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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 217




’’Well then, how about showing your real form first and foremost?’’


That reminds me, I've completely forgotten that I had changed into one of the [Asura Tribe]. Nevertheless, as expected of the <All Seeing Race >, they truly are something.

Since no one will be able to trace them here, with Word Magic, he reverted back to his original form.

’’Umu, showing your real face is the best after all. Aren't you a charming one eh? How is it? Taking my little princess as a bride......’’

KAPU......! (Snake bite)

’’............princess, that hurts you know?’’

Though it is not surprising for the princess, but to be able to fully expand and bite a person's head whole, you won't expect that in that small build.

(TN Note: I suddenly remembered that video of a boa swallowing a dear. WHOLE.)

After getting bitten by the princess, bright red blood floods out like a waterfall on Hoozuki's head.

’’That's because you said a strange thing!’’

This has completely become horrific, so should you release him right away? He will soon die with the way he's bleeding right now.

Then after the princess returned to her original size and plops on the table as it is,

’’You understand, Jii-sama? If you say something unnecessary once again......’’

’’O-okay, I get it! I get it already, so stop with that spooky glare!’’

With a Humph! the princess turns her gaze here. Being surprised by the performance that grew in size that I can only do nothing but watch, our eyes meet.

’’Ah? Did you by any chance took it seriously? Sorry about that, I don't spare courtesy to those I haven't recognize yet’’

It seems that she misunderstood it way far for some reason, and with that domineering attitude of hers giving him quite a sting, he retorted.

’’Is that some sort of joke? Who in the right mind would lust in someone stuck up like you? Take a good look at the mirror then talk, reptile’’

’’Wa,whawhawhat reptile!?’’

Needless to say the person in question, the princess became concerned with Hiiro's words, in which Hoozuki can only froze in shock.

’’Ukikikikikikiki! Interesting~! A reptile he said! A reptile! A repBUHOo!?’’

The monkey who was about to spit his sides from laughing was hit by the princess' tail and was blown away. Then, she glared at his indignant expression.

’’Y-y-you here! Wh-who're you calling a reptile again!?’’

’’Who? It's you of course, you white snake’’

’’I am a Spirit! A high-ranking one even! A direct descendant of grandfather the Spirit King!’’

’’Oh really? Well, that's kinda disappointing for an heir isn't it, Spirit King?’’

Hoozuki who was brought up in the talk can only smile wryly.

’’Di-didididisappointing? Then, see for yourself!’’

Smoke rises with the princess in the center, and a silhouette of a person was seen from there.

’’Behold! My true form! See if you can say that word again!’’

A beautiful girl of the same age as Hiiro stood with a blushed expression. Though because her eyes are glaring because of her temper, her white hair reflecting light certainly is beautiful, and had a style to the extent of making Lilyn envious.

(TN Note: Pssssh. Not a loli. Come back when you're ten. Then, speak with the prince of Lolis)

For some reason, she is wearing shrine maiden clothes. Nevertheless, her beautiful face is so well-matched the Japanese clothes that every man will no doubt be charmed with her.

’’............So, what?’’

(TN Note: See, I told you he's only into lolis. Well, don't be too much of a loli though. Satou the God of Lolis will get you instead)


Perhaps the princess is confident in her good looks. However, there are no distinctions for Hiiro whether the other party is a beautiful woman or not.

(TN Note: Yep, as long as it has these two. Food and Lolis. No common sense allowed. Wait, that's for the other novel)

She indeed belongs to the category of being a beauty, and including Camus who is here with Hiiro, the number of attractive ladies gathering around him is too much. It won't be an exaggeration to say that he's used to seeing beautiful girls.

(TN Note: Wait, don't rejoice yet. We haven't confirmed yet if the trap has been dismantled, so please exercise utmost caution)

Therefore not being stirred with admiration to the beautiful girl appearing before him made her confused.

’’Uhm.........this is my real form, you know?’’

’’Yeah, I heard. So what?’’

’’............for me who was regarded as cute and beautiful in the neighborhood to be called this way......’’

’’It might be so. However, look’’

He says so and pointed at Nikki and Camus.

’’I can even say those words to these guys’’


Yes. Camus and Nikki are certainly beautiful girls. Though Camus is a handsome man, you can also say that he has the looks that majority of women will surely envy.

(TN Note: Yes, he grouped Camus as a bishoujou)

’’fufufu~ It's kinda embarrassing, master~’’


The two blushed and began fidgeting. I just said a fact and am not praising them, but.........

But the princess who cannot refute to Hiiro's words can only stand firm.

’’Ukyakyakyakyakya! Give it up, Princess! You are a snake but you look like a frog in the well who knows nothing of the great ocean right na-GYAAA!?’’

The princess who was teased by the monkey grabbed a chair made from a tree and sent him flying once again.

’’Haaa Haaa Haaa.........’’

