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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 209




An epidemic suddenly spread in the [Beast Kingdom・Passion]. With the cause unknown, Yuhito and Rarashik desperately tried to elucidate it, but can't provide effective means against it.

At first, it spread to the citizens rapidly like poison. While many people were suffering, as for the cure, Lendock even tried make some runs in the nearby towns and villages to investigate, but everything was for naught.

It seemed to spread through only in [Pasion] for some reason. It was an illness called Dehydration Syndrome, and once you are infected, in each passing day the disease will gradually decrease the fluids in your body.

《枯渇病(こかつびょう)》is in the raw.

Even continuous taking of water can only delay the progress, and like deadly poison without treatment, it rapidly corrupted the whole country.

Many people died, but finally, Yuhito succeeded in the development of the cure. It's made from a boiled rare medicinal herb. The amount was not enough, but it can be administered through those people who are suffering from the disease somehow, so he managed to stop its advance.

But as the medicine was about to go out of stock, the Dehydration Syndrome have infected Blansa and Nerei at the same time.

Yuhito was ordered to hand over the remaining medicine immediately, but...............there was just enough for a single person. Of course, Lendock organized his troops and in his command tried to search for the herb, but unfortunately, the invasion of [Humas] had begun.

If he lessens the troops here, they may lose the fight. But Lendock's thoughts of saving the two are very strong. What's more, the two people both had the intentions of being Leowald's wife.

That time, Gareos volunteered. Even if he draws out, he declared that this war is not much of a hindrance for them, and decided to go for a trip to search for the medicinal herb.

Thus, on the day Gareos was about to start his journey, he said ’’I'll get it away by all means’’ to Kokurou who nursed them without eating nor drinking. Kokurou believed those words in tears.

Originally, he himself wanted to go look for it, but he hated being separated from Nerei. Besides, to Gareos who was a first-class warrior in the country, leaving this to him is a good choice.

Concerned with the result, contrary to the time when he should be arriving, Gareos didn't come back. Was he attacked by a brutal demon on his trip to find the medicinal herb? Or is he attacked by humans who were concealing for an ambush?

However, days passed, but there is no news of Gareos at all, and the worst part is, Blansa is at her limit.

Her usually healthy skin changed into a darker color, withering like a dry and dead tree, and she was unable to put out her voice freely anymore. Her beautiful face was so pitiful that you'll seem to cry just from looking at it.

There is only one medicine. Of course Kokurou who was against it was determined that it should be administered to Nerei, her true elder sister. It's because Nerei's illness is spreading faster.

But Leowald who was unable to see Kokurou seized with despair, began to rage, and before things get out of control, with his little authority in between, he decided to have Kokurou behave himself in prison.

Receiving an unexpected surprise, Kokurou who have regained his consciousness, noticed that he was in jail. Leowald who came over to the prison, declared to him in this manner.

’’It will be alright. I'll save Nerei by all means’’

Kokurou gave a serious look towards the words Leowald had said, and regaining his presence of mind, left his body to the drowsiness which attacked suddenly as a result of several days without sleep.

And when Kokourou woke up, he heard the words of Leowald who came over to the prison, with his face dyed in despair.

’’I'm sorry. Blansa was the only one I could save’’

At that time, Kokurou has become strange. Wails resounded from the prison all day long, and three days later, the hair of the man who came out of prison has been changed to an irregular white and black pattern.

Everyone held their breath in his changes, he with a few words.

’’I want to mourn for my elder sister’’

And with that, everyone agreed to it and the funeral was done solemnly at that time it rained, and the rain that should be cold, seem to feel hot for some reason.

The rain continued for a long time, but there is no sign of crying of anyone at all. Then, some good news had arrived.

’’Gareos have returned’’

Everyone who has heard the news led their breath.

’’The medicinal herb was certainly grasped in his hands. was too late’’

Yes. He didn't make it. With a ragged body, full of mud and bruises, he came back wounded all over, but he......didn't make it in time.

Then, suddenly, a ray of light flashed. When they noticed it, the sword of Kokurou had penetrated the body of Gareos.


Unable to endure, Mimir held her hands through her mouth.

