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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 191


Chapter 191

The fifth match resulted in draw;however no one in their minds thought that it would end like this leaving them dumbstruck. Especially on the [Gabaranth] side since King Leowald himself participated, everyone was sure of their victory, but due to the result being draw they were unable to believe it. But only Rarashiku approached towards the arena grinning while Leowald was carrying Regulus under his arms.

’’This results is due to that bad habit of Leowald isn't it?. As for this... ’’

’’Rarashiku sama!?’’

Unintentionally Barid raises his voice so that Rarashiku word's couldn't be heard by many people, but,

’’Sorry.’’ ’’Suman ai..’’

Surprisingly, it was Leowald who spoke the words of apology.

’’Leowald sama..........’’

Not only Barid but everyone present directed their attention towards him.

’’We might have kept it under the fifth game if we had gone all out from the beginnings’’

’’So. Leo sama became so engrossed in trying to measure the unexpected ability of the other party that you lost the game. Are you saying this is the reason of your loss?’’

’’........fuuu, Even though everyone in the [Gabaranth] fought with their everything I the king was unable to give you the victory’’

Leowald remained silent without knowing what everyone might say.

’’Leo sama, but it hasn't finished yet right?’’


’’Rule of <<AGASSHI>>. even if the five games have finished without a conclusion, we can still take a representative from each camp and a final game can be performed. That is the rule’’

Leowald slowly lowers Regulus to the ground.

’’Please heal him.’’

Seeing that Kukuria and Mimiru came to his side and nodded slowly. Leowald also reacted after seeing everyone in front of him by slightly rubbing his chin with his hands.

’’This time it was my mistake that it resulted in a draw. But since we can still recover victory can I have the final chance in order to assure our victory?’’

After hearing the word, silence was overflowing until someone shouted ’’The Beast King’’ after that everyone shouted out there support for him.

’’We believe in you Leowald sama!’’

’’Right! our king is the strongest!’’

’’The destiny of [Gabaranth] is in the hands of our king!’’

Voices of praise were heard by Leowald unanimously. Hearing this he couldn't control his emotion. Seeing this much confidence and trust towards him by his people he felt really grateful towards them

’’But is it really okay? for Leowald sama who was already participated in two games, you should have exhausted a considerable amount of strength and magic?’’

’’I have some time until the representative game begins in the mean time I'll recover as much as possible please call the healing group’’

’’........I shall look after you Leo sama’’

’’Sorry’’ ’’Suman na’’

And Leowald pumped his fist high when he did cheering erupted and roars shaking the area were heard.

’’By all means victory shall be in our hands!’’

’’’’’’’’ooooooo tsu!’’’’’’’’

Everyone's feelings were unified. Leowald steeled himself in order to assure victory in the next game.

’’It's bad Rara, to pull me away when everyone's morale is finally so high

’’nahaha! No I have already seen enough’’

While saying so she caught Muir and Arnold who were staring at them. She was able to confirm the growth in her disciple.

’’But do you get it? the opponent in the final game might be..........’’

’’'ll probably be that guy......’’

’’........Leo sama you're grinning too much..’’

’’Oh!! is it so visible?’’

Unintentionally he tries touching his face. However looking at Leowald Rarashiku couldn't help but smile.

’’Your feelings are clearly visible on your face ne. but he's strong you know........ Hiiro that is’’

’’........ I know that’’

Both of them turn their gaze towards that [Evila] which is on the other side. People from the [Evila] had already rushed towards where Eveam had fainted. As for Marione he lowered her quietly


It seemed that Eveam had somehow recovered her consciousness

’’’’ ’’......koko...wa......?’’

Her consciousness still wandering and then marione and the rest of the [Evila] appeared in front of her eyes.

There expressions gradually changed from being worried to that of cheerfulness. After grasping the circumstances she looks around to find herself out of the crater, lifting herself.


However she felt tremendous pain throughout her body due to which she was unable to take another breath.

’’Your majesty please don't push yourself’’


Marione after hearing her words which included grievousness shakes his head in disapproval. Looking at the circumstances her face is warped to that of despair. Gripping her fist tightly her whole body was shaken with regret and rage.

’’What is it.......I......after all this........defeated....’’

’’No, your majesty’’


She was staring at marione with a blank look on her face.

’’It is true that we were not victorious, but there is no defeat either.’’

’’...Huh! what do you mean?’’

Changing her tone instantly Eveam was so shocked that she forgot to blink her eyes while waiting patiently for the reply.

