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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 221


EPISODE 221: Hiiro VS Tenn


(TN NOTE: The POV switches A LOT in this chapter)

(Hiiro's POV)

To be frank, I got impatient. Of course, it doesn't show in my face, but as expected, being made to fight versus a high-ranking spirit without magic really makes one uneasy.

His appearance is just like a small squirrel monkey, but the only difference is that his fur is yellow.

However, that thing is undoubtedly a spirit. Moreover, not an ordinary one, but a high-ranking existence like Shishiraiga which he had fought once.

(TN NOTE: I changed Cissie to Shishi and Cissie Liger to Shishiraiga, coz you know, he sounds similar to the word sissy. Also, I replaced Red Mind with Red Qi, as Red Mind makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks to jorgelotr-san for clarifying this)

Of course, not every high-ranking spirit is as strong as Shishiraiga, but still, if you see the place where the battle will be, then perhaps he has the confidence in his arms.

Having to fight in a field where the opponent cannot practice magic is honestly a severe penalty. Well, assuming that we'll make a contract, it won't change if the other party is stronger.

However how would I fight if he has the power on par with Shishiraiga? It would be a problem indeed.

(and it's a battle where I won't be able to use my Red Qi......)

Yes. The Red Qi which is being utilized as the main combat technique for Grand Red Aura, which I had been saving as my trump card in unknown situations.

’’Oioioi, what's wrong? Getting cold feet now?’’

Remembering our first confrontation, I vexed at Tenn who is smiling like a fool to make fun of me.

Ha, no way. I'm just thinking of how I shall cook you right now’’

I took him as an ingredient as a bluff, as I must not show my weakness to the opponent either.

’’We wish you for the best master!’’


Nikki cheering and Camus nodding his head came to watch me.

’’So, are you two both ready?’’

Seeing his face, Hoozuki seems to be exited somehow. For his age, he's like a boy who can't calm down on a trip.

’’Yeah yeah’’

’’This one is good anytime!’’

After looking at the two who gave their replies, Hoozuki stepped back. Then, in one breath,


I instantly pulled out my Rending Blade・Zangeki. If it has come to this, then all I can do right now is to deprive the consciousness of the opponent with an attack enhanced by magic, or so I thought.

’’......So, you can bestow magic power to a sword eh?’’


As said by Tenn, a bluish-white magic envelops the sword. Or perhaps I should say, being able to release magic power saves me the trouble. Well, it doesn't seem possible to show the effect of magic to its max though.

I kicked the ground quickly, taking the initiative to close the distance for victory.



I knew that he'll make a quick evade, but that only shows how formidable an enemy he is. I can disturb the magic of the opponent if I were to cut him with the sword, and give him a little damage. Though it is enough for a weak opponent to faint, maybe for a high-ranking spirit, I could dull his movements at least. But still, I don't mind. If I focus my attacks to a single place, then he will surely knock him down as expected.

Are my movements predicted? He dodged it easily and kept at it. I too am moving quickly, but not even a graze passed through. Annoyed by this, I kicked up a notch and tried to fling him up with a sword, but it's avoided pretty quickly. As expected......this monkey's pretty nimble.

Moreover, the moment it was avoided, he twisted his tail and attacked. It doesn't seem to be a fatal one but for a spirit as an opponent, there might be a hidden ball at play in there. This time he aimed for a spot where I'm open, but I just rolled on the ground to evade it and exchanged attacks with my opponent again.

(TN Note: This time the author switched to 3rd person, as a divider between the two POVs)

And then, Hiiro kicks the earth once again and swings the sword to Tenn, locking eyes at each other.

(TN Note: Princess' POV)

’’Woah, he's fast!?’’

The princess exclaimed in surprise. Thinking that such a duel is impossible to be performed this way, she became more surprised than before compared to when she was told of Hiiro contracting a spirit.

Up till now, of all the human beings that tried the contract ended in failure. Even if they temporarily succeed in the contract, their vessels of the souls weren't able to handle it and in the end, a lot of people had their spirit broken down.

I was told that Hiiro had already heard this story. Because of that I doubted his sanity for trying to carry out the contract without wavering at all. What's even more surprising, is the other fact that Tenn is chosen as the contract partner.

Only a fool can do this thing.........No, Tenn is already one, but still, he's a spirit who possesses power on par with mine. An ordinary man cannot even endure the power of that spirit, but fighting against him? It's nothing but suicide.

Certainly, Tenn was restricted by Hiiro's magic when they first met, but that was in the outside world, where a Spirit's powers are limited. We are now in the Spirit Forest, where a Spirit can use its full power.

Even a strong warrior like him cannot ever gain victory without magic. Though Tenn understands that, I cannot understand why you are still intending to try it.

No matter what he does, Tenn's victory is already decided. But my chest is full of feelings of wanting to ask about the meaning of the useless duel, but as I watch the scene in front of my eyes, I became instinctively at loss for words.

As soon as he pulled the sword out, looking at Hiiro thrusting it at Tenn in such a ridiculous speed, I learned that he was not just a superficial big gun.

Furthermore, anticipating Tenn's movements and even more so, driving Tenn into defensive.

(I already know that he's not just an ordinary human being......but still, I didn't expect this)

I checked it once again if my eyes are seeing things. Hiiro certainly qualifies the categories of strong fighters among the normal human beings.

Rather than calling it a raw strength, his strength, I can say is more keen on observing the enemy. In other words, it's insight.

’’You sure are quite strong, Hiiro-san’’

Speaking to herself all of a sudden, was Nina right beside me. I took a step back immediately, feeling rude, and put my head down.

’’......It's kind of saddening, Princess. Can't we really get along like before anymore?’’

