

’’I'll come back soon after I question those intruders for information. But, if they still feign ignorance about their intrusion, it might become a little bit rough. Kukuku.’’ (Liliyn)

The gloomy atmosphere she felt after arriving in this place vanished. Though she wasn't sure of their purpose in here,

(I guess I can pass off my boredom with them)

They went out of place while Liliyn was expecting to be amused a little.

Covering most of the surrounding area were corpses of Blood Ants. These monsters that have a similar size to a 10 years old human child, attacks in swarms which rated them as rank A difficulty.

The corpse had its limbs and hands cut off completely as if the corpse had been subjected to a destructive explosion as blood were scattered all over the place.

And two figures remained in those surroundings. Those two wore jet-black robes on their bodies with some blood staining their clothes.

’’Even though they were small fries, they still attacked us. What weak monsters!’’ (???)

One of the two had a large build that was casually spewing off a violent mood. Apparently, this person seems to be the criminal offender who did this to the Blood Ants.

Liliyn slowly peeked from the hole they were in. However,

’’......we are being observed by someone.’’ (???)

The other of the two spoke with his child-like figure,

’’Ha? No one told us that there would be people here. Where are they?’’ (???)

The large one who hasn't noticed them looks around restlessly. However, when the small one shifted their direction towards their location, he threw out something from his chest.


’’See...There they are.’’ (???)

The small guy muttered those confident words as if they had been played by his earlier attack. He threw a dagger towards them as Silva repelled it by throwing a kitchen knife from his.

It couldn't be helped if their whereabouts were easily discovered but,

(I wanted to collect a little more information from their talk earlier)

Liliyn and Silva appeared in front of two black-robed people.

’’Hah? What's a brat doing in this place?’’ (???)

(TL Note: Yup. He just raised his death flag)

Surprising words came from the large man earlier, but

’’Don't you know that this 'brat' is going to train that mouth of yours right now?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hah? Oi, do you understand what this brat is blubbering about?’’ (???)

The large guy wasn't taking Liliyn's words seriously as a mocking snicker soon followed his words.

’’Be quiet Iraora. She's the person who wounded Kainabi you know? I remember it clearly because I was there too.’’ (???)

As he was rebuked by the small companions of his, Iraora clicked his tongue.

’’That time? You mean that woman who kicked Kainabi, that woman?’’ (Iraora)

’’Exactly. She had not participated in the duel so it's natural that you may not know of her, but this person is the younger sister of Aquinas.’’ (???)

’’.... Aquinas?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora then glared at Liliyn with suspicious eyes. However, Liliyn did her best not to reveal the surprise on her face.

(Is that guy somehow related to my blood family....? No, that's not possible. These men were also the same black-robed people at that time. So that means they are Predecessor Demon Lord Avoros' subordinates. This development is getting better and better.....)

Even if their blood relation was kept with minimum secrecy, Avoros would most likely find out the truth about it easily. If that's the case, then he might also have information about her private life. Let's hope this doesn't become troublesome in the future.

(Avoros.....I really can't understand that person....)

While Liliyn was thinking of such things, the small companion of Iraora supplemented additional information of her.

’’That girl is known as the 《Red Rose Witch》. Her strength is probably on the same level as Aquinas.’’ (???)

’’Hee, this brat is that strong, huh? But no matter how I see it this brat is still a just a baby!’’ (Iraora)

Liliyn was having a hard time containing her anger from Iraora's rude behavior. When she was about to hit him for the time being, someone quietly touched her by the shoulders.

’’Milady, please leave this one to me.’’ (Silva)

Silva walked forward without hearing her answer.

’’Oh my. This is quite a coincidence. I'm honored to meet you again... Doushi-dono?’’ (Silva)

(TL note: 同士 (read as Doushi) means fellow/comrade/companion. In this case, it would fellow-race or fellow-kin. In other words, a Spirit like Silva)

’’..........’’ (Fellow-kin?)

Silva lightly dipped her heads downwards as a show of courtesy to the small companion of Iraora.

’’That said, weren't you too rude with my master earlier?’’ (Silva)

The small companion seems to have noticed something and instantly calls out to his companion.

’’Runaway from there Iraora!’’ (Fellow-kin?)

’’Hah?’’ (Iraora)

However, it was too late. A black pool creeped out from the foothold of the two people, the small guy was able to avoid it with a safe margin, but Iraora's body was wrapped by that blackness.