’’It was a draw’’

’’Draw is it.....?’’

’’Yes, your majesty’’

During the game Eveam who was about to unleash the demon king magic was interrupted by Regulus which ended in failure and exploded as a result. All four participant of the game were involved in the explosion which happened at that time. Eveam and Regulus who were nearby were blown away instantly while Marione and Leowald fainted simultaneously resulting the game being a draw.

’’ still have some’’

Many of them had a relieved face, but even though it's still a fact that she was unable to gain victory with her own hands.


Enduring the pain she once more lifted her body. Although still being told to have some rest by Marione she shook her head in refusal and tried to stand by clinging on Marione's support

’’...I...I'm..Sorry..’’ ’’....go,gomen'nasai...’’

She apologized to everyone by lowering her head. Silence dominated the surroundings.

’’If possible .......i wanted to attain victory for everyone.....however that doesn't seem possible anymore.’’

Her tone had already changed to that of a normal girl but everyone was fascinated by her sincere attitude.

’’I'm sorry’’ ’’gomean'nasai....’’

Shublarz hugged her gently.

’’Your majesty it's okay.’’


’’ufufu, even though i was also defeated in the game buuu..t... you majesty you did say to me to do your best.’’


’’And also, the game hasn't finished yet entirely. the last game for representative is still remaining’’

Everyone's face harden's at that word. So that the duel hasn't concluded, with this the final game is yet to start.

’’That is why please don't cry anymore’’

Shublarz persuades Eveam while seeing her face.

’’Let's cry after winning with everyone okay? right?’’

After seeing the warm smile on Shublarz face that looked like that of a mother, Eveam's mind settles down.

’’......i get it. As you say Shublarz’’

After settling down Eveam directs her gaze towards a certain person.

There was Okamura with his arm in arm and eyes closed.

’’Hiiro....can i also depend on you?’’

’’What's with that tone of yours?’’

’’Ea? huh.....’’

She finally noticed, that her tone had changed and blushed slightly,

’’Now is, now is not the time to call each other like that!’’

Somehow it seems that she was able to change her tone back somehow. And took a large breath,

’’However Hiiro it seems that I'll have to depend on you for the [Humas] as well.....’’

’’.......duration of the time.’’


Her jaw dropped after hearing the response from Hiiro which she was unable to understand immediately.

’’During the duration of my stay i desire the cooking of that woman chef.’’

’’ you only desire that much?’’

’’Just that? it is an important thing to me’’

As Eveam glared at him he involuntary opened his eyes. He was unable to ignore the dishes with rice that the cook made.

’’So? how about it? I'll stay at [Haouse] can you promise me to provide me with a satisfactory meal?’’ {#i don't know what it means#}

’’'s a promise’’

’’aa, after this duel is over please see to it that i can also visit and use the library soon. Those are the condition’’

’’....i also promise to do that.’’

’’yosh, then I'll be back in a bit.’’

As if he was going for a walk in the garden he left for the ring.

’’Wait Hiiro’’

Lily there stops him.

’’What is it, Aka loli?’’

’’.....don't be careless’’

’’aa, I'll be sure to win’’

Then Nikki, Mikazuchi and even Shamoe too approached Hiiro.

’’Shisho! if its shisho then its easy victory right!’’

’’Mikazuchi will also cheer for master!’’

’’ga, ga ga ga ga ganbattekudasai..!’’ [be, be be be be best of luck..!]

Furthermore even Marione came.

’’Originally i should have asked her majesty to go there but the present me...... it is vexing but asking the present her to defeat that person is unreasonable’’


’’But since her majesty has enough faith in you to believe that you can win then i want you to respond to her expectation’’

’’......I'll definitely win’’

Shublarz seems to also say a word with Ornorth.

’’Hiiro Kun it might be a bit heavy but we entrust you our destiny with all our good will. gomen ne’’

’’If our majesty and Aquinas believes you and have recognized you then we also will believe in you. I'll ask that of you boya.’’

After giving her an understanding look I begin to walk towards the ring. The shout of the soldiers is also audible from the back. At that time i felt that someone was pulling the hem of my clothes. When I looked back.

’’.......ganbatte na no..’’

Ionisu said. And next to him was Haburido his eyes shining wildly.

’’Hiiro dono!! i beg of you please!’’ ’’hiiro dono! onegaishimasu!’’

After seeing everyone and thinking about my contract with Eveam and the request from Aquinas. I can't possibly expect to give them any half assed result. There is also the compensation in that case. There was no intention of losing from the beginning but after this losing is not an option.