’’Our positions are different now’’

Yes. Our positions are different now. I have no title, just a mere Spirit, while the other party is the queen of the Fairies.

But as I thought about it, it felt hot on both my cheeks all of a sudden,

’’Hyaa! Whaf fu you fink you awe hooing?!’’

I wanted to say 'what do you think you are doing!' But she pulled my cheeks so I wasn't able to.

’’Hi, himyaaa?’’

I called her name, but her expression turned angry,

’’NO! Call me Nia!’’

’’Wu, vut......’’

But even so, there is now way I can act overly friendly now that we have different standpoints. Even I too want to call her nickname just like before.

But there is a reason why I cannot do it anymore. Of course, there is the position, too. But the truth is......I'm jealous of her.

We were born in this world at the same time, competed at the same time, and grew up at the same time. We are always together like true sisters, and were so close that there wasn't something we don't know about each other.

But when Niña was chosen as the Fairy Queen, there I learned the difference between our standpoints, and it created a hole in my chest. And a blazing fire fills in that hole. Then that fire gradually turned into something dark and cold. I noticed immediately that it was jealousy.

Together we aimed for the title of the Queen. I didn't promise to become a queen at the same time as her, but I had understood that it must have to be like that.

However, she became the Queen first. Thinking that I have been left out, I felt like I became a wee existence. But I know that she's not the kind of person to change her attitude with such a thing.

But I was forced to realize the difference in our status when we're together. Therefore I kept my distance, and for that I have become cold to her.

With that, I changed the way of addressing her, calling her Niña-sama instead of Nia.

Until I myself become the queen, and until I catch up to her.........

’’M-my humble apologies......but our positions are now different’’

As I was released of my cheeks, I conveyed my feelings. Then after that, when she said ’’I see’’ with a sorrowful expression, I turned my eyes back to Hiiro once again.

While the princess apologizes in her heart, she turned her face to Hiiro once again, not aware of Nikki gazing at the two in wonder.

(TN Note: Hiiro's POV again)

I clicked my tongue at quick successions at Tenn which moved quicker than he thought. He's moving around relentlessly, but is still not out of breath at this degree.

But, because the target is small, I wasn't able to catch him easily and am getting more and more irritated by this.

(Fuu, it's useless. Settle down a little......)

I took a deep breath and calmed my head down.

’’Hey hey, what happened glasses rascal? You already tired at this degree? Ukiki!’’

Blue veins popped in my forehead. It seems that my opponent is a pro at getting others irritated. You mustn't fall yourself into his trap, Hiiro!

(TN Note: Tenn should play LoL. Or CoD. Or CS Go. I'm serious here.)

’’However, as expected that sword is good after all~. If I was being cut by it, it will surely be painful indeed ~ Kikii!’’

He laughed as if he's totally playing around. Even if I confront him face to face, I can tell that he wasn't serious yet.

I think that magic can still be used, but it's meaningless if it isn't possible to use it forever. I have to think of a way to beat a guy with my own hands for now.

(My speed is still up. But the problem is the fact that this guy is not even serious yet)

The more I see his tail making a beckoning sign, the more I want to cut him into two exact halves.

(So this is what he meant with a High-ranking Spirit......)

I look towards Hoozuki and Princess for an instant. They are human types now. In Hoozuki's case, his enormous white snake form shows dignity and power, if Silva's words were true, then there is still a hidden ball at play with Tenn.

(But still it's a standard tactic to set this out early as before he shows his true power......)

(TN NOTE: The flag has been planted!)

I confirmed the surroundings for anything that I could use. I saw a tree standing, and something came in my mind. Because he hadn't shown his full strength yet, his trump card is still hidden. But if I were to make a mistake on the way of cutting it, it will all go down to waste. In short, after moving the opponent out-of-the-way......

(.........well, here goes nothing)

I faced Tenn smirking as ever and gave him my war face. Of course, in order for the opponent to move in its place. I started moving.

I waved the sword, but he dodged it vividly and only cut the air.

’’heheee~n! Miss me, miss me!’’

I stared at him while he boasts proudly as he moves around and resumed the attacks. Because he jumped all the way to the left,

(Now's my chance!)

I hurled the sword at that place like a javelin.


As expected, he didn't think that I will throw away my weapon and retreated to that place. Then I picked up a stone and attacked him in pursuit.

’’A stone this time?!’’

Although surprised, Tenn who has plenty of leeway jumped high to avoid it.


I made a confident expression, and this time moved from the place with all my power.


(TN Note: This time it turned back to the usual 3rd person. This is one of the reasons why TLors are quitting.)

Because Hiiro moved in a speed that he didn't do so far, Tenn was taken aback. Then, a big shadow attacks him from the rear.


A big tree has suddenly collapsed in front of him.

Hiiro want ted to just drive him to a place where he will be facing him with the big tree on his back. Then he went to its wooden back and cut it with a sword with all his strength. After that I tend it a little to the right. If so, then Tenn will probably......


In this way, he will surely jump out of the way to his left.


’’You've been too careless, you yellow monkey!’’

(TN Note: POV switched to Hiiro again)

The probability of making the attack hit is And the plan is worked well, so after this the sword will be.........


I cut him. I certainly had cut him, but the sword only made a whoosh.

’’......What happened? Just now, that guy......’’

I was astonished on how he was able to run away without being cut. And finally, looking at the person whose presence is now before his eyes, I raised my guard.

’’Kiki, that was dangerous just now. If it wasn't for this form, then maybe I'd be separated into two right now. You're a good tactician, really’’

He has a physique slightly smaller than Hiiro, and is hard to say if he's good-looking or not, but from there, was someone who looks like a charming but naughty boy.


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