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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 194


Chapter 194: Beast King's True Power

The first group of people that was surprised at Leowald's was the Gabranth

’’H-hey, about brother Leo ...’’ (Lenion)

’’...What?’’ (Kukulia)

As Kukulia replied to Lenion, their eyes were locked onto the Leowald and only their mouth moved

’’T-that kind of father. Have you seen it before?’’ (Lenion)

’’...Nope...’’ (Kukulia)

’’That is right. There is no way that Lenion would have seen your father in that (berserk) state’’ (Legulus)

The person that interrupted the two of them was Legulus. Nonetheless, he was shocked to the extent that he was stuck to the chair even after he woke up.

’’Big brother, you've seen this before?’’ (Lenion)

’’Yes, it happened once before. A while back, an army of Humas came to subjugate the Gabranth. When they arrived and raided the village, in a fit of rage your father turned into that form’’ (Legulus)

’’That form?’’

’’...The army was wiped out, and not a trace of their remains can be found’’ (Legulus)


Not only did both of them swallowed in fear, but also those around them as well.

’’Well, his current state isn't because of his anger, but for you father to be driven to to a corner like that doesn't change the situation. ... Furthermore, that person is a young boy.’’ (Kukulia)

Both Legulus and Lenion gritted their teeth

’’Darn, we can't even leave a scratch on our non-serious father;for Hiiro to do something like that...’’ (Lenion)

Even though Hiiro wasn't fast, he was able to leave a wound, and even forced Leowald to become serious. Furthermore, Hiiro was younger than them.

’’Unbelievable. He is able to keep the situation under control, even with father in that state’’ (Legulus)

’’...That brat...’’ (Lenion)


Legulus smiled as he looked at Lenion who was trembling with a mortified experssion

’’Hiiro-sama ... amazing ...’’ (Mimir)

Without reading the mood of those two, Mimir said as she was enraptured by Hiiro.

’’Cool... don't you think so Kukulia?’’ (Mimiru)

’’Eh? Ah, y-yes...’’ (Kukulia)

Being bombard by glittering eyes and a voice filled with authenticity and innocences, Kukulia had no choice but to respond with nod. At that moment, Mimir's emotions dimmed and crossed her arms over her chest.

’’However...’’ (Mimiru)

’’Mimiru?’’ (Kukulia)

’’I truly hope that they'll both be fine after this’’ (Mimiru)

’’Mimiru...You are right, it is just as you say.’’ (???)

The person who had the same thoughts was Muir

’’Old man, Hiiro-san is strong.’’ (Muir)

’’Indeed. However if it is Leowald, he isn't completely serious yet. The battle will get more intense from this point onward.’’ (Legulus)

’’Hiiro-san .... will be fine?’’ (Muir)

’’I don't know, but, I can't imagine that person losing. In my mind he is an out-of-ordinary brat.’’ (Arnold)

Looking at the worried face of Muir, Arnold said with a sharp breath.

’’Well as a Gabranth, we should root for Leoward. But looking at that guy, I want to cheer for him as well.’’ (Arnold)

’’...Uhn’’ (Muir)

’’Then, let us cheer for both of them’’ (Legulus)

’’...Uhn!’’ (Muir)

The Evlia also let out a sigh of admiration regarding the state of Leowald, and Hiiro's strength

’’A-as expected of Hiiro ... to leave a wound on the Beast King’’ (Ive'am)

The Demon Lord Ive'am was deeply moved by the magnificent strike that Hiiro inflicted on Leowald. It was a great shock that a person that even Marione could not land a strike against was dealt a stike by a Humas under the age of 20.

’’It is expected. Hiiro should be able to do at least that much’’ (Liliyn)

As if boasting about herself, Liliyn looked at Ive'am

’’Ooooh! As expected from my shishou (master)! He even received a strike from him and rose unscathed!’’ (Nikki)

’’You're wrong! He isn't Nikki's master, he's Mikazuki's master!’’ (Mikazuki)

’’What are you saying? Master is mine!’’ (Nikki)

’’No! Mikazuki's !’’ (Mikazuki)

’’Eeeh! Shut up you spoiled brats!’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn interupted the quarrel between Nikki and Mikazuki with her spirit. This caused the two of them to shrink into the background.

’’Who is who's? Understand? Everything about Hiiro, from his head to his feet is mine! You guys are just addons. Know your place!’’ (Liliyn)

’’No~you are ~ wrong!’’ (Nikki)

’’T-that is right!’’ (Mikazuki)

’’Is that so? Are you challenging me?’’ (Liliyn)

When a red glint appear in her eyes, Mikazuki said ’’Kui~’’ before hiding behind Shamoe while Nikki stood still with sweating dripping from her forehead.

’’...Should I take part in that?’’ (Marione)

’’M-Marione!? W-wwwhat are you saying!’’ (Lilyn)

Marione abruptly appeared beside Iveam while she was looking intently at Liliyn.

