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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 211




In a dim basement, a light bulb installed in the ceiling gave of a weak light, barely reaching what's beneath it. Even though it was already noon, the light outside does not reach the room.

Regardless of night or day, there is no change in the darkness of the interior. It is not much of a big room, which has five shelves tightly packed with many books and documents.

And directly underneath what the light illuminated, was the figure of Okamura Hiiro who was turning over the pages of a book, leaning his back at a shelf.

Mountain of books he already read piled up around him in a disorderly manner, but Hiiro doesn't mind and concentrated reading wholeheartedly, without minding the dust fluttering about.

Upon closing a book, he then throws it away as if it is a trash, then takes another book again and opens the cover. That pattern is repeated all over again.

’’Hmm, each and every one of it is really interesting. Though participating in that war is really such a pain in the ass’’

He is currently at the basement of the Fortuna Great Library, the information treasury of the Demon Country - Xaos. Well, you could say that reading the books here is his purpose of coming here at the very start.

In this Fortuna Great Library, though it is open to the general public, it also restricted access to a lot of books.

The restriction is divided into Depth 1 to Depth 5, where Depth 5 is only available for access to the Royal Family. To read them, a reading permit is necessary.

TN NOTE Raw says《深度5》, which was previously translated as Basement 5, but the kanji for basement is different (地下 or 地階), so I used depth. Y not use level? I want to avoid transcreating as much as possible. This is open to corrections.

After meeting Lilyn on a certain day, he negotiated with her in order to gain access and read the books in Depth 5. She was to manage her connections to make him gain access to read the books in Depth 5 somehow or other.

However, he met the Demon Lord Eveam in an unexpected encounter, and offered a reading permit as a compensation to participate in the war. Rather than depending on Lilyn, Hiiro who thought that hers is more legitimate, took this opportunity and participated in the war, splendidly obtaining his reading permit.

But with problems occurring one after the other, he wasn't able to enter the library till now, and after the duel, Hiiro who was called the ’’Hero of Evila’’ obtained freedom at long last and indulged himself at ease in his hobby.

Though one week has passed after the duel, apparently, the declaration of the former Demon Lord Avoros seemed to be the truth when he asked Eveam about it.

Of course, Eveam did not doubt what Avoros had said from the very beginning. It is not strange to do that if it's him.

But it's still too early to assume that opinion without any proof. Therefore, as a result of their deliberate investigation, it was found out that Avoros had hard-to-deal-with talented underlings from each continent, and seems to have a well-thought plan of world domination.

(That kid really is a Demon Lord template)

He never thought that he will be hearing the words 'world domination' from someone else's mouth. Muttering those embarrassing words without hesitation, he made that statement it without a single bit of fear as if it is already established as a truth.

(......because of that demon king template, it seems this will become more troublesome from now on)

With the [Evila] and the [Gabranth]'s efforts to give helping hands to one another, Lilyn's dream got one step closer to realization, and being an irregular again here keeps him from being bored in this world.

(Oh well, now that the opposing side has war potential reinforcements, they seem to be busy with war preparations, but not a single war happen yet. Besides, the Demon lord also is moving, so if something happens, she'll make sure to inform them)

Because he didn't hear any news of Avoros' conspicuous movements, he intends to continue remaining silent.

As for without doing anything and watching the duel till the end, his purpose might be confirming their war potential. In that way he can plan thoroughly and when victory is ensured, he will give that announcement again.

(Nay, that is a Demon Lord Template. There is a possibility that he will attack without notice......or......)

With that Demon Lord, you can't expect courtesy like notifying them about the war.

(Well, that's why the Demon Lord is always thinking of precautions against it every single day, but......)

Still, it is possible for him to pass, even through a hole in a needle. From the time being, when they started exchanging large information with the [Gabranth], Avoros' companions seems to have attacked them resulting to serious damages, and it he heard that their discussions are not coming up with anything.

Following a pattern, Hiiro closes his book, and turned his attention to the book wound up like a scroll located on his left side.

’’I looked over it lightly just in case, but is this the only thing that seems useful?’’

He thought, picking the roll with his hand. And when he opened the contents quickly,

’’......but the fiery zeal isn't in the original pattern’’

He rolled back the scroll again while saying so, then put it in his bosom. He also took a permit to take out books just in case, but on the condition that it must not be shown to others excessively.

This Depth 5 room contains mouth-dripping abundance of knowledge, to the extent that you will be thrilled being unable to decide which to choose because of the excitement.

