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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 187


187th episode - Towards the final fight

 The other battle between Yuhito and Rushball was also coming to a close. Silva appeared to inform them about the results of the fourth round.

「......phew, really, but that was just as to be expected from Ornoth-sama.」(Rush)

 Rushball slightly sighed. And it was right on the spot if you consider that Ornoth didn't lose against Lenion. The real problem however remained, as he was not able to be of help to Ornoth even if he wasn't asked to aid him either.

 It really wasn't like Yuhito was a warrior like his companion, but after both of them finished he still was the one unhurt in the end. In any case, his chest was swelled with pride at the thought of Ornoth rushing away.

「Nyohohoho! Nay~ Lenion-sama would not be defeated either!」(Yu)

 Indulging in such sentimental thoughts, although he didn't dare to read the mood Yuhito's laughter echoed.

 In the end, he had the undeniable feeling that he played his magic tools quite good. One hit, merely one hit with the fist would have had to reach him in order to finish him, but that blow was felt from far, far away.

 Even though he didn't get to experience a dangerous opponent like Aquinas or Marione, he bore a quite different, eerie feeling. It truly differed from standing on stage. Anyway, he seemed to have been made to dance from the beginning to the end. ((Lit.: he was manipulated.))

 Moreover, even though it was thought that this one was his original body until now, in fact it appeared that it was yet again another remote-controlled body of himself. It was similar yet different from the 《Simulacrum Paper》, as this other body of himself resembled his real form far enough to make his opponent believe it was him all the time, while he was nonchalantly still hiding in the safety of the rock's shadow.

 It meant that he just played the clown all along. No, probably it was Rushball himself who had been treated as a clown on stage all the time.

 In the end he didn't suppose to lose, so the result of not winning left a bad aftertaste.

「Nevertheless, it was a very interesting fight!」(Yu)

「....... I don't want to fight against you ever again.」(Rush)

「Nyohohoho! Somehow Lenion-sama said the exact same thing!」(Yu)

 Apparently there was a time when Lenion had fought with him, and his feelings probably resembled his own. ((POV:Rush))

「Ah, that reminds me - concerning the 《Killer Javelin》.」(Yu)

「..... Well, it's like you won it from me the moment you defeated me. So just give me your word that you'll return the ugly thing.」(Rush)

「Eh? Doesn't it satisfy you? Mhh~ And I even planned to return it right now.」(Yu)

「I see....... mh? Now?」(Yu)

 He involuntarily asked again.

「Yes. After I examine that spear in various ways it will properly be return to you.」(Yu)

「...... you sure?」(Rush) ((I know the grammatically right version would be ’’are you ...’’ - but.))

「Of course I am. Since it isn't my hobby to collect things I am not interested in! Nyohohoho!」

「..... even though it's an heirloom?」(Rush) ((changed it a bit, 'cuz: question mark.))

 His face twitched repeatedly. (Picopico) ((Another version: his face had a spasm.))

「Nyohohoho! I verbally slipped! But once I am satisfied, don't you want me to return it as promised?」(Yu)

「............. I'd like you to return it safely if possible.」(Rush)

 However, he didn't expect it to happen. And thus he already prepared himself in case his favored arms wouldn't come back.

「Nyohoho! When my interest fades and I return it you will definitely feel a power-up! Nyohoho!」

 Just normally returning would've been enough, but he couldn't possibly say that, so he just stopped talking at this point and returned to Ornoth' position.


「Are you all right!」(Regulus)

 Lenion had returned to the camp with Yuhito's support. His evil smile indicating punishment, Regulus came rushing.

「E-evil Aniki...... I've completely lost.」(Lenny) ((in case you wondered: Aniki = elder brother.))

「Ah, indeed.....」(Reggy) ((he said あ、ああ...... - but I didn't want to write ’’ah, aaah’’ or sth.))

 Even without Regulus saying it he completely understood and his eyebrows furrowed. With big footsteps their father, the Beast king Leowald, appeared.

「...... Father......」(Lenny)

 Deciding in his heart not to excuse himself, he stood straight in front of Leowald and stared at his face. Leowald wore a stern expression as he stared at his son Lenion as well.

 No sound was heard as the surrounding persons held their breath. After the tension grew unbearably, finally Leowald spoke up.

「Two wins, two losses, huh......」(Leo)

 The first two games were a winning streak, followed by two losses. It caused all the surrounding people's faces to grow gloomy.

「...... Kuku」(Leo) ((giggling. Manly giggling.))

 Suddenly hearing his voice, everyone became fluttered.


 The muffled laughter came from Leowald.


 Lenion unintentionally muttered.


 Sharp edge-like laughter echoed. While everyone else wore a blank look, Rarashik only shrugged with a sigh.

「Gahahahahaha! Really, really, two wins and two losses! How interesting!」(Leo) ((battle freak))

 Everyone was confused as they didn't know why he laughed in such a situation, but -

「It's really easy to understand!」(Leo)

「...... huh? I-in what way?」(Lenny)

 Lenion asked.