’’O-oi. what the heck is this....!?’’ (Iraora)

It seemed impossible to move for Iraora as his body was covered by that black substance.

’’.....Pool Ball.’’ (Silva)

At the mention of that name, a black, round object manifested in Silva's hands and instantaneously shot it towards the snared Iraora. The ball moved at a tremendous speed and,


It splendidly hit his belly.

’’Guhaa!?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora vomited blood as his expression warped from a ragged look.

’’Will you pardon me if I would be the one who will gladly discipline that bad mouth of yours, no?’’ (Silva)

It was not Silva's usual smile, but a sneer that contained hostility and blood thirst. Then Liliyn shifted her glance to the small companion of Iraora,

’’Hey Silva, you said fellow-kin right? You mean this guy?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Indeed Milady. Even if he was concealing his appearance with a robe, I can feel it........... You understand right? That we are a similar existence...... a 『Spirit』 to be exact. ’’ (Silva)

’’......’’ (Fellow-kin)

However, before the person could answer,

’’Uraaaaaaaaaaaa!’’ (Iraora)

’’Oh my!?’’ (Silva)

Though Iraora was being restrained by Silva's dark magic, surprisingly Iraora tore it off with all of his strength and broke from its captivity.

And when Iraora stripped off his robe,

’’Oi Abyss, I can kill these people right?’’ (Iraora)

Iraora clarified his companion with a stern face. It seemed to be painted with wild excitement and anger that would jump at any second at them.

’’Like I said before, don't rage in here. How will you take responsibility if we lose requested item?’’ (Abyss)

It seemed that Iraora was the cause of the massacre of the Blood Ants based from his performance earlier. However, he was sharply rebuked by his Abyss again.

’’Ku....b-but.’’ (Iraora)

He was looking at Abyss as if he was not satisfied with that kind of explanation. Following that grinding sounds could be heard from him.

’’Keep your mouth shut. I'll deal with this.’’ (Abyss)

Abyss gazed at Silva after saying those words.

’’ said fellow-kin....right?’’ (Abyss)

’’I did, yes.’’ (Silva)

’’....I had no intention to hide my identity using this robe, but this is just insurance.’’ (Abyss)

As he said so, he folded his hood. Liliyn who saw that leaked an admiring voice, ’’Hou~’’

(Fumu, he is certainly the same as Silva)

In other words, this person was a 『Spirit』, moreover, a humanoid type. His physical look seems considerably young compared to Silva. Although Hiiro will likely treat him indifferently.

He had long-slit eyes, slender jaw, and silky jet-black hair. And for some reason, he had Hiiro's unfriendly expression somehow.

(That guy also had black hair.... Well at least, I like this guy's face better)

Certainly, if judged based on his looks, aside from being taller than her, he possesses a feminine handsome face. She felt a bit guilty when she thought of beating this person a little.

However, Liliyn felt that his cold expression didn't have any grace of showing a smile. It was as if his expression lacked any emotion.

’’Abyss-dono... is this good to call you with?’’ (Silva)

’’Sure, yours is Silva, right?’’ (Abyss)

’’It is...’’ (Silva)

Because Silva was quietly watching Abyss, the latter asks the meaning of his actions. But Silva spoke first while partly closing one of his eyes.

’’As I thought.... You are also a 『Dark Spirit』right?’’ (Silva)

’’ that means you really did notice at that time.’’ (Abyss)

The time Abyss was talking about appears to be the duel incident.

’’Then I'll introduce again myself. I'm Abyss of 《Matar Deus》!’’ (Abyss)

’’Mine's Iraora!’’ (Iraora)

’’....if I'm not mistaken, that large di*khead over there was the traitor of 『Evila』 from the previous war, right?’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hou, so I'm that famous, huh?’’ (Iraora)

Seeing such a hearty smile, Liliyn could only show her displeasure about it. This person seems to have a screw loose on his head if he can make such an expression despite being denounced to treachery.

During the previous war, Iraora was a general tasked in guarding one of the only bridges connecting the Humas and Evila continents. His strength was comparable to the Demon Lord's personal army, the Cruel division.

No, that might not be. There should be another guard along with him, 《Cruel》 6th rank, Greyald, and he was killed too easily. He might not be an ordinary enemy after all.

’’But being falsely accused of betrayal is kind of rude you know? That's because from the beginning I was serving my one and only master! And it's not that weak-willed lass those people serve on.’’ (Iraora)

Though Eveam's reputation was being bad-mouthed right now, because Liliyn didn't have any special reason to defend the woman, she didn't respond to that.

