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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 196


Chapter 196 - The Winner Raises his Fist

’’This is my full power.’’

As Hiiro had said so, a red light glowed in his presence as his fingers quietly moved. The trace of the red light followed its intended course in the sky.

Upon the completion of the characters being written on the sky, it poured out a red hue of light as it covered Hiiro's body, making him look like he was wearing it on his body.

『天下無双』 | 『Peerless』 | 『Tenka Musou』

It was exactly these characters that Hiiro wrote in the sky. Hiiro spoke to Leowald who was surprised by this unexpected development.

’’Shall we start the last round, Beast King?’’

By reflex, the Lion Liger reacted to defend Leowald from the sudden rise of blood thirst coming from Hiiro.

’’Sorry about that. I can't go easy on anyone right now.’’

As he said so, the red light in which Hiiro was wrapped in, automatically formed characters, and invoked it all at the same time.

『剛力』 『剛力』 『剛力』 『剛力』 『剛力』

TL Note: 『剛力』 | 『Herculean Strength』

Several 『Herculean Strength』 characters floated besides Hiiro. And in front of his chest was

『韋駄天』 | 『Swift-Footed』

『Swift-Footed』 was a three-character magic that exceeds the speed of 『Acceleration』. But when its effect is invoked, the load it gives to the body is too much to handle, and not only that, there's a time limit in place as well, which was why Hiiro never used it.

Hiiro's smooth movement made after images.


He avoided the Lion Liger's fangs by a hair's breadth, and quickly made a counter. The Lion Liger was blown off from the ground at a terrific speed.

Leowald who witnessed the whole fight was dumbfounded by what had happened. Hiiro spoke to him afterwards.

’’I will leave you for later. I'll knock down this cat first.’’

Immediately following that, the character 『転移』 | 『Transfer』 instantaneously appeared from Hiiro's vicinity.


The place that Hiiro intended was the location where the Lion Liger was about to reach. He arrived there before the former reached its destination, and greeted the bullet-like projectile towards him.


This time, Hiiro kicked the Lion Liger from right above. He continued this movement many times, moving it from one place towards another just like a pinball. With the effect of 『Swift-Footed』, Hiiro's speed had become boundless. Also, while this ability is in use, he's now able to run in air as well.

The Lion Liger never bled from Hiiro's attack since they're not living creatures, but it seemed to have sustained quite a damage as he found it gradually weakening.

That said, while the Lion Liger was once again blown off, it desperately tried to resist his grasp by baring his wide jaw towards Hiiro as it utilized the force of its gravity, and bite him in the process.

’’So you can still move in that state, huh?’’

The sharp fangs approached Hiiro, as it splendidly seized Hiiro's right shoulder. However....


Hiiro's body unexpectedly dispersed into smoke. The Lion Liger was perplexed by what had happened, as Hiiro showed up at its rear.

’’That's just my double you know?’’

Indeed, the victim that the Lion Liger crushed in a split second was the effect 『Shadow Clone』. The Lion Liger was misled from attacking the real thing.

’’Now time for you to fly.’’

Following that, he kicked the Lion Liger towards Leowald's position.


Although Leowald guarded to protect himself from the impact with Lion Liger, the latter's condition was at death's door, twitching on the ground.


The expression drawn on Leowald's face was as if he saw something beyond his imagination, like a nightmare from his dreams.

’’I told you right? I can't go easy on anyone right now. This fight will end in an instant.’’

Hiiro faced Leowald with those words spoken.

’’ the world are you?’’

’’Sorry, I'm bad at making explanations. But, if I have a say, I'm merely a unique cheat.


Before Leowald was aware of it, Hiiro moved towards his proximity, and delivered a kick to his stomach.


Leowald who received the full brunt impact of it, was thrown towards a large rock. He who hasn't received a blow until now, vomited blood upon impact.


Then, at the corner of his vision, Leowald noticed something on Hiiro. The characters that suspended overhead of Hiiro 『天-下-無-双』 have been reduced to 『天-下-無』. One character seemed to have disappeared from it.

’’....i-it seems that power apparently has some sort of time limit.’’

’’Who knows, I will leave it to your imagination.’’

’’....gahaha, with my current condition, I don't think I can prolong that long.’’

’’So you give up?’’

’’Like hell I'll do that you fool!’’

Leowald's muscles expanded, destroying the rock, and freeing him from his constraints. Then, he faced Hiiro once again.

’’Kukuku, this is great. You really are the best Hiiro!’’

’’How many times do you have to tell me that?’’


Leowald scowled at Hiiro as he inhaled a large breath of air. His eyes burning with a clear resolve.

’’This next one will be my strongest. How about it? Are you up for it?’’

Leowald was clearly provocating him. But, the current Hiiro doesn't have any reason to refuse him.

’’Then, I'll surpass you.’’

’’Gahahaha! Then, let's conclude this Hiiro!’’

Upon saying that, the weakened Lion Liger showed up from the space again. Following that, the Lion Liger became a mass of flames as it focused on Leowald's right fist. The said flame was absorbed rapidly in his right fist.

The color of his fist gradually dyed to a different color. Although Hiiro thought that bright red flame would substantially appear, it didn't, what appeared however was a transparent blue flame.

(If I'm not mistaken, blue flames have a higher temperature than a red flame....I see, so this your final trump card, huh?)

Though it looked similar when he partially used his 《Transformation》 from that time, the density of it's power was vastly different. Hiiro understood that an incomparable power was being contained in there.

’’This is my true 《Fang of the End》!’’

This would seemed to be his final attack.

’’I told you right? I will surpass you.’’

