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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 204


Chapter 204 - Return to Xaos


After the Gabranth's left, there was a particular person who was in a rather bad mood - growling - as she fixedly stared at a young boy.

’’You did well enduring it, Ojousama.’’

It was Silvia who spoke those words of comfort to Liliyn. Why? Because the moment she saw Hiiro harmoniously speaking with a lot of beautiful girls around him, she couldn't help wanting to jump towards them, though she was able to endure such impulse.

’’I-It can't be helped! I'm not so stupid to ruin a conversation with some old friends.’’

’’Nofofofofo! You've grown quite well Ojousama. For even consider such a thing...ooooh! This butler has been deeply moved!’’

’’Shut up you blinded fooooool!’’


As if all her stress were stockpiled into that blow, Liliyn delivered an uppercut to Silva's chin, blowing him off from his place.

Usually Shamoe would have shouted worriedly on Silva's safety, but it would seem that she wasn't able to do so as she was taking care of a sleeping Mikazuki.

’’What a pain the ass.’’

And so Liliyn went to towards Hiiro, though Nikki who was heading on the same direction got to him earlier.

’’Shishou! Is your talk with them done?’’


’’Also will you introduce this new personage besides you!’’

Thinking how troublesome it would be to do that, Hiiro passed the responsibility to Silva, as the latter gladly introduced Camus to Nikki with a smile on his face.

Then, another person approached them. Her red hair was violently shaking as Red Loli had a pout on her face.

’’....why do you have that kind of face?’’

’’Hmpf, it's none of your concern.’’

She had this unapproachable atmosphere that made Hiiro stopped inquiring her any further for he may bring unnecessary trouble for himself.

Then, she turned a glance towards Camus while folding her arms.

’’Oi Camus, is Shivan doing well?’’

’’N.....quite energetic.’’

Shivan was a former travel companion of Liliyn, and Camus' kinfolk of the 『Asura Tribe』. Currently, he was now Camus' foster parent despite his relatively old age, and as a former Chief of the 『Asura Tribe』.

’’.....I see.’’

Hearing her old friend's well-being, her cheeks slightly loosened as she made a relieved sigh.

’’That aside, is it alright for you to leave the village alone? Aren't you the Chief of it?’’

Liliyn worriedly said the thing that was one her mind, and listened carefully for his reply.

’’I said to them....that I need to help Hiiro.... and they all agreed.’’

’’Those family of yours are soft-hearted as usual.’’

’’But.....I didn't made it in time....’’

His non-participation on the duel made Camus quite dispirited. Hiiro who saw that inadvertently leaked a sigh.

’’You may have not made it in time for the duel Nitouryuu, but were you not the one who saved me in time?’’


’’From the attack of that unknown black robed person.’’


’’So how did I say this, thanks for that.’’


Camus shyly smiled. Anyone who saw such an adorable expression would be swooned by it.

(Seeing him like this, he really looks like a woman after all. I kind of understand why those people mistook his gender...)

Hiiro felt amazed by this person's visage.

’’Well then, I suppose you'll be returning back once since this duel had ended?’’

Liliyn asked.

’’....what should I do?’’

’’Even if you ask me...’’

Hiiro couldn't answer his worry even if he asked him about his situation.

’’I left the Jinu's hands.’’

Jinu was Camus's right hand person. Hiiro had told Jinu many times that his outward appearance was more appropriate as the Chief of the tribe.

’’Oh, so you left it to Topknot Rascal, huh?’’

Indeed, this was the nickname Hiiro called Jinu because of the cleanly combed topknot hairstyle of his was similar to a Japanese samurai.

’’Besides...the desert is safe right now.’’

’’Hohou! Then how about you join with us for the time being?

It was the Hentai who suddenly started that conversation, ignorant of his bleeding head.

’’.....tsk, this guy hasn't died yet...’’

Despite Liliyn's uppercut, this person was still fine which often made Nikki feel admiration.

When Silva brought out a handkerchief from his bosom and wiped the blood from his face,

’’If anything happens unexpectedly, we only have to request Hiiro-sama to send you back to the village.’’

’’Oi, don't decide it without my permission.’’

’’Oh? If I remember correctly, wasn't Camus Hiiro's subordinate?’’

’’...what about it?’’

’’The superior should treat their subordinates importantly, right? Like how Camus-dono came here because he was worried about your safety, and splendidly saved you from danger, no?’’

Silva talked again exaggeratedly without permission. Despite his sound argument, he just couldn't help think how ill-natured this person was.

