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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 200


Chapter 200 - Uninvited Outlaws


Frightened by the inhuman scene, Mimiru clung to Leowald right away. The spectacle did not only deprived Mimiru's voice, but all of the people around as well.

But among them, Demon Queen Eveam didn't, she instead turned her gaze at her right side. Following Eveam's gaze, the other 『Evila』 also glanced to the direction of her suspicion.

Their eyes settled on an isolated pool of water that appeared without their knowledge. It gave everyone a strong sense of incompatibility as if it was created similarly to an ink blotching a white piece of paper.

’’Everyone retreat!’’

From Eveam's unusual tone of voice, all 『Evila』 followed her instruction, and took a distance from it. Likewise, the 『Gabranth』 also noticed the strange pool of water from Eveam's warning, and similarly backed away from it.

And then the harmless puddle began to create ripples. It gradually grew in size, and changed into a large pool of water at about three meters in radius.

’’Ahaha, it seems that you've grown up.’’

A clear voice was heard from the depths of the puddle.

The moment Eveam heard that voice, she shivered. Her face began to turn pale, and her shoulder began to tremble little by little.

However, Eveam wasn't the only who was affected, even the 《Cruel》 trembled from it. All of them froze in their place as if they heard an unbelievable voice.

Though the 『Gabranth's』 bewildered faces were asking ’’what in the world is happening?’’, it was only Leowald who gazed at the center of pool with blood thirst.

Then, something came out from the surface of the water. Moreover, several existences appeared from it.

Ten people approximately appeared from there, each garbed with a black robe covering their respective identities.

Some had a larger physique while the other were smaller, but each of them emitted a strange atmosphere.

And then the true origin of their incompatibility came from the a small boy at the center of the group.

They understood right away the nature of the boy because he was not wearing his hood while donned in a black robe. Eveam for that matter was drenched in cold sweat as a mutter escaped from her mouth.

’’.....Avoros Grant Early Evening....’’

Hiiro looked at the boy who showed up so suddenly. Just from Eveam's mutter to Avoros, he understood that they were apparently acquaintances.

(But who in the world are those black robed people surrounding the boy.... they're different....)

Their atmosphere's weren't ordinary by any standards. Though they may have individual differences, Hiiro felt that their strength were equally or far stronger than any of the people who participated in the duel.

His eyes then was naturally attracted back at the boy. He felt so unreal as if the said person came out from a majestic picture capturing the true beauty of perfection.

It was the first time Hiiro was impressed by such an astounding beauty, moreover a beautiful boy. Supposing he grew up as it is to his adulthood, men and women would surely be at a loss for words due to his breath-taking charm.


Hiiro felt a slight incompatibility regarding the boy. The people surrounding the said person were definitely strong, but the boy himself stood out more compared to the rest.

But literally speaking, the boy doesn't seem to be that different....Hiiro thought that he might have judged too early based from his incomplete knowledge on the boy's nature.

Among those people who heard Eveam's mutter, Leowald asked back in contemplation.

’’ say? So he really is that person....?’’

’’Come to think of it, this is Leowald-dono's first time meeting him personally... it's indeed as you have suspected, this is Avoros. At least only by face.’’

’’Ahaha, that's mean Eveam. It's kind of sad to be mistaken as an imposter to my own appearance. That's because...’’

In that moment, an explosive pressure of ambition gushed forth from the boy. Instinctively, each of the 『Evila』 and 『Gabranth』 took a stance to defend their respective rulers.

However, the only one who moved were those people who participated in the duel. The other soldiers were rendered frozen in their feet as if their heart's were seized by the boy's presence. Their faces were pale in comparison as cold sweat drenched their whole bodies.

Even then, just from the pressure of the boy's ambition, the race's representatives couldn't help but cramp their faces as each of them understood the boy's overwhelming presence. The reason was because of the boy's distorted ambition coming from him...... it was not like the noble ambition of Leowald, it was similar to an Evil King spreading malice, kind of feeling.

Moreover such malice coming from the said person was ultimately the strangest of them all.

’’See? I'm the real thing?’’

