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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 219


EPISODE 219: Spirit


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’’Well, I said 'meet', but we've always been together......’’

’’Hm? Who?’’

Correct. The spirit Hiiro's referring to is the perverted butler and his comrade, Silva Plutis, who's with him for more than half a year at least.

’’I see, I thought so as I saw him from Shishi in the duel arena......’’

He held a conflicted face for some reason.

(It seems that something happened between them)

I heard from Silva himself that he's a 'defective spirit'. I thought that he has an abnormality compared to a normal spirit, but it looks like there is still something more.

’’Shishi, I'll ask once more. Is that really him?’’

’’It's him. I mean, we had been in highs and lows before’’

To Shishi's words without a tinge of hesitation, Hoozuki utters a sigh.

’’Can I call you Hiiro?’’

’’Do as you like’’

’’Okay. Hiiro, how far did he tell you about himself?’’

’’I hardly heard anything from him. Apart from that he was 'defective' one’’

’’Hmm. Well, do you want to know more, is what I'd like to tell you but...’’

’’Not really. I have no interest of forcing anyone his secrets. If ever, I only want to hear it directly from him’’

Perhaps it is still unnecessary for him, he declined it for the time being.

’’Is that so? I haven't heard anything from him for a very long time. To the extent that I was surprised to hear his existence from Shishi ’’

It seems that Silva have gone out of his hometown for a very long time that his existence died out here.

’’Really? Then it's fine. I have no interest in the past of that guy. Even when that guy wants to talk about it, if I don't want to, I don't want to’’

If he refuses it, he won't care.

’’......I see, indeed. Well, if he happily spends his time right now, it may be okay’’

Looking at somewhere distant, a tinge of slight regret was felt in his words. He didn't know what the relationship between Hoozuki and Silva has, but he felt an extraordinary bond from them.

(TN NOTE: Author-san, please, stop with the implications. Two old men is just......)

’’Well, if you describe it in a few words, then that guy and I are quite close friends......’’

From the way he said 'best friend' not in the past tense, He and Silva are still close, or at least that's what he thinks. Though he doesn't know what Silva thinks of him, presuming the fact that they haven't get in touch with each other, he was able to judge that he's keeping a distance from Silva.

(TN NOTE: This. This is what I like from the KnW MC. His sharpness that could skewer adamantium)

’’Well, I could say that that guy is fine. Having called me here and do these things, can we end this now?’’

If his business with him is already finished, he wanted to return already, but,

’’Eeeh~!? Going home already? Going home already?’’

He had completely forgotten that there is that noisy one.

As there was no reason for him to stay in the Spirit Forest any longer, Hiiro wanted to return. But Orun, as well as Nikki and Camus too, who were strangely getting along well with the spirits made him troubled.

’’Hiiro, can you stay a bit longer before going to the other side? I can't come here often, so why not enjoy the experience once in a while?’’

A sigh of resignation leaked from Hoozuki's mouth. His idea could be guessed already. They are pleased with the rare guest who has the ability to see them, even bringing the Fairy Queen and the others here, they want to detain him even for a moment.

With the feast earlier, honestly he was contented for now. But because Camus and the others are glad with it, he didn't have a choice but to stay for a while.

’’Besides, mainly because you have won against Shishi, I assume that you have known the truth behind Spirits, right?’’

’’That truth you're referring to is the notion that they can become a human form like you? That human-type Spirits' powers are an extraordinary?’’

’’Hohoho, how did you know? Did Silva told you?’’

’’Something along those lines’’

’’I see’’

He stared at him as if he's deeply moved.

’’It seems that Silva is quite fond of you after all’’

He made a broad smile as he happily brushed his beard. Judging from the present exchanges, he knew that it's not the dark sentiments like hatred connecting the two.

’’Because there are only a few number people who are able to manifest spirits into human forms, even with his diligence, that Beast King has still long ways to go’’

’’Hoozuki-sama, Leowald is a great man this one has recognized. This one believes that he can manifest the true form of this one in the near future’’

Being a little offended by this, Hiiro wouldn't want to accept the words of Hoozuki who criticized Leowald just as it is.

’’Hohoho, excuse by for that. Believe me. In that Beast King, there still lies the connection of his spirit which flows back from the ancient times where their race can still use magic. Probably because of that, he was able to perform the manifestation’’

Shishi nods in satisfaction.

’’However, this is nothing new to the Beastmen. That bracelet is made really well’’

’’......bracelet? Is that by any chance the Nameless Bracelet?’’

’’That's right’’

The tool they made in order to use the Binding Techniques. Because of that, every Beastman who couldn't normally use magic were able to go on toe-to-toe with the Evila directly.

’’It is a great invention. The tool can awaken the powers of the Spirit sleeping in their own soul. The person who made it is truly a genius’’

Though Yuhito doesn't have an atmosphere of a genius with that unkempt hair and that thick glasses of his, it seems that he is recognized by the Spirit King as such.