’’So? What does your master hope by sending you people in here? What's your purpose for coming here?’’ (Liliyn)

’’And if we don't answer?’’ (Abyss)

Abyss nonchalantly answered her questions. However, she anticipated this much for their answer. That's because all of them were mutual enemies at war with each other. Rather, it was Leowald and Eveam who accurately waged war on Avoros. Though Liliyn was not directly involved with them, she knew that she couldn't let these people do what they want for the sake of her future movements.

’’So I guess I will have to force those information out of you people then?’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn released a dreadful aura that shook the surrounding atmosphere. Iraora's expression that was mocking them a little while ago, lost its composure.

’’This guy..... So she wasn't a brat after all?’’ (Iraora)

’’I told you right? And it's not just her, that man beside her is considerably strong too. I may not know their abilities. So we probably are somewhat at a disadvantage?’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah? What are you bickering about! Isn't it great there is someone who can release that kind of pressure in here!’’ (Iraora)

However, in contrast to his companions' enthusiasm, Abyss responded with a sigh.

’’Like I said, you can't rampage in this place. How will you apologize to His Majesty if we couldn't obtain it?’’ (Abyss)

’’Ku... the heck is this. Damn it...’’ (Iraora)

’’However, the other side can do that without care. Fighting them is too risky. ’’ (Abyss)

Abyss observed the surroundings and discovered something that got his attention.

’’...Iraora’’ (Abyss)

’’What?’’ (Iraora)

’’Look over there.’’ (Abyss)

’’Hah?’’ (Iraora)

’’Use that.’’ (Abyss)

’’......I see.’’ (Iraora)

The corners of Iraora's mouth raised up, and he immediately rushed into action. He grabbed one of the corpses lying around and threw it towards Liliyn.

’’Disappear you hindrances!’’ (Liliyn)

When the corpse reached her, Liliyn lightly brought her hands downward and split the corpse in half.

However, the figures of the enemies disappeared before her very eyes,

’’Milady, they are over there!’’ (Silva)

The direction that Silva had indicated to was towards above. These were tunnels used by many Blood Ants. Then, Iraora began to cry out suddenly.

Liliyn frowned at the tremendous roaring voice of Iraora. While she was trying to understand the significance of that action, the muddy walls trembled, and one after another, numerous Blood Ants fell from the many holes

(I see! That yell was made to summon those monsters from the nest!)

It was like a rain of ants. Furthermore, the yell wasn't just used to summon them from their nest, it also incited the anger of these monsters. The rain seemed endless as there was no limit to their numbers. The way things are going these monster might soon block the passages of this area.

’’This way, hurry!’’ (Cruzer)

Cruzer seemed to have used one of the holes as his entrance to this area. It seemed impossible now to track those people in this kind of situation.

’’It can't be helped! We're returning Silva!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Yes, Milady!’’ (Silva)

They ran towards the tunnel Cruzer was in.

[Abyss POV]

Iraora chuckled as he saw Liliyn return among one the tunnels of this area.

’’Your plan seemed to have worked.’’ (Iraora)

’’Yeah. I was fortunate enough to notice the signs of demons on those holes. Good thing the nest was among those tunnels.’’ (Abyss)

’’Should I say 'as expected of a 『Spirit』' ? Ah, but that old man was also a 『Dark Spirit』 like you right? Do you know him?’’ (Iraora)

’’These kinds of things are just trivial matters. Our duty right now is to search the requested item by His Majesty.’’ (Abyss)

’’Yeah you're right. But do you know the exact location of it?’’ (Iraora)

Abyss silently gazed at one of the holes of the area, and then he wore his hood again.

’’This way. Follow me.’’ (Abyss)

’’Yeah yeah I know. But don't boss me around!’’ (Iraora)

’’Then if you get lost along the way, I won't bother looking for you. Do you want that?’’ (Abyss)

Iraora stiffened from his remarks and inadvertently clicked his tongue.

’’Damn it, then find that place quickly.’’ (Iraora)

’’Sure.’’ (Abyss)

Although Abyss said that, there was a slight anxiousness in his thoughts. It was about that man who called over Liliyn and her companion.

(His face seems, that's just my imagination. It shouldn't be possible)

He abandoned such thoughts, although it took him a while to forget the Deja Vu. They have a more important task to do right now.

The two people disappeared inside the dark hole.


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