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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 226


EPISODE 226: Dark Footsteps on the Holy Ground


Oldine Holy Grounds, where the Hero was summoned to the world of Edea to save the Humas from distress, is said to have the hero spent its entire life span for it.

(TL Note: 【聖地オルディネ】 (Ordine Holy Grounds) was previously translated as Sacred Oldine by the last translator Anri.)

Only the remarkably huge buildings painted on a common white, and the temple which became a symbol for its beauty remained standing.

Being named the Great Temple of Oldine, it is the place where Humas and the Evila made the meeting for the alliance. Giving only bitter memories on the both of them, Portnis Gilviti, the Head Priest can only pay attention to the repairs of the building destroyed by the said dispute.

(TN Note: Again, 《オルディネ大神殿》was previously translated as Oldine Grand Temple. Please note if the changes that I've made are correct or not)

A beautiful woman inheriting the blood of the Gilvitis that served as the Head Priests for years, she became comrades with the Hero's company who came over in the past. Though she has passed thirty, she has a healthy white skin that makes you doubt about her age, and clear eyes suitable for a Head Priest.


A sigh leaks out from her well-regulated expression, a rare sight in her who always has a dignified atmosphere.

However, it's no wonder that she's at her wit's end right now. After all, it is concerning the tragedy that happened after the breakdown of the alliance. Fortunately, the temple was left almost intact, but many buildings in the site were destroyed by the Humas King Rudolf who transformed suddenly into a monster.

Moreover, it's not only the buildings, but also many of the priests and soldiers were rolled up in the commotion and died at this place. Something that is not supposed to happen in a holy ground had occurred, and without sparing time even for sleep, she can only work with the aftermath in regret.

(According to the report in Victorias, thanks to Judom settling it somehow, I'm relieved. What's left is only for the populace to hear the story......)

According to what is written at the documents at her hands, which was a letter having given by Judom, the Victorias' Guild Master on the other day, from it he seemed to be worrying a lot about this matter.

If the conference breakdown cannot be prevented, beside the recklessness of the king which we are unable to stop, though it maybe me just returning the favor......

(you're still as serious as always......)

The importance of gathering up a country is something that Potnis is unable to completely understand. However, she thinks that it really is just his nature. Although now is the most crucial period, she thought that his nature of always having groundless suspicion is the same as ever and can only smile bitterly.

(However, this is a very serious case this time)

Judom is a person with the talent of a prominent king, but unfortunately, he's from a lower status. Despite being a commoner, he is a man who serves as the guild master, and being close to the adventurers and the people, they will probably support him, but the other aristocrats are another story.

A commoner standing at the top. It is nothing but unacceptable for the aristocrats who looked down on commoners. And how will they act according to that dissatisfaction is the problem.

(Although he's the type to trust a person too much...... he didn't even ask me for help)

I cannot leave here now. I need to protect this place. I want to become his support for all the kindness he'd done to me, but the situation can't allow it.

As I made a sigh, a sweet flowery aroma drifted from somewhere. Thinking that it's strange as there's flower nowhere, and because it only lasted for a few minutes, I didn't mind it anymore.

It's just, when I stared at the documents, I felt something strange.

The sounds of hammering in a building being repaired should reach my ears at present. Did they take a break? It has become totally quiet as if everybody is at their midnight sleep.

I placed the documents in the drawer from a desk and moved towards the window. I was at loss of words at the view seem from there.

Just by confirming at the vicinity of the entrance of the temple, you can see that many worshippers come here every day. Though it has decreased because of the incident, it's only to the extent of one or two few.

Even today a considerable number of people visit the temple to worship, and it isn't even the cut-off time yet. However, even if I move my sight to the edges of the window, not a single person was in sight.

’’Wh-what is the meaning of this......?’’

Though there isn't exactly any abnormal situation happening yet, I can only stand petrified on how to understand the impossible situation that deviated from the norm.


I look back in surprise, to see that it's only a knocking at the door. If it's the usual then that priest should have come, but in this situation, even a knock sounds very eerie.

Even my intuition denies to hear the thing and let it pass. However, the knock resounded again, in which I can only mutter ’’Yes’’ while shivering in fear.

With a kachink! The door opened. I turned my glance to that entity behind the door.

Over there............someone who is covered by a black robe on the whole body is standing.

Who ......are you? I moved my mouth to ask, but not a single word came out. My body became stiff, and my movements are sealed.

The man of the black robe entered the room at ease. Behind him is a person with similar clothes. It seems that they came in two's.

(Who...... what are these people!?)