After observing Camus and Nikki with sharp eyes, her glance returned to Hiiro.

’’ terms of chest, I win!’’

She surely has a voluptuous chest, but......

’’Hey you, are you really that happy because you are more superior to these guys? One a kid, the other, a boy?’’


Of course, she'll be surprised that Camus is a boy.

’’Are you really one of the All Seeing Race? Then take a good look properly’’

The princess takes a good look as he said, and stared at Camus so hard as if it pierces through.................. then drops her shoulders in dejection.

’’ugh............why so pretty.........a......a boy even......’’

(TN Note: It is an honor working with you gentlemen. It was nice knowing you all. *Activates the trap himself*)

’’Well, it was good. After all, you have won in the size of your chest against a child and a boy’’

He struck the finishing blow.

’’Uu......uu......Kill, I'll kill this man!’’

’’Quit it you fool!’’

Hoozuki pinioned her from behind, restraining her movements. But she desperately moves her body, and

’’Re-release me Grandfather! For goodness sake! Please let me murder this man!’’

’’I cant allow you to murder anyone!’’

’’It's okay! I'll only bite him and tear him up a little!’’

’’He will die from that! Calm down, princess! Try to remember well!’’

’’Remember what?’’

’’He has admitted that princess is beautiful!’’


She stopped her movements suddenly, and turned her gaze to Hoozuki to verify. Thinking that finally the talks can be started, he spits a great sigh.

’’Fuu, Didn't he said it around that time you said you are regarded as a beauty in the neighborhood a while ago?’’


’’He said that ’’It might be so’’ way back. In other words, he admitted that princess is indeed beautiful. Aah, I'm tired’’

The blood disappeared before everyone is aware, and a great deal of sweat is spouting from his forehead instead. He wiped it off after feeling relieved.

As the princess turned back, she moves her eyes to Hiiro, seeking the truth.

’’, am I really cute?’’

She asks, feeling insecure.

’’It would be so in the general public. If that look is plain, then a large majority of women will surely file a complaint’’

Frankly speaking, the level of beauty of the princess is quite high. If we assume that such daughter is plain on the standard point of view, you'll soon be in questioning regarding your sense of beauty.

Then her face who looked down for a moment, after grooming herself, she put up and swing her long hair with one hand,

’’I thought you'd say that!’’

She said with an earth-shatteringly good smile on her face. She was already in an amazingly in a good mood as clear as anyone can see.

Because it is troublesome to offend her once again, they couldn't say anything anymore and kept silent.

(Still, this one's pride is really high, this spirit)

Come to think of it, I pass here a lot since I came here, but I noticed that we aren't being introduced, and above being identified once, I was going to give my name back then, but I have thought that the other side already knew my name from the beginning.

Still, I'll introduce myself with Camus and Nikki for now.

’’So? Get to the point already’’

’’Then I shall be’’

After Hoozuki clears his throat,

’’The reason I invited Hiiro here, as a matter of fact, there are none’’

If he really is she should have called him, but while he was eating delicious dishes, he said nothing at all.

’’Really?’’ it already blown?

He put up his index finger.

’’What kind of parallel world person that Niña cares about, I want to see it with my very own eyes’’

’’Only that?’’

’’Fumu, and also, please stand up for a moment’’

When he stood up as he what he said, Hooziku approached him. He made full efforts in observing his whole body. Nikki and Camus also, sensing the atmosphere, stood up in order to protect Hiiro.

’’hohoho, you have excellent guards. But be relieved. I'm not here to do any harm. Look, would a host keep magic power from Niña before?

’’Magic power? Aah’’

He remembered. When he went to the Fairy Garden for the first time, as a proof of trust he was given the Fairy Ring by Orun just as when he was leaving, and received a mass of magic power from the queen. Thought the mass of magic power was being sucked up by his chest at that time, because nothing happened, he had forgotten it already.

’’Thus, in this way......’’

When Hoozuki holds up his tight hand toward Hiiro, Hiiro's chest shines suddenly.

The warmth of the magical power spreads to his chest, then gradually leaves from his body. As the mass of magic power floats like big soap bubbles to the sky, he faced Hoozuki.

And as it is, the magic power was thrown to the waterfront. Turning his gaze after realizing what he had done, all of a sudden the water rose and took the shape of a door.

And as the door opens slowly,


Something came out and flown towards his place.

’’Waai! Parallel Worlder! A Parallel Worlder!’’

It was the apparently the nagging fairy that he saw from before. Moreover, it is the clingy red haired one.

It rushed and flew around Hiiro round and round happily.

’’It has been a while! It has been a while!’’

With the same irritating tone as ever, he's amazed. However, it was explicable of what Hoozuki did. When he glanced towards the door above the water once more, appeared a woman whom he had seen before.

’’It has been a long time, Hiiro Okamura-san’’

Niña, the Fairy Queen has made her appearance.


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