’’Hiiro-sama won't abandon such a cute and loyal him right?’’

He smiled pleasantly as he thrust out Hiiro's means of escape. Honestly, Hiiro specifically doesn't have any objections about it. He was actually thankful for Camus' arrival.

But when this Hentai butler pointed it out, he somehow felt angry. It further rose up in irritation as he saw the mark of the blood not completely wiped from his forehead.

’’.....haa, I didn't say I wouldn't send you back.’’

Even if he take notice of Silva as it is, the said person would likely just disregard the matter with a joke.

’’Should I send you back now?’’

He asked Camus with a sour look.

’’ I...a hindrance?’’

’’I didn't mention you being a hindrance though?’’

’’Then.....I'll stay with you....a little longer.....I want to be....with Hiiro more.’’

Hiiro silently stared at him.

’’Then, do as you like. After this we'll be returning to 【Xaos】, if you want to know why, hear the details from Jii-san.’’


Then, Hiiro felt the chains binding his body sweep away. It would apparently seem that the 《Rebound》of 《Peerless Mode》had been relieved. With this, Hiiro can finally use《Word Magic》again.

’’Oi Idiot Disciple.’’

’’Yes Master?’’

Nikki replied giddily as she turned to Hiiro with starry eyes.

’’Do you have the《Red Honey Candy》?

’’Please wait for a moment.’’

While Nikki said so, she put her hand inside the bag hung at her waist and rummaged through it.

’’Mumumu.....ah, I wonder if this is it!’’

As she took out the said object,

’’....that's the 《Poison Bead》’’

It was obvious based from the color. It had quite the purple tint in it.

’’Mumumu...alright, I'm sure this is it!’’

’’...........that's just an empty shell.’’

Wherever she picked it up from, the shell she presented was similar to the shell a hermit crab resides in.

’’Seriously, haven't I passed you some a while ago? A red candy used for recovering magic?’’

’’Ooh! I remember now!’’

As she said so, Nikki shoved her hand on the bag again,

’’This is it!’’

And mightily brought out a.....

’’.......that's just a 《Red Seed》’’

’’What did you say!? N-now that you mention it, this was the squirrel food Mikazuki and I requested for Silva-dono to purchase!’’

This apprentice is an idiot, he thought. Rubbing his temple irksomely, he grabbed the bag from Nikki.

He was able to find three pieces of it....but

’’Oi, I believe I've passed you 10 pieces of it? What happened to the rest?’’


Searching her memories, Nikki tilted her head sidewards. And soon remembered why,

’’I think I was racing with Mikazuki the other day and might have dropped them along the way!’’

..............this apprentice is really an idiot.

’’...haa, anyway I'll be taking these.’’

’’Sure, feel free to take them all’’

When Hiiro threw them into his mouth, the heavy feeling inside his body slowly lightened. With this, he could more or less correspond to the task at hand.

Just like the time when they faced the Gabranth's, Hiiro used the 『Transfer』 character to return to 【Demon Capital - Xaos】, and was at a loss of words due to the sudden shout of joy.

The place they arrived was crowded by people, and it was understandable that the people were waiting for their return.

It would seem that Eveam have informed their victory to Aquinas using a magic tool. And when they informed Aquinas about their return, he had told this to the people.

People who were unrelated even came in front of the castle and waited for their arrival just to hear the report of their victory as a sign of their appreciation.

Hundreds, thousands, or even more, the image of the people gathered was breathtaking.

They could be even described as a 'sea of people'. No matter where they look, they would meet the gazes of the people on the ground.

At first, Eveam was also bewildered by this surprise, but soon recovered from the shock, and quickly raised her fist upwards.

’’We are the victors!’’

’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’

The intensity of their shout had reached to the point of their eardrum being in pain. For some reason, they even began to stomp on the ground in rhythm as shout of joy continued to grow to the point of wanting to leave the place as soon as possible.

But Eveam being bathed by this wasn't frowning in displeasure, she was actually expressing a wonderful, glad-looking expression.

The shout of joy temporarily stopped when she raised her hands.

’’Everyone! I'm quite pleased by our victory that I've decided to arrange a feast for tomorrow! There, we will gladly feast upon the fruits of our victory!’’

Their eardrum were grandly shaken again. Apparently, they will have to rest for today, and would arrange the grand celebration tomorrow. Hiiro was quite grateful for that decision.

He was actually quite worn out for today.

He and the others entered the castle while receiving the shout of joy behind them.


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