The person in question made a calm smile as if what happened was nothing to him. However, Eveam who assumed a fake Avoros was forced to recognize the real thing, and groaned.


To Eveam's mutter, Avoros made a slightly regrettable expression.

’’U~n, won't you call me Ani-sama this time?’’

Then, blurted something unexpected.

(Ani? Are they brother and sister?)

That sort of story was something Hiiro haven't heard. Rather, there might have been a similar story where he heard about the previous Demon King as Eveam's elder brother.

But his appearance was far more younger than Eveam, Hiiro couldn't believe that that person was her elder brother, especially the matter about being the previous Demon King.

However, his judgement previously might have been correct based on his atmosphere.

It seems Leowald knew it as well, but the people around him were wrapped in astonishment just like Hiiro.

’’Don't joke around! You're not my brother any longer!’’

Avoros who found Eveam's shout funny, replied back.

’’You have a point. Certainly I don't recall being your elder brother.... even so, we're still connect by blood, no?’’


Eveam made a disgusted expression as if she was displeased by that fact.

’’Don't make such a disgusted face. I just came here to appreciate the efforts of my imouto ( little sister).’’

Then, he began to suddenly clap his hands.

’’Congratulations my little sister. With this, an alliance is formed with the 『Gabranth's』. Good job, you really did well.’’


’’I was watching you for a long time you know. Even before you've ascended the throne... I've been always looking at you.’’

’’.... So you really did camouflage your death that time?’’

’’U~n, I camouflaged my death...or rather, I wonder if camouflage is the proper word for it. That said, I can't tell you anymore.’’

Eveam glared at him joking around as her fist trembled.

’’What are you being aloof for! Don't you understand that you're the one who made us suffer this much!’’

’’Please don't get angry so much. Though you are young, you'll likely gain more wrinkles you know?

Eveam's anger rose from how he treated her protest with contempt.

’’The hatred that you spread throughout the nation, how many times we've suffered from it, and finally arrived here, I don't think you understand any of it!’’

’’If you say it that way, then I guess I'm far from understanding such trivial things.’’

’’Gu....d-don't pretend that you don't know any of it!’’

When Eveam reached her limit, she pointed her right hands toward Avoros, and flames gushed forth from it. But the said youth didn't flinched nor moved from his place.

Following that, one of the black robed people faced the incoming flames ahead. And then, the flame was inhaled into the hood.


Not only Eveam almost all of the people who witnessed that were wide eyed from the strange phenomenon.

’’Ahaha, you really have grown up. In the past, you never even once bared your fangs towards me. Should I be glad from the flow of time? I feel lonely somehow.’’

The black robed person moved behind Avoros. Based from that atmosphere, one could feel its intention of preventing any attacks necessary.

(What kind of magic is that? Or is that an in born talent of that guy?)

Hiiro did not understood how they prevented Eveam's magic. So to understand that person's information, he used 『Pry』 at once.

(..............what's the meaning of this?)

Hiiro frowned unintentionally. The character he used was supposed to view anyone's 《Status》 and look at it.

However, Hiiro couldn't confirm anyone of those people's 《Status》. Then, one person turned his gaze on him.

’’It's useless. I don't know what kind of magic you used, but it's probably a magic intervention, right? I just made a conjecture based on the nature of the magic transmitted, but I'm afraid that kind won't be effective against us.’’

Hiiro didn't show it in his expression, but to honest, the boy was exactly right. The effect of 『Pry』 being negated never happened until now.

(Furthermore, he was able to notice the nature of his magic? That's some high perception ability)

In a different perspective, it was probably true that Hiiro used a magic which interfered with the desired partner. Because it can show the partner's 《Status》 and look at it. But Hiiro couldn't understand how the partner was able to notice and found out about that.

’’You should stop it, kid.’’

It was Marione who advised him to stop. Of course, he didn't neglect his precaution on the surroundings as he made a stern expression on his face. When Hiiro asked him about it,

’’The Previous King possesses a 《Demon Eye》 similar to Aquinas.’’

’’What did you say?’’