And i point my fingers towards Eveam. {sfx bishi}

’’When this ends. do good to give me rice!’’

’’a,aa, i understand.!’’

And with this Hiiro began to move forwards with everyone's cheering in the back.

’’Fofofofo! well this is as if Hiiro sama is the hero of the [Evila] right?’’

The hentai butler was grinning at the crater.

’’It's just a joke. don't compare me with such a hypocrite. To the last this is just a request.’’

’’nofofofofofo! so it is like that! then let's do it like that from now onwards!’’

Since there was still time before the final game began. Hiiro and the hentai butler were chatting when they moved to glance at the absurd spirit that they felt, as if glancing towards the source of the spirit a ferocious beast was seen walking towards them.

’’ hoho, kore wa kore wa this is the perfect place for someone like you isn't it?’’

’’If it's just someone else's problem it's easy jii san.’’

’’fofofofofo ! hora I've come brat’’

There was an overwhelming difference in their physique. The one in front of him had a body just like that of a monster. The body of the beast king that had been polished to that of the ultimate, and it was incomparable to that of Hiiro's . #some joke here where the ultimate body is that of the outer shell of tortoise and hiiro's is the inner one.#

’’I kept you waiting.’’ ’’mata seta ta na.’’

’’Huh, so? are you in perfect physical condition?’’

’’gahaha! I'll show you that in the game’’

Both of them glared at each other while waiting for the game to start.

’’I can finally fight you Hiiro’’

A deep voice with a dignified presence resonated in the area. It was as if Leowald was the child and Hiiro was the adult if one looked at them, however as the conversation between them continued the smile on Leowald's face grew larger.

’’I'll fight you with my all. and will win this’’

’’No, I'll be the one to win’’

Both of them were glaring at each other not backing down in the slightest. Even Silva was overwhelmed by them.

’’Oye Hiiro why don't we make a bet?’’


’’aa. of course there is benefit for you.’’

’’....can i hear it just in case?’’

’’If i win then you'll belong to me.’’

’’I refuse with all power’’

The atmosphere between them hardens instantly. Leowald also didn't thought that he will refuse so blatantly.

’’wh. why?’’

’’I'm straight. but if you are so keen about it then i can introduce you to someone i know.’’

When [valentine] heard Hiiro a chill ran through his back and he shivered instantly. Both hentai butler and lo*ic*n ’’arnold’’ where being looked at by Hiiro. The hentai butler was twitching but the lo*ic*n had no idea what was happening.

’’I.. idiot! who's a gay! i didn't meant to say that way!’’

Even for Leowald, such a misunderstanding was disgusting and he desperately denied it.

’’If that is the case then don't talk in a way that one might misunderstand’’

’’Then.... if i win i want you to come to [Passion]’’

It seemed like an invitation somehow or the other. Looking at Leowald it looked as if he wanted this but since I have not decided to settle down permanently.

’’And if i win?’’

’’Then I'll give you Mimiru.’’

’’I don't need that fool’’

It seemed that his words fell on deaf ears as Leowald decided to ignore his words.

’’Then tell me what you desire’’

So being said i pondered on it, but......

’’...nothing at the moment’’ ’’.......nai na’’

In particular i was unable to think of anything.

’’.....Is our country so unattractive to you?’’

Leowald slightly dropped his shoulder

’’Hmmm...... how about you owe me a favor? if i win’’


’’aa, yes I'll come back to the city sometime in the near future to take back the favor that you owe me, so how about it?’’

’’ really are a strange man’’


’’This is the first time that someone asked me to owe them a favor. Until now everyone came back with me to the country and demanded wealth and lived there life leisurely.’’

’’nofofofofo ! its because Hiiro san can't be measured by ordinary means!’’

’’Shut up hentai butler’’ ’’damare! kono ero jiji’’

’’These hash words! nofofofofo!’’

After looking at them talking Leowald loosens up.

’’gahaha if that's the case then the bet's on. I'll definitely win this game and make you come with us to [Passion]’’

’’Try it if you can do it’’

The verbal warfare seemed to have ended somehow. Silva too could feel that the air between them had tensed up.

’’Then......are the preparations complete?’’

Both of them nodded at the same time.


Both of them jumped back in order to get some distance between them.

’’Then let the final game begin!’’

The Gong for the last battle between [Evila] and [Gabaranth] which would decide their faith had started.


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