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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 203


Chapter 203 - Temporary Separation


The owner of that feeble voice came from Mimiru. Along with her were Muir with Arnold in tow, and an unfamiliar woman.

These four people approached Hiiro. Perhaps they just wanted to bid their greetings to him. However, he felt uneasy about identity of the other woman.

’’H-hiiro-sama, were incredibly strong!’’

’’A-as expected of Hiiro-san! I-i want to know how you became strong like that!’’

Two little girls spoke with their eyes sparkling in wonder, while their cheeks were blushing.

’’Even if you ask me, it's just the result of my training during half a year....’’

’’No no, we're talking about your absurd strength you know...’’

Arnold sighed in amazement.

’’Oh yeah, you seemed to have lost your duel Ossan.’’

’’Ugu.....b-but we won the the match!’’

’’Yeah, it's thanks to Chibi Usagi.’’


Besides Arnold, Muir was also identically depressed. She was not able to defeat Ionis. Arnold was the only who was supposed to lose, but unexpected flying sparks spewed from their fight, making Muir unable to execute her finishing blow.

Seeing such Muir, Hiiro helplessly approached her,-


-and poked at her forehead.

’’You've grown Chibi.’’


’’Still, you seem to have not yet mastered your power, at least reach to the point where you are able to bring out your 『Spirit』.’’

’’....I-I understand!’’

Her once depressed state transformed into a joyous expression.

’’Mou....treating Muir-chan only is not fair.’’

Mimiru pulled the hem of her skirt.


Hiiro met eye to eye with the other woman who finally spoke. Then, for some reason, the woman averted her gaze with flustered cheeks.


Hiiro knitted his eyebrows as he was bewildered by the woman's attitude just now,

(Is she angry? I won't be surprised if she harbors any grudge towards me, but......)

Why was she averting her eyes? Why is she blushing? It was different in comparison to his thoughts and couldn't hit upon the reason because of it.

So Hiiro took the inifiative. It's probably not a good idea to dwell further on this matter as it may increase more trouble for him.

However, as he thought so, Arnold began to speak unnecessary words.

’’Ah, now that I think of it, Kukulia-sama doesn't know Hiiro yet right?’’

Hiiro disappointedly rebuked in his mind about this idiotic parent who couldn't read the atmosphere. Even though he made a decision to avoid more trouble, this idiot pushed him back to where he'd started.

’’Her name is Kukulia-sama, she's the daughter of Leowald-sama and the elder sister of Mimiru-sama.’’

Now that Arnold mentioned it, she called Mimiru by her first name, so Hiiro found it reasonable that she's part of royalty.

However, that person named Kukulia was acting suspiciously. Her eyes were conveying her displeasure in this place. She might be uncomfortable with him being in here. While he thought so, she took a deep breath, and

’’I-indeed, I'm Kukulia King! H-how dare of you to not know my name!’’

As Kukulia said so, she extended her hand requesting a handshake from him. Though Hiiro anticipated her anger based from the tone of her voice, why was she requesting a handshake as well?

Then, all of a sudden, her face paled as if she made a mistake,

’’Ah, t-that's not it! What in the world am I saying!’’

Because of her sudden reflection on her words, Hiiro unintentionally blinked in surprise.

Following that, Kukulia's face flushed to bright red,

’’I-i apologize for my rude behavior! I was supposed to greet you properly when I suddenly felt nervous talking to’’

Her despondent state was similar to a small puppy being lectured by their own master. But somehow it felt that this image was intended to be this way. He then caught a glimpse of Arnold apparently seems that this idiot wanted to taste 『幻』 | 『Illusion』 again.

’’....haa, here.’’

Wanting to end the situation as soon as possible, Hiiro helplessly held out his hand.

’’ ah...’’

Of course, she took the hint, and silently shook his hands.

’’E-err.... you're quite strong.’’

’’You might say it like that...’’

’’Fufu, shouldn't you normally answer it with humility?’’

’’I don't have that in my dictionary.’’

’’Ahahaha! Is that so!’’

She joyfully nodded in assent,

’’Anyway, I want to express my gratitude!’’

As Kukulia said so, she suddenly bowed in front of Hiiro. While the latter wondered ’’what is it this time?’’,

’’You're the one who returned Mimiru's voice right?’’

I see, Hiiro thought, she's expressing her gratitude for saving her younger sister.

’’I admit that I've healed her, but it wasn't for free. It's a loan, isn't that right Blue Ribbons?’’


Seeing the wide smile of Mimiru who affirmed his question, Kukulia couldn't help but express a gentle smile.

’’Even so, I'm really grateful for what you have done. Hence, my gratitude.’’

When Hiiro saw her again bow in front of him, he felt a little ashamed for his actions,-

’’Don't worry about it.’’

-and turned his face away. He thereupon saw Muir's anxious face as he did so.

’’Uhm, Hiiro-san? your wound alright?’’

’’No problems at all.’’

’’B-but you seem to have a hard time....moving?’’