’’Though this kind is different from that guy, that eyes has outstanding observation ability. Only to the extent of seeing it could he grasp its true nature.’’

’’That's one playful ability, huh?’’

In other words, his usual 『Pry』 or 『鑑定』 | 『Judge』 would likely have the same effect. Although it doesn't seem possible to view a person's 《Status》, there's no positive proof yet. Nevertheless, he wouldn't be able to know any ability of the said person.

(Interfering magic... if that's the case, then 『Judge』 or 『調査』 | 『Investigate』 would probably obtain some little information.)

If 《One Word Chain》 is not possible, then 《Two Word Chain》 would do the trick, or if it's not enough then 《Three Word Chain》 would likely render the interference ineffective.... but, since he'd used 《Peerless》, he can only use 《One Word Chain》 right now.

’’Now that I you're Hiiro Okamura.’’

Avoros looked at him with interest.


Just seeing his eyes got Hiiro irritated.

’’So this is what the irregular that No. 3 meant. And also the Otherworlder the heroes spoke of....huh?’’

The moment those worrisome words were spoken, Hiiro's brows subtly moved, this however was noticed in detail by Avoros.

’’Ah, are you possibly worried about the heroes? I can assure you that they are all fine. I've been treating them with care.’’

It would only mean that Taishi and Chika, the only two missing heroes remaining, were in Avoros' custody. Though he didn't know how it became like that, it would seem that they've been captured by these troublesome fellows.

(They really don't have any luck in these sort of thing.)

Hiiro thought just how lucky Shuri and Shinobu were for obediently surrendering themselves as they are in house arrest.

’’Those heroes don't matter to me. How will you treat them is unrelated to me.’’

’’Hee? Is that so?’’

Hiiro didn't answer his question, and just scratched his head.

’’Oh well. Anyway, would you like to join me?’’


The air around the place suddenly became heavy due to his callous solicitation.

’’Why are you asking that all of a sudden?’’

’’You see, I had fun watching the whole duel, especially your duel, you were quite interesting.’’


’’In case of your ability...let me see, if you work hard you could probably become my right arm? What do you say? Don't you think it's wiser to side with me than my little sister?’’

’’Don't fool around! I won't let you take Hiiro into your side!’’

’’Will you please shut up a little Eveam?’’

An intense amount of blood thirst focused on Eveam even though he was smiling. She groaned, and her body stiffened.

’’Good girl. So Hiiro-kun, how about it? Would you like to join us?’’

Eveam glanced with an insecure expression towards Hiiro. And when Hiiro haughtily folded his arms,

’’No thanks.’’

He quickly refused the offer.

Avoros was taken aback by his words, even the moment he smiled back, somehow there was a trace of cramp in it.

’’May I know your reason?’’

’’I don't have any intention of being under by anyone. Even less, to become a right arm of a person I barely know of. Especially for a cheeky brat who thinks and talks like a kid.’’

In that moment, one of the black robed people who was standing up to now disappeared, then it instantly appeared and smashed Hiiro's bosom.

Only his consciousness grasped the existence figure clearly. He was able to dodge it, but his reaction was quite dull due to the favor of his previous duel.

Then, blood thirst was transmitted from the assailant, he will surely attack again at any moment.

Nevertheless, the way things are going, he will likely received that attack defenseless.

As he thought so, when Hiiro looked towards the sky, he noticed something, and instantly made a big step backwards to his rear.

Then, something pierced from the sky, and immediately landed in front of Hiiro. It was a black sword. It felt familiar as if he'd seen it somewhere before, then suddenly the black robed person lost his movement as sand entangled him from below.

While everyone was stunned, there was one person who got off right in front of Hiiro from the sky.

He wore blue turban on his body, a long purple hair tied on his back, and his mouth was covered with bandages.

The appearance was exactly like from his memory. The figure took the black sword pierced on the ground, and placed it back on one of the two sheaths overlapped into a cross on his back.

And when the said person squatted, and placed his hands on the ground, a huge hand made from sand appeared in front of the restrained black robed person, and crushed him. Then, that person spoke,

’’I won't let you .....have Hiiro.’’


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