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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 195


Chapter 195 - To the Next Stage

Hiiro saw an enormous living creature appear before him, and took his breath for an instant due to its overwhelming presence.

This was the power Leowald showed during the first round of the match. The part where Marione materialized a huge earth dragon, when a lion suddenly overwhelmed that dragon, destroyed it, and deprived Marione of his consciousness.

The appearance of the said being was quite akin to a lion, except that its whole body was covered in flames, or more closer to the whole entity being made from the flames itself.

In addition, it was endowed with two protruding sharp fangs attached at the ends of its wide mouth, similar to a saber tooth tiger. Anything bitten by it would easily become a punctured doll.

Its staggering build was 5 to 6 times of the size of a normal lion. Even without experiencing, it was obvious that receiving any of its attack would surely bring anyone in a world of pain.

(This guy has summoned quite a troublesome fellow to handle....)

On the spur of the moment, Hiiro examined the Shishi Liger with 『覗』 | 『Pry』. Accordingly, he understood what had happened after. This new opponent was dangerous enough to turn this into a life-and-death situation for him.

《魔法無効化体質》 | 《Anti-Magic Element》

TL: 体質 means constitution or disposition. However, calling it Anti-Magic Constitution sounds awful to me, or even worse Magic Nullifying Constitution. Instead I used something simpler like Element, or Attribute.

He had confirmed it as many times, and was still wide-eyed from their existence.

(This is bad, so this means 《Word Magic》 won't work on them?)

It was, indeed, bad news. Based from how they defeated Marione, it was possible that this Shishi Liger's was also capable of agile movements. And supposing Leowald and Shishi Liger attacked him at the same time, it's likely that Hiiro would have a hard time due to his magic being ineffective against them.

’’Hiiro, let me tell you one thing.’’

Leowald broadly grinned as he spoke to Hiiro.

’’Did you know that this Shishi Liger has a special ability?’’

Of course he knew. Hiiro understood what Leowald meant because he had examined them already. Still, it's better for Leowald to be left in the dark of this knowledge.

’’For you to offer me this, you seem to be surprisingly confident.’’

Hiiro said with sarcasm included in his word. However, the said person just simply laughed in return.

’’Nah, I'm guessing you'll probably notice it soon anyway. So I'll just look forward on how you'll fight your way with this one.’’

Despite his opponent's composure, the critical injuries he bore from Hiiro was visible on his body after 《Transformation》 was released.

’’I can't fight you that long. That's why I'll beat you in this fight Hiiro!’’

The last stage Leowald prepared have started.

Immediately, the Shishi Liger vanished instantly from the place.


Before Hiiro was aware of it, a wide-opened mouth was approaching him from the sky.

’’Like I'll let you!’’

Hiiro swiftly unshed his sword, and repelled the attack.


Surprisingly, his sword clashed with its sharp fangs. Due to its power, Hiiro felt like he pounded on a large rock.


A considerable shock ran through Hiiro's whole body but he wasn't even given the chance to feel it all together. Because the Shishi Liger have already approached him before he noticed it.

By reflex, installed character 『反射』 | 『Reflection』 was used,


A wall made from magic surrounded Hiiro. In that moment, he used another installed character 『転移』 | 『Transfer』, and attempted to escape from his current position.

Hiiro teleported behind a rock, and lay dormant besides it.

(Damn... these conditions are too difficult.)

As expected, the 《Anti-Magic Element》 was quite troublesome to deal with. Any magic attacks used against it was rendered ineffective, even his 『Reflection』 was easily broken as if it was nothing to them. To make the matter worse, he had used two of his pre-installed characters already.

(With that kind of ability granted on them, these guys would probably be my natural enemy.)

That said, there was something else Hiiro found strange all the while he confronted the Shishi Liger. Apart from Leowald's 《Transformation》, the said person never moved from his position.

An idea formed inside his mind. It's likely possible that Leowald can't move while the Shishi Liger was out in the field.

Supposing that's true, then the prospect of Hiiro confronting them both at the same time won't be happening anytime soon. Still, it's not yet worth of rejoicing about it.

First of all, it's necessary to verify if his idea was actually correct.

(And to do that, I need to approach the Beast King.)

Hiiro tried to quietly make a rough guess where their current position was, only to be interrupted by the presence on his rear.

(They found me already!?)

Hiiro jumped sideways avoiding the invasive bite that crushed what's left of the place.

’’Ku! ...haa....haa... so 『Acceleration』 has reached it's limits too huh?’’

Hiiro's current movement had been improved by his magic. And yet, he was still forced to avoid it by a hair's breadth. The movement of the Shishi Liger was way too fast.

’’So this is a 『Spirit』...’’

He remembered Rarashik's explanation from before. The final objective of the 《Binding Technique》 was to summon a 『Spirit』 and integrate with them.

However, pure talent was also necessary, and naturally a strong willpower to handle the 『Spirit』 themselves.

『Spirits』 were existence similar to magic, a fragment that composes the world, which is the reason for their immeasurable power. In other words, if one immaturely summoned a 『Spirit』, their soul would likely be corrupted by their power, and most likely kill them in the process.

However, supposing one was able to completely summon a 『Spirit』, their enforced will would become their linchpin in controlling the『Spirit』 as Rarashik had said.

(So if one could use such power with his own will, they'd be invincible, huh? Although I heard that the 《Binding Technique》 was a counter-measure to magic itself, I can now see now why they deemed it like that.)

Putting his Katana back to it's sheath, Hiiro ran with all his strength away from his current location, distancing himself from Leowald's grasp.

Shishi Liger ran after him at a terrific speed. But as expected, Leowald never moved from his position, it seemed to be taking all of his concentration just to control Shishi Liger.

Naturally, it's also plausible that the cause of Leowald's immobility was to prevent his sustained injuries from widening, but the very idea itself was quite contrasting to his straightforward character, so it's likely that Hiiro's former idea was the correct assumption.

(Closer! Come closer!)

Hiiro distanced himself from Leowald at a fair distance, but still the Shishi Liger neatly caught him. At the moment he was about to get bitten, Hiiro put strength on his right leg, and dodged from it. And when he landed on the large rock for cover, he used the character 『影分身』 | 『Shadow Clone』.

Trivia: 影分身 is read as Kage Bunshin. Feels familiar?

Hiiro's double began to move away from the rock, further increasing its distance from Leowald. Naturally, Shishi Liger followed after.

(Now have a good time playing with him.)

Hiiro made his double a decoy, and proceeded to beat Leowald while he's occupied. He took a peek at his double and the Shishi Liger while he was writing the character 『Transfer』. His double seemed to have not yet been captured.


Then, 『Transfer』 character was invoked.

’’Take this!’’

In that instant, a Katana appeared behind Leowald aiming to slash him. However, the space near Leowald distorted, and a small crack manifested from it.

Hiiro felt a bad premonition about it as he slowly reached Leowald. And then, a beast clad in flame appeared from the depths of the crack.


Before Hiiiro could deliver his attack, he received a blow, shaking his entire bone structure.

(Not good! I'm losing consciousness...!)

The way things were going, Hiiro would lose. So he immediately invoked the installed character 『Healing』. However, upon invocation, Hiiro was blown off, and rolled on the solid ground.

While Hiiro felt the pale blue magic covering his entire body from his fall, Leowald walked towards Shishi Liger, and rode it.

(Fuu, what a tiresome opponent....)

Although the request fee from before was certainly a charming proposal, it was quite unthinkable to accomplish due to Leowald's troublesome partner.

However, Hiiro cannot afford to lose any more than this. Aside from the request fee, his pride wouldn't let him. And lastly, if he lost, he would have to deal with a noisy Liliyn.

Hiiro glanced at the direction from where Liliyn existed, although he couldn't make out what her expression looked like nor if she was shouting at him, he felt like she was telling him ’’What are you doing, you fool!’’

(good grief...)

As Hiiro casually wiped the stream of blood from his mouth, he turned his gaze on Leowald who just descended from Shishi Liger.

’’I admit I'm impressed, Beast King.’’

’’Gahaha! Of course it is! Even though things may appear this way, I was called the strongest among the many emperors of our race!’’

He was not altogether wrong about that.

’’ really called quite an unexpected fellow. Even my magic was rendered ineffective.’’

’’Hou, so you noticed after all. You really never cease to amaze me!’’

’’ this is your full strength, huh?’’

’’...i wonder about that? It's possible I may have something more.’’

There was some implications hidden in Leowald's expression right now. It's likely possible that he really has something more up in his sleeves. If that's so, Hiiro couldn't help but admire the Beast King strength, although he found it kind of troublesome in it's own way as well.

’’Is that so. Then Beast King,’’


’’I will also show it.’’


’’I'm going to take this fight to the next stage.’’

In that instant, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped or it was just his imagination. He was taken aback by what Hiiro had said.

’’The next say?’’


’’Hou, so you still have something under your sleeves?’’

The pale blue light covering Hiiro dispersed in an instant.

(What's happening....?)

He doesn't seem to have given up. His expression was enough proof of that. On the contrary, Leowald felt cold sweat oozing from his back, as he watched what was unfolding.

’’To be honest. I thought I could win without even using this.’’

Hiiro moved his mouth as he quietly watched Leowald.

’’However, you showed me your true strength in this match, strangely because of it, I felt like showing you mine as well.’’


’’Besides, if I don't use this, I admit I will lose to you if things continue the way as it is.’’

This was a bluff. The change in atmosphere, and his manner of speaking, it was all just a cover. A bluff.

’’Let me give you a piece of advice. If you want to stop now, do so. Because if I use my full strength.... it might end before you know it.’’

Now he was provocating him. It might be wiser to attack Hiiro immediately if he wants to wins this duel. But Leowald's instincts were shouting not to.

『I will show you my full strength.』

If what he's saying is true, then Leowald would love to see his full strength, and beat him at his own game.

(Kukuku.... sorry my fellow comrades. From here on out, I won't be fighting as your King, but as a man.....I've decided to fight my way as a soldier.)

Leowald threw a sharp glance at Hiiro after resolving himself from his decision.

’’Then show me Hiiro! If what you're saying is true, prove to me and surpass me!’’

Hiiro made a sneer as if he was making a scornful laugh. He brought a small bag out from his bosom, and took more than two of the 《Red Honey Candy》 he took a while ago.

’’Magic recovery....huh?’’

’’You really are a fool for resisting me until the end, Beast King.’’

’’Gahaha! Like I said! Show me your true power! But know that in the end, I will be the one standing!’’

Leowald thought that that big pride of his was just to make him shrink back as he felt his exhaustion fade away from his body.

’’Although I may have used it for a few instance....pardon me if I end up killing you.’’


’’I haven't gotten a grip on this power very much.’’

Then, Hiiro raised his right forefinger forward. Leowald thought about the pale blue magic coming from it..... but,

’’W-what are you doing...?’’

Leowald instinctively asked back. Because the light that was released from Hiiro's fingertip was dyed in red.


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