Among their eeriness, I can only feel fear. My instincts are screaming to run away from this place, but my body doesn't move. Just what in the world did they come here for?

Rather, why did these people create such a strange situation in the first place?

While having these thoughts ran wildly in my mind, one of them forcefully teared of their black robe,

’’Hey, Hey, Hey! The heavens, the land, and the people are in need! They are in need of the most gracious persona in the world! That's right! That persona is definitely me!’’

(TL Note: I'm changing my vote from ’’FAAANNTAASSSTTTIICC!!!’’ to this one. Wait a second...... What the heck are you doing here Mr. Lyle?!)


From it was a person who totally played a scene in a stage drama exaggeratedly one after the other. Jewel are sparkling one after the other in his pure white clothes, and his presence is so standing out to the extent that it makes you step back by reflex.

’’Do you know my name? No, that's not it. No one should not know me, right? Because...... that's right! I am marvelous!’’

Suddenly, ’’Aah!’’ he put his hand on his head and posed while saying that.

’’Aah...... my existence is very crime in itself...... Though I haven't introduced myself yet, nobody doesn't know the fame that I have! Ahh, I'm beginning to get scared of myself......that this marvelousness of mine will kill me some time!’’

He spun round and round and hugged my body with both hands. He sure is quite tall, and as he waved his long golden hair which you can tell it's well maintained surely is beautiful. If he were to approach any woman with his looks he's surely have her cheeks dyed red. However......

’’Aah! What a sinful fool I am!’’

If it weren't for his weird spinning and his gloomy narcissist behavior...... well, he's good-looking at least......

’’......keep it down you shithead’’

That time, the other person dressed in black spoke to the narcissist one. The voice was tinged with irritation. However, unlike the narcissist one, it was the voice of a lady.

’’Ahaha! As I'm a tolerant person, I'll let you to take me as shithead! Because I know that you're jealous! Then, I'll bear with it! Soiling your eyes to this poor face, I reflect for being too dazzling for you! I know, I know! You really want to take me for yourself, right? This own, elegant ......Beau-Johnny!’’

’’Who would like to take you, moron?!’’

’’Ahaha! Don't be so embarrassed! That's right, I am the beautiful and elegant Bejohnny! Bejohnny Orban!’’

(TL Note: I know it sounds silly, but I tried my best to translate the pun. His name is ビジョニー・オルバーン (Bijoni・Oruban) while the Beaujohnny earlier is spelled as 美ジョニー (Bijoni) where 美 means beautiful. Well, it's not as bad as Grand Early Evening)

As if he didn't hear anything, he began to spin around again, disregarding the mood of his surroundings.

’’Aaah Geez! Why am I placed with this shithead in the first place?’’

’’Ahaha! Don't you feel honored with this?’’

’’I feel extremely dishonored about this!’’

With the somewhat irregular combination of the two of them, the pressure on my body loosened a little. For that I confirmed my voice in reflex, and confirming that I can speak once again,

’’Uhmm, who are you guys? Why did you come here?’’

Portnis asked the question she'd been wanting them to hear from the very beginning. And the noisier one answered.

’’'re also quite beautiful...... Unfortunately it's still inferior to mine! Because I am......’’

’’I said keep it down you imbecile!’’

When the person of the black clothes said so, she directed her gaze to me and gave a sigh.

’’You, you're the blood relative of Ronise Gilviti, right?’’

’’............Who is that?’’

’’Then let me rephrase her for you...... The Naos of Light’’


’’Haha, looks like she knows something’’

I thought I had it well hidden. Not even a word was spoken, but to think that they're just ordinary thieves, I was careless.

’’Don't tell me you're......’’

’’We sure are! We have come to receive the ’’Light’’. Rather, is stealing the more proper word?’’

My instincts felt hostility in that speech and behavior.

’’Haha, it's useless. You're already under my own spell’’


When she realized, her shaking knees were bent in a snap.

’’Oooh~! What a beautiful pose! However, compared to my own...’’

The man who introduced himself as Bijohnny bent his own knee on the same way, with his left hand on his forehead, and his right hand raised high,

’’This is the proper pose! How is it, beautiful, isn't it?’’

He smiled and showed his sparkling teeth, but she had no time for that.

Dizziness, nausea, and most of all, suffocation. It attacked Portnis like symptoms of altitude sickness after climbing a high mountain.

’’Now then, for the next part...’’

The other figure in the black garment took out a single flower from her breast. Then, small particles fell on Portnis' body as she waved that thing on her.

’’Now, can you tell me where the ’’Light’’ is?’’

What Portnis saw was the face of a girl smiling from the corners of her mouth as if she's enjoying this.


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