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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 224


EPISODE 224: Contract Execution


After Tenn's Trial, Hiiro who woke up immediately started the preparations for the contract at once.

The necessary medium for the contract is the Rending Blade・Zangeki. The sword is now placed between the two, and Hiiro and Tenn are now sitting in a cross-legged fashion.

’’Try it once again, Glasses, Hiiro’’

’’What is it you yellow monkey?’’

’’Yellow monkey......never mind. It's for verification. I'll begin to apply magic to this sword now’’

’’Yeah yeah’’

Tenn explains while tapping the sword with his fingertip.

’’This magic power, Hiiro, you are to synthesize it with yours. In other words, you mix the two magic powers and unify them as one’’

’’Easier said than done’’

(Hiiro's POV)

Yes. This may be a simple theory as it sounds so easy but doing it hands-on is really difficult.

’’Well, if you make a mistake, just think of some sort of rebound coming instead~’’

He said while putting up a grin acting like it is someone else's problem. I resisted the impulse of wanting to hit his head by all means.

’’Why are you acting like it's someone else's problem, Tenn. If it fails even you are in danger of disappearing, you know?’’

Hiiro then frowned on the princess' remark.

’’Disappear? I haven't heard of it?’’

He only heard about the risk regarding the contracting party. However, if you think about it, you could arrive at the conclusion that even the spirit has to have something to shoulder too.

(I was careless. But is he really fine with that...?)

Seeing Tenn smiling like he doesn't care what will happen makes you feel doubts that either he's careless or is not afraid at all.

’’Hmm? Well, if the worst should happen, then so be it’’

’’You're shouldering a great risk to make this contract. How could you say that?’’

’’Dunno~ Well, I'm a genius, and strong too. That risk is too small for me to worry about’’

The monkey talking with weird hand gestures made me lost my sense of reality for a moment. Even if you say that I was used to this fantasy world very much, this spectacle that you can only see in movies and the like make me wince a bit.

’’Besides, I don't want to entrust my whole life to a suspicious guy either’’

Tenn stared with such intensity. They're like a clear stream, without a hint of unease and cloudiness from within.

’’Though I am putting on airs most of the time, when I want to get something, I give all my best to get it. So it's ok’’

’’ seem to be anticipating so much’’

’’Isn't that obvious? My partner is the one whom I, a High-Ranking Spirit, have personally tried and tested!’’

He turned back with a peace sign. To be frank, he looks like a simple-minded monkey, but a simpleton monkey might not be so bad for a partner after all.

’’But the question is, do you still want to form a contract, knowing this kind of thing? This may be the end of you, you know?’’

’’What are you getting doubted for? As long as it's me, it will be alright’’

’’......Come again?’’

Not only Tenn, but the princess and Hoozuki stared at me, speechless.

’’I'm not the kind of person who dies in these things. So failure isn't possible!’’

As I declared impudently,

’’Uoooooooo! As expected of Master! So amazing!’’

’’Nn......Hiiro, so handsome’’

Camus and Nikki praised highly. As they throw in their honest feelings, I feel a little good somehow.

’’Ukyakyakyakya! You're certainly right! I knew you are an interesting one!’’

Tenn laughed while hitting the ground, while the princess can only stare at him, dumbfounded.

’’Why? Where are you getting that confidence from? Well, I know Tenn was being overexcited about this. But still, the contract hasn't even begun you know?’’

’’Ukiki! Be relieved, princess! You'll understand soon!’’

’’......what do you mean I'll understand soon?’’

’’For us, failure is not possible!’’

Eh? The princess exclaimed, but Tenn touched the tip of the sword without caring about her expression.

’’Hey, Hiiro! Let's end this right away!’’

’’I'll just flow the magic here right? Time to get into business’’

’’Ukiki, yep, that's the spirit!’’

I took a deep breath then touched the hilt of the sword calmly.

Then, the atmosphere became intense quickly, and gave a silence as if all the sounds disappeared from that place.

Nobody said a word. Because everyone knows that concentration plays an important role for the act, they could only do nothing but watch what will happen.

Even though Camus and Nikki cheered for me before making the contract, they couldn't help themselves from making worried faces. I know that they believe in me, but I also understand the reason why they are giving such expressions.

I told them not to worry just in case, but to assure them, I must make this contract succeed first.

I closed my eyes and slowly discharged my magic power. Along with the other magic power, they spread throughout the sword at the same time.