’’May I ask something?’’

Since it had become a matter of concern, Hiiro tried to ask.

’’What is it?’’

’’The origins of the Beastmen are the Spirits, called Sacred Beasts, if I'm not mistaken. The bracelet is the tool that draws the Inner Spirit power within them to make a phenomenon, right?’’

Hoho, quite knowledgeable are you’’

Truthfully speaking, he only recalled what Rarashik had told him.

’’You see, even without the bracelet, you can make a particular phenomenon with your Inner Spirit’’

’’......Well, that's a sound argument’’

Originally, even without the bracelet's help, it is possible to draw out the power that sleeps inside. The bracelet only plays the role of a booster, making the phenomenon manifest easier.

’’As soon as the Inner Spirit consciousness in me awakened, the Spirit Forest gave birth to me as a Spirit in itself’’

The Beastmen draw out power from the Spirit sleeping within themselves, and becomes a certain phenomenon. In other words, if he or she doesn't make a contract with the Spirit, it won't exist in the Spirit Forest from the very beginning.

For that the sleeping Inner Spirit of the Beastman turns to a phenomenon in itself and comes here to develop.

’’Then, does that mean that up to now, the very Spirits are Beastmen's own power manifested in themselves?’’

He wagered a theory. However, Hoozuki shakes his head.

’’It's wrong actually. Some of them here are born naturally. Myself and the princess, and even Tenn over there’’

It seems that high raking ones with natural powers like Hoozuki can become a spirit too.

’’But for Shishi, the Beast King made an Inner Spirit Phenomenon with that bracelet’’

’’It is. Leowald is this humble one's. And this humble one is Leowald's’’

It means that the two are connected.

’’Hm? Being connected or whatever, if you die, does the Beast King also die?’’

’’Not really. When I say connected, they are only a part of their souls. However, even if the Spirit disappears, it is born again over time’’

’’I see’’

’’However, for the Beastmen, it's different’’

’’......different in what?’’

From I heard, if the Spirit in contract dies in an attack of the other party, it can be revived here over time.

However, if the Beastman who has manifested them dies, they cannot be revived for the second time. It leads to a complete death literally.

’’And what is this 'other party'?’’

’’I and Tenn are beings born from nature, so we don't have anything that can hold us from this world. If we die, the power that keeps us from leaving is lost and we will completely disappear in this world’’

’’I see. Are fairies the same too?’’

He asked Niña who was listening in silence nearby.

’’Well, originally, Fairies don't make contract with anyone. The concept of death is similar to humans. If we ran out of power, we die’’

Apparently, the Feom to sum it up, are identical somewhat.

I see. If that's the case, compared to a natural born spirit, isn't contracted spirits somewhat more advantageous? As long as the contractor lives, you don't have the worry of dying a couple of times’’

Then, Hoozuki makes a complicated face.

’’that one has a story quite difficult to tell’’


’’Do you understand the reason why the Beastmen couldn't make a contract with the other Spirits?’’

’’..................wait, so it's possible to make the contract two-fold?’’

Originally, a Spirit dwells inside a Beastman. Therefore even if you try making a contract with another Spirit, it repels them, making it impossible.

’’But if we are referring to a Humas or an Evila, then it is a quite complicated story’’


Certainy, if it is a being who riginally does not have a Spirit inside him, he can be qualified as a potential contractor, but the problem is, to begin with, the Humas and the Evila don't have the right vessel to contain the power.

The vessel was originally for their own soul alone. Because the Beastmen are an exception because they were originally Spirits and had retained its powers, two souls cannot usually be contained in one vessel.

Even if you put them by force, the vessel won't be able to withstand the size, and the worst case is the fear of the spirits breaking down.

Moreover, at present the Humas and the Evila don't hold any kind of trust with the Feom. The contract is the power of trust. In this situation, making a contract would be beyond their dreams.

The Spirits' power is so great that it will surely become a great war potential as long as you can master it. For this reason the Feom at present cannot give their powers to the Humas and the Evila.

It is because they will surely use the power in the wrong way. War............they can't hand their powers for such a barren dispute.

(Well, that thing is obvious. Especially, if the Human king were able to know this, he would certainly have abuse it for

Then, it became his matter of concern.

’’Oi, Why is it that you're telling something that important to me?’’

Hiiro is a person who had participated in the war, and belonging to the race of the Humas too. After hearing such an important fact, is he not thinking that it may be exposed by someone?

However, Hoozuki put on a smirk for some reason. He felt something really bad about it.

’’Hiiro, you can use the Red Qi...... right?’’

’’Ah, Aaa......’’

to the point that he can only frown in displeasure.

’’How about making a contract with someone, Hiiro?’’


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