「The side which wins the next round...... Wins the whole 《Agasshi》!」(Leo)

 As Leowald's mouth's corners distorted into a grin -

「It's indeed easy to understand! Isn't it, Lenion!」(Leo)

「Eh, y-yes....... but I would be more at easy if we were a little stronger........」(Lenny)

「Yeah, therefore you shall become stronger.」(Leo)


「This time, the matter of winning or losing bears an even greater importance. But because of that it hasn't ended in failure yet. Aim at the heights even further! Decide upon your objective! That is persisting in power, what we 『Gabranth』 take pride in! As you lost, we shall take even more effort into winning! We shall pursue treating the former winners with even greater strength! This is not the end! Your life, the time you are living, always consists of beginnings! Gahahahaha!」(Leo) ((I'm not sure with the last one: 人生は生きている間はずっと始まりだ! - ’’間’’is normally translated as gap or space... but I found ’’(among) members’’ as one of the other meanings, soo...))((edit: thanks, Anonymus ^-^))

 Splendid. Simply splendid, thought Lenion. This man, his own father, considered the outcome fortunate even though it was mortifying.

 The upper end of the high wall ((in his mind)) was near. Lenion unintentionally grasped his chest as it became hot. And every single person around felt more than just a little bit the same.


「Mh? What is it, Lenion?」(Leo)

「I myself......... I want to exceed you one day!」(Lenny) ((he says ’’I’’ both times - 俺様 vs 俺))

 In response to Lenion's honest eyes, Leowald smiled happily. And then, putting a hand on Lenion's shoulder, Regulus as well -

「I can't afford to perform simply good in front of you as well!」(Reggy) ((I.e: challenge accepted!))

「Gahaha! That's what makes you sons of mine!」(Leo)

 Nevertheless, Lenion was smiling as he now looked at Regulus.

「Well, big brother is rather a person of literature than one of the arms. So even in this quarrel I will completely win.」(Lenny)

「Hey, idiot! I might as well consider fighting my little brother seriously hereupon!」(Reggy)

 Regulus' answer had a touch of an excuse. His face reddened a little bit. But suddenly Lenion's expression became serious. Regulus also realized it as he looked back.

「....... Next it's big brother's turn. Can I rely on you?」(Lenny)

「....... entrust it to me.」

「Rest assured, both of you. Don't you know that I will go out in this last one as well?」(Leo) ((originally there is no ’’don't you know’’ here, but question mark...))

 Really, the fifth and last round was a parent-child combination of Leowald and Regulus.

「Good now, Regulus, you are the king in this duel. Handle it with care.」(Leo)


「It's a shame we lost the last fight. I don't know who'll come out, just don't be careless.」(Leo)


「In that case, go! I want the victory in our 『Gabranth』s hands!」(Leo)


 In order to inspire the two of them, the 『Gabranth』 raised cheers for both. Pushed by the voices, the two of them turned their feet and advanced towards the battle grounds.



 The other way. At the 『Evila』 camp, they were somehow relieved with what had been managed so far. By no means they would have ever thought they would suffer two losses in a row, followed by a winning streak in the continuation, closed by a decisive fifth and last round.

 But that's where a problem occurred. Participating in the fifth round should Maou Eveam and Marione.

 Only one person could participate twice in fights, and the soldiers raised many voices supporting the reliable Marione.

 Of course, those who knew of Hiiro's efforts supported rather him than Marione, including Marione himself, but he was supposed to be out in the fifth round nevertheless.

 Hiiro himself said nothing at all. Of course he favored the 『Evila』s win, but being a 『Humas』 himself it was not unlikely that him speaking up could give birth to a strange misunderstanding. ((I'm quite sure about this sentence, changed it a little bit for fluidity though, but it seems odd nevertheless: shouldn't everyone know about his efforts by now? He's their hero, after all.))

 Therefore he would tolerate being chosen by the 『Evila』. The 『Evila』, however, were condemned by Lilyin and co with lines such as「Only when we choose Hiiro there will be certainty!」 or similar ones.

 But more as this time, they simply had to win at all costs. And it was left to Marione who sustained severe loss in the first round to his partner.

 Moreover it was probable that the opponent that defeated Marione, Leowald, would participate again. The situation was near to worst. No way it was just because Marione and Leowald were not expected to play in the first round instead of a complete order mistake.

「Well, I think it will happen again?」

 Lilyin has been heard.

「Come on now. It just turned out that way because of the matching.」(Hiiro)

「A dry fellow, as usual. Don't you know, once this is lost you'll probably never get entrance permission for the library?」(Lilyin) ((and again, no ’’don't you know’’ here - but a question mark.))

「Hmph, I'll handle that occasion once it occurs. I'll just creep in even if I have to use under-surface tricks.」(Hiiro) ((Lib.: the first sentence, その時はその時だ。- means literally ’’that time at that time’’.))

「...... well, that's just like you. But will you be able to carry those things quietly?」(Lily)

「Naturally. Peace comes first.」(Hiiro)

「If you say so...」(Lily)

 Lilyin shrugs her shoulder in amazement. While folding his arms, Hiiro stares at Leowald coming from the opposite site.

「But well, coming out the second time this fellow can't be burdened with the position of 'king'. In other words, the opponent's 'king' is that prince. Certainly there is a disadvantage, so depending of the method the probability of winning is sufficient.」(Hiiro)

「This site's 'king', isn't it that young girl? That youngster will beat her before she can even land a hit on the Beast king.」

 She giggles and happily smiles. (Kukuku)

「It might become an unexpectedly interesting fight.」(Hiiro)


「You wouldn't know the game's outcome until it's finished.」(Hiiro) (( 下駄を履いて literally means ’’putting on the Geta’’ ( = those wooden sandals)... I guess it's an idiom. Seems to have to do something with market prize?))

「How do you mean that?」(Lily)

「Well, you'll understand once you see it. Just a little longer and the final of this war begins.」(Hiiro)

 Supported by the 『Evila』s voices Eveam and appendage went towards the duel grounds. Finally, the fifth match...... the finals began.


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