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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 214


EPISODE 214 : Hiiro and Monkey


Hiiro went sightseeing with Nikki and Camus. And because it's about time for dinner, he tried to find a good place to eat.

But Hiiro was naïve. How will this country treat someone like him? He surely didn't think about it.

’’Ah, Hero-sama!’’

’’Woah, its true!’’

’’is that really Hiiro-sama?!’’

He shined like a sore thumb wherever he goes.

’’Oooh~ As expected of my master-desuzo! I am proud as a disciple-desuzo! Ahem!’’


Nikki held her chest in pride to the popularity of his master, though Camus has the same deadpan expression as before.

As the citizens gather one after the other so much that it's kind of irritating, Hiiro, who had no other choice, grabs Nikki by the scruff,

’’Anyway, let's look for a place with no people’’

’’Ugu......can't......cant breath desujoo......!?’’


Nikki gave a pained expression with her heck being strangled, but Hiiro didn't mind it while breaking through the place without care.

They entered an alley where no one is around, where they were able to stay somehow.

(Good grief, this has become a pain in the ass)

Hiiro used 『変化』 (Change) to morph himself from a human into an 'Evila'. It's not his usual 'Imp Race', but an 'Asura Race' which is similar to Camus.

And because his red robe draws attention, he changed it into a blue one. With this, they should be unable to distinguish Okamura Hiiro who saved their country.

’’Oooh~ So cool, Master!’’

’’......same......same as Hiiro’’

Though she's rubbing her neck that has been stangled, Nikki praised him in a high note. And for some reason, Camus seemed happy.

’’Good. With this, we won't have any problems. Shall we look for a simple place to eat?’’

Most of the people are still looking for Hiiro when they left the alley. For them, a hero who is wandering in the town with them is a must to see.

They received a lot of questions about Hiiro being seen or so, and they felt relieved that they didn't notice somehow. Meaning, when you say that he went over there, they will certainly follow suit.

(They're like an otaku group that has finally found their idol......)

Just thinking about the large crowd surging at him made him shiver

But, with this, they were able to stroll peacefully on the surroundings without care, finally finding the shop they're looking for.

They say that there is a store that sells junk food-like things in Japan


as written in the signboard. A sweet savory aroma drifted here, leading their feet as if they were magnetized.

What is brought into their eyes are round objects just like takoyaki, but tied like a balloon and suspended in the air, as if it's floating

’’What is this?’’

To the queston of Hiiro, the store owner who noticed that a customer came, clasps her hands and pulls out a merchant's smile.

’’Oh, Come, come! Try our 【Demon Country】Special - Fuwafuwa Fries, would you like to try one?’’

He's like an old true-born Tokyoite raising his voice to make a fine living.

’’Special? Is it good?’’

’’Of course it is! This Fuwafuwa Fries is made up of Fuwanpopo flowers deep-fried in oil. As for what the sauce is made up of, it's a secret!’’

’’Hohou, then one for......’’

Then, something pulls his clothes in the rear. As he looked back, he saw Camus and Nikki with sparkling puppy eyes as if they are begging the master of the house. It seems that they want to try it, too.

’’......old man, three, no......make it six’’

Thus he ordered two for each one of them.

’’Gotcha. How does 450 Rigin sound?’’

’’Can I use the guild card?’’

And particles of light gathered and took form of a card in his hand.

’’You can. Please make a transfer on the stand over there’’

As they look over, they saw a card on a silver ashtray-like container on the counter. Then, as he overlapped his card with the card present, he wished for a 450 Rigin transfer permission. With this, the payment should end safely.

’’......good, payment confirmed! Here you go!’’

The old man picks up the card and takes a look. Apparently, he has received the confirmation somehow, and handed the Fuwafuwa Fries over.

It's really like a balloon with gas and tied with a string, floating buoyantly as it is.

’’Oh yeah, you can also eat the string as it is made up of candy!’’

Because it has a teeny weenie kid size upon seeing it closer, he swallowed the whole thing in one bite.

The coating is crunchy and savory, and has an aroma of an elegant flower. Additionally, the sweet thick honey oozing from the inside is very yummy.

(This is delicious...... it will certainly become a hit for children)

(TN NOTE: As expected of our loli magnet protagonist! To think of the children's interests first and foremost!)