’’then that fellow began attacking every person in the place indiscriminately’’

That look that is warped beyond the thoughts of anyone, as if an Asura had manifested in this world. Series of black and with flashes ran with a speed of light.

(TN: I think the Asura the author is referring to is the one from Buddhism, and not the Indian one. Well, if you played Asura's wrath, I think it's more closer to this one )

Leowald faced him to stop his rampaging, but is instinctively been overwhelmed by his power.

But he could not go with that. At that moment, a sword had cut through his body, and like how he did it with Lendock, Kokurou lunged the blade in his chest.

And with a few words, Kokurou

’’...nothing but lies’’

Jumped out of the Great Tree.

’’Then, we desperately searched for that guy......but he was not found. Though I had escaped death, Gareos' wasn't in an instant, and father has passed away because of the wound, too. And in such timing, the [Evila] attacked’’

Although they had succeeded in the defense somehow, they took a lot of damage. Succeeding in extracting information from the captured [Evila], they have found out that Kokurou had fed them the information and gave them an opening to attack.

’’That guy was serious in crushing this country. It happened not only once, but for many times. But with the help of the Three Beast Warriors and Rarashik and the others, we manage to overcome it somehow......’’

Even then the person who had lost was still at large. Kokurou's insurrection gave the [Gabranth] a very deep wound.

’’That guy didn't appear after a while. Though there was the thought that he had died somewhere, expected, he's still alive’’

After Leowald ended his story, no one gave a word, and silence dominated the room. They seem to be wondering on how they would react to the past that they couldn't have imagined happening.

However, Mimir resolved herself and opened her mouth.

’’Bu-but then, mother, if I'm not mistaken, I heard that mother's father had died of sickness’’

Not only Mimir, this was also told to all the people who didn't know Kokurou.

’’It is so. As a result of this, I have lied to all of you. The people who knew that scandal, most of them have already been killed by Kokurou. After that, the Konigh name was treated as misfortune, so I was married to this man immediately, casting away that name’’

’’S-so that's why...... But why didn't mother and father tell the truth?’’

To everyone who was seeking for the answer, they faced the two.

’’......That's because we don't want to convey that we [Gabranth] had a traitor appeared in history. Fortunately, Kokurou is judged to have died, and we thought that the truth would continue to be hidden in the darkness’’

However, Kokurou didn't die but have only lied low so far.

The bond of the beastmen is believed to be so strong that it's incomparable to the [Humas] and [Evila]. Even if you read the history, there is only the fact that Kokurou was the only person who have caused a revolt. Therefore, thoughtlessly informing them will only cause those bonds to be filled with insecurity......... apparently, I was wrong’’

Leowald lifted his face with eyes looking at someplace distant.

’’No matter how long you hide it, truth will be revealed sooner or later. There isn't a beastman shaken by such thing. Certainly, it was a disgusting past, and now it caused a disaster in this country. For that very reason, I cannot let that tragedy break the power of our bonds’’

He looked at everybody with eyes filled with reassurance. In answer to that, they gave a small nod.

’’The opponent is not only Kokurou. Accompanied by that fellow...... is the Former Demon King Avoros’’

The sound of catching one's breath was heard over that name.

’’Either way, what we have got in the last duel was huge. The power of the former demon king is on another level. Also, all of those guys who are under him possess an aura that is way far from normal either. However, this time, we [Gabranth] and the [Evila] will fight along together’’


Leowald's cheeks turned with a faint smile at the name Mimir muttered.

’’Ah, if we assume that Hiiro whom knocked me down will also give a hand, there will be no other thing as reassuring as this’’

’’But father! Kokurou is a beastman, isn't he?’’

As if he doesn't like the idea of relying on an unrelated person, Lenion says in a bad mood.

’’I know. Kokurou is a [Gabranth] and must be dealt by us’’

’’Father...... so you do get it’’

’’Of course. The matters of the [Gabranth] must be settled by the [Gabranth]. However, the enemy is not only Kokurou. Perhaps, if this becomes a war, the former demon king will spend some war potential, too. the possibility of us hitting a rough spot is high. To that degree Avoros' strength’’

Everyone swallowed their saliva at the fact that Leowald admitted.

