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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 205


Chapter 205 - Warning for Hiiro

First order of things for Hiiro's return is a hot bath. When he stubbornly conveyed this to Eveam, she prepared it immediately.

What had happened today was quite exhausting, Hiiro thought as he soaked his body in the hot pool of water.

(Still, that Beast King.....was quite strong....)

He was truly non-standard after all. If he did not have his 《Word Magic》, surely it would be impossible to win that duel. It wouldn't surprising if he was instantly killed by Lion Liger.

Although Hiiro naturally took victory in that situation, still he was convinced that the Beast King was a strong man indeed.

(Besides there were those people as well....)

He recalled the sudden appearance of Eveam's elder brother, Demon King Avoros. Aside from him, he wasn't able to use 『Pry』 on any of this person's colleagues.

(Although I've thought this could happen someday... it's possible that beyond this point, there are a lot more situations where my magic won't be effective....)

Similar to Lion Liger that the Beast King had summoned, anyone who has 《Anti-Magic Element》 will most likely appear in the future and may render Hiiro's Word Magic.

(So I can't continue to exist without my magic....huh?)

Supposing Hiiro was driven into a situation where he couldn't use his magic again, can he confront people with same caliber as the Beast King?

(I should look for solutions about this...)

Because Hiiro had decided to help achieve Liliyn's dream, he understood that there would be a big obstacle awaiting them in the near future.

And it seems that they had experienced the combat aspect of it. Can he fight properly......supposing he encounter people capable of rendering his magic useless?

With a Chapun sound, he sunk his whole body in the hot water.

(I don't want to die yet....but.......I can't think of any measures to counter this situation.)

His face resurfaced from the hot water. Then, he slowly shut his eyes... as a vein appeared on his forehead.

’’What do you want, Hentai?’’

In front of his vision, there was the Hentai butler Silva standing in an imposing stance, stark naked.

Although it was less noticeable with his clothes on, Silva was considerably buffed with muscles. It was unexpected for an old guy like him to have such well sculpted form.

Not that it matters to him though.

’’Oi, I believe I requested to be alone in this bath and take my time?’’

’’Nofofofofo! You don't mind as long as I don't disturb you, right? I myself want to relax my stiff shoulders a little.’’

Though he said it while rolling his rigid shoulders, there wasn't a trace of tiredness on his expression.

’’.....haa, and so? What did you came here for?’’

’’Hm? What could you be talking about?’’

’’Don't play dumb. You won't purposely enter the bath unless you want something to talk about by just the two of us.’’

’’......nofofo, quite sharp indeed, Hiiro-sama.’’

Whether it was because he realized his intentions, Silva was a little surprised. Originally, this man only comes here when there was something he had to talk about with Hiiro, all the more confirms it, by appearing to him with just the two of them in the bath alone. It was the same back then in their former travels.

’’Then, if you don't mind.’’

Although the bathtub was considerably wide, for some reason, he sat near Hiiro.

’’Hoho~this really hits the spot~’’

Though Silva was enjoying the warm feeling of the bath, Hiiro, on the other hand, wanted to finish this talk as soon as possible.

’’Quickly tell me.’’

’’...first of all, well done Hiiro-sama.’’

Hiiro didn't answer and kept on being silent.

’’This time, you have confronted a 『Spirit』, you seem to be thinking a lot about it, haven't you?’’


Incidentally, Silva was also a 『Spirit』. He said that he was a defective one, but Hiiro was sure that the Lion Liger he fought was of the same kind.

’’Lion Liger-dono was...really strong.’’

’’ know him?’’

’’Indeed I do.... Though if I have to put it plainly into words, it's possible to say that I don't know him too.’’

’’Stop with your roundabout way of speaking.’’

’’Nofofofofo! That was quite harsh! Nofofofo!’’

(Seriously, I still don't understand what's so interesting about this.)

’’To tell you the truth, that is not the true form of Lion Liger-dono.’’

’’....what did you say?’’

In other words, that unreasonable being name Lion Liger, had not demonstrated his true power yet. Hiiro couldn't hide the surprise on his expression.

’’Originally, a high rank 『Spirit』 should have a more human-like appearance.’’

Hiiro quietly listens to Silva's story.

’’『Spirits』 in either cases: low rank, medium rank, and high rank, are divided based on the strength of their existences. And among them, Lion Liger is one of the high ranking spirits 『Spirits』. The beast-like appearance of him, is the manifested form of Leowald's use of Lion Liger's power.’’


