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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 210




With King Rudolf having not come back yet, the royalty and the nobles were holding a meeting, discussing about the future measures, but most of it led to unproductive arguments.

Some say that the blunder of the king is caused the people who supported it, some blame the responsibility to each other, some try to solve that responsibility with money of all things, while some at this occasion try to grasp power, everyone has been dyed with their own interests and desires.

But with the king absent, now that the crisis in the country have come, they didn't know when the other countries will attack. They are hesitating to run as a leader and stood on top simply because of the thoughts of taking responsibility when they lost.

I want to stand on top. I want to use power. However, I don't want to fail. I don't want to take responsibility. Such thoughts make up the contents of the meeting.

But rurmors flow to the citizens and insecurity is spreading. The soldiers who know the circumstances feared the time when the [Evila] will retaliate. With disorder after disorder, the country had started titlting.

Opening the meeting room door, a person entered. Although all the eyes now became focused on the newcomer, that person give off a sharp glint to the people who are not faced by his dignified behavior.

’’How long will you intend to do such futile arguments?!’’

He was the guild master, Judom Lankars. Judom grinds his teeth with anger at the nobles supporting the country.

’’H-how rude!’’

’’We are talking right now......wait, are you Judom Lankars?’’

The nobility became aware of the identity of Judom Lankas stiffened.

’’You bastard! You, to the king! Why are you not able to bring back the king!’’

’’Yes, that's right! You who is the guild master should have given priority to the king's life who was carrying the country in his shoulders above all!’’

’’It's because of you good-for-nothing that we're fighting in this situation!’’

They really say what they want on him. But Judom does not feel anger for such words. Under this kind of situations, normally, other people won't be able to stomach their attitudes which put blame on others.

Judom opened his eyes with fury, lifts his right foot, and then stomped the floor.


That moment, from the center of the impact a ripple extended and greatly shook the room. A person with no self-confidence would have collapsed being unable to stand that alone.


Someone was heard muttering that.

’’......I want to ask something’’

All of the eyes turned to Judom as he opened his mouth. Everyone fell silent and stared at him, dumbfounded.

’’Is there someone who has the mind to mend the inclination of this country?’’

’’Why of course there is!’’

’’That's right! They are the nobles given power to support this country!’’

’’To begin with, why are you saying that our meeting is useless? That is what we are discussing all about in the first place!’’

Though each of them have their own opinions, the persuasive power could not be felt on each and everyone of them.

’’Hasn't the information reached you already? That the king has undergone complete change’’

Everybody went silent to those words. He considered this silence as a yes.

’’In addition the cabinet minister, you have been aware of the commanding officer dying on the spot, right?’’


’’This country has tilted in a big way right now. So, in order for you to correct that, you did this said?’’

’’Y-Yes, that's right......’’

’’Then why doesn't anyone issue instructions! The soldiers are restless, making all the people wrapped up in insecurity right now! Simply because of such situation, you who should be taking the initiative should lead everyone proactively!’’

Almost all of them have averted their eyes from Judom's filled with spirit.

’’Making loud disputes in a small room, what can you change with that! If you still have the pride of representing the country, how about extending that feeble arms of yours to the people!’’

It was a sound argument. No one can argue back, only being able to gush out the sweat from their foreheads.

’’......Anyway, you lot. You want to succeed in life, but you are scared of failing under your command, is that what you mean?’’

’’s-such reason......we never think such a thing......’’

His voice as completely trembling. He was also exactly thinking the same.

’’You want to rise up, but the responsibility is too heavy for you. That's why you want to let somebody bear the brunt, so desperate to snatch profits from the I right?’’

’’H-how rude! We cannot do such a thing! In the first place the country isn't that much weak and, in this way, arguing important matters......’’

’’Shut up you cowards!’’

He stomps the floor and everyone received the impact once again. Most of them are screaming while clinging to the table.

’’Did you say I should have given priority to the life of the king? Wrong! The thing that you should protect the most is the country! The country that cannot exist without its people! If it's not possible to move for the sake of the people, then what kind of country is that in the first place!’’


