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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 215


EPISODE 215 : Invitation from an Apparition


At that time when he caught that disgusting monkey thief with so much effort, a fissure opened on the ground all of a sudden, and from there a white snake had appeared.

(What the......? First a monkey, then a snake?)

As he thought that there may be a zoo somewhere, the next scene surprised him more.

’’Didn't I said it's fine already? Grandpa says to invite him politely, right?’’

Not that I doubt my ears, but did that snake just talked? To the monkey? And also,

’’Well, it's because teasing that fellow to bring him here is a lot more amusing~’’

.........the monkey talked.

Am I in a fairy tale somewhere? He thought by reflex, but here is a parallel world and there are also beastmen here, too. Though he assumed that is was that situation, it's still quite a shock seeing it for the first time.

’’To you over there, I want to apologize for the idiocy committed by this one’’

The snake moves its head to the bottom like a bow.


As the monkey was having a cramped face,

’’Hey, you apologize too’’


’’.........I'll tell grandpa, you know?’’

’’I'm sorry for the rude acts that I have caused’’

The monkey straightens its own back and apologized magnificently. Is that grandpa-sama really scary?

’’This fool says the same, too. How about, putting the pike here?’’

He usually draws back on these kinds of things a long time ago. But even that, he's at his limit from grasping this strange situation.

’’.........I knew are a 『Spirit』, aren't you?’’

When he said so, the snake's eyes opened wide, as if saying 'well done!' then immediately narrowed it, staring as if it was observing him.

’’Hee, as one would expect, to be able to distinguish Niña-sama just by appearance’’

(TN Note: Okay, this is a bit confusing. The raw says it's ニンニアッホ(Ninniahho) but in the translation terminologies used by Anri-sama in dekinai translations goes with Niña instead. In this case, I'll follow Niña as it sounds more proper)


Words leaked out as if it's natural. It spoke with words that can't be ignored just now. Niña. It was the Fairy queen's name.

Before he set foot on the beastman continent, in the middle of the night, he saw fairies playing on the hill. At that time, he noticed their existence,

and by a strange coincidence he reached the home of the fairies, the 【Fairy Garden】where he met Niña and did some silly talks for a while, too.

’’Pardon my rudeness, but here is one thing I like to request of you. May I?’’

’’......I decline’’

’’Aw, come on!’’

The monkey grunted at Hiiro's refusal.

’’Even if you take me to the strange realm of [fairies], I still have some business to attend to. Plus, dragging me into this place above all, who's not going to get irritated with that?’’

He reluctantly cast 『還元』 (Return) and the prison made out of earth returns to the soil.


The monkey which was shaking wildly in impatience jumps on a gap opened in the jail and lands in its feet.

Then, Hiiro goes in front of the monkey and reaches out his hand, telling it to give his glasses over. Though the monkey unwillingly hands it out while pouting,


’’Kii!? Wh-what the hell was that for!?’’

Yes. When he received his glasses back, Hiiro dropped a fist into that small head of it immediately.

’’To raise a hand on an innocent spirit, this is spirit abuse~!’’

It put some distance from Hiiro while holding its head in pain.

’’Shut your trap. My precious Fuwafuwa Fries is gone because of you, and for dragging me into this grateful that it ended with just that. Normally, I have burnt you into crisp by now.’’

The monkey's face paled as it heard his words. The snake on the other hand, throws a big sigh as it watches the spectacle of the two.

’’Can we start now?’’

With eyes that seem tired of this shit, he turned his gaze to the snake.

’’To that fool over there, he will certainly receive punishment later, so can you hear my request?’’

’’Didn't I tell you? I refuse. Don't you get it you snake rascal?’’

’’Oh, rascal you say? Even though I look like this, I'm a woman you know’’

’’Spirits have gender? Interesting. What, you do like cross-pollinate or something to leave descendants behind, like in those books I read?’’

’’Ah, there's a little mistake there. Even we spirits have gender, but it is only limited to high-ranking ones. Besides, for us, leaving descendants is optional’’

The fact that they leave descendants is honestly astonishing. I didn't think that all those written in the books are correct, but if it came to the person in question, then I might as well agree.

Besides, from what I have recently heard, then this snake is a high-ranking existence. I don't know the monkey's though.

’’Ah, by the way, I'm a man!’’

Though I didn't ask, it suits him apparently. But for two high-ranking spirits to come in such a place............this might get troublesome once again.

’’Well, your gender doesn't matter. Oy, white snake. Whatever you say, it's already time for my dinner. If you two tended to disturb my meal, off you go to my prison, got it?’’

He pointed his forefingers of both hands as a threat, but the snake doesn't break her expression. Although the monkey backed by one step.

’’Oh my, are you hungry? Perfect. I have arranged a reception at this place’’


’’Yes. As you have guessed, I want you to come to our home’’

’’......I knew it’’

Because the vicinity is still vacant, perhaps he will be transported with the fairies just like that time.

’’I don't know if this will be able to satisfy you, but for the time being, I have prepared a fairy service more or less’’


That word tugged his heartstrings.

’’Yes. However, there are such food exist only in the other side......So, how is it?’’

She smiled, implying him to try it. Though it's aggravating for him to act upon her will, there is the Spirit welcoming dishes he's worried about. He like to eat that by all means.

But if I followed them as it is, I'll worry Nikki and the others who are currently searching for me. It is very likely that this will become a big problem if I disappear as it is.

I don't know how long will I be on the other side, but what will happen if Nikki were to say to Demon Lord Eveam that Hiiro has disappeared.........?

’’......I'll go’’

’’Is that so? Then at once......’’

’’On one condition’’

’’......and what will that be?’’

’’I have about two companions. Allow them to go together with me, then I'll follow’’


Their eyes matched each other, and continued in that state for a while. But neither wants to yield. Realizing such situation, the snake spat out a large sigh.

’’......Fine. Bring them’’

Then, through Word magic, he guided Nikki and the others on his location. As they saw the talking animals, the two's eyes sparkled in fascination.

’’Then, shall we? But please don't do anything strange.........well, in your case it will be an exemption’’

A dark portal appeared in the air, and they entered as it is.

’’Then, shall we go?’’

The monkey pushes his back from behind. Though Hiiro doesn't feel any uneasiness because he had entered an identical space before, Nikki and Camus advance inch by inch, obviously feeling nervous.

But for a split second of passing through, the three people can only think of admiring the spectacle extended before their eyes.

It's a fantasy world.

Particles as brilliant as jewels dance like snow. A big rainbow forms in the sky, with a presence that let you yearn the illusion of walking on top of it.

The surroundings are full of forests, and leaves growing out in abundance in the trees have beautiful snow crystal-like shapes. As if it's natural for the three to be at loss for words in this magnificent spectacle.

’’Welcome to our home, the [Spirit Forest]’’


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