While thinking so, his view switched to Nikki with flushed cheeks as she stuff her mouth with great relish. Then she took the two pieces in her mouth in one go.

’’This kid...... wait, why are you too, Nitoryuu!?’’


Surprisingly, there is another child here. Camus stuffs two in his mouth just like Nikki.

(Oh well, nevermind)

But the moment when Hiiro opens his mouth to take a bite of the Fuwafuwa Fries,


A shadow passed through his eyes with amazing swiftness, and the Fuwafuwa Fries in his right hand had disappeared.


As if it's a serious matter, he looked around restlessly, and found the culprit on a building.

The creature is like a small squirrel monkey, and on its hand is the Fuwafuwa Fries that it took from Hiiro's hand a while ago.


The monkey smiles impudently, causing the veins in Hiiro's forehead to swell blue.

’’Ma, master......?

’’Hi, Hiiro......?’’

The two people murmured, while taking distance from Hiiro who was about to burst with anger.


The moment Camus and Nikki saw Hiiro's dark smile, they took a gulp and had frozen in place.

’’Some nerve you have, you monkey thief. Look forward to my gratitude for taking my pleasure away’’

Hiiro kicks the ground and chases after the monkey.

Nikki and Camus who are left can only see him off in utter amazement.

As Hiiro was giving chase to the monkey who stole his Fuwafuwa Fries, he realized that he had come out to a foreign territory.

’’Tsk, curse you, thieving monkey! Don't you think that you had escaped!’’

without minding his appearance, he pursued it with the characters 『探索』(Search).


The monkey made an insulting grin as if treating him like a fool, causing his anger to shoot up fast.

’’Prepare yourself, you little critter! I'm going to show you who's on top of the food chai.........n?’’

Then, for some reason, it jumped towards his place.

’’are you an idiot! Well, still works for me!’’

He wrote and shoot 『捕縛』(Arrest) towards the monkey in an instant. As it hit the monkey,


The characters were repelled and dispersed.


Although being surprised, the monkey jumps towards his face, scratches his cheeks with its sharp fingernails, uses it as a jumping platform, then does a backflip and finally lands on the ground smoothly.

’’It hurts......’’

He covers his scratched face with his hands by reflex, but then notices something for the first time.........Wait, my glasses are missing!

As he look up towards the monkey, it was already wearing his glasses in its small head, laughing at him. Moreover, it is already nibbling the Fuwafuwa Fries it was holding.

’’.........fufufufufu, is that what you wanted?......... I see, I see......’’

It seems that preaching won't be enough for this monkey. A punishment will be necessary.

’’I will definitely roast you brown!’’

The monkey twitched. It seems that it understood that he's now very angry. It turned its body behind, preparing to escape.

’’DO you think I'll let you go?’’

Only one thing remained in his mind: to catch the ape.

『電気』(Electricity) and 『堅牢』(Solid)

In a flash, a prison made up of electricity emerges from the feet of the ape, succeeding on catching it alive.

’’Go on, try touching that electricity. After that a full course meal of a scorched monkey is finished’’

Though it will also fry his glasses with it, he has forgotten that fact completely. But the monkey turned its body, and tried to strike the electric prison with the torque of its spinning tail.


It happened again. The magic was repelled easily again.

’’............I see’’

Hiiro sets his lips in a straight line, and writes another character.


Aiming on the ground this time, he shoot cactus-like needles toward the monkey one after another.

(Can you avoid this much?)

There is something that made him convinced. And without a single bit of hesitation at all, it jumped in the air.

’’You avoided it, as expected. Then, how's this!’’

『大地』(earth) and『堅牢』(solid)

It changed from 『電気』 (Electricity) to 『大地』 (Earth) this time.

The earth rises, engulfing the monkey in the air, capturing it. Then, the ape finally showed its impatience.

It goes back and forth the jail while raising a small cry.

’’......What happened? Why won't you repel it just like what you've done a while ago?’’


’’It's no use. Because you are.........’’

When he was about to say the continuation, a fissure is made all of a sudden in the space near the ape. He maximized his instincts and took a stance. As he quietly watches out what's going to happen next, coming out of nowhere.................................... a pure white snake.


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