Pure magic power can only be suited to do the task. This is what I have foreseen in in the fight earlier. My body may be exhausted from earlier, but assuming this relaxed position is easier.


Just now, I felt the magic enchantment mixing together at the center of the sword. It occurred a couple of times. This means that my magic power is matching with Tenn somehow.

Is our affinity really this good? I prepared myself for a big phenomenon happening when repulsion occurs the moment I touched it, but I only felt small symptoms of rejection at the beginning, and surprisingly, it is now mixing well with each other. They mixed so well it's like adding milk in a cup of coffee.

The two different magic powers swirled around to become one, then enveloped us two in dazzling white light. I feel the warmth of the light as it gently wraps me, and as if it was granted a heart of its own, I can feel the sword pulsating.


I felt another life in my chest at the same time. A sensation of wrapping one's heart with a gentle warmth is transmitted through my body.

’’Kiki, that was the pleasant sensation that those guys were referring to was this’’

The ecstatic feeling Tenn was talking about is only on a level of soaking in warm water during a cold weather, but still, it is something that makes you feel comfort. Of course, I don't understand because I'm not the one feeling it personally.

They have heard of the rumors that a euphoric sensation could be felt when the spirits join with their contractors, but based on the words of Tenn a while ago, I can only confirm it as the truth.

’’Oi, you can open your eyes now’’

Hearing Tenn's words directly in my ears, I slowly opened my eyes. A smiling Tenn stood before me.

But there something I'm worried about.

’’Where is my sword?’’

Wherever I look, the existence of my Rending Blade・Zangeki was nowhere to be found. I instantly thought that the contract failed so the medium disappeared, but because there are no problems with my body, and because of Tenn grinning like he knew something I don't, I thought otherwise.

But where did my sword went......?

’’Is this what you're looking for?’’

Tenn pointed his chest with his thumb.

’’There......? Oi, don't tell me......’’

’’Bingo! I and Zangeki have now became finally one!’’


I demanded an explanation to understand what happened.

If the contract were to succeed, the medium should fuse and unite with the spirit. Of course, the abilities of the medium will also change depending on the ability of the spirit possessing it.

’’Oi, my waist is getting lonely. Return my sword at once’’

As expected, it is kind of melancholic to lose a sword which has been your partner for a long time. So I wanting to get my sword back have some of my true feelings mixed in.

’’Uhm, about that...hey, let me explain first!’’

’’Hmmm, looks like it's a success’’

Hoozuki watched the whole scene in a quite distance from Hiiro and Tenn. Dazzling light suddenly wraps up the two people, and the sword which was in front of them disappeared like it was an illusion.

For Hoozuki, it was the indicator that it succeeded. If it were to fail, the medium will also disappear, but in an enormous magic explosion, instead of vanishing like what happened earlier.

Though he had already made a barrier in case it might happen, he was glad that it ended in an unnecessary worry.

’’C-can we go now?’’

Nikki's thoughts of wanting to go to Hiiro was transmitted shortly. Perhaps because she's being worried very much. Camus who's beside her is also getting impatient.

’’Hohoho, he's probably receiving explanations from Ten about the contract in detail. Just wait a little more’’


Nikki moving impatiently looked like a dog that has been put to stay while waiting for her beloved owner. As for the other one,

’’ ......Thank goodness’’

When Hiiro was surrounded by light, Camus almost dashed to save him, but Hoozuki stopped him. That is because if a third party were to disturb them, the possibility of failing will surely happen.

’’......isn't it nice, Tenn’’

Though it was a soft mutter, Hoozuki was able to pick up the princess' voice.

’’Hohoho, didn't I say so? And someday, princess will surely experience it, too’’


He gave a bitter smile to the girl who could only stare at them in silence.

’’When I met him for the first time, I immediately thought that he was no ordinary person, but after exchanging contracts with a spirit, I now truly realize how outstanding he is’’

’’Hoho, did Nina also thought so?’’

’’Fuwa~, Orun is so sleepy, so sleepy......’’

Orun, the red-haired fairy who has lost interest shut down her heavy eyelids while on the top of Nina's shoulder.

’’Fufu, not now, Orun. Endure it a little more’’

’’Fuwaai, I'l try~, I'll try~’’

Her figure cutely talking while rubbing her eyes is so adorable.

’’Hohoho, it seem that their talk has ended. You can go now’’

They who have been waiting for those words as a signal, Nikki and Camus started running right away.


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