There is a great diversity of books ranging from the introduction to the composition of this world, the biographies of past heroes, and even countless ancient magic written down and recorded to keep your butt from being lifted from the chair.

And also as expected, there are also banned books which were concealed by the country. Hiiro however, is looking for a book which has something recorded by all means.

And that book, is the scroll which he put in his bosom. He searched for it, judging that he will need it when the time comes.

(Though I have read it for some time, it won't activate probably as long as I don't speak it out loud......’’)

His first objective is obtained for the time being, but he have not been able to completely decipher the knowledge yet. With a happy sense of accomplishment obtaining such knowledge, Hiiro suddenly felt a presence.

(Who......? But only those who are given permission are allowed to come here......)

And the only one permitted is Hiiro. Therefore, Lilyn should not be able to come. That means, it is someone related to the Demon Lord.

He stood up slowly, not lowering his guard, directing a sharp glance towards the only entrance.

Clacking sounds echoed the floor, finally reaching his sight.

’’......You are......’’

The one who appeared there, was the Cruel Rank Four, Ornorth. With the face of a wolf, this [Evila] showing up in such darkness invites horror into your eyes.

TN NOTE: He's supposed to be a really scawy werewolf, but the manga designed him like a looney tunes character. They RUINED IT.

But because he didn't feel any hostility coming from him, he judged that he's probably asked for a summoning from the Demon Lord.

’’What do you want?’’

He said, putting up an air of superiority. Then after a light pause,

’’I want you to hear something from you’’

It doesn't seem to be a summoning from the Demon Lord, apparently.

As a matter of fact, he had mostly guessed what he'd like to hear about. Rather, he asking these things was just good for him.

’’But, how dare you to litter the whole place’’

He looked at the state of the room in astonishment, then leaked out a sigh in his messy situation.

’’Oh, these? Whatever. Since I can do this immediately’’

Concentrating magic on the index finger of both hands,

BOOKS『書物』 and ORDER『整頓』

Writing it, then activating it immediately, the books which were scattered on the floor returned to the shelves by their own. Ornorth stared at such a spectacle with his mouth agape.

After a while, the surroundings were put into order as if the mess a little while ago was a lie.

’’......I really still can't keep myself from being surprised by you’’

With his breath being taken away, he restlessly stared at the arranged bookshelf.

’’So, what do you want me to hear?’’

’’Ah y-yeah, about that’’

Then, making a serious face,

’’You, you can use Red Qi (Shakki), right?’’

TN NOTE: the raws read《赤気(しゃっき)》in which according to, it translates into Red Cloud/Comet, but it makes no sense in English as it is an ultimate boosting magic somewhat like Limit Break from Arifureta, so I translate it by per Kanji instead. Thanks to jorgelotr for the tip regarding the 気 translation.

It was the question that he expected after all.

’’Something like that......I guess?’’

Yes. That red aura Hiiro shown in the duel with Leowald that Ornoth had seen is certainly similar to his Red Qi.

’’......So it's that after all. I am surprised, that you were able to use it at such a young age......’’

’’......I also want to ask you something’’

’’What is it?’’

’’You seem to be able to control Red Qi at will’’


’’Red Qi needs a lot of concentration for it to be handled properly. Even I who is confident in magic power control cannot handle Red Qi freely.’’

’’I can't even hold on Peerless Mode in place. Just barely’’

’’That should be obvious. In the first place, Red Qi is a technique a half-breed like me is good at, a blockhead who can neither use magic nor Bind Arts. Even for a half like me, it's a special ability that no one had existed to defeat it. Because the combat method for using the Red the utilization of Grand Red Aura.

Grand Red Aura《太赤纏(たいしゃくてん)》 (pronounced 'Taishakuten' in the raws. I picked the coolest word combinations as defined in for this, so I apologize for the low quality translation.

’’Grand......Red Aura?’’

Taken aback, Hiiro took out the scroll from his bosom and switched his attention to it. Then, Ornorth raises his voice in surprise.

’’Oh, so that means you have obtained it after all...... so you intend to master it, the Grand Red Aura?’’

Certainly it is written in the scroll as Grand Red Aura, as specified by the language of this world.

’’You, did you know of this?’’

’’Obviously. That's because I put it there in the first place.’’

His reply is honestly, very astonishing. According to the contents, numerous combat methods using Red Qi was written. But because it was written in a considerably subjective composition, there were many parts that are incomprehensible.

Therefore, he intended to obtain information from Ornorth who should know Red Qi, but he didn't think of the possibility that the person himself wrote it and stand right before his eyes.

’’But even so, you, to this scroll.........’’

Hiiro opens his mouth after a while.

’’That Grand Red Aura, tell me in detail. Of course, I'll pay a suitable reward for this’’

What Hiiro's searching for, is a combat method that utilizes Red Qi which was written in a certain book. Ornorth is asking for the reason.

’’Why do you want to study it? You're already quite strong enough, right?’’

’’Simple. I just want to boast a little.’’

He spat out words with ill humor. Ornorth motionlessly stared at that him.

’’Boast......huh. Is that sarcasm?’’

Certainly if it's him, it might be. Frankly speaking, Hiiro's abilities are so high that anyone cannot help but recognize it. He knocked out that Beast King Leowald with his fist. It can't be helped if its sounds like a sarcasm.

’’I am not satisfied. I don't intend to become a battle junkie, but I......I can't afford to die either’’

The other day, he remembered his conversation with Silva in the bath, and smiled wryly.

’’No. I don't want to die just yet. That's why I need it - a power that does not rely on magic alone!’’

Ornoth's cheeks immediately cramped after hearing the speech of the black-haired boy. Although he have gained such power, you can still say that it's not complete if you are still inexperienced.

Honestly, he thought that he was being sarcastic at first, but as he saw something in his eyes, he was able to understand it.

He is strong, that's for sure. However, that's because his unique magic is great. He certainly also has a high level, but even that, he's still a human being, so even if he came from a different world, so his physical ability cannot be that high to a degree.

If you challenge him to a duel where you cannot use magic altogether as proof, it's not possible for him to be there.

Therefore, when he said that he wants to attain power that does not rely on magic alone, He admired that idea unconsciously.

He doesn't want to gain power for the reason of beating someone nor flaunting his own power just for satisfaction. It's simply because he just don't want to die just yet.

It was too simple for an answer, but he felt that is the truth, in which he admired.

(He is really an interesting boy)

As he looked at the boy who is faithful to his own desires, it gave him a mysterious feeling of wanting to support him.

(Is this the charm of the boy......?)


As what he said, there will be a possibility of falling to a situation where magic could not be used from now on. As for that situation, it will be purely dependent on the stats of his level.

But there is be a limit. It's because it's passing through with just purely physical ability is easier said than done. He has probably understood that well, too.

That is the reason why he wanted to obtain the Grand Red Aura, a power that is not dependent on magic on his body.

He wanted to expand his fighting capabilities in times where magic is sealed. Besides, the [Evila] had owed a debt from him which lead to their victory.

(Truthfully speaking, Grand Red Aura is still an unknown power, as it chooses its own user. If that power is abused, it will surely cause a terrifying situation. However......)

Upon looking at the ayes of Hiiro. With a whiff, he loosened his cheeks.

(But this boy? He'll be alright)

The ruler whom I serve believes in him, my best friend believes in him, the nation who praised his existence as a hero believes in him. So to say, I also believe in him as well.

’’......fine with me. But I'll say this once’’

Upon hearing it, Hiiro kept quiet and listened.

’’Certainly, you can use Red Qi, but it may not be a hundred percent sure that you can master Grand Red Aura with just experience’’

’’Is that so?’’

’’Yeah. That's because it's originally a technique of someone with a unique characteristic like me, a half-breed. In the first place, it is a product resulted as a replacement of magic and Bind Arts.’’

’’I see. In other words I, who is not a half-breed has a possibility of not being able to acquire the technique......’’

Hiiro's face clouded a little.

’’That's right. Even if there is nature, it is a very difficult work to keep everything balance. In case of us half-breeds, because there are two seeds that exist in our bodies, our capabilities to synthesize the two powers are excellent because we are born with it.’’

’’I can agree with that’’

To begin with, Red Qi is a product of mixing life force and magic power exquisitely. With this alone, a precise and delicate control of power is required.

’’To be frank, you may not master it even if you train hard. So, do you still want to take the challenge?’’

’’Of course’’

He answered without delay. With this, I understand that he truly is an honest person at heart.

’’......I see’’

Hiiro expressed a smile to those words.


’’Yeah. I'll teach you everything I know’’

How far can this boy go? I want to see to what extent can he reach.


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