Hiiro was astonished by Muir's precise observation. Certainly, he didn't bore any injuries. But due to the side effects of 《Peerless Mode》, his body was experiencing a considerable degree of muscle pain.

Though he was sure to have prevented it from being shown on his face, but Muir unnaturally noticed his cover.

’’I told you not to worry about it.’’

’’I-if you say so....but may I ask another question?’’

She apparently has some other questions, huh? Somehow Hiiro found it difficult to answer her.


’’I've been wondering....who is that person besides you?’’

’’Besides me?’’

When Hiiro followed Muir's line of vision, -

’’ Me?’’

-there was Camus. He seemed to have been at Hiiro's side for a long time. His motionless, but firm appearance was exactly similar to a knight guarding his king.

’’Oh, about Nitouryuu, huh?’’

’’Nitouryuu?....ah, so that's how you call her. Yes, I was pertaining to her....’’

Then, Hiiro heard something he couldn't ignore.

’’Wait a minute.’’


’’What did you say again?’’

’’E-err.... I was pertaining to her....’’

’’You're mistaken.’’


After Hiiro inhaled a short breath, he spoke to the woman inclining her neck in bewilderment.

’’This guy is a man’’


Though Muir was able to voice out her words, all the other people who heard were staring blankly in puzzlement.

’’Hey Hiiro, that's a joke right? No matter what angle you look at her, she's pretty much a woman! Moreover a beautiful girl!’’

Arnold spoke in agitation while pointing his finger on the assumed woman.

’’Am....I woman?’’

Camus pointed a finger to his face while inclining his head deeply in thought of the matter.

’’Don't listen to them. You're a man, aren't you?’’

’’'re right. I'm....a man!’’

Seeing Camus somehow puffing his chest in pride, a sigh escaped Muir.

’’I-is he really .....a man...? E-even though she's this cute...?’’

’’I-I agree with you! Somehow it feels borderline unfair!’’

Though Arnold and Muir stated their own impression respectively, Muir, Mimiru, and Kukulia's cheeks loosened as if they felt sense of security from it.

’’...ehehe. They said I'm cute....Hiiro.’’

’’....isn't that great for you.’’

Though Camus candidly spoke, when they, who were relieved by their doubts, saw Camus embarrassed face, they could only hang their heads in defeat.

’’A-at least we can be relieved....isn't that right Mimiru-chan!’’

’’Yes, I agree with you Muir-chan!’’

Though they don't know what may happen in the future, as long as problems doesn't occur, Muir and Mimiru were alright with it.

’’Hey you people over there, we are about to return to our country.’’

Though her hands were still in the pockets of her white robe while her ears was swaying sideways, Rarashik's voice resounded from their distance as she approached them.

Apparently, the preparation for homecoming seemed to have been complete.

’’We'd like to go back as well Hiiro, but....’’

Demon Queen Eveam seemed to have ended her talk with the Beast King, and talked to him.

’’Can you use now your magic?’’

As Eveam had asked, all of them came here from Hiiro's 『Transfer』 character. Because they couldn't return by foot in their condition, they requested for Hiiro to use 『Transfer』 character again.

Of course, since he had decided to use it before their the duel, Hiiro doesn't have any problems using it again, but.....

’’Sorry, I still can't use it right now.’’

’’So you're still experiencing the effects of 《Rebound》 huh? Though I've been told about it by Silva, it seems it might take some time for recovery.’’

’’If you understand that far, just wait for a little while. I may be able to use it again after a few more minutes.’’

’’I understand. Please tell me when you're able to use it again.’’


Eveam returned once again to the group of 『Evila』.

’’You, and you too! Move quickly!’’

Muir and the other moved from the place as Rarashik urged them to do so.

’’H-Hiiro-san! I hope we can meet more often again!’’

Muir voiced out her words in desperation. Arnold besides her seemed ill-humored though.

’’Your race are sworn allies already you know? You can meet me as much as you want once permission is granted.’’

’’I-I will also come to meet you! But Hiiro-sama must also come to greet us!’’

’’ as you like. But I won't be leaving the city for a while because I will be enjoying my spare time.’’

Because after this, Hiiro will be shutting himself with abandon inside the 《Grand Fortune Library》. He won't leave until he'd completely read through all the books in there.

’’Hiiro! Someday you'll pay for this! I won't hand Muir to you!

Arnold's legs were kicked by Rarashik urging him to move forward as he shouted like an idiotic parent. Following them, Mimiru and Kukulia lightly bowed in front of him.

At edge of his vision, he spotted a weeping Crouch... No, she'd been crying all along while being dragged by Putis pulling her neck. Perhaps, she'd been obstructed by Putis before she was able to approach Hiiro.

Well, Hiiro admits that Crouch is one troublesome partner to deal with, and thanked Putis in his mind due to her considerate endeavor.

’’Funyaaaaaaaa, Hiirooooooooooooooooooooooo!’’

He's just probably hearing things in his mind.... Yeah, that's likely the case.


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