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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 212


EPISODE 212 : Ornorth's Regret


Though Ornorth had made an agreement with Hiiro to teach the methods of acquiring Grand Red Aura, because he is currently busy with political issues right now, he can't provide time to teach him personally.

So he had no other way but to use that time to review what's in the scroll by himself till he's available. However, as he scan the contents, he discovered that most of it were described in illustrations and seemed to be written in a language that Ornorth can only understand.

If it's an ordinary person, he/she might wait for Ornorth, but not for Hiiro, who has the convenient Word Magic. Using [Clarification (解明)], he decoded the encrypted characters somewhat.

He thought that with this, he won't need to ask Ornorth anymore, but he was too naïve. Yes, the encrypted characters can now be read, but he couldn't understand what it says, and because it tells all about mind and spirit theories, the explanation is so abstract it was difficult to comprehend.

For instance, the first thing written here is the method of generating Red Qi, but because Hiiro already have acquired it, it wasn't necessary, but that's not what's written here.

’’You must focus and make your life force and magic power go like round and round. Be careful not to lose focus. If you lost it even once, it will return from what it was before. The trick is to straighten your back and let the power ooze out like round and round’’

TN NOTE: I don't have sufficient knowledge to translate Japanese onomatopoeia like this one (グルグル)to English yet. Please forgive me for this.

............are you a kid!

That was his first thoughts. Other than those round and round effects, there are so much abstract words that he can't understand the meaning no matter how hard he tried. As if this scroll is written by a kid at heart.

(there is too much gap in his face and his writing ability!)

He, thinking of Ornorth as a good-looking beast man who has a figure of a dauntless wolf, can only sigh at the situation. Sure, there are no problems with his etiquette and behavior. His manners are good, too.

(TN NOTE: Am I translating the right novel? Why do I feel that this will go the wrong way?)

’’But that's it. He is really bad at explaining’’

Though he has written it in a really unique way, it can apparently be understood, somehow. But still, it was needed to carry it out on practice, so calling out Ornoth to correct him is necessary, or it will be useless.

As Hiiro leaked out a sigh as he rolled the scroll, Nikki and Camus came in. the two seemed to have clicked together apparently, so when they have free time, they go and play outside together with Mikadzuchi.

’’Master, can you read this scroll?’’

She asked, as she saw the scroll. Lilyn who said ’’As one would expect to my subordinate, to feel unsatisfied with his present strength, and have the desire to improve himself more!’’ seem pleased about it, so Nikki and Camus took interest in the contents.

But when he was asked to explain the contents that can't be read, they dropped their shoulders in disappointment. Camus aside, it was more unreasonable for Nikki who cannot even control magic on her own. It became more depressing.

So to say, even if Nikki read the stuff, she won't get it at all.

’’Hmmm. So is it better to hear it from Ornorth-dono, I wonder?’’

Perhaps what she said was the most efficient method, but right now, Ornorth has gone to the [Beast Kingdom・Passion]. As he inherited the trait of being a part-beastman, it seems that the person had acquired the duty of being the messenger of the [Demon Race・Evila].

Because it is evitable until he comes back, Hiiro was thinking of killing time in the Fortuna Great Library.

’’Oh yeah, did that red loli came back?’’

Lilyn, aka the red loli, together with Silva and Shamoe, and accompanied by Mikadzuchi have gone to some business and traveled outside to the foreign territory.

Since Hiiro was intending to stay in the meantime until he became satisfied in reading the books in the library, she said that she has some business to take care of and went out.

Well, to begin with, her purpose in coming to the country in the first place was to meet an acquaintance of hers near the country, so she left.

’’She haven't come back yet!’’

’’is that so?’’

’’ time?’’

Camus who didn't move like some decoration spoke up.

’’I don't have free time. I have books I haven't read yet......there is only that’’

In a room allotted by Eveam, Hiiro sat down on the bed and directed his gaze at his left. From there, piled up five to six books.

They are books that came from Depth 5, but since he has gotten the 'permit to carry' from Eveam, it's all right. Still, because they are included in the list of banned books, he can't show it to other people.

Therefore he wrote the characters [Reading Forbidden]『禁読』and invoked it, making the writings move and the reading impossible for the time being. In addition, even if someone carries it around, he can trace its location wherever it goes because of his magical power, of course, with Eveam's permission too. But it is still necessary to have a word with her first before bringing it out.


’’Town? To do what?’’

’’stroll around with Hiiro......Just once’’

It seems that they want to invite him for a stroll, but as Nikki who is next to him excitedly waited him to accept,

’’'s troublesome. You two should probably go on your own’’

She became depressed in a glance. But Camus, who was wearing a deadpan expression as usual,

’’want to go......with Hiiro’’

’’No, I still have my books to......’’

’’want to’’

’’th-thas wight!’’

Camus who gained Nikki as an ally pressed him further. Now, two pairs of puppy eyes corner him down.

’’ good?’’

TN NOTE: YES! Let the ship go to the right way! Wait a mi- Oh shit! Abort! It's a trap!


With the two being so persistent, he can only resign himself and join. Well, he judged that if this goes on he won't be able to read the books at ease.

Besides, dinner will be soon, so he thought that going out to eat outside would be better for once. He heard recently from the rumors that there is a restaurant that has laid new items in their menu.

He certainly enjoys the dishes in the castle which Musun made, but perhaps a change will be better once in a while.

Closing the laid scroll, he put it in his bosom and left the bed.

’’Okay. I'll go. But I won't look for any lost children, understand?’’



The two broke into smiles as if they have achieved their long-cherished ambition.

Inside a dim cave, strange blue light shines the surroundings. The origin of the light were four blue megaliths. Roots of a plant-like something entangle and wrap the stones. And from the blue lights shining up the cave, something was born.

Something which does not belong to the cave appeared on the center of the space. It's a throne where a King sits down upon. There, a young boy sits on it, and having made up his mind, stands up and calls a white-haired woman who waited next to him.

’’Did you call for me, Your Majesty Avoros?’’

The boy is named Avoros, with the title of former Demon Lord. A few days ago, in the duel between the [Evila] and the [Gabranth], which resulted in an alliance by the words of encouragement from his younger sister Eveam, he appeared before them and did a certain declaration.

’’Yeah. I'll be going out for a moment’’

The woman's name is called Valkria, which Avoros calls as No. 5.

’’Do you want a company?’’

’’No. but because I'll be moving, you bring Isuca here’’

’’Understood. Please take care’’

’’It's alright. i feel a little nostalgic though......because I'll be meeting with a good ol' friend’’

As No. 5 bows her head in respect, Avoros raised his hand in response, then left the place and went.


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