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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 197


Chapter 197 - Admiration to the Winner

Now that the duel has been concluded, I suddenly lost motivation in translating. Just kidding.

That said, let me tell you a few things before we proceed with the chapter,

Gomenasai! *bows* Last chapter (196), I made a mistake on translating one of Hiiro's Word Magic.

『剛力』 | 『Herculean Strength』

This is the two character Word Magic that suspended around Hiiro.

『金剛力』 | 『Superhuman Strength』

This is the three character Word Magic that Hiiro wrote on his right fist.

I know some of you may have noticed, but the reason why I mistook these two the same, is because both had the same meaning.

How do you classify Hercules if he's not superhuman!?

Lastly, I saw a picture while browsing the net.

From right to left, Silva , Liliyn, Bad-ass Hiiro, Shamoe, and Camus.

Now let me go straight to the point.

I thought CAMUS was a trap

Phew. That was tiring. Anyway, enough said. Here's chapter 197.

A staggering surge of exhaustion hit Hiiro's body when he reverted back to his former state.

(......fuu, although it's been a long time since I last used 《Four Word Chain》, it's still quite draining as usual...)

《Four Word Chain》 MP Consuption: 30% of the maximum Mana.

It is now possible to write four characters in the same line. Similar with 《Three Word Chain》, the effective range, the power, and its utility, greatly improves. When unlocking this ability, though the duration of its effect is still dependent on the desired character, the restriction for 《Three Word Chain》 is released. The content is identical to the 《Two Word Chain》. However this time, the stock for 《Invocation Management》 is increased, making it possible to install as many as 7 characters in total. 《Four Word Chain》 can be used up to three times a day, and the character with the equivalent effect cannot be used simultaneously. After it uses it once, you can only use 《One Word Chain》 with your MP not recovering. Also, once the execution of 《Word Magic》 is interrupted in the process, all your stats would return to your Level 1 state as a 《Rebound》, and it will become impossible to practice magic. In addition, you will bear a random abnormal state: various kinds of pain, paralysis, sleep, loss of sight, and confusion. The status reduction, random abnormal state and loss of magic will return to its former state after an hour.

(Still, whenever I use 『Peerless』, the color really is different.)

Indeed, the four character 『天下無双』 | 『Peerless』 was equipped with a special effect when used, and it is what he had obtained after unlocking the 《Four Word Chain》.

First, to write the character 『Peerless』, it's necessary to create 《Red Energy》 by mixing his life force with magic, and once it's possible to do so, a red hue of light is then generated.

Though it's usually a pale blue color when Hiiro uses his magic, 『Peerless』 can't be invoked without using 《Red Energy》.

Once applied, he enters 《Peerless Mode》, where he is freely able to manipulate the red light to form the desired 《Word》 even if the said character/s were not written by him.

Moreover, once the body is covered in red light, his physical strength rises, especially his magic resistance, gaining an incredible boost.

That said, this mode is limited to five minutes at tops, making each character above Hiiro's head 『天下無双』 disappear one by one. And when all the character disappears, the mode terminates.

Once this mode ends, Hiiro's HP &MP decreases again by another 10% of its maximum amount, and he can only use 《One Word Chain》 at a duration of 1 hour. Furthermore, if he moves too much in that mode, the moment he returns to his former state, he would be greeted with an intense muscular pain, and joint pains. Lastly, his MP will not recover during that duration. He can only do nothing but wait it to recover naturally.

Also, since Hiiro used 『Herculean Strength』, another considerable degree of muscle pain will assault throughout his body. In addition, at their final confrontation, he didn't just use 『剛力』 | 『Herculean Strength』 but 『金剛力』 | 『Superhuman Strength』as well, plus he used 『洞察』 | 『Insight』 to predict his opponent's movement, and 『韋駄天』 | 『Swift-Footed』 to improve his physical strength to its utmost limit.

And due to the favor of these characters, Hiiro was able to predict Leowald's movement, nimbly dodge his fist, and hit Leowald head-on, though the after-risk of it was too severe.

As Hiiro saw Leowald who fell from the sky, and noticed his abdomen faintly move up and down, Hiiro felt relieved.

Honestly, Hiiro never held back throughout that last fight. He thought that Leowald might have died from his strongest attack, but apparently he seems to have not reached death's door yet.

( After all, even though he was 'officially' my opponent, it's troublesome if they die.)

While Hiiro thought so, he saw Muir and Mimiru's group running towards Leowald's body. Apparently, it would seem that all of the 『Gabranth's』 came.


It was the First Prince Leglos who called Leowald. And despite the large injury he sustained from his earlier match, he still ran with haste towards his father.

He confirmed first whether Leowald was still breathing, and felt relieved from his findings.

’’Aniki! Is Pops alright!’’

The Second Prince Lenon anxiously asked. When Leglos smiled, and nodded in return, the people behind them felt relieved.



Kukulia and Mimiru also ran up towards Leowald with a tearful expression.

’’Legu-nii, Papa is bleeding!’’

’’I agree! Medical team! Come immediately!’’

As Leglos said so, several human beast approached Leowald carrying a big container, and quickly confirmed his condition. However, their complexion turned pale.

It possibly meant that Leowald's current condition was that worse.

’’Y-you can save him, right?’’

Leglos made an expression hoping for such a situation.

’’.....we will do our best. But, due to his frequent use of 《Binding Technique》 one match after another, fatigue had accumulated in his body, and received considerable damage to his bones, and internal organs. Moreover, seeing this amount blood loss....’’

’’S-so you mean....’’

Kukulia's body quivered, and found dread ruling over her whole body.

’’Don't joke around! Do something about it! That's what you guys are tasked for right!’’