Hiiro jumped back, taking a distance from Leowald.

(It's possible that attack bears Anti-Magic properties. If I receive that, there's a possibility that I might lose from it.)

Therefore, if he launched an attack before that came, he'll win. A very simple but comprehensive fight.

Aside from the 『Herculean Strength』 characters surrounding him, Hiiro wrote 『金剛力』 | 『Superhuman Strength』. Red light merged in his right fist instantly. His power was being stored inside his fist.

’’I will go at full strength Beast King!’’

’’Come Hiirooooo!’’

Both of them mutually kicked the ground, and charged. Both of them approaching one another.

10 meters.....Five meters.....Three meters.....One meter.....


The tremendous blast created a huge clearing on the land, red and blue light dazzled the whole area causing the onlookers to momentarily close their eyes. While the sky was covered by the cloud of dust, there was something that was whirled at a terrible degree from there.

........................It was Leowald.

His eyes were as white as snow, and his mouth half opened, as if he had lost control over his body. He was blown off to sky with his consciousness clearly out in the dark.

The impact of the blast had also reached the people who were besides the Crater. Unintentionally, Demon Queen Eveam straddled to her feet. How was the result of the current confrontation after that? She didn't know, and desperately looked for Hiiro's appearance.

Then, she saw from the smoky fumes, Leowald flying out among it.

’’I-is that....’’

’’The Beast seems.’’

Even if Marione hadn't answered her, Eveam knew what exactly happened. It was quite obvious from the state of Leowald.

And as the fumes cleared out from the surrounding, there was Hiiro standing still wrapped in red light, as his fist was raised up high.

Leowald who crashed from the sky to the ground, didn't move a single bit. Anyone who saw it also understood what had happened, but were speechless altogether as they all stared wide eyed from the situation.

All the while the people were still speechless, Eveam saw Hiiro's gaze turned to her direction. It was as if he was conveying to her the words ’’Satisfied?’’

However, it's not yet possible to rejoice. The declaration of his victory has not yet been recognized. Silva who was on the side of the stage was catching up with his breath as he checked upon Leowald, confirming his well being.

Then, Silva raised his hand, and turned it to Hiiro.

’’The winner is Hiiro-samaaaaaaa!’’

Like a switch turning on, soldiers of Evila threw all their weapons away as they raised a triumphant voice of joy.

’’ ’’ ’’ Uooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooo! ’’ ’’ ’’

The intensity of the shout was quite ear splitting. Eveam also thought of joining the fray, but was still in a daze. Though her body was trembling from joy, her awareness seemed to have not yet returned from reality.

’’We won....? Hiiro....won?’’

’’Yes Your Majesty! We are the victors of this duel!’’

’’We did it Your Majesty!’’

Marione and Shublarz came towards her with a smile.

’’We won....? S-should I be happy about it.....?’’

Not only the two people answered her, but all members besides her. Because of that, her chest became heavy as she couldn't suppress her emotion inside of it, and tears began to overflow from within her.

Eveam fell on her knees,

’’Thank you.... thank you so much.....Hiiro’’

As Marione, and the others listened to Eveam's voice, they felt relieved, and happy at the same time. Shublarz then touched her shoulders.

’’It's alright to cry now Your Majesty.’’

’’U....Uu.....I'm so glad....’’

Eveam hugged Shublarz body similar to that of young child crying. Among the onlookers, Ornoth gladly smiled to such a scene, and slowly turned his glance to Hiiro.

’’Aquinas... your eyes were right after all.’’

Aquinas who put faith in him, wasn't misguided. Although the scene certainly took on a dangerous turn, Hiiro splendidly responded to 『Evila』.

’’However.... that red light that boy used... was it just my imagination?’’

Ornoth lightly rejected when muttering so, and was soaked in the aftertaste of their victory.

’’Kuhahahaha! See that? I told you he can do it! Hiiro won't be defeated by the likes of that person!’’

Liliyn cheerfully laughed aloud.

’’As expected of my Mentor! Uoooo! He's so cooool!’’

’’Ye~y! Master won~!’’

’’I-i-i'm so glad!’’

Nikki, Mikazuki, and Shamoe each expressed their joy respectively.

’’But still, as expected of the Beast King I guess. He even pushed Hiiro to use that.’’

’’B-but, Hiiro-sama seemed to have been in a pinch, wouldn't anyone be forced to use it if that happened?’’

’’Iya, if he had overwhelmed him from the beginning, he could have won so easily! It's likely possible that he wanted to heat things up from his battle with the Beast King.’’

’’Fueee!? i-is that really true?’’

Shamoe who didn't understand what Liliyn said, asked back.

’’Of course it is! Also, when the Beast King was bringing out that creature, Hiiro could have caused mayhem, and delivered the finishing blow, but he didn't. Moreover, if he used any of the other four characters, it's still possible to win. He didn't have to intentionally use that mode....good grief, that's men for you.’’

’’Fue... does ojousama hate that sort of men like what Hiiro-sama did?’’

’’Ha!? W-w-w-what are you asking all of a sudden!’’

’’B-because I feel uneasy about it!’’

Then, Liliyn groaned ’’Mumumu.’’

’’N-no.... I don't hate that kind of guy.... or perhaps I should say, a child minded Hiiro tickles my fancy... hm?’’

Liliyn noticed Shamoe grinning with a delighted smile on her face, which in turn caused Liliyn to turn her flustered face away.

’’A-anyway, the important thing is that we won!’’

’’Fufufu~ ojousama is so cute~’’

’’W-what do you mean by that! Ey! Don't hug me all of a sudden!’’




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