’’I'm sure Hiiro-sama has also noticed it, but most 『Spirits』 are equipped with 《Anti-Magic Constitution》.’’

It was as Hiiro had expected.

’’Though Lion Liger was in a beast-like appearance that time, supposing he was in his human form, his strength will likely be on a different level again.’’

Instinctively, Hiiro gulped.

’’I deeply apologize if I may have discouraged you.’’

Certainly, Silva had informed something to him indirectly after finishing his fight.

’’Supposing the human form of Lion Liger came out that time...’’

’’Is he really that strong?’’

’’Indeed he is....It is best for Hiiro-sama.....although I may be exaggerating a bit on my words, he is a natural enemy to you after all.’’

’’You mean the 《Anti-Magic Element》 right?’’

’’Yes. And he can also use magic. A power as strong as the magic used here in 『Evila』.’’

Although Hiiro wanted to doubt such possibilities, but he, a 『Spirit』 had already warned him, so it might actually be true.

’’That said, the 《Anti-Magic Element》 is more troubling than their use of magic, they are frightening and have very high intelligence, and let's not forget the fact that they can easily read the heart of any person because they are an 《All-Knowing Race》. Perhaps, before you were able to use 《Peerless》, and Leowald-dono was able to completely summon Lion-Liger dono, it's possible that....’’

’’I could have died...huh?’’


Hiiro soaked his body in the hot water more as he sighed heavily. Certainly, there were a lot dangerous events that had happened that time. Though he was somehow able to fortunately conjure his magic, but supposing he had unexpectedly received a blow before, surely the battle would have ended there.

In other words....he might have belittled his opponent, and ended up playing too much with him?

While brooding on the matter, Silva casted his eyes downward, and



’’We even met with a group named 《Matar Deus》 today’’


’’...there, I sensed a 『Spirit』 similar to myself... a human type.’’

’’......I see’’

Indeed, so this was why Silva solely came here to advise him about this. A human type 『Spirit 』 in 《Matar Deus》 that will become an enemy.

For this reason, Silva might have felt something from it as an identical 『Spirit 』.

’’Hiiro-sama, please lessen your habit of playing with your opponent, alright?’’


At that time, Hiiro was weakened because he could only use 《One Word Chain》. And yet, he still struck the partner without even ascertaining his opponent's true nature.

But fortunately, his opponent wasn't that hostile to Hiiro that it would attack him aggressively.

And then, it came to the point where Camus saved him from being killed. If it wasn't for him, a tragedy may have happened.

In other words, Silva was warning him about his reckless actions.

’’ bad.’’

’’.....fufufu, times like this, you really are honest to yourself.’’

’’Don't laugh, or else I'll kick you.’’

’’Nofofofo! But I would like to also apologize for my self-assertive way of speaking. I was just truly worried about Hiiro-sama.’’

’’...I understand.’’

So that's why. Certainly, he may have behaved rashly without thinking carefully of the consequence it may hold. He should have observed prudence even if he was disgusted by Avoros.

’’Hiiro-sama is an important person for Ojousama. I won't let you die a noble a death.’’

’’Splendid loyalty you have there. I'm sure Red Loli would be proud to hear that from you.’’

Somehow, there was a trace sarcasm in his words. But Silva didn't mind it one bit.

’’Well, that's not the only reason. If you died back then, not to mention Ojousama, many people would be wrapped in sadness of your death. That includes me as well.’’


’’I would like you to value your life. You are incredibly strong, but it does not mention that you have to let yourself die nobly.’’

Then, for the first time, Silva made a sorrowful expression in front of him. Hiiro broke glances, and dropped his sight on to the hot water.

’’Besides, I'm quite happy and satisfied with the current way of my life. A life where anyone I know is safe and sound. Please don't deprive this enjoyment from me.’’

His expression this time was like a boy making a joke unlike a while ago. Hiiro was completely confuted, and there was no room for rebuttal at all.

’’....ou, I'll bear it in mind.’’

’’That's right.’’

Then, bashaa, Silva suddenly stood up.

’’Well then, since we're done with it, Hiiro-sama, let me wash your back overflowing with manly spirit. You don't min- eh? Hiiro-sama?’’

Right away, Hiiro used 『Transfer』 character to arrive at the changing room.


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