’’Lenon stop! They already said that they'll do their best!’’

’’But Aniki!’’


Though Leglos requested for Rarashik's assistance, even the said person had a gloomy expression. One look at Leowald's state was enough to tell what his condition is. Leglos who saw that, couldn't help but grind his teeth, mortified.

And in the sort of affair, Mimiru was clinging to Leowald with a tear stricken expression.

’’Otousama....Otousama... Please.... don't die...’’

Leglos, and the others who saw such an appearance, stopped their quarrel, and became quiet.

When despair was about enter into their body, one footstep approached them.


Everyone's gaze turned around as Muir muttered the name of the said person.

’’You bastard, how dare you do this to Pops!’’

’’I told you to stop Lenon! This man fought Father fair and square! There's no reason to blame him!’’

Leglos stopped Lenon from getting enraged any further, and pinioned his arms behind. Hiiro disregarded the drama unfolding, and looked down at Leowald as he reached him.


Mimiru looked up at Hiiro with upturned eyes. He lightly leaked a sigh, and

’’Move away Blue Ribbon.’’


’’Trust me.’’

Mimiru reluctantly parted from Leowald's body.

(Right now, I can only use 《One Word Chain》.... I guess there's no other option, huh?)

Indeed, only 《One Word Chain》 could be used as a risk of 《Tenka Musou Mode》. But, it's necessary to improve Leowald's current state in order to cure his fatal wound.

So, on his forehead, chest, left arm, right arm, left foot, right foot, 『治』 | 『Heal』 character was applied, and invoked. Following that, a warm pale light wrapped Leowald's body in that place.

Once Mimiru and others saw Leowald's complexion gradually improving, all of them felt relieved.

’’To be able to this kind of things.... as well as that warm light....’’

Kukulia who experienced that phenomenon, was intoxicated by that gentle light as it appeased her heart with a sense of security. Even the people besides them were also identical, all of them turned their eyes to Hiiro as if he did something unbelievable.

Especially, the people from the medical team, all of them were jaw dropped as they watched the astonishing spectacle.

’’....fuu. With this I guess he won't be dying anytime soon. Even I'll have an uneasy conscience if he dies as it is..’’


’’But this is considered as a loan, alright?’’

Hiiro turned his heels when he said so.

’’Let's go Jii-san.’’

’’As you wish.’’

Silva bowed his head in respect as he quietly followed near Hiiro. Mimiru who saw such Hiiro, stood up, and

’’Thank you so much Hiiro-sama!’’

Though Hiiro made no reaction to her words, Mimiru bowed with a joyous expression on her face.

’’May you get some good rest Hiiro-sama.’’

It was Silva who returned their appreciation as they walked away.

’’That was tiring. I feel like going to a hot bath and some nice rest.’’

’’Nofofofofo! However, with this battle, it seems that their spirits have been slightly diminished.’’

’’What makes you say that?’’

’’Was there a need to use such power?’’


’’If it's the usual Hiiro-sama, he would have used other characters and still win that battle.’’

Silva looked at him and, expressed his usual buoyant smile.

’’ was just on a whim.’’

’’Hou, just on whim you say?’’


To Hiiro's brusque answer, Silva just laughed.

’’Then, shall we leave it like that then.’’

As they continued to head outside the Crater, they saw their colleagues 『Evila's』 assembled together.

There doesn't seem to have been a necessity of returning all the way to them apparently.



Nikki and Mikazuki ran at full speed, and jumped towards them. If Hiiro remain as it is, he would surely get hugged by these two. So,


Without change, Nikki and Mikazuki who have lost their target,



Hit, and rolled over the ground.

’’Fueeeeee! A-are you two alright!’’

Though Shamoe worriedly ran over the two people in panic,

’’Fuooooo! That huuuuuuuuurts!’’

Their nose might have hit too hard. Nikki, for that matter, rolled on the ground while she suppressed the pain with both her hands.

’’Kuiiiiiiii! Shamoe-chaaaaan!’’

Mikazuki seems to have also struck hard, and clung to Shamoe with a flustered face.

’’These guys are noisy as usual.’’

Liliyn approached from the side as she muttered so with a sigh, and shrugged her shoulders.

’’Though this is a trivial thing to bring up, it took longer than I anticipated.’’

’’I don't particularly mind. Besides, you won as I had told you so.’’

’’Hmm, next time I want a more stronger opponent.’’

Though Hiiro says so, it didn't meant that Hiiro wants to fight strong people similar to Leowald's caliber all the time. At the very least, his feelings right now was all about soaking in a hot bath, and getting a peaceful sleep.


When the Demon Queen Eveam came into his sight, Hiiro plainly spoke to her in this way.

’’Don't forget what you promised, alright?’’

However, Hiiro was caught off guard. This girl did something he did not thought she would ever do, and because his body was quite tired...........

........... Hiiro was not able to dodge Eveam's embrace.

’’Aaaaaaa!? W-what are you doi fuga!?’’

Having lifted her eyes to Eveam's unexpected conduct, Silva, in that moment, held Liliyn's mouth from behind.

’’Nofofofofo! Ojousama, why don't we read the air for a little bit?’’

’’Fugaaaa! (Release meeee!)’’

Though Liliyn struggled in his arm who seem to have no any intention of letting go, her movement was deprived completely.

However, not just Liliyn, Hiiro also wanted to say something about this. He was confused by her sudden behavior as he couldn't understand the significance of it, so he placed his hands on her shoulders and tried to part from her.

’’Oi Maou! Why are you clinging to me! Release me!’’

But upon trying to push her away,

’’......I'm so glad....’’

Hiiro heard a tearful voice. And instinctively stopped his movement, because Hiiro felt the slight tremble of Eveam's body.


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