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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 201


Chapter 201 - Avoros' Purpose

Although Hiiro was able to narrowly escape death thanks to the mysterious person who suddenly appeared from the sky, Hiiro still felt that he'd seen that appearance from behind somewhere, he searched his memories and tried to recall the said figure.

When that person thereupon faced Hiiro, he was taken aback by it.

’’Are you........Nitouryuu?’’

’’Un.....long time no see...Hiiro.’’

The person took the bandage off his mouth showing his cheeks faintly loosened, and answered Hiiro. Hiiro knew this figure, this person was Nitouryuu. Camus of the 『Asura Tribe』.

『Asura Tribe』 was the race Hiiro and Liliyn encountered by chance when they entered the dessert on the demon continent, and among those people was this young lad who'd aided Hiiro as they seized the heart of the Demon-converted Father of his.

Hiiro treated the whole tribe injured by the demon, pushed Camus from hesitating on killing his father, and saved them all consequently in the end.

’’What are you doing in here....?’’

’’Ah, that's Please....wait for a moment.’’

Breaking of from their conversation, Camus looked at the place where the black robed people was crushed a little while ago. Unexpectedly, an explosion occurred from the sand and something came out of it.

They understood that this person was strong as it was able to free from Camus' constraints. They felt that it was about to attack again and prepared to guard themselves. But,


Liliyn came out of nowhere, and approached the opponent in that brief moment.

(Red Loli!?)

Liliyn directed an abnormal amount of blood thirst towards the assailant aiming at Hiiro.

She poured strength into her thin foot, and kicked him with all her strength.


The opponent was blew off with a backbreaking sound. Though Liliyn tried to follow her attack, her foot stopped the moment she was about take a step forward.....

’’.....chi, what a foolish behavior.’’

Taking a good look at it, there was a needle-shaped object directed at the soles of her foot which was mounted on the ground, if Liliyn had continued her advance, she would have likely received such damage.

For a few seconds, Liliyn turned a deadly glance toward the person blown off by her attack, then she faced Avoros.

(That kid....)

Hiiro understood that Avoros directed his blood thirst so that Liliyn would become aware of his existence. Hence, Liliyn didn't confront him poorly, and glanced back towards Hiiro.

Everyone, including Hiiro, were in mute amazement for Liliyn's obvious indignation.

’’Hiiro you bastard, that was careless!’’

Hiiro couldn't answer back. After all, she was right, he was careless. Perhaps if Camus didn't came, Liliyn would have been the one to help him.

Liliyn was someone who would move if her companions is in great trouble. And she was right, Hiiro couldn't afford to be careless anymore. Settling the sermons later, he gazed back at Avoros.

’’You were too careless Kainabi.’’

The moment Avoros called Kainabi, the person who was blown off from Liliyn's attack, then kneeled on his feet and bowed his head.

’’I apologize for my mistake My King. I have showed you something unsightly.’’

The voice of the said person was high pitched similar to that of a woman.

’’Sorry about that Hiiro-kun. This is child is overprotective. So please forgive her, alright?’’

’’It doesn't seem you can manage your subordinates, is this what the rumored Previous Demon King can do?’’

The air suddenly went cold again. Even if Avoros was laughing, there was a trace stiffness in it. He might have been shocked for being said by that for the first time.

However, Hiiro did not notice that as Silva turned his gaze towards him with a suspicious expression.

Even Eveam and the 『Evila's』 were nervous with cold sweat from Hiiro's words. Kainabi as well who saw Hiiro's indifferent face, stood up again but stopped when Avoros raised his hands.

’’....Hiiro-kun, you haven't live here for more than ten years, right? Despite how I look, I'm more unthinkable as you imagine me to be. Don't you have any respect to your elders?’’

’’Unfortunately, I don't do such troublesome things. Also, while it may be true that you've lived longer, respecting you is a different matter. At the very least, not to a kid who runs his mouth here and there.’’

Avoros flawless smile collapsed from his words as his cheeks had a cramp.

’’I-I see.... so the report wasn't exactly false after all, you really are an arrogant youth. ’’

’’Is that so?’’

A vein was clearly standing on Eveam's expression as all of the people rooted in their places took maximum precaution.

Nevertheless, when Avoros inhaled a big breath,-

’’.... you really are an interesting man.’’

-he made a sneer, then pulled away his piercing glance gazed to another person.

’’.....for the time being you.’’


Avoros called Camus with the latter only inclining his neck with an expressionless face.