’’That's why. It is necessary to contact the [Evila], and quickly expand our war potential from now on’’

No one said anything to the legitimacy of that proposal. But being worried about something, Lenion opened his mouth.

’’......say, perhaps, are they by any chance cooperating with the [Humas]?


Ever since, The [Evila] had deep connections with the [Humas]. They are only seized and treated as livestock by them. The majority of the [Gabranth] have similar thoughts, too.

’’N-no way, Hiiro-sama is a human too!’’

Lenion clicks his tongue on the scream of Mimir.

’’I know that already! But I heard that that fellow was summoned from another world, right? In other words, he's not probably totally with the [Humas]!’’


Surely, Hiiro was certainly classified as one of the [Humas], but as Lenion said, there are no basis to decide if he really was with them.

Though Mimir trusts Hiiro completely, he came from [Humas] where they have no relations. Even if he's a human, that doesn't mean that you can rely on all the other humans.

She has also heard the story that he is a human being. Therefore she understood the reason for Lenion's uneasy feelings.

’’Well, what do you think, father?’’

He pressed Leowald for an answer. Then, he quivered his lips gently.

’’There isn't any country in which the reigning king had a complete grasp of their arms at all’’

’’I thought so too’’

Lenion gave a light smile.



’’If the country changes, it may be possible to negotiate’’

’’Haa!? What are you saying, father!’’

Lenion who was completely relieved earlier, yelled reflexively at that remark.

’’Just listen to me first’’

’’Guh......just what is it?’’

’’Certainly, the present nation that King Rudolph had unified is untrustworthy. It's because that country was painted with full of lies. Even forming an alliance, we don't know when we will be stabbed in the back’’

’’Then, the more it's necessary to think about it.........’’

’’But if that person changes, the country will also change, too’’

Everyone who heard those words was amazed. However, only Leowald fixed his eyes on that person...... staring at Regulus,

’’Explain yourself, Regulus’’

And demanded an explanation from him.

’’As you wish. If that person changes, the country also changes. Do you understand, Lenion?’’


Looking at him who still remained silent,

’’Listen here, the current king right now, for me who is still immature, is imbecility in itself. Hero summoning, and even breaking the conference......perhaps, they really are connected with the former demon king’’


’’Hohou, so you noticed too, Regulus’’

’’Yes, otherwise tearing the conference apart won't simply lead to the war breaking out. Probably, the former demon king negotiated with King Rudolf with some means and made a plan beforehand. Though we have got into it to take advantage, there should be someone who was set up to catch us off guard at any time’’

Everyone was surprised, but only Leowald groaned with admiration.

’’Simply because of the thought that they have planned something, rather than an alliance, they had called for a temporary truce. An agreement not to interfere with each other more than necessary’’


’’King Rudolf, from the beginning, doesn't want to form an alliance at all, simple as that. He thought of nothing but murdering the Demon King at that place. If it's for the sake of the country, it is necessary to recommend forming an alliance, and he should have borrowed our hands to kill the Demon King. And yet, he didn't make any objections against my demand at all, and for only killing the demon king, he even dispatched the heroes with us to act as a decoy to the [Demon Country]. That time, he already.........No, he was already no longer a king for some time’’


’’A grudge perhaps...... a personal grudge is clearly involved in this matter. Therefore, father isn't assertive to make an alliance with them, right?’’

’’Ah, so it's like that. But it's also a fact that this is a good opportunity. With this, [Xaos] should be cleaned off and moved. However, even after they did this and that, one irregular had ended it all in a massive failure’’

Of course, it's Hiiro we are speaking of.

’’A king who moves for such a personal grudge cannot lead a country to a better course. The country of the foolish king who doesn't mind it's people at all will eventually get corrupted later on’’

’’Is this the reason why you said something about the country changing, big brother?’’

’’Yes. The country will change. The people will have no choice but to change. Isn't that right, Lenion?’’


’’Not King Rudolf, but one who love his own country, his own people. If a person who loves peace above all stand on top, this will change the country’’

’’Is there such a human being?!’’

’’I don't know’’

Leowald have answered so.

’’It has have never been managed in a political situation. However a person who has the power blowing it off completely must take the top, or the country won't change’’


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