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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 213


EPISODE 213 : Reunion with an Old Friend


Victorias. The Kingdom of the [Humas].

From there, a lone small hut was built, hidden at the very edge of the residential area. It's so small that you'll never think of it as a dwelling place, other than the fact that it looks so old.

Among the tall grass that has overgrown the surroundings, clearly indicating the place not having been maintained for many years, one old woman lives in such shed.

When her fortune-telling in the main street in the town ends, she buys food then returns to the hut, spending her time in peace, but right now......

As she put the bread that has been bought as usual in the tableware, poured milk into the glass, and sat in her creaky chair,

’’To think that you are only in such a place’’

Hearing a shrill voice of a child from behind, she, who was taken aback, turned around. Standing there was a child who was the source of the voice.

The old woman opened her eyes wide, stiffened as she saw the child.

’’I have looked for you everywhere. But I never thought that you're here in the Human King's Imperial Capital all along’’

As if giving herself up, the old woman closes her eyes and gives him a sigh. Then she opens them slowly, and begins to squeeze out her words.

’’You knew this one well, right..........Avoros?’’

She knew it was the former Demon Lord all along. As well as the purpose for why he came here.

Then, the old woman asks the black robed existence behind his back.

’’So, is that your current pawn?’’

She didn't say 'subordinate'. The reason why is she's fully aware of the fact that this person treats people as if they were his chess pieces. Then, laughing as if hearing a funny joke,

’’Shall I introduce this one to you?’’

He showed a smile so shady it fills you with disgust. With the fact she was caught here, makes her unable to act poorly.

’’Nay, rather than that, how about saying what you want to get this over with?’’

’’Fufufu, as hasty as ever. This, after not meeting again for a long time? Don't you think that I intend to bloom with you, a flower from an old tale?’’

Did you came here just to tell me such talk?’’

’’.........Tsk, lacking a sense of humor, as always’’

Avoros shrugs his shoulders exaggeratedly, then utters a sigh. He looks around at the surroundings once again.

’’But for Alicia of Foresight to hide and live in such a filthy place......’’

’’The tongues that call that name are no longer in this world. I don't use it anymore’’

’’Really? Oh yeah, what do you call yourself again? Ah! It's.........Maricris Bluenote, right?’’


’’Nevertheless, the book that you wrote, what the heck is that? I had skimmed it over, but......really, what kind of joke is that?’’

The bloodlust which wasn't felt till then, surrounds her whole body, pricking like needles. She takes a gulp unconsciously, and with a whiff, the bloodlust stops.

’’Whoops, sorry about that. It's just a pass me out from that, 'kay? Besides, that book is terrible. The composition looked like its making fun of its main character’’


’’I don't know what your intentions are in writing that thing, besides the fact that you wrote it in various ways, really. But since when have you become an outsider? Though being able to survive after knowing that thing is commendable’’

Avoros' eyes narrowed upon her. Like totally cornering its prey, his intent to hunt afterwards is being transmitted to her.

’’......Who knows, it doesn't mean that I'm affecting anybody’’


’’You know, it's simply because knowing that thing makes me like an eagle taking over a pen with its hand’’

’’What are you aiming for?’’

’’And what if I don't speak?’’

’’You can remain silent, but...’’

A murderous intent came out from Avoros once again. Though it reached the point where she wants to withdraw instinctively, she stood firmly on the floor, clenching it by her toes.

The standoff continued after a little while, but then Avoros shakes his head in disgust.

’’Your obstinacy haven't been changed just like in the past. How disappointing’’

’’That's Koch's words, isn't it? Besides, isn't that too much Demonic pressure for an old woman?

’’Ahahaha! What are you saying! You're only an old woman on the outside’’


’’Until when will you have such an ugly face? And that way of talking, too. Are you ashamed for so long that you can't even show your real face at this late hour?’’

As Avoros stared at Maricris, she closed her eyes, as if giving up herself. Then, she took something from her bosom and put it her mouth. Then, surprisingly, her wrinkled, rough skin turned young and glossy.

As if coming back to life, her grey hair discolored by age turned into a beautiful dark blue. Her height increased, too, finally appearing a woman of an excellent caliber.

Rejuvenation. It's something that cannot be expressed in words. With it, you'll never think that the ponytailed young beauty right now is an old woman just earlier.

Avoros, seeing such spectacle of Maricriss, claps his hands in entertainment.

’’Uh-huh. You in that figure is the best after all’’


’’This for sure, is the woman whom I want to take in for once back then’’

’’...... I refuse your proposal, no matter what you say to me’’

A clear sweet voice sounded the interior.

’’Well, I don't really have the luxury to do such a thing now at this late hour. You too are a wonderful grandmother, despite how young you look right now. Your young daughter really begins to look like you’’

’’Oh my, do you think saying such things to the grandma makes you have the permission to catch my young daughter?’’

’’Hmm ~ if you see it in this way, aren't I even more popular? Don't you agree?’’

’’Well, only by your appearance’’

’’Ahaha! Your comeback really stings, you know ~’’

Avoros has the charm which attracts anyone, regardless of age and gender. His personality on the other hand, is an epic failure.

TN NOTE: Okay... Avoros, please. Just be a bona fide villain okay? Ornorth is already dwindling here.

’’By the way, Maricris......can I tell you something important? I want you to come with me’’

’’I refuse’’

’’Ahaha! I thought that you'll decline, though I hoped that you'll think about this a little’’

’’I cannot be with you even after death. Didn't I already said that a long time ago?’’


’’As long as you say that you want that wish to come true, I won't give my consent’’

Maricris sweared in a well-defined expression. Then, Avoros having broken his smile, moved his mouth with a serious face.

’’You sure about that?’’

’’Yes. I'm sure of it’’

’’How can I convince you? Even in this world, you are...... ’’

’’I don't want that tragedy to repeat itself anymore’’

Feeling the determination of Maricris, Avoros replying with an 'is that so' showed a little gloom in his expression.

’’I am what I am, therefore I'll do my thing in my own way. this is atonement’’

’’.........Even if I kill you won't?’’

’’I won't’’

’’Then, even if I say that the life of all these countries are hanging in a balance?’’

Even if all the people in this world becomes my hostage? he still expressed a cruel smile as he posed those words. But Maricris didn't falter at all.


Her will didn't waver.


What are you thinking, Avoros? he suddenly turned his heel and stepped out of the room. Does he really intend to dispose of a nation as expected? To Maricris who is making a stiff expression,

’’.........A war will begin from now on’’


Making a sudden stop, he told Maricris who in turn became dumbfounded.

’’It's a war that involves the world as a whole’’

’’You, you still, after all......!’’

Avoros then turned his back to her, and said.

’’I hope that you still remember, Maricris......No, Alicia’’


’’That I want to obtain this whole world by all means’’


He tried to move his legs for a second time, this time giving words as he goes out.

’’You might be killed here. You want to correct that mistake of yours, right? Then I in this side is more correct. After all, you decided to be alive till the last minute’’

He turned a little towards Maricris' face.

’’See you, Alicia, it was fun after a long time. Though it would be fine whether or not I have met you’’


’’I'll show you the correct answer. You should look forward to it’’

After those words, Avoros left the room along with the figure in the black garment. At that spot where only silence remained, fatigue surged Maricris suddenly, exhausting her strength.

She sat on the chair, staggering. Cold sweat dripped down her whole body. It was after a long time that she experienced this much tension.

As she drank her milk at once to relieve her thirst,


She whispered.

’’Your hopeless’’

But her thoughts reached no one anymore.


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