’’Yes, that appearance, you're from the 『Asura Tribe』 right? Why did you come here?’’

He had a point, this was the Gabranth continent not the Evila continent.

’’I came to help......Hiiro.’’

’’Fu~n, are you possibly.....friends?’’

Then, Camus turned his head sideways in rejection.

’’No....I'm Hiiro's subordinate.’’

’’Eh? Hiiro-kun has a subordinate?’’

Now that Hiiro was reminded of his words, it did happen. When he saved the 『Asura Tribe』, the compensation was Camus becoming his subordinate. But the moment Hiiro's party decided to continue their journey, Camus couldn't come as he needed to protect the 『Asura Tribe』.

Within that time, Camus promised Hiiro that when he's in trouble, he would hastily come to his side.

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’’Hiiro.... I came here......when I heard about the duel.’’

Though Camus said that with pride and confidence,-

’’Oi, the duel has already ended you know?’’


-he became wide eyed as his current expression collapsed. It was clear that he's depressed from the drop of his shoulders.

’’No way....and I even did my swim in the sea....’’

He callously said something unbelievable. SS rank creatures inhabited that sea, the current as well were quite strong which was why it was deemed impassable. Taking those in mind, Camus swum that sea through all that?

This guy is an idiot, Hiiro thought. He even did such an act as if his life was unnecessary to him. Despite of this though, Hiiro felt a satisfying warmth in his heart when he heard Camus overcome those dangerous situations so that he could only reach him.

’’Good grief. You are too unreasonable. Still, I'm pleased for your strong loyalty.’’

As Hiiro said so with a smile, Camus made a joyous expression, and laughed with a flustered cheek due to his embarrassment.

Several people were attracted when they saw those two as such. Apart from Liliyn who knew her gender, Muir, Mimiru, and Nikki, these three people, were shocked by the appearance of this beautiful woman.

In addition, there also other people with that same thinking, though it wasn't to the extent of those three people's surprise.

’’....e-errr. I kind of feel bad, but is it alright for me to speak now?’’

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Avoros restored their conversation as he intervened so.


’’Does this mean you came here to support Hiiro-kun?’’


’’I understand. Then, you are considered as an enemy as well.’’



’’I have one more.....errand.’’

’’Hee, may I know what this other errand is?’’

’’....I came.....for one of those people.’’

As Camus spoke so, he looked at the black robed people.

’’Who are you looking for?’’

’’On his cheek.....there's a cross shaped wound.’’

Indeed, Camus was looking for a man with cross wound. He was after the ringleader who changed his father into a demon. Which was why, Camus wanted to reenact revenge by his own hands without fail.

The moment Avoros heard Camus words, the corners of his mouth raised.

’’Hee.... do you think he's here?’’

’’Yup.... and it's that person!’’

Sand appeared suddenly from Camus feet, and cluster of sand attacked one person among the group. However, something crept out from the latter's feet.


It was a gigantic tree. The ground was suddenly divided, and a gigantic tree appeared from it, brushing away the incoming mass of sand.

’’Not yet!’’

The sand which should have dispersed to the sky, poured down on the black robed person similar to a rain. However, branches of leaves grew in abundance above the figure's overhead. Still, part of the sand was able to make a small crevice on the leaf and reached the person.

It hit it's hood, and the figure's real face was exposed in broad daylight.

’’......I found you.’’

Clear murderous intent emitted from Camus' stare. That man had a splendid cross wound on his cheek.

The man was handsome in appearance, and was approximately aged at 40's. His presence was not inferior to Leowald's, and gazed at Camus quietly.

’’....that Katana, I see, so you were that child back then, you've grown up.’’

The man narrowed his eyes as remembered a nostalgic memory from his past.

’’Do you know him?’’

’’Yes My King, I've known him a little in the past.’’

’’Fuu~n, somehow this became quite an interesting development.’’

Though he was in the dark about Camus's circumstances, he looked at him as if he was watching a movie.

’’Anyway, although I've said that my purpose here is to congratulate Eveam for her victory, well, I also have thing to say.’’

Then, it was followed by another unpleasant smile of his. Because of his rash expression, it felt like Avoros was fit for a good-looking villain role.

’’My greatest objective.....ehem! After this, I'll say it, so make sure to listen, alright?’’

Everyone's attention were now directed at him as Avoros prepares for his next words. And when his thin lips faintly moved,

’’We are going to conquer 【Edea】’’

..........Time stopped.


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