At his wit's end, the person in argument with Judom flinched.

’’Decide it here! To those who want to stand on the top of this country now, raise the hand of the person who would dare to give instructions to all!’’

Then, to that people who are in the place, they can only watch each other's complexions. It seems that no one wants to take the initiative to become the substitute of the king after all.

Surely, rising on top of a country in crisis is a critical situation, so the responsibility of defending the country will go to the top. And they are scared of it.

( this the limit of what you can do?......)

It's truly saddening. How long will this country remain so weak? Rather than seeking the smiles as they look their eyes at the future, these people only think of obtaining tomorrow's small change.

( this really the current state of the country that you established......?)

He remembered the face of his close friend who completely changed as he grinds his teeth.

He then beats the table, making everyone startled.

’’I know what you are feeling right now, but I'll say this once again. The qualifications of carrying the country's back depends your hands!’’

And let out an overpowering bloodlust, coercing them.

’’If you still remain being afraid, you will save nothing! This is something important! Even if it's difficult and painful to compare, you cannot protect anything if you run away!’’

Once again, the nobles looked at each other.

’’So If you think of raising the country up even a little and be recognized, go all out and display that fighting spirit of yours, you dullards!’’

This also, even though he himself came from the common folk, he passed his anger at them, but felt disgusted at the nobles who didn't even feel the drive to retort away.

’’ that all you can answer?’’

Even after he looked at them who turned their heads to each other restlessly, a short sigh spills forth.

’’.....I see. Then you protect your own house. You are fools whom want to be looked after, but, I guess you can protect your own family. If you cannot do it......then you can sleep with the other people who can, can't you?’’

When Judom finished his speech, Well, the captain of the nation's second armed forces appears from behind. And after bowing quickly,

’’I have a report to all of you. This is a message from the queen’’

Whether that is expected or not, the people whose complexions have improved came out. Perhaps they are thinking that the queen would protect themselves.

’’This is a strict order from her majesty. Become everyone's leader and take responsibility to raise this country......I appoint you, Judom Lankas-dono’’


The people asked again as if doubting their ears, but,

’’She decided to entrust the full power of the country to Judom. This is the letter’’

He opened the paper which is held in his hand. The signature of the queen was written there too. Knowing that this is real, everyone turned pale.

’’......the truth is, I really believe that there was actually a person who is more suitable than me here, but.......’’

He himself is of common blood to the last drop. Even though he has the title of the Guild Master, he came out to a place no one could reach. Therefore, he thought that a noble with reliable power should stand to the top, or so he thought.

However, to entrust it to any of the person here is impossible.

’’This is sad......though you should have been the same nobles who struggled for the sake of these people in the first place......’’

Having a shadow on his expression, he tightened his face and immediately turned back. Then, he spoke his last words without facing them any longer.

’’I'll do something about this. To show my gratitude to my own country!’’

To them who fell silent, Judom steps out of the room, being stared by without saying anything. Well gave a light bow too, and also went away.

After that, Judom gathered his reliable friends and first decided to strengthen the defense of the country. He himself takes the lead, goes out of the town proactively and informs the truth to the citizens.

Though if it is to avoid confusion, perhaps he should not talk of it in the first place, but since the nobles couldn't believe it, he wanted the people to have a sense of crisis even a little.

Though he decided that he will protect them even if it costs his own life supposed the danger approaches, still, he isn't confident that he cannot protect everyone as possible. For this reason, he wanted to do something for the people, too, in order to remove their insecurities even a little. Not shutting inside the castle and leaving the citizens alone, but facing them and giving them instructions is important.

Although many are confused with the attitude of Judom at first, gradually, they were able to put their trust in him. Thinking about it, in case of emergency, Judom always stood in the battlefront and became the symbol for everyone. Therefore everyone realizes that Judom is reliable.

And as for the soldiers, feeling admiration for his splendid leadership ability, Well together with Judom worked hard to meet their expectations.

(Rudolf, I don't know what you have thought about, but this country, I won't let you destroy it!)

He turned his eyes with all determination to the sky.


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