’’Surprisingly, those people are arguing who will get that young boy right? From what I remember before the Beast King you ....’’ (Marione)

’’Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a Wa-a! W-what are you talking about!?’’ (Iveam)

At the start of the fifth round, Marione remembered the moment when Leowald said he wanted Hiiro, Iveam said ’’Hiiro is mine.’’

The response at that moment, it clearly indicated that Iveam had a favourable impression of Hiiro. To make sure of that Marione mentioned it, but based on her response that didn't seem to be the case. Because of Iveam's red face and stuttered response, it was clear that it has gone (way) beyond a favorable impression.

’’Aah stop! Don't talk about that! Look! the Beast King is making a move!’’ (Iveam)

’’...As you command’’ (Marione)

’’Damn! This magma guy!’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro desperately avoided Leowald who repeatedly rushed at him from all sides;even if he managed to avoid the rush by small margin there was a chance that the magma will splash near him and deal damage. Thus, he has no choice but to maintain a distance.

Furthermore, if he was near his opponent he would get dry eyes, and feel an overwhelming pressure caused by the heat. He managed to avoid its attacks even in that state, however it is clear to him that he won't be able to dodge the attacks forever.

With Leowald just being here, the temperature of his surroundings were increasing, causing him to sweat.

’’Don't get so full of yourself!’’ (Hiiro)

In the next moment, he wrote the word [[Freeze]] and pointed it at his opponent. He expected his opponent to avoid the attack, but for some reason his opponent just rushed directly toward him and took the word head on.

When the word activated, Leowald was turned into an ice sculptor. However, Hiiro didn't assume that he won.

Hiiro stare at the ice sculpture vigilantly and watched as the ice turned from blue to red and then slowly melted. As Hiiro expected, because the body was moving by instinct, it didn't bother to avoid the attack.

With this in mind, it put a smile on his face. It meant that, no matter what Leowald did in the current state, it was futile.

Then Leowald looked at Hiiro and rushed again;his opponent's speed increased as well.

If he kept fighting with his current speed it will get difficult, so he activated the preset word [[Accelerate]]. At the same time he took out [[Severing Blade - Zangeki]] and rushed forward.


The blade went right through the torso of his opponent. He was sure that he cut his opponent, but using [[Conversion]] his opponent returned to its original form.

Then Leowald looked back and rushed at Hiiro.

’’Chi!’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro managed to block the attack with his sword, but he was sent flying from the impact. Using the rotation of his body he managed to recover but at that moment a molten fist came flying at him.


Thanks to the [[Accelerate]] word, he immediately bent under the attack as the burning fist sizzled passed his forehead.

From that point onward, he clashed several times but he was unable to land a decisive blow. His opponent didn't managed to land a blow either but every once in a while the temperature in the area would rise causing his physical strength to strangely diminish.

It was same for him opponent, if they kept going at it will be a battle of attrition at the end, but

’’Hiiro’’ (Leowald)

It has been a while since a voice was heard.

’’Hou, you are still conscious beast king’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kuku ... this is fun’’ (Leowald)

’’...This battle mania’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't say something like that. While we are fighting, I got your message clearly. Hiiro ... you are also enjoying this aren't you’’ (Leowald)

’’...I don't know’’ (Hiiro)

’’Kukuku ... is that so, that sword, it's definitely not a normal sword is it? For an ordinary sword to strike my body several times, it would have lost its shape already.’’ (Leowald)

It was as he said;if it was normal sword, the sword would lose its shape when it was near the magma's heat. However, [[Severing Blade - Zangeki]] hasn't changed a bit since the beginning.

’’A good sword. But you can't beat me with that sword’’ (Leowald)

’’.........’’ (Hiiro)

’’At the same time, even if I fight you in this state, I won't be able to defeat you’’ (Leowald)

Then, his opponent released [[Conversion]] and returned to his normal form. Fatigue can be seen on his face. As expected, [[Conversion]] is exhausting.

’’Hiiro, from this point onward, I'll show you all my power’’ (Leowald)

’’You mean there is another stage’’ (Hiiro)

’’Right, I'll beat you using this’’ (Leowald)

The atmosphere changed right away. It was as if all the hot air disappeared and a cool breeze filled the area. Unlike bloodlust or hostility, something like haki (spirit force) was causing the pressure.

The atmosphere seemed to shake and ripple as Leowald's presence felt bigger.

If he attacked right now there is a chance that he could win, but his opponent can reverse the situation if he is not prepared.

Then, let me take advantage of this time to prepare on this side as well (Hiiro)

Then, he wrote several words on this body and set them up.

(I still have a lots of MP ... , but I shouldn't get negligent)

It was clear that a lot of magic was used, and that more magic will be used from this point onward. Thus, several MP recovery items [[Red Honey Candy]] was tossed into his mouth.

As he chewed and swallowed the candy, the weakness he felt before vanished.

Okay, this is good (Hiiro)

When Hiiro was ready, Leowald had finished setting up the next stage.

’’I bequest ....spun from the blood of ancient times....manifest now!’’ (Leowald)

The space infront of Leowald rippled.


The space started cracking

’’Coooommmme! Shishi-raigaaaa!’’ (Leowald)

Shattering space